Book Review: Consequences by Sasha Campbell

Consequences by Sasha Campbell is and interesting novel full of drama that will keep you up late reading. Her story is about two women who are friends. Will the producer of the on air show case a drift between the two friends? I highly recommend readers to pick up this delightful read and find out! It is filled with moments of laughter, desire, and tears. Consequences has tons of new twists to add to the two women’s  lives and friendship. A very, very, very, intriguing plot with full of life characters and vivid scenes! So many lessons are learned. This book, is one i would recommend all readers to pick and and read! Fabulous adventures are awaiting you! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!




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Book Review: Whiskey Large by Nina Wright

Whiskey Large, by Nina Wright is a hilarious and intrigue dog mystery! I loved reading her book. The story isabout a pregnant woman named Whiskey who owns an Afghan hound named Abra.  Abra is a super cute dog who doesn’t hesitate in taking some birthday cake! Magnet Springs is going for the pet friendly image until a murder case pops up leaving Whiskey who nine months pregnant to solve another case. There is a shooter out on the lose! Two humans have died. Were their deaths planned? Or were they just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Readers will love reading this as the well written plot unfolds. Laughing, crying and enjoying the events as they happen. This is one interesting novel readers won’t want to miss out on! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.


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Interactive Writing Course!

Interactive Writing Course is free and open to all! Enjoy! :-)


Fiction Writing

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Writing Prompt

During your trip to Turkey, you check into an old hotel. After settling yourself you notice a weathered chest in the corner. Upon opening it, war relics from the First World War and the Ottoman Empire lay before you. What stories do you find?

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below!

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Question for all Writers

Calling all writers!

What is the hardest part to write when you are writing your novel? 

Post your replies in the comment area down below please!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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Book Review: If You Don’t Know Me by Mary B. Morrison

If You Don’t Know Me is an excellent romance story to read. It is about two women, and a bunch of lives whose worlds are turned upside down. Madison is a woman full of deceit. Her lies finally catch up to her in the end. And Sindy, is the type of woman who wants to do well.  Of course life never goes the way we plan it too. But in the end all things eventually work out. Does that mean things for Sidney will work out? Will Sidney find the love she wants? Will lessons be learned? I highly recommend every reader out there to read on and find out! Mary B. Morrison has a way of connecting and writing about social and sexual issues. She ties them into her books showing how they impact relationships. There is a lot of betrayal that goes. Lies, greed, and sex all shown in this novel on how they impact one’s life. How these horrible things affect others around us as well. Sindy doesn’t want to lose Chicago. A man that she cares deeply about. Will Madison prevent her from having the man she truly loves? And what about Chicago? Will he want Sindy? Mary B. Morrison definitely knows how to write a stunning plot with strong characters. The characters in this book are realistic and are easy to connect with. Readers will find it hard to put this novel down once they begin reading it!





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Free Book Reviews for Authors!

Free Book Reviews are available. Please check out the Free Book Review page for information on how to receive one for your book(s).


Right now,  my free book reviewing schedule is full. If you would like me to review your book please check out the page on this site specially for them. in two weeks, I will have time to review more books. If you do not have a time frame, send your book in now, and I  will get to it asap! Thank you, for your patience!

 I review books in all Fiction genres. For FREE! 

If you need a book review, but do not need it asap please feel free to email it to me in PDF format via through the Free Book Review page!

Right now, I  am busy reviewing the following books:

- Whiskey Large by Nina Wright

- Predator & Prey by James Horton

- Bittersweet by Miranda Beverly- Whittemore

- Consequences by Sasha Campbell

- Cry Baby Cry..Or Not by DeWandus Johnson

- If You Don’t Know Me by Mary B. Morrison 


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My Article Writing Internship

Today, I was told by the company that I am currently writing articles for that I am a good writer and they appreciate my work.

This is the best feeling ever!

Article writing is new for me. It means doing research on a variety of different subjects and then writing a piece about it in so many words.

My comfort zone is fiction writing. Because my thoughts can just flow freely.

So, this is a challenge for me. And the fact that I am doing well, only makes me more determined to do better!

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Book Review: Loving Mindy by Karen Erickson

Loving Mindy is an interesting romantic novel. The story tells about a man who shows up on the door step of a woman who gave him up long time ago. There is a winter blizzard and they both are stuck weathering it out together. She still finds him just as sexy as before. He finds her still as attractive. But does he want to have his heart broken again? Or will they finally get their own happily ever after? This book was amazing to read from page one! I couldn’t stop reading the story. I had to know what happened between them. Will the reconcile their old love? Will a mended hearts be made whole again? It was just too good to put down! I highly recommend readers to pick this up and read! Readers out there won’t be disappointed when they do read this fabulous heartwarming piece! I rate this 5 out of 5 stars. 

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Book Review: Why Lords Lose Their Tempers by Manda Collins


Why Lords Lose Their Hearts, is a a romantic historical intrigue. Manda Collins has a well written plot that keeps readers interested through out the entire book. I loved reading this. I love how the main characters come to life. Their personalities and feelings became my own. The tension and fear at the beginning hooked me in deeply. A married woman has a husband who is threatening her with a knife and his moods have been changing more quickly as time flies by. She thinks it would be heaven if he did decide to kill her then. But he doesn’t. Then there’s a man out there who is patiently waiting to claim her as his own. He knows what is going on withher husband that she deals with daily. And he can’t stand it. Soon her husband is dead,  and someone out there is trying to ruin her life, making her miserable. Finally he can’t take it anymore and decides to step out and help her. He wants to crush anyone who harms her. This is a romance that all should read! I highly recommend this beautifully crafted novel to all readers! I rate this  masterpiece a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Book Review: Not Quite A Wife by Mary Jo Putney


Not Quite A Wife, is a historical contemporary romance that will leave you intrigued. This story is about a wealthy spymaster who is seen doing a terrible crime witnessed by his wife. She ends up leaving him and he never once went after her. Now life has thrown them together once more. Will their love come to full bloom once again? And will the be able to handle their new enemies? Will they pull through everything with their love intact? This beautifully well written plot by Mary Jo Putney has left me wanting to read more of her wonderful books.  I highly recommend to every reader to pick this book up! You must read on to find out what happens! I rate this novel 5 out of 5 stars.

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Writing On the Wall

There  was writing on the wall.

How the hell..

It wasn’t there moments ago. 

Touching it, it smeared red paint…


It was human blood.

The copper scent filled my nostrils.

I could smell the rich scent. It belonged to a woman. 

Next thing I know I was thrown from across the room.

Waking up, I noticed the bright lights and knew I was inside a hospital.

How did I get here. 

Blood. There was a human woman’s blood on my wall.

In my place.


The next thing I realized was the restraints against my arms. 

I was chained up. Like a monster. In a hospital bed. Fuck.

I didn’t need to know what was happening to know I was in deep trouble. 

A woman enters my room. 

A human. A nurse judging by her outfit. 

What the hell. I could smell her fear.

She didn’t want to do what she was being forced to do.

Hell, if I could I would break away and take her with me.

And let her know she didn’t have to fear me. Unlike what I can about whoever she was working for.

Next minute, I felt a deep intense pain as a needle went in!

Damn it!

What is happening?!

What’s in that needle?

Who was this nurse?

Two weeks later, I woke up again. 

In the same hospital room. 

Except this time, a different woman. 

She was a red head. She didn’t fear me. She enjoyed the pain she was about to inflict upon me.

Here I go again. When will it stop. I tried thrashing about but to only cause myself more pain. The readhead was laughing at me.

Mocking me in my weak state. Anger rose up deep within me. I wanted to kill her. 

A door opens and then a gun shot goes off.

What’s happening now?

The red head is down on the floor bleeding out. 

Then who shot the gun?

Ahh.. my first nurse. She is back. She is still fearful of me. Yet she’s unchaining me.

Releasing me from my captivity.

I was free. But not for long.

Angry shouts of men were rushing to my room. I was about to jump from the window. When I turned and saw the first bald man about to shoot my helper. 

I lunge out at him, choking him to death against the wall quickly. 

I take my helper into my arms and shield her  from any bullets heading our way as we fall from the window. 

We drop from five stories.

“Hurry, they are after us. They won’t stop. They want you, and they will kill me for freeing you.”

That was the first moment she ever said anything to me let alone a whole sentence. I hold her closer to me and speed off. 

Running into the night far away from the know enemy. 

Where we will end up. 

I dont’ know.

But I am going to get answers. And I am going to head back and kill all those bastards.

I was proud of my helper. 

She shot the red head. I didn’t think she would do something like that. Her whole being says I am scared.

Who is she? Why was she with those bastards? Why do they want me? Was it connected to the blood on my way? There was a message written in blood on my wall. But I can’t remember what it was…


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Book Review: The Wedding Wipeout by Jacob Appel


The Wedding Wipeout  is an intriguing and highly interesting mystery. For fans of Agatha Christi’s mysteries series and those who enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories then this wonderful book is just for you! This story allured and hooked me straight in. From the beginning until the very end the characters will hold your interest as several mysteries unfold are solved before your eyes. A strong well written plot with humor too. It is no surprise that the characters pop to life when reading each page. I couldn’t put this book down! I had to keep reading. The suspense and mystery is very appealing. I know very well readers every where will love reading this story just as much as I did.  As a reader I will let you figure out was there a tragic accident or a murder? Who had a motive to kill, and why? Will the suspect be found before it’s too late? Or will he or she get away with it? I suggest and highly recommend all of you to read on and find out! This book is rated 5 out of 5 stars by me.

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Up Coming Book Reviews!














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Book Review: Darksider by Erin Kellison


Darksider is an interesting novel. One where dreams turns into reality. Imagine your dreams having consequences on today’s world. Inside this story paranormal beings can go to a place where thought and dreams are shared. This book also has a strong romance to it as well. I loved reading this masterpiece from beginning to end. The suspense hooked and lured me in deep right into the center of the plot! A very well written plot and strong characters by Erin Kellison.  I would rate this book 5 out of 5 stars! I am very confident readers everywhere will enjoy reading this.


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Boook Review: Forever Amish by Kate Lloyd


Forever Amish is a novel that shouldn’t go unread. The beauty of life and forgiveness and love all in one story! I enjoyed reading this book very much. And I might just re-read this novel again and again. A young woman is led to her family where she is reunited and learns so much. She finds out that her father is Amish, and that the family she has been staying with are her family. She also finds out that her fiancé cheated on her and possible destroyed the home her and her father lived in for a long time. But as events unfold she and her father learn what forgiveness is really about. They talk about everything that has happened and forgive each other. This beautifully written story also has a romance story as well. The young woman is attracted to an Amish man who is also attracted to her. They both join the church and get married. I loved reading everything Kate Lloyd wrote. Her writing is realistically stunning and intriguing. I highly recommend reading this novel to every reader out there!

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Self-Published Authors!!!!!!!!!


If you are a self-published author please click on the following link :


This link is a website for self-published authors to submit their work in for a contest to be published!!!

Due date to submit in your work in OCTOBER 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Coffee Mess

Write a short story using the title, Coffee Mess

- Write how your character stumbles upon a murder case while sipping her coffee at her local café.


- Write how character bumps into a man outside an alleyway where a young girl was murdered.


- Write how your character is connected to a friend who is being committed of murder, when he or she didn’t commit the crime

Please email your responses to:  to be featured online!


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Book Review: Saving the Sheriff by Roxanne Snopek

Saving the Sheriff is a delightful and interesting romance. I enjoyed reading this story. The sheriff finds a young woman outside in the blizzard trying to get her car unstuck. The woman was trespassing trying to find something to get her vehicle unstuck when a sheriff comes to her aide. He thinks she is a felon and treats her like one. She knows she was trespassing but for good reasons. The sheriff takes her back to where he was staying when the power goes out. He has animals to feed and now he has a felon to watch with only a fire going.  Both the sheriff and the woman instantly feel attraction to each other and now with no power and a blizzard will these two be able to keep their hands off each other? This stunning sweet novel will melt your heart. I highly recommend reading this! I rate this 5 out of five stars.

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Writing Challenge!

Writing Challenge!

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Writing Challenge!

For this writing challenge, I challenge all of you to write a mystery thriller. One that sends a chill down your readers backs. One that involves a psychopathic killer. Who are your victims? Who is the next victim on the killer’s list?

Your killer has only been warming up this moment. He/she desperately wants this next victim to suffer.

You need to make this killer chase after the victim, making him or her feel panic and fear. Also put in that the victim went through some type of horrible event and is still on the road of trying to recover from it when the killer decides to go after him or her.

Your killer is smart and cunning, but just how much longer is it until he or she gets what they want? Or will they?

Post a summary of response in the comment are below!

Best of Luck,

Universal Creativity Inc.  :-)


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Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

I would like to thank  Blondewritemore for nominating me for this Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I am honored to have another blogger and talented writer to think of me for such an award.  This was completely unexpected, and made my day! I also want to thank her for giving me such a joyous opportunity. She should be the one to receive this award ten times over, for her blog is very Inspirational and filled with tons of advice and interesting posts that everyone should read daily! You can check out her blog at: Blondewritemore.  

Having accepted this Inspiring Award, I now have to share 7 facts about myself.

                             1)  I have recently been accepted to teach at a private high school in my town!

                             2)  I review books for Harper Impulse, Bethany House Publishers, Entangled  

                                  Publishing, Harper Collins, Online Book Club, Blogging for Books, Abingdon

                                  Press, & AAMC.

                             3)  I have written over 500 poems.

                             4) I love both cats and dogs.

                            5) I am a self-published author of both fiction and non-fiction books.

                            6)  I recently earned my diploma in English Language & Literature.

                             7)   I am a coffee drinker and I love creative writing!


I am required to nominate 15 other blogs in which that I feel are deserving of this recognition. Here are the rules:

Thank and link the person who nominated you.

  • List the rules and display the award
  • Share 7 facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know you have nominated them
  • Proudly display the badge

Here are my amazing nominated bloggers and their blogs:

From my mind to yours

Dream, Play, Write!





The Mystery Man


Dr. Heather


Write me a book John


Have a wonderful Wednesday!!! :-)

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Book Review: Fanning the Flames by Victoria Dahl

Fanning the Flames is a hot, sexy, and irresistible read. The story is about a women name Lauren who is friends with a man name Jake. All it took was one look at each other and both were set on flames. Both wanted the other one.  Laruen tires to resist her attraction, where as Jake wants to show her just what she’s missing out on. Will their flames be too hot for them? Or will it only cause a wildfire to spread within them? I highly recommend reading Victoria Dahl’s intoxicating novel.  Readers can easily connect with the man characters in this interesting well written plot. Victoria’s writing will have you burning up with heat and passion.

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Book Review: White-Hot Holiday by Coleen Kwan

White-Hot Holiday is a sweet romantic novel that I could not put down. The characters pull you deep into the story. Aussie at first doesn’t like Aaron. His drove a fast sports car which she disapproves of and his seems to not to be interested in the holiday family spirit. But then she finds him constantly willing to help her out each time. He intrigues her. Aaron is instantly attracted to Aussie from the first moment he arrives at his friends house. He at first hesitates about his automatic lust for Aussie until her learns that she is single and up for the taking. He soon finds himself deeply attracted to a woman who loves holidays and family gatherings. Is he willing to change just to be with her? Or will he not go for what his heart wants most? Coleen Kwan’s book is enchanting and heart melting. It will be hard for readers to resist reading her inspirational story! I definitely recommend this to readers who enjoy a fabulous romance! 

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Book Review: Ruining Mr. Perfect by Marie Harte

Ruining Mr. Perfect is a hilariously funny yet brilliantly well written novel. The main two characters have sparkling personalities and are smart. It starts off with the male character thinking he was going to get back at his brother by pouring ice cold water on him. But as it turns it, it was a female in his older brother’s shower. He was shocked seeing Vanessa’s beautifully naked body standing in the shower. He froze unblinking. He didn’t know what to or do. Vanessa tried grabbing the shower curtain back to cover up. She was using his older brother’s shower because her sister was still using hers and she needed to get to work. Vanessa was the woman that he kissed a long time ago. A woman he has wanted to kiss again since that day. And after seeing her glorious body like that he couldn’t help all the images rushing to his head.  Will these two be able to connect romantically with each other or will a grudge set them apart? This stunning novel by Marie Harte was highly interesting and romantically sweet. There is a good dose of sharp tongues and humor through out the plot. I highly recommend readers everywhere to read this book!

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The Two Writers

She was an avid reader.

He was an extremely talented writer.

They met through a writing site.

She was his greatest fan.

He was her favorite writer.

It all happened when they started to write…

Jasmine loved reading books. It was her ultimate hobby. She also wrote a little on the side. Her dream was to become a famous writer one day. She recently joined a writer’s site. There she posted all her writings. She also read a lot of her viewer’s writings too. Until, one day she spotted a book. that was so alluring. So deep and passionate were the chapters. The characters came to life with every page she read. She continued to read, read, and read this author’s work. Jasmine commented daily back and forth with this new author. Soon they both started to talk more and more. Until they both realized they liked each other a lot. Each day was filled with conversations back and forth. They proclaimed their love for each other. But then danger lurked around the corner. Crashing their connected world as they knew it. Their hearts..were separated.

Patrick didn’t know what to feel anymore. The woman he recently married because she carried his kids within her was now dead. Along with his unborn children. His heart became heavy with pain. The woman somehow got pregnant with his kids. But how? He still never knew. He had to let go of a woman he fell in love with from a writing site so long ago, because of  his wife and the circumstances. What was the chance that his first love would take him back? Would she still care about him? Or did she move on and have kids of her own? He was more than willing to take the chance to see her again. Maybe, just maybe they might be able to re–gain their relationship and start over?

Jasmine was now a very active book reviewer, a children’s author and a teacher. She loved her jobs. They gave her great joy. It was good to know she could influence the world even in small doses. Her mind kept shifting away from work today. What was up with her? She hasn’t been able to move on after what happened. The guy she fell in love with who was her favorite author. His stunning books were now sold worldwide, made her feel happy and sad. How was he doing? What were his kids going to be like? Was he happy with her? That woman who was pregnant somehow with his kids. Impossible but there was DNA evidence to prove it. The clock struck again. Twelve o’clock once again. Turning the lights off, Jasmine heads to bed.

Patrick was on the plane. Nervous about what he might find out when he sees Jasmine. WIll he be jealous if she had a man in her life now?  Will she not want him to see her? So many questions swarmed his head. Feeling exhausted, he let sleep take him.



Come back to read part 2!

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Book Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

Book Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden.

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Book Review: Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh

Book Review: Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh.

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Book Review: Ultimate Sins by Lora Leigh

Ultimate Sins, is a hot and sexy thriller. The two main characters are swept into a dangerous world. The woman’s father is trying to set up the man’s cousins. And she has placed herself into danger from her father by helping the man she loves find information proving what her father is up too. He knows he puts her closer to danger with each time they get intimate together. Just being with her in any way places her into more danger. He finally decides to leave her. His heart breaks with leaving her. She has become his heart and soul. And her heart is shattered from him leaving her behind. Will they ever be able to fully consume their love without worrying about the danger lagging near them? Or will they lose each other? Lora Leigh is known for intoxicate sexy romances with tons of intrigue to light up one’s senses. I enjoyed reading this book and I can say for certain that other readers will enjoy this story as well!

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Book Review: With Every Breath by Elizabeth Camden

With Every Breath, is a stunning medical romance novel. The story is enchanting. Two characters go head to head in competing for a full scholarship to pay for their college. The male character ends up winning it. Then twelve years later he changes his last name and sends her a letter asking for her to come for a job interview. She accepts and starts working for immediately. She also recognizes him to be the same cold hearted boy who beat her at winning a college scholarship. At first she feels anger towards him for that moment back in time, but she then grows to love working with him. She works as his assistant in helping him as he tries finding a cure for a terrible disease. But as each day comes and goes they both start feeling attraction towards each other. Will these two nemesis let their attraction grow? Or will the remain apart?  This story was incredibly fascinating to read. The characters are realistic believable . Their quirks and arguments make them a great pair as the work together. Will they be romantically involved? I suggest that you pick up this dazzling book and read to find out!

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My New Badge!

I just received my badge this afternoon! I am so excited, that I made it on the final list as a Blogger Reviewer for Bethany House Publishers!  Now, I can show it off! :-)



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Book Review: Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick

Book Review: Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick.

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Book Review: Channel 20 Something by Amy Patrick

Channel 20 Something is a fabulous romance! One that spins news reporting in a whole new way. Heidi Haynes is a local news reporter. She has a boyfriend who is stable, good looking and a great man. But she’s not into him as much as she is into the new reporter. Aric Serrano is the sports reporter in Heidi’s Southern town. Upon seeing him on TV and then in person at a party, she can’t help the sparks that they both feel. His charming smile, the way he smells, the way he looks hot keep her thoughts running on him constantly. She keeps denying each one of his requests until she finally says yes. Will she keep Aric at bay forever? Or will he finally lure her in deep enough? I highly recommend reading this novel by Amy Patrick. Beware, it will hook and reel you in!

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Book Review: Playing With Fire by Cynthia Eden

Book Review: Playing With Fire by Cynthia Eden.

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Reader Alert

Reader Alert.

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Reader Alert

Reading is my hobby and passion. I use to hate it when I didn’t know how to read well. But know as an adult I can’t ever imagine not being able to read! Every book has a plot that is waiting to be explored. Characters to go on adventures with. Scenes to visualize. Opening up a book to it’s first page is exciting. It intrigues my senses. Wondering what is this book really about? Is it half as good as the book summary? What new adventures will I go on now? What are the characters’ personalities like and will they interfere with the plot? What is the story’s theme?

Readers are critics. We don’t realize it, but we are. We are absently critiquing the book in our minds as we read on. Inside our minds we have a checklist. That checklist determines on whether or not we finish that particular book. We grade the book on everything. We may not be writers, but we definitely know what we want to happen, what we expect to happen, what should happen and how it should be written. How’s that possible?

Like I said we are critics, even though  we just don’t realize the fact. Based on how we judged the book in our hands or on our devices, we either help promote others to read that same book or we tell others what the book lacks. And whether we have good or bad reviews on what we just read, it helps the author grow and develop from our feedback. When so many people are saying the same things about an authors work, they then take that into consideration. They may redo their book, altering it to make it better. And then place it back out there. And a lot of the times the book is improved so well that you can resist in telling everyone else, “Hey, you need to read this!”.  So, when you read another book beware, your opinion weighs heavy on how well that book will do!

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Book Review: Playing With Fire by Cynthia Eden


Playing With Fire is a sexy thriller filled with intrigue and adventure. It’s hard for readers to not fall in love with the main characters! I loved reading this entire book!  The settings were realistic and entertaining. The plot was stunning. The story was about a young girl who is experimented upon by her father. Her father was a mad scientist who eventually lost all sense of humanity. He captured paranormal beings only to torture and drug  them to use for his experiments. He wanted to develop a strong army for the military. The daughter when she was eight years old fell in love with one of the experiments. This one experimental being was caged just in just like all the others. She unlike her father wanted to rescue all of the creatures and beings and let them go. She didn’t want them to die. She was dying that one day, when she went to rescue him. But she came back to life. Because of her father putting needles into her. Injecting her with different things.  The one creature was  a Phoenix. A powerful fire creature that never dies. She loved him since she was eight and throughout the book they both keep meeting each other as their enemies close in. This novel is a fascinating read. A thriller romance with believable characters. I highly recommend readers all over to pick up this book and read i! You might even end up re-reading it again because the plot is just that luring. Cynthia Eden’s writing is incredible! She will hook you in with her words from the very beginning! 

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Book Review: Runaway Cowboy by Keira Cole


Runaway Cowboy is a fabulous read! I loved it from the moment I started reading the story. It’s about a woman who tries to avoid the rodeos because of her ex boyfriend and is soon falling for a rugged scarred cowboy. Her brother finally convinces her to go to the rodeo where she ends up encountering her ex. Her ex doesn’t know how to back off and the rugged  scarred cowboy comes to her rescue. She automatically feels interested in this cowboy. To her he is hot looking. But he thinks he is far from good looking because of his scars. Yet, he can’t help feeling the warmth and the attraction towards his friend’s sister. The cowboy tries with all of his might to stay away from the sister but can’t and she doesn’t want to stay away from him either. He leaves deciding it’s the best decision. But he only leaves her feeling heart broken and he feels empty. Will they get together and finally admit their love for each other? Or will their pasts keep them apart? This novel was the best Western Romance that I have ever read! I highly recommend readers everywhere to read this book by Keira Cole! She definitely knows how to write a hot heartwarming romance!

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My Book Is Finally Out!!!


My non-fiction book is finally out!

You can find it on Amazon called, Writing Fiction! :-)

I am currently working on my next non-fiction book in the writing series!!!


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Book Review: Captured By Love written by Jody Helund

Captured By Love, is a fascinating novel. I have never read a book whose story held my interest and captured my heart the way Jody Hedlund’s story did. Her main characters are strong, bold, and vibrant. Their quirks make them funny. And their fights make them alluring. Sparks fly high between the two as their problems arise with each new event. I highly enjoyed reading this stunning piece. The characters came to life with each new chapter. The settings were beautiful and perfect for the story. Readers can easily find themselves connecting on a one-on -one level with the characters. Life’s lessons are learned as scenes continue to unfold. I loved every moment! I know others will too. I definitely recommend this novel to everyone to read!

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New Book Coming Out Soon!

I have just completed my first non-fiction book which will be published soon! I will keep you all updated when it’s final. The book is called, Writing Fiction.

content_5008249_DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAIL                   Inside this novel, readers will explore different Fiction genres and subgenres. They will read and analyze different Fiction samples. This book also includes brainstorming activities, character developments, writing challenges, manuscript outlines, writing terms and definitions, writing practices, scenes, sequels and allows for feedback on all writing responses!


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Writing Challenge!

Write what happens when your character wakes up to realize that he/ or she is not in his/ or her room anymore. He/ she gets up, feeling disoriented and confused. What is going on? Does your character get out of the new place that he/ she is in? If so, how? And why was your character taken there?

Post your response (500 words or fewer) in the comments below.

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Book Review: The Life You Left by Carmel Harrington

       The Life You Left is an  incredible story about a woman who comes to realize her gift and helps others. This fascinating novel contains intrigue and suspense through out the plot. I loved reading this book! I want to read all the other stories written by Carmel Harrington. A stunning and brilliant writer, she is. I felt a real deep connection with the characters. And my interest was well kept with each new conflict. I could not put the book down! I had to read on to find out what happened in the end. I wasn’t disappointed! The ending was just as enticing as the beginning was. The story overall was written exceptionally well! The main character finds out that she has a gift. A gift of being a physic. She learns how to come to terms with this new gift of hers. Then her husband goes missing. And next her daughter’s teacher is found murdered. Will her physic gift help her and her brother solve the case? Will the murderer be caught? And what happens to her husband? All of these events add up. Readers will love the mystery surrounding the whole novel as well as the moments of humor. The story also has a family theme and a good Christian Romance too! Therefore, I highly recommend others to hurry up and start reading!

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Book Review: Summer’s Moon by Lacey Baker


Summer’s Moon is a delightful and beautifully written novel. Parker Cantrell comes back home only to wake up and realize that he had shared a one night of passion with Drew Sidney. Drew soon becomes pregnant with child from their one night. Parker wants to be a part of his child’s life, but will Drew let him? Can these two characters fall in love and be a family? Lacey Baker’s plot is one that connects with readers. The characters are believably real and it’s hard to believe it is just a work of fiction. The romance is one that will sweep readers deep into the story. I found the novel very interesting and would highly recommend others to read it! I look forward to reading all of Lacey Barker’s novels just from having read this one book by her! I loved it! I am confident other reader will love it too.

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eBook Reviewing Scheldule:


Summer’s Moon- written by Lacey Baker- from St. Martin’s Press

The Life You Left- written by Carmel Harrington- from Harper Impulse


Captured by Love- written by Jody Hedlund- from Bethany House Publishers

With Every Breath- written by Elizabeth Camden- from Bethany House Publishers


A Science Fiction Fantasy Novel





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Book Review: A Triple Knot by Emma Campion

A triple Knot is a fascinating historical romance novel that I have ever read! The main character Joan is a high spirited young woman who is angered by her grandma and a few other family relatives for beheading her father. Calling him a traitor. King Edward and his wife Philippa  keep moving Joan about trying to marry her off. At first their attempts bring shame to their cousin Joan. But later in the end they finally agree to helping her marry her cousin Thomas. 

This intriguing story will keep readers interest as they go further into the stunning plot. Readers will be kept guessing as to what will happen next. Who will Joan be married off to? Where will she be sent to next? Does her romance with one of the King’s knights work out?  Joan also goes through more troubles, first someone drowns her beloved puppy. Then someone she loves dies. And next she finds another more terrifying truth at the end.

I loved reading this piece bringing history and romance to a whole new level. I enjoyed reading about Joan and how she developed and changed as a character. All the characters were realistically believable and so true. I found all of it to delightfully entertaining. Humor too, played an important part in making this a fabulous read. There wasn’t one boring moment within the book. I definitely recommend this masterpiece of a novel to those who love history, humor, intrigue, and romance. Emma Campion wove history into a beautifully written fictional story! This is one readers won’t want to miss reading! 

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Book Review: No Light by Devi Mara

No Light is a stunning novel that will leave readers breathless. The story begins, with a young woman trainer who is a human, named Sara. Her job is to watch a Dem named Farran. Instantly, there is a deep understanding and attraction that grows between the two. Farran feels anger towards Sara because she is a human. A human so frail that he could easily dispose of. But, he doesn’t. Sara is taught that Dems are highly dangerous creatures and should not be handled lightly. Yet, she always finds herself in fear and apologizing constantly to Farran. He tells her continuously not to apologize to him. Yet, she continues to do so. Farran feels sorry for Sara and other emotions towards her as well. Her bruises and scars make her more fragile to him. Plus, her tiny frame and small height make her like a porcelain doll to him.

Several accidents happen in the novel that end up with Sara being seriously hurt. First, it was other Dems going after her with Farran feeling an instant protectiveness towards her. He rushes to her aid without hesitation. This causes him to unintentionally hurt her. Her skull receives a blow. Soon after wards Sara and Farran are back to his holding cell and then he tells her how stupid she is before she goes unconscious on him. He holds her in his arms feeling remorse. He watches her peaceful trance as she slowly heals. This is the first time Farran realizes just how deep Sara has gotten under his skin.

I loved reading this book from the first page until the very ending. I was hooked by the suspense from page one. And then I was completed lured in by the magic of the unspoken attraction happening towards Sara and her Dem, Farran. Devi Mara definitely knows her way to attract readers with every page. Her words coming to life, and bringing me deeper into her mysterious, adventurous, and highly intense romantic plot! The characters are so believable it is hard to believe that are only just words.

Romance, intrigue, and delightfully entertaining are words every reader can associate with this book. From one alliance to another Sara had finally found where she belongs. Farran thought he would never feel this way again. Sara brought feelings alive in Farran that were hidden so deep. They both had a past filled with bad memories and now they together are creating new ones. Sara’s brother the only person she truly had in her life is in a deep coma. But will he stay that way forever? Or will Farran play a new role in her life giving her everything she wanted plus more?

I rate this novel 4 out of 4 stars. I highly recommend readers everywhere to read this masterpiece written by Devi Mara. I look forward to reading all her other books. This novel is one that I could not put down. It held me interest all the way through. The ending was surprising. Readers should pick up the novel and read it. I know without a doubt that they won’t be disappointed when they do!

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Fiction Writing Course!


The Fiction Writing is now open for enrollment!

This course covers:

- Character Development

- Analyzing Fiction Samples

- Outlining Your Story

- Brainstorming Activities

- Creating Scenes & Sequels

- Creating Settings & Conflicts

- Descriptive Writing

- Story Ideas

- Writing A Synopsis

- One-on-one feedback with the instructor

- Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Accomplishment


Remember to sign up before July 14th to get the course for $5. Email me at: to sign up. Paying for the course will be done by using PayPal !



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Book Review: A Moment in Time by Tracie Peterson




A Moment in Time is a stunning novel about a young woman’s courage, faith, and love. I fell in love with the characters and story instantly! Alice is a strong character that demonstrates what real courage is. I found all the characters to be highly entertaining and realistic. It’s super easy for Tracie Peterson’s beautifully written novel to sweep you off your feet! Alice is attracted to a man name Robert Barnett. She knows immediately that he is unlike any other man. But before their love could fully bloom, a secret about her family comes to light. Will their love keep growing strong? Or will the secret keep Alice from Robert? A Western Romance novel so intriguing readers will not want to put the book down! I highly recommend this spectacular masterpiece to every reader out there!

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New Books too Review!


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