More Book Reviews to Come!

Dear Viewers,

I will be posting more reviews tomorrow for you to enjoy. I hope you all have enjoyed the ones that I have posted today. These books were fun, exciting, and out of this world. I loved reading each and every book that the authors were kind and generous enough to lend me to read and review for them. I love reading and writing. Now that my finals are over, I am back on track with writing reviews and editing manuscripts. If you have a book or novel that needs editing or a free review just email me at: . My oral surgery went well and I am healing slowly. I cant eat real food yet, so I am stuck on a liquid diet until Monday. Monday is when I get my stitch removed and hopefully can eat real food and hot coffee. Right now, I am stuck drinking lukewarm coffee :-( not the best but at least it’s something right? I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday and have a Happy New Year as well.



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Book Review: Seven Days and Six Worst Case Scenarios by Leslie Huggans

Seven Day and Six Worst-Case Scenarios is a hilarious yet romantic mystery that will blow readers away.  Victoria Douglas, a crisis consultant, needs a vacation. Both her and her investigative reporter friend, Julie Tran, have a stolen SUV and  are smacked in a place where danger looms the highest. There is murder, narcotics, and a hot man all on an island. The hot man is a college love that disappeared and is found living on this island. Will both Victoria and Julie be able to save themselves before it’s too late? And how far will Victoria go so mend her broken heart? The story is incredible with amazing characters and a fast-paced plot that gets better and better as the events unfold. Readers will be dazzled by the wits and humor and the sassy mouthed crisis consultant. Leslie Huggans knows how to charm and fascinate her readers with her amazing and fabulous words. Readers, beware this novel with hook and lure you deep into a fun filled world unlike any other. I would recommend reading this book. You won’t want to stop reading it. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Where Tomorrow Waits by Din Ka

Where Tomorrow Waits is an exceptionally well-written novel that readers will fall in love with. For those who fell in love with the novel Written in the Stars, then this book is for you. A young girl Dari is living through her mother’s lies and dark secret. Her father finds out about her mother’s lies and secret and goes on a journey to rescue his daughter. Meanwhile, Dari is already on a much dangerous journey that is filled with horrors and death. Will Dari’s father find her before death takes them both? Will Dari die trying to escape her horrible life to start a new one in America? Dari is soon faced with two decisions. Both can cost her, her life. Which choice will she choose? Will death take her away? And will she and her father unite? This novel is about a heartfelt story of a young girl and her father. A story that will leave readers with intrigue as to what will happen to Dari and her father. Din Ka has a well-written novel with tons of raw emotion and suspense that will hook and lure readers in for a lifetime. This haunting story will hook readers from the beginning.  I would recommend this novel to readers. It is a story that all must read. It will captivate you. Overall, I rate this book a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Words that Bind by Ash Krafton

Words that Bind is a sensational hot and steamy romance unlike any other. Ask Krafton has crafted a blinding hot romance between a social worker and a djinn. Tam Kerish is struggling to keep her desires within but with her client Mr. Burns it is getting harder each time he is near her. This story will heat up a readers night any day. A story of a woman’s longing to feel what it is like to be loved and her inner struggle to defy her inner most desires. A man who brings her desires to a firery level is hard to ignore. So, will Tam let go of her struggles and give into Mr. Burns? Or will she let her struggles consume her until she can take no more? I recommend this novel to readers all over. Words that Bind will bind readers deeply into the heart of the novel. Overall, I rate this beautifully written novel a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Wolf Moon by CD Gorri

Product Details

A young teen has come to terms that the paranormal beings such as witches, werewolves and all exist. She also finds out that is much different than her classmates and as more attacks occur it is up to her to find out who the killer really is. Not only she is having to find out the killer, and hiding a secret but she is tron between two boys at her school. Will she choose the popular soccer star or the mysterious new boy? And what happens when she finds out who is behind all the deaths? This is an exciting yet enchanting romance novel for all ages. I found the plot to be both exciting and suspenseful. Wolf Moon is a novel that intrigues readers senses and lures them into the story’s plot. C.D. Gorri knows how to masterfully write a novel that will both hook and lure her readers. The characters and plot are well-written. I love reading this book from beginning to end. I was hooked. I would recommend this novel to other readers. Overall, I rate this book a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: There’s Always Love by Joycie Ross

There’s Always Love by Joycie Russ is an excellent combination of both a romance and mystery novel. Readers will love her beautifully told story as the plot continues to unwrap. Jade is a homicide detective who falls in love with Jasper, a fellow police officer. Jade is trying to make her career go far in this story. But will she be able to? The mystery comes in when Jade’s reoccurring dream is related to an unsolved case. Jade then decides to solve this cold case. Will Jade be able to solve this cold case? To find out more, I highly recommend reading this novel.

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Book Review: Take by Silvia Ami

Take is a must read romance novel! Silvia Ami has taken romance suspense to a whole new level in her amazing book. Her characters are strong, good-looking, and hard workers. Both are good at their jobs. Special FBI Agent Joss is working on a case to protect people she loves. She has a distrust of men and her new partner is going to have to really prove himself to her or else the whole operation goes up in flames. Everything they are working towards in completing this one mission relies on Joss trusting Intel marine Ethan. If she cant rust him then their whole plan is ruined. And to add to the intensity of Joss’s and Ethan problems, they share a strong chemistry that is hard to ignore. Will Joss be able to trust Ethan? Will their whole operation go down all for a lack of trust? Or will they be able to trust one another and complete the mission with success? And what about the chemistry between them? I would highly recommend this hot and steamy romance to all readers. It’s fast paced but brilliantly and masterfully put together in a way that will lure readers in deep into the heart of the plot. I loved reading this story of how two amazing characters are put into a very hostile world and have to work together to survive. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: More Than This by Jay McLean

Inside Out is the perfect title for the perfect novel. A young teen, Mikayla, has experienced the loss of everyone she loves and knows. There was only person who witnessed it all. And he is the only one who can comfort Mikalya. Jake falls in love with Mikayla and tries doing his best to prove to her that he is the one for her heart. But will Mikayla finally be able to give him her heart or will she lose the only one person who loves her? This story is of a loss and love. Teens go through so much emotional pain as they grow up to be the adults we want them to be. Jay McLean portrays this and much more throughout this spectacular highly emotional novel. I loved reading this story. It’s a story that one will never forget and can easily relate to. I would recommend this brilliantly well-written story for others to read. The characters and plot were so perfectly put together that it was hard to put the novel down. A very addictive read indeed. Overall, I rate this book a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Inside Out by Lia Riley

Inisde Out by Lia Riley is a novel I could keep on reading over and over again.  This new adult contemporary romance was fantastic. Talia moves to study abroad and never expects to find her one and only love. Then she meets a man who makes her fall in love. Bran knows Talia unlike anyone else does. This bonds them together even closer. Both of them face many struggles and still are together. But now they ace an even greater struggle one that will really challenge their relationship. Will they make it through unscratched? Or will this challenge only break them apart? The raw intensity and thrilling side of this romance will impact readers in ways they never expected. This story shows both Talia’s and Bran’s point of view. This only builds up the plot and makes for a fabulous read unlike any other. I recommend this exciting novel to readers. Overall, I give this book a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Forever Mine by Monica Burns

Monica Burns has a way of capturing her audience in her latest hot romance novel. Forever Mine is both hot and amazing. The plot will take your breath away as Victoria Ashton goes back in time to 1897. Her she is trapped in a world where earls exist. There is one earl that completely hates Victoria. Thinking she is his wife. But with his real wife’s horrible actions behind his back get bigger and bigger, it’s hard not to believe that Victoria is really not his wife. Soon both the earl and Victoria fall in love. But can the earl believe Victoria that she isn’t from the same time period? And what is the earl’s reaction when Victoria tells him? And what about the great sacrifice that Victoria will have to make in order for them to be together? Will the earl fight for them to be together?

I found this romance to be delightful and steamy. I loved the characters that Monica Burns created. They are so easy to connect with and their adventure together makes for an interesting read. I loved reading this story. It is a masterpiece that readers won’t want to put down. An excellent historical romance with a time travel twist. Overall, I rate the irresistible novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: A Match for Addy by Emma Miller

Match for Addy is a perfect romance for readers all over. Emma Miller knows how to write a novel that will capture and lure her readers into the story. The plot and characters are well-written. I loved reading the story of Addy, an Amish woman. Addy is about to turn thirty soon. Her parents are pushing her to marry soon. Then send her to work at a matchmaker’s house. There she meets Gideon. An Amish man who is in no rush to marry. But soon, he and Addy fall in love with each other. But will Gideon realize he’s in love with Addy before another man takes her away? And will Addy want him as her husband? But there is still Addy’s parents who need to give their blessings. Will they give their blessings or no? I fell in love with the amazing must read characters. I would recommend this novel to every romance reader out there. This story is one that readers won’t want to miss out on. reading. Overall, I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Great News!

I just received three books in the mail. One being a hardback cover and the other two are paperback. All three are written by an award winning author, Jacob M. Appel.

His books are the following:

Phone Home Essays

Scouting for the Reaper

Einstein’s Beach House Stories

I will post the reviews for each one of these as soon as possible.

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Book Review: Against Her Gentle Sword by Alan Stroe

Against Her Gentle Sword is the most exciting romance that I have ever read. The entire novel is well-written. The plot with its interesting twist drives readers forward and a new yet strange society lures them in deeper. A boy who wants his freedom and equality for his society shares his plans with a few other guys. When fate brings the boy to the arena to fight his friends, that’s when everything goes wrong. Men have to fight each other with swords to win a woman’s attraction and the right to reproduce with that woman. But if they lose, they are striped naked and humiliated in front of all. Gwen chooses the one boy to fight his friends. She loves him but she has to follow their society’s rules. Women rules against the men. Will Dario win his love? Or lose his love due to defeat and humiliation from the arena? Will Gwen still love Dario even though he is against the way their society currently is? Will they form a new society o their own where both men and women are equals? To find out what happens, I highly recommend reading Against Her Gentle Sword by Alan Stroe. He definitely knows how to attract and lure in his readers through his thrilling romance novel unlike any other. Overall, I rate this amazing novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Science of Learning by Dennis Brooks

Product Details

Science of Learning by Dennis Brooks is far the best pronunciation grammar books that I have read so far. And trust me, I have read many. Unlike most readers, I struggle constantly with pronouncing words. I cant look a the dictionary key and then say the words I have trouble with. But, after having the opportunity to read Science of Learning, I was amazed. Yes, the words were simple words, but for those like me it’s a struggle. After reading his book, I was able to pronounce words correctly. I couldn’t believe how he made saying words so easy. They way he has each word set up, is easy to figure out. The book is fun, easy, and will help speed any reader through their words like a piece of cake. I love how wonderful the book well put together and written in a way that helped me to understand so easy what many books couldn’t help me with. I would highly recommend using Science of Learning. It’s the best book in today’s market that is fun, easy, and the perfect learning tool. Overall, I would rate this book a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Atlantis Pyramids Floods by Dennis Brooks

Product Details

Atlantis Pyramids Floods by Denis Brooks is a wonderful book to read. His book is very educational but written in a manner that would leave readers wanting to read more about his topics. I found this book to be informative and highly detailed. I love history and architecture. And Atlantis Pyramids Floods had it all. The book can be read by readers of all ages. The fascinating facts make it for a pleasant yet, exciting read. I wasn’t disappointed when I read this stunning book. I learned a lot more from Dennis Brook’s book than I have in all my years spent in a public school. He makes his topics sprout to life on every page. I would highly recommend picking up a copy of his book and begin reading as soon as possible. So much to learn and so many new adventures an places waiting at your finger tips. Overall, I rate the book a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Windburn by Juliette Cross

Windburn is so hot and intense readers will have melted from it’s pages. Juliette Cross’s novel is stunning and believable. Her characters are easy to relate to and lovable. Sorcha and Lorian are two main character readers will never forget. Their hot chemistry burns from within and explodes in all the right ways. Sorcha wants to deny her attraction to Lorian but, he makes he melt both inside and out. Her resistance to her boss and lover is hard to do, when he erupts her world and turns it inside out. Sorcha doesn’t trust men. Her father let her and her mom. Lorian ins’t just a hot, sexy, irresistible male. He is a dominate male of his kind. Some of his kind think human women are just for sacrifices. And when someone both Sorcha and Lorian know takes her to be his sacrifice, all doesn’t end well. Will Lorian save Sorcha in time? And what will happen to undeniable lust and attraction for each other?

This book is a must read. I couldn’t put this novel down until I read the entire romance story. Juliette Cross knows how to entertain her readers and how to keep them lured in forever. I would highly recommend reading every one of her novels. You won’t be disappointed. Overall, I rate the book a five out of five stars.

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Dear Viewers!

Dear Viewer!

Great news! My financial aid from this past fall semester came through! I can now pay for my spring semester tuition and books. I am so happy and relieved at the news.  And today, is my grandpa’s birthday! So, the happy news made my day even brighter. I have posted a book review last night, and I will post one up tonight as well.

If you need any editing done for your manuscripts, please email me at:

I finished my all semester with a 3.25 GPA. :-) I am happy. I can’t wait to break my semester GPA this coming spring semester!

Happy Writing,

Danielle  :-)

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Book Review: Unfamous by Scotty Unfamous

Unfamous is a novel that will truly send you spiraling out of control. Readers will be lured deeply into a well written plot that will keep them locked up in a world full of unknowns. Scotty Unfamous definitely knows how to write a novel that attracts readers in and keep them hooked. The main character Rio wants to plunger herself into the rich and famous world. But by doing so she loses everything. Her female group is no longer her group. And the one man that she loves screws with her heart and screws with her friends. Rio feels lost and then when it’s too late she ends up losing her best friend, Ty. Ty loves Rio but she never wants him to say just how much he really loves her. She doesn’t want to lose him. But, she does lose him. Rio’s journey makes you laugh, cry, and scream out in frustration. There is never a dull or boring moment in this story. Every reader can relate to Rio’s desire of wanting to be rich and famous. Along with all the struggles and losses that come with it. I would recommend others to read this book. It’s a very deep, and fast-paced novel that you won’t want to put down until you have read it all. Overall, I rate this book a five out of five stars.

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It’s that time of year again!

Editing Services are now available!

$10 per manuscript


$25 for two manuscripts

Please, send an email to me at the following email address:

   All manuscripts must be in Word document and must be in English.

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Book Review: Yours For Christmas by Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery has created another irresistible romance novel.  A single mother with a little girl falls for a super hot, super generous, funny and nice guy. But she knows that she should stay as far away from him as possible but fate makes it hard for both her and Kenny to stay away from falling in love with each other. Kenny is a famous NFL star who ends up meeting a single mom with a daughter. But when they are put together, he cant resist her at all. And neither can Bailey resist Kenny and his charm. Will they both find happiness this holiday? Or will they both still be single? I highly suggest reading this amazing novel. No book, is written in such a charming, sweet yet stunning way as Yours for Christmas has been written. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Cowboy, It’s Cold Outside by Katherine Garbera

Cowboy, It’s Cold Outside is a fantastic romance novel that will heat up your night. Readers will love the chemistry that builds up between the two main characters. At first there is a no strings attachment type of relationship that is going on, but then things between them get deeper and hotter. Lucy DeMarco  finds out she is adopted and Trey comes or his brother’s wedding only to meet Lucy. These two get closer than what they wanted to and fate has a way of spinning them together.

I loved reading this delightful and beautifully woven plot. Katherine Garbera knows how to hook and lure in her readers. I couldn’t put the book down. It was one of the best novels that I have read so far. I would definitely recommend others to read this brilliant book. A five out of five stars, Cowboy, Its Cold Outside is a must read for all.

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I am currently busy with editing. But, I  will post a book review tonight.  All my finals for this semester are finished.  Now, I can just concentrate on writing, editing, and reading. I apologize again for such a long delay. I really feel bad. I have also been busy going to so many doctor appointments. I have another dental appointment tomorrow at 11:40 to fill out paper work and then have to do another x-ray except this time it will cost me $70. It has to be done though. I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be surgically removed before it destroys another tooth of mine. And as for the process on how they do it, scares me. But, I rather get it done then my tooth being destroyed.

My health insurance is a pain in the butt! It won’t accept dental nor vision health care anymore starting this January. So, wrong! But, I cannot change the policy. So, that why I have all the doctor appointments like crazy. It’s going to be a long new year.

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Writing Advice!

Dear Viewers,

I had to share this piece of advice with you all. If you did not know this, already then brace yourself.

Cliches are not to ever be used when you are writing novels, especially fiction novels. 


Because, they weaken your novel!

So, please when you are writing double check your manuscripts for cliches. They are very easy to place into your writing.And it is very time consuming for us editors to highlight every single one that is in your manuscript. If you want a happy editor and a better looking manuscript, then do not use them!



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Writing Prompt

Since today, is the day Pearl Harbor was attacked I thought that a writing prompt should be written in honor of all those whose lives were lost that horrible day.

Write a 500 word response about the day in history when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Write it as though it were happening right now. What happens when someone from that time period ends up here, during our modern day world. How does this occur and why? What happens to the character when he or she arrives in our world? What trouble comes to this character? Who takes this character into their home? And why? What does this other character think of the character from the past? What happens between the two characters?

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A Must Read Article- Marketing Your Book by Jessica Leigh – Marketing Your Book Using Social Media

When I took a deep breath, and hit that publish button for the very first time, it was an exhilarating experience. But boy, was I what one would consider a Noob. I quickly realized that the writing and editing were the easy parts!

My journey is still in the beginning stages. But it has not been overwhelming, and it is certainly doable for any emerging author with a will and a bit of grit. Let me show you what I’ve learned so far.

A Must-Do List for Marketing Your Book on Social Media

1. Start Facebook and Twitter pages with links to buy your book. Focus on the quality of your posts – don’t go overboard – and focus on entertainment (not just selling). Utilize hashtags where you can, they will help. (ie. #fiction #books #romance)

2. Start a Blog. I used WordPress, but Tumblr is also pretty good. Blogging has been the single most important factor in getting my name and style out there. You don’t have to blog about your book, but you do have to blog on a consistent basis. Again, think about the entertainment factor (but of course include links to your book or your website.)

3. Engage in Google+. This is often overlooked, but has become hugely important in increasing your Google search rankings. Click the Google+ button for everything you do! Set up your Google+ profile.

4. Set up a Goodreads and BookDaily account and add your title(s). This is a great place to start gathering reviews and ratings. You want your name and book to appear on Goodreads and BookDaily asap for credibility.

5. Build a Website. If you have the money to hire someone to do this, great. If you’re strapped (like me), use to EASILY build a cute concise site, (and I am about as tech-illiterate as you can be.) Check out my site for an example: Don’t forget to add the newsletter option to begin collecting emails.

6. Frequently update your Author Central Page. Amazon is an amazing marketing gizmo/tool all in itself. It functions a bit like Google with all its different search algorithms and keyword triggers. Try and optimize just about anything you write on your author’s page OR book descriptions and editorial reviews with keywords you feel your readers would be looking for. Change it up frequently with little tweaks or additions, to keep yourself higher on the Amazon radar.

7. Sell more than one book. I have heard that the best marketing tool possible is to have multiple book listings – they will literally sell each other – at no marketing expense – other as your fan base grows. I have my second novel waiting in the wings, and I cannot wait to see the results upon its release. Keep writing!

8. Toughen up your skin. You are bound to hit some negativity at some point – it’s inevitable. When I received my first harsh review, it still stung me like an angry hornet and left me doubting my skills for several long days. Reach out to other authors in forums and realize it will pass. It’s a rite of passage. My sales did not stop or slow down. It just happens.

9. Pick out several successful authors in your genre and follow everything they do. Yes, it might make you feel a little like a stalker, but it’s an excellent way to learn. You can even repost some of their tweets or share their Facebook posts on your own page – they won’t dislike it, for it gives them even more exposure. I actually got noticed by and made a friend of a successful author that way.

10. Look for ways to mount a joint marketing campaign with other authors. If you can network with others in your genre, you have more than doubled your reach very quickly. Try and remember that there is more than enough space for everyone in the ebook world – don’t focus on competition, focus on joint effort. It’s much more profitable, powerful, and positive.

The most important thing to remember about building a great social media platform is that it should be extensive AND interconnected to achieve the greatest results.

About the Author:
Jessica Leigh is an emerging author in the romance field, and still holds her “day job” as a free-lance writer/PR specialist for a social media marketing firm. She is also an Environmental Scientist and researcher with a degree from Penn State University. Her first historical romance release, Savage Forest, delves deep into the Native American cultural heritage of the eastern seaboard, and chronicles the life and death struggle of a feisty young Swedish immigrant thrust into a native way of life unknown to her. Jessica’s recent contemporary romance release, Waiting for Eden, is now available on Kindle

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It’s Official!

Dear Viewers,

I am happy to announce that I have been accepted as an editor (intern) for Royalty House Publishing.

Thank you all for your continuous and loyal support! I wouldn’t be where I am today without all o you. :-)

Happy Reading,


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Help Wanted!

Non-fiction Author is Seeking Reviews for His Book

Please, help this author out by being kind enough to read and review his non-fiction book.  To help out, please email him at the following email address where he will send you a free copy of his book to review in return for your time spent to help him out.


I have read this author’s book and found it worthy to read. I gave it five stars. This author wrote a book passing down skills that employers look for in their employees. He has spent many years in his field. I found his writing very educational and definitely a must have for our market in today’s world. Please, consider reviewing his book. Thank you! :-)

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Great News!

Dear Viewers,

I have been writing a new adult romance novel. I have 63 pages, 4300 words, and 6 chapters so far. I have 1 week to submit my novel in for a chance to become published. I am also going to send in my novel to Carina UK, and Harper Impulse for a chance to become published.

I will be posting chapter 6 of my novel up in a bit. I have just a few more pages to add to it before posting for you all to read.


Danielle :-)

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Chapter 5

Here is the next chapter of my new adult novel, please tell me what you think!
Chapter 5
Getting into Michael’s SUV, felt somewhat personal. My cheeks flushed instantly upon the thought. But, I had to force my thoughts aside. Michael and I were heading to the local animal shelter called, Dog Heaven. The owner of Dog heaven was now in his eighties. And had younger people working at the shelter to help me him take care of the many homeless dogs. The dogs were either strays left in the wilderness by their owners or were tortured by their previous owners. And here at Dog Heaven, Mr. Brown, the owner of the business gave the dogs treatment, food, and a home. I admired the elderly man who has spent his entire life working to save each and every one of these dogs. My heart melted at the thought.  Michael and I headed out and into the dog pen.
“So, how many dogs are held in here?” Michael asked a female worker who was kind enough to give us a tour around with courtesy of the owner.
“We have currently fifty dogs in here, now.”
“And how many were abused and how many are strays?” I asked not missing a beat.
“Of the fifty dogs we have twenty-five that were abused. And out of that twenty-five, fifthteen are puppies.”
Michael and I just looked at each other and silently continued following our guide.
Once we were about to head into the abused dog section. We overheard shouting and a dog’s cries. The sound made my heart sink. Fear flooded my thoughts. The next thing I knew both Michael and the woman were hot on my trail as I ran towards the shouting.
“Bad, bad dog! Good for nothing! You won’t be getting any food today, you ugly mutt!” And then a black small dog was kicked. A high scream escaped my lips.
“No! Stop!”
Just as I was about to push the man down, he took off for the exit. Michael, chased after him.  I leaned down towards the black dog. It was just a puppy. So thin, it looked as if it hasn’t had any food at all.  I tried to go near the puppy but it cringed under my touch. I wanted to beat the hell out of the bastard that kicked this poor puppy. I wanted to kick the man for what he just did. I scooped up the puppy into my arms.
“Omg, I am so sorry you had to witness that. We never had this happen before. I am going to call the owner and then the police. Be right back.”
Just as the woman let me alone holding the puppy. I whispered soft soothing words to the puppy. I vowed to keep the puppy safe. Michael came back. He shook his head. I knew the man had gotten away. Tears spilled down my cheeks. Kissing the puppy’s head.
Michael wrapped his arms gently around me. Holding both me and the puppy. As though to soothe us both.
The woman came back, and the police were with her. The police asked both Michael and I questions as to what we saw. After that, I told the woman I was going to keep the puppy.
“You will need to fill out forms and pay a small fee before you can take the puppy home with you.”
I looked up at her.
“I am sorry, really sorry, just the policy we have. Otherwise, I say yes, you can just go, especially after what just happened.”
Michael looked at me. Tears were still pouring down. I couldn’t let go of the puppy. Not after what I just saw. What if the man came back to finish the puppy?
“I will keep the puppy.”
 Michael told the woman. I felt relieved. Because, I knew I couldn’t keep the puppy in my dorm. It just wasn’t allowed. And I was also relieved to know that the puppy wouldn’t be staying here anymore. The woman handed Michael the papers to sign. Heading back into his SUV, I sat there holding the puppy.
“Thank you, Michael.”
“Hey, it will be okay. I will take of the dog. The police are going to be searching for the bastard, and mean while we are going to stop by the vet.”
I looked up and nodded.  After dropping off the puppy at the vet and Michael having arranged for the vet to call him when to pick up the puppy after it’s been looked at and helped for any injures, we headed back to college. Michael didn’t say anything the whole way there. But he did take hold of my hand and held it in his the entire way back.
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Book Review: The Brands Who Came for Christmas by Maggie Shayne

Brands for Christmas

Maggie Shayne has a raw talent or writing the perfect romance. A romance suited to hook, lure and trap readers in a world like our own but filled with heart melting happiness. This Christmas novel teaches others what is really important. Family is the most important thing that the story centers around. Both Cain and Maya learn what love truly is about and how it really works. Maya and her four other sisters and her Mom were betrayed by the one man that should have been there for all of them everyday. Their father had two separate families, and later got mixed in with the wrong people and killed along with his other wife.  Since then Maya, her sisters and her mother were against trusting men. Maya ends up meeting a stranger named Cain. Cain is a politician’s son next inline for a current race. But all that changes when he meets Maya at her family’s saloon. Soon, they are dancing and enjoying each other’s company. Next, Maya and Cain are alone and their passion builds up. But, Cain soon realizes that he was Maya’s first and soon realizes just how much he wants to keep seeing her. But as he leaves Maya promising to see her again tomorrow morning, he gets a call about his father and leaves  without an explanations. What is to come of their one night together? Will Cain come back to Maya? Will Maya accept Cain back into her life after he left her without a single word as to why he left?

This novel was my favorite kind of romance to read. Both Cain and Maya had a lot to learn about love and themselves. Each one had a different life that they were living. It was interesting to see how their lives would connect and how they ended up together again for the second time. The well written plot is one that will keep every reader up late reading. The unexpected twist pops up creating stress on Cain’s and Maya’s relationship. This only pulls the two main characters closer. The characters are easy to connect with on every level. I would recommend this novel to others. Overall, I rate the book a five out of five  stars.

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Book Review: Written on her Heart by Paige Rion

Written on her Heart is indeed a fabulous read. The characters are stunning. Their emotions and different lives set them both apart and together. Their lives growing up couldn’t have been more opposite. But their adult life goals are the one and same.  Andi is a female college student living in a small town with her parents. Her dream ever since she was a little girl, was to become an author. Then there is Ford Delaney. A best selling author who comes to her small town to hide away from all the media that has exploded around him. He loves to write but not to be exposed of by everyone. He ends up meeting Andi through an interview process to become his assistant. But, Andi herself is up for more surprises. Upon entering the waiting room, she meets both of her two best friends. One wants to seduce Ford into marrying her because her life is falling apart. The other friend wants to marry Ford so that she can be taken away from her evil stepfather. Ever since she was nine years old he has been abusing her. But with him being a town hero, no one would believe her abuse story. Andi is beyond frustrated that her friends are trying to take away her only chance of becoming an author. She thinks her friends reasons for taking the job away from her are not good enough. And it isn’t until the very end when Andi realizes that her two best friends had major issues that caused them to want to take the job away from Andi.  Then there is the issue of Andi’s boyfriend. Will her job as Ford’s assistant break them apart? And what about her and Ford’s undeniable attraction towards one another? Who will Andi choose? And will Andi be able to keep her friends or will she only lose them all in the end?

This is a very raw emotional romance that takes one’s breath away. So many twist and turns that pop up leaving the reader wondering what Andi will do next. I loved reading this entire novel by Paige Rion. She has a well written plot that will capture her audiences all over the world. Her characters are enticing and addictive to read about. I love the up and downs that Andi experienced throughout the story. The story was realistic, believable, and heart melting. I enjoyed the way Paige Rion captured all the characters pain, sorrow, joy, and all of their quirks. It was refreshing and delightfully entertaining to read. I would definitely recommend this novel to every reader. Written on her Heart is a must read story that everyone will fall in love with over and over again. Overall, I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Christmas at Carriage Hill by Carla Neggers

Christmas at Carriage Hill is the best Christmas spirit novel that I have read. Both characters are deeply in love with each other. But one is a fashion clothes designer and the other is a pilot. The fashion  designer thinks that she can over come her love for her pilot by leaving him. But then fate intercedes and somehow her pilot is at the same place where she is at. Feeling outraged at first she tries to keep her pilot at a distance, but when he’s around she cant deny her feelings for him. Can he finally convince his fashion designer that he wants her in his lie forever and ever? Or will all his attempts turn into failures? Will their time spent close together bring them closer together or further apart?

I loved reading this joyous novel. I can relate to both characters as they struggled with where they wanted to be. Carla Neggers always knows how to write a story that will hook and lure her readers in with every word. I love reading her novels. This one definitely made me feel that love and fate go hand in hand. I would recommend this book to all readers. You won’t be disappointed when you begin reading. Overall, I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Christmas with a Bite by Patricia A. Wolfe

Christmas with a Bite is a novel that readers must pick up. The enchanting romance story will make readers laugh, and cry. Following both Maria and Connor as the novel plot thickens is incredible. I couldn’t believe how a paranormal romance novel could be turned into such a realistic and believable romance that entices its readers with every page. I loved how Patricia Wolfe created such raw yet strong emotions for Maria’s character. I enjoyed reading the hot sexy scenes as well as the fear coming off Connor as he worries about his parents hurting Maria. Will Connor, a vampire, be able to make Maria as his own? Or will Maria think him a monster and leave his heart broken? Will Conor’s parents accept Maria as his love or will they destroy the only thing that ever matters to him? Can Maria, a human being,  fall in love with Connor and accept him for what he is? I strongly encourage every reader to read this sexy as hell novel. Trust me you will fall in love with both Maria and Connor’s story. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Flirting with Disaster by Victoria Dahl

Flirting with Disaster is a hilarious yet a hot sexy read that readers won’t want to stop reading.  Isabella is hiding out in a forest of Wyoming with only one other woman as her neighbor.  Isabella loved the perfect solitude and quietness that came from being cut away from the world. Yet, deep within her she was struggling with the ear of anyone finding her. It isn’t soon when a hot stud knocks on her door causing all kinds of havoc in her new life that she has created for herself.  Tom Duncan is a US Marshal. He doesn’t know it yet, but when he knocks on Isabella’s door he is lured into her world where she is still running away from her past. Things start to heat up quickly between the two. Both know that there is something keeping the other from fully being able to just enjoy their spent time together. Isabella leaves Tom suspicious enough that he searches for information about her on a flagged site. This then causes all hell to break loose on their new relationship and Isabella’s life is thrown into the air. Will Tom be able to save Isabella from her past? Will he risk everything just for her? Will Isabella trust him after her new life is out in the open with bad guys from her past hot on her trail thanks to Tom’s searching into her life?

I loved reading this spontaneous novel and there isn’t anything hotter than these two main characters. Victoria Dahl writes a very compelling story that everyone can relate too. It has heat, compassion and the everyday crap that life tosses our way. This book has so much to give to readers.  Two hearts are on the line.. will they be fixed or will the remain broken? I recommend reading this masterpiece that is beautifully crafted. Overall, I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Book Review: Goodness and Light by Patty Blount

Goodness and Light is an emotional moving novel that lures readers in like no other. The story is about two young people who end up losing someone due to  9/11 attack. But fate has a funny way of bringing these two back together.  Lucas is drawn to Elena in a way he can’t ignore.  As the stunning yet unforgettable plot unfolds, both Elena and Lucas end up feeling strong attraction towards each other. But just like our world, both characters go through obstacles fighting for their love.

I found this novel to be inspiring and addictive. I loved the strong characters that Patty Blount has created in her beautiful story. I can easily relate to both characters. I would recommend this book to every reader. It’s a novel that one will always remember. Overall, I rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey

Her Holiday Man is by far the most inspiring romantic novel readers will never want to put down. Both Christina and Will have gone through hard times. And when fate pushes them together, their neighborly friendship grows into strong feelings that neither can deny. But is it enough for Christina to trust Will? And is Will ready to move forward with his life after losing both his wife and child in an accident? Will’s mom and Christina’s son help bring out enough cheer to light up both Will and Christina’s hearts.

I found this spectacular novel to be the perfect read for a good holiday spirit read. I enjoyed reading on as both main characters grew closer and how they struggled with what their new feelings bought to them. Every reader can relate to both Christina and Will’s story. We all have had sadness come into our lives and then without realizing it we are then given little gifts of happiness to help us continue going on with our lives. A beautifully told story that is well written by Shannon Stacey. I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Predator & Prey Series Books 1-3 by James D. Horton

I have read a novel that has captured every human emotion that is known to man. It’s plot is well written. The story is captivating. Readers beware, James D. Horton, very well knows how to lure in his audience with every written word. His novels, Predator and Prey, The Beast, and Control will leave you breathless and wanting more. Luckily, this talented writer has written a fourth novel for his series. And let me say this, you will be begging for more books to come.

I would more than highly recommend reading every single book in this stunning must read series by James D. Horton. His unique writing style has a way that grabs your attention and leads you further into unknowing adventures that will leave you laughing, crying, furious and happy.  Each book is just as good if not more enticing than the previous one before it, and readers will definitely want to, need to read more.  I loved reading each one of these thrilling, alluring, and heated novels. The Predator and Prey series won’t disappoint, they will only enhance every reading wanting of the next fantastic book yet to come. Overall, I rate these books a five out of five stars.

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Super Excited!

Dear Viewers,

I hope you all are having a very happy Thanksgiving Day Holiday! I know, I am. I am super excited to announce that I have been approved to review not just one but 3 novels from Harlequin! Before, I was always turned down until I emailed one of the authors who has her novels published by Harlequin and was approved by her and her editor to review her novel. I was super happy that day. And I am beyond thrilled to know that I have now been approved to review 3 more novels by one of my favorite companies!

I want to also thank everyone for helping me through my struggles when I was constantly denied access, and for continually supporting me all the way. I also appreciate all those who have gone up and beyond by publicizing my issue of not having enough followers to be accepted by the publishing company. I am very thankful to have such amazing followers of my blog to help and support me. I couldn’t reach where I am now without any of  you helping me get there.  Again, thank you! :-)



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Author Interview: Victoria Warren Jackson

Victoria Warren Jackson Responds to the Interview Questions

  1. How old were you when you wrote your first book? And what was the name of that book?

I cannot remember the exact age, but I do recall writing a short story about a young girl who lived on a farm. I was in the third grade. I did not give this book a title, but I was so pleased with my work because my mother read it and asked me questions about the main character.

  1. How many novels have you written so far?

I have written two novels and one poetry book.

  1. Which is more enjoyable to you, writing poetry or writing fiction novels?

I enjoy writing fiction more than writing poetry because I have more opportunities to develop the plot, climax, and conclusion of the story.

  1. I noticed that one of your novels has a silver medal from Reader’s Favorite with the rating of five stars. That is the highest honor to receive from that company. How did you feel when you received that medal for your novel?

I was so happy. At first, I did not believe it. I closed my email and re-opened my email to make sure there were no technical errors. I also checked several other websites to actually read the review. This honor makes me very proud.

  1. On your author website you have stated that writing is therapy. Why do you think writing is a form of therapy and how so?

Writing is therapy for me because I can relax, evaluate certain situations from my own life, make sense of what is happening currently in the world, and forget any stressors from the day.

  1. What advice do you have for other novelist wanting to write in the same genre as you?

I would advise the novelist to read my books or other books written in their preferred genre to give them ideas on how to organize their book. Next, I would advise the novelist to get to work, and do not give up!

  1. Do you think that being an educator for at-risk youth has helped shape your form of writing? Why or why not?

Teaching has helped me grow as an author. The students I have taught in the past and my current students have shaped my writing style, word choice, and my selection of the audience. Some of my poems reflect experiences I had with students and parents. Being an educator requires me to be flexible and open-minded, which has helped me to step outside the box with my own writing. Working with at-risk students requires patience and understanding. The writing process is a challenging effort requiring a whole lot of patience especially when publishing and marketing the book. My students are creative, and they challenge expectations when necessary. Over the years, my students have asked me questions about grammar and mechanics. I learned it is a choice to follow grammar rules. For instance, I decided not to follow grammar rules with the title of my book Untraditional Love In The Dark. I knew what I wanted to see in print, and regardless of grammar rules, I just followed my heart.

  1. Can you tell us readers a little bit about your novel called Not Just Us

Desiree and Shanna are sisters. They both lived similar lives, but Desiree becomes infected with HIV. With two children, a caring sister, a supportive mother, and a new boyfriend, Desiree’s world could be perfect. The fear of dying from AIDS stands in the way of Desiree’s happiness. For Shanna, life will never be the same.

  1. Which of the two sisters is your favorite character from Not Just Us?  And why?

My favorite character is Shanna. I like her because she steps up during a difficult time to support her sister. She also decides to become the adoptive mother of her sister’s children after her sister dies. Shanna is the perfect example of how family love links lives.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your novel Untraditional Love In the Dark?

Samantha learns a valuable lesson about self-love after Isaiah, her future husband, jogs into her life one windy morning. On the rebound, Samantha marries Isaiah to later discover he has a violent temper. He is physically abusive, lazy, and has a naughty secret. Samantha is about to face the fight of her life when she discovers Isaiah is bisexual. As her life unravels, Samantha faces death and must triumph over adversity to rebuild her life. The conclusion is a definite surprise.

  1. What inspires you to write your poetry? And what three words would you use to describe your poetry?

I am inspired by family, friends, love, life, and everyday experiences.  I get my rhythm from these topics. The best three words to describe my poetry are encouraging, soothing, and vibrant.

  1. What is the name of your fourth novel? And when will it be coming out?

The title of my fourth novel is Maricella. This book will be released in Spring, 2015.

  1. Can you tell us readers about your fourth novel?

The main character, Maricella, retells the details of her life in a dramatic story. Maricella is sentenced to death row after murdering an innocent woman during a brief stay in a shelter.

  1. Where can readers find your novels?

All of my books can be purchased on and

 Click on the link below to watch the trailer o her new book.

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My New Badge

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Half an hour later, Lora came out of her dorm room all dressed and ready to get started. I know she is beyond angry with having had me in her dorm room seeing her in her sexy pink night gown. The gown itself showed off how petite she was. Her beautiful legs showing off all the way up to her mid thighs. The neckline low exposing her full bosom with a little bow centering one’s attention even more so. It was hard not to think her sexy, especially with her hair all messed up from sleep. Her anger pout only added to the boiling attraction I have towards her. I tried hard not to laugh at her but somehow my laughter erupted. Lora really likes her coffee!

It seems to me that she hates working with me. Every time I am near her all I ever do is make her even madder at me. As if that was possible. How can I make her like me? How can I look at her without her being angry with me? What is it that I do so wrong every time? Damn her and her sexy outfits. She has no idea how attractive she is in her long sleeve sweaters and short skirts and boots that stop at her ankles. Already, a fantasy of having her legs wrapped around my waist, wearing those boots, and her skirt hitched upwards with my hands on her bottom. Holding closer to me as I show her how I can make her feel as wonderful as she looks. Her lips red rom our kissing. Her hair loose in a tangled mess from us kissing. Her soft moans as I make her mine.


Snapping back to reality, Lora was standing in front of me waving her hands in my face laughing.
“Welcome back to planet earth, Romeo.”
If she only know my thoughts about her, she would probably try hitting me like she was about to do when I was in her dorm room.

“What are we going to do or our project?”

I decided that by asking her this time around what she wanted to do, would help lessen the chance to anger her even more than she already was. Best not to push my luck with the only woman who doesn’t go around chasing me like I’m a piece of meat they want to devour. Although, I wouldn’t mind Lora wanting to devour me, if she wanted to.

“I was thinking that maybe we can do our project on something local that hasn’t had much attention but does need our most attention. Something that everyone can get involve in if we do our project right.”

Now, that sounded like something I would be interested in doing as well.

“Okay, so then what did you have in mind?”

Lora looks over at me, eye brows raised as if questioning why I am being so cooperative with her. I thought that’s what she wanted. For a brief moment she said nothing and then went on explaining about the local dog shelter in the town here that needs a lot of help. It not only needs help financially, but also needs volunteers to help take care of the dogs and all maintenance as well.

“I think this will be the best project our class will see. Where do we begin? And how?”

“We should go there first talk to the owner, and maybe get an interview with him and do some video footage of how the shelter is run. And what tasks need more helping hands. What needs to be fixed and etc.” Lora said as though it was common knowledge what had to be done and how.

Laughing, I felt good that she and I were going to finally work on something that we both were interested in as well as something that did need the public’s attention. Lora just stared at me, as I judging on whether or not laughing was aloud. Then shaking her head she just smiles. Her smile was captivating.

“You should smile a lot more.”


After gathering the equipment that we needed and making a call to the owner about our project we headed on over to the shelter. Lora for the first time seemed at ease and not angry at me like she usually was. Maybe there was hope for me after all.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Shh! You will wake her up!” That was my roommate’s voice. Although who she was talking to hasn’t said a word back yet. My curiosity was growing at who else was in our room. Then before I knew it, coffee aroma filled the room. Okay, that’s it! I’m up! I have got to have a cup of coffee before I head for testing this morning.

Instantly tossing the covers aside, I rush to the coffee pot. It was a small, blue, five-dollar Mr. Coffee pot. I found it online at Walmart. But hey, it makes a perfect cup every time. Kylie knows I love my coffee. So, when I heard laughter. It wasn’t just her usual bubbly laughter filling my ears this morning, but a deep dark masculine laugh as well. Sipping my coffee, I realize I was still only in my bright pink night dress with a bow in the certain at the dipping neckline and that it was not appropriate for male eyes to see. Glancing, slowly towards the two laughing at me, my eyes literally popped out! I’m not kidding. There, standing right next to my blonde roommate who was fully dressed, was the one man who haunted my dreams at night. The one who makes me feel so frustrated at. The one who is too good looking that it’s not hard or me to be distracted every time he is near me. It wasn’t his fault that he was so damn mouthwatering hot. Like a Greek God casually walking about our school grounds. I am so going to kill my roommate/best friend the moment Michael leaves this room! And he must leave instantly! It isn’t proper! How dare him! He knows the rules as well as I do.

Michael just stares at me. Probably biting the insides of his cheek just to not laugh at me while I am staring back at him speechless.

“What the hell are you doing inside a girl’s dorm room? Especially, at this time of morning!” I felt so much anger. I wanted to punch the guy. He had balls for being inside my room uninvited. I threw a blanket all around me as to silently pray that he didn’t get a good look at my bright pink gown. I watched him as his eyes traveled up to my hair. Oh no! My hair! It was always a huge gigantic mess every morning. No matter what I did, it looked awful every morning. Wanting to toss my hot cup of coffee at him and his wandering eyes, I hesitate. It was too good to waste on him.

“I needed to discuss with you about our project. And your best friend here, gladly let me in, so that we could start.”

Looking at this hunk before me, and my anger subsiding a tiny itty bit. I place my mug down and look at the clock. Oh shit! I was supposed to be taking my exam in philosophy this morning! How did I over sleep? I set my alarm right?

“Your philosophy exam was canceled and I shut off your alarm.” Kylie finally spoke up. Her eyes kept darting between Michael and I expecting a fight to break out soon. I guess she thought it was safe.

“Thanks, Kylie.”

“No, problem. Besides, I’m leaving to meet Luke anyway. So, you two better get working. I hear the project is due in less than a week! What on earth have you two been up to?”

“Yes, exactly what have we been up to?” Michael asks me.

Why I ought to hit the man right this minute. That is the last time he mocks me and in front of my best friend! Just as I was thinking of swinging at him, Kylie takes Michael away out of the room, and says, “Come on, she needs to get dressed or else that project will never get started!” Michael looks at me one last time chuckling. Then before he steps out he winks at me! What the hell?

I slammed the door shut behind them. So, much for a good morning. But, Kylie was right. The project was to be graded on both of us working together. I can always use my author project for another class. Heading to the bathroom I take my shower and get ready to meet Michael.

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It has been a week since the school’s dance. I have been ignoring my friends, especially Kylie. I need to study to keep up with my classes. I still had a major project that needed to be done as well. But knowing that neither I nor Michael were going to come to a truce on what we should do together, I decided to attempt the project on my own.

The project was to find something important to people that has not yet been covered yet by the news. I found this project to be interesting until our English instructor assigned us partners. Michael wasn’t upset about us being paired together. But, I was. The man was a walking, talking, hunk who could make any girl agree to whatever he says just by looking at her with his pierce blue eyes, and handsome smile that makes me feel heat rising to my face every time he looks my way or catches my eye. I could not just look away or pretend to be reading deeply into a book. Because, I tried that once. And Michael had to point out the fact that I really wasn’t reading even when I said I was. The book was upside down and it was a textbook to make it even worse. He makes me feel so damn mad that I just want to smack that horrible grin on his face every time he catches me in these awkward situations.
I wanted to cover a story about an emerging author and how she went about breaking out as a bestseller in today’s market. Especially when most books are now digital. But, Michael argued saying that is only important to “us bookworms” such as myself. So, I finally did the unthinkable, and hit him or his rude unexpected comment. And what made it worse was that he didn’t know how badly I took his simple comment about bookworms. And he seemed genuinely hurt when he realized I was hurt by what he said. That made me feel things I couldn’t afford to feel. I had to pass this semester and score my financial aid for next semester. Michael was one distraction that I didn’t need right now. A distraction I didn’t want to think too much about either. He could easily crush my heart into a million pieces and I wouldn’t be able to survive having a man like Michael breaking my heart. I have been there and done that. Never again, was I going to put myself out on the line.
I was just typing up questions for my author interview in the college library when, Michael walked in. He was followed by a group of pretty girls giggling and sashing their way over to him. One girl in particular stuck out. Kylie. What is she doing around Michael? Wait, why did I care. Michael isn’t my guy. And I have been ignoring my best friend and roommate for a while now. She and Michael were laughing. And then Kylie wrapped her arm around Michael’s waist. No. I didn’t wait to see what happened next. I logged off and ran out before my eyes could see anymore. So much for getting any work done.

“Lora wait!” I heard Kylie shouting in the hall after me. But, I ignored her and kept up my pace.

“Lora it’s not what you think!” Kylie ran up to me finally catching up.

Looking at my best friend/ roommate, I just stood there waiting for her to hurry up and finish.

“Michael did me a favor and…”

I didn’t want to hear the rest. “I don’t care what favor he did for you. I don’t care if you like Michael and he likes you.” I nearly shouted at her. Why the hell would I care any way? He just frustrates me in every way possible and lights me up like a Christmas tree on Christmas. Not that he knows that. Or I think he doesn’t. But, it doesn’t matter does it? Because, I have my studies to think about. My family already thinks I am pathetic and if I don’t succeed this semester, I will never live to survive the humiliation. And then lately, all I could ever think about is Michael.

Siting right next to me on my twin bed, Kylie just looks at me. “I mean it, when I sayMichael and I are not together. He did me a favor. He helped talk to Luke for me.”

Luke was the guy that Kylie couldn’t stop talking about until Michael came here. But, Michael wasn’t interested in her and Luke was. “Why did he have to talk to Luke for you?”
I was now curious. Smiling, Kylie knew I had forgiven her and now was about to fill me in on what I missed out on. After two hours of catching up on all the things I missed, I finally managed to finish my interview questions for the author and sent them to her as soon as possible. Part one of my project was done. Now, all my other subjects. I had four quizzes, and two papers to write. Yep, college wasn’t complete without the dull tasks of homework piling up in your student box. I finally was able to go to sleep at 2 am, knowing full well that I needed to be up at 8 am for philosophy. We were going to have our first huge exam.

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My New Novel

I have been working on a new novel. And I am working on completing this one. So far, I have two chapters done.

My word count is up to 1,834 words total. :-)

I plan to write chapter 3 tomorrow. I will also post chapter 2 tomorrow or all of you to read. Hope you enjoyed reading chapter 1.

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Chapter 1

Lora Wellington was just relieved that her scheduling for the next semester was all set. Now, all she needed was to stay on target. Pass all my classes. I can make it. Her cumulative GPA took a nose dive downward fast. Spiraling out of control. It wasn’t until last spring that she finally decided to come back to finish her college degree. After four years, and a poor cumulative GPA, Lora felt stressed. She had to do well. Her recent math course didn’t help her GPA any. It only made it worse. Dropping by another 10 points. Ten points worse! I am never going to make it. What was it that my best friends would always say? Take a deep breath and relax. Taking a huge breath, Lora closed her eyes and slowly relaxed..

Until the door slammed open with her roommate Kylie bouncing in with her golden blonde hair flowing this way and that behind her. Kylie had a way of bringing bright energy into any room that she walked in. Looking at Kylie, Lora pushed aside her worries.  “You are so not going to believe this!”

“Believe what?”

“Oh come on Lora, didn’t you hear the talk of that new hottie on campus. The one that is both good at sports and academics?”

Seeing the look on Lora’s face, Kylie went on further. “You know the new biker/bad-ass guy working in the marketing department.”

“Oh, yeah. Micheal..something.” Obviously Kylie was hooked on this guy. All I knew was that the man was frustrating as hell. I was currently assigned a project with him. And let’s say is hasn’t gotten anywhere. He wants to things one way, and I want to go the other way.

“So, are you are two going to the dance tonight?”

“No, we’re not. And I told you I can’t go. I have to study to bring up my cumulative.”

Kyile just looks at me and pouts. She can get away with pouting with everyone one else but me. I have to bring my cumulative back up to get the financial aid to pay for next smester or else I can never return back as a student. And my whole family will know just how big o a fail-er I am. I can’t and won’t let them think that. I want to show them I can succeed. And going to that dance tonight was a bad idea.

Twenty minutes later Kylie had me dressed and downstairs at the party. I don’t know how she convinced a bunch of our friends to “convince” me to come out but here I am. Everyone seems to be having fun. Reminds me of my high school prom. I was the only girl that went that didn’t have a date nor the pretty dress to compliment the night. My grandpa had bought my corsage or me both my junior and senior prom dances. I was the girl that always stood watching everyone else having fun.  I was just about to make my way out and back up to studying when a male voice called my name. It was hard not to know whose voice that belonged to. I turned around and there he was. Micheal dressed up in a black tux looking damn good. But, there’s no way in hell I would ever admit it to him or anyone else for that matter. After glancing at him, I spun around once more about to head out again. When this time a man’s hand grabbed my arm and spun me back around, facing the bluest eyes I ever did see on any man. Eyes that any girl can get lost in.

“Lora, why are you so fast to leave, when you just arrived? And where’s your date at?”

“He’s sick, and my friends convinced me that I must come down or else.”

That was only half the truth but, he wouldn’t know if I was lying or not.

“Oh my gosh, so you two are dancing together!” Shouted Kylie. Sometimes, I could hate her for saying the worst things when I didn’t want them said.

“I was informed that Lora’s date was sick.”

“Oh no! We practicially had to drag her down here ourselves or else she would be up there stuck studying 24/7. “

Thanks a lot Kylie! I wanted to shout at her. 

Laughing, but not letting go of my arm, Micheal was more than amused. Amused at my own expense. Damn him! He has no right to laugh. I really need to study! 

“Excuse me but, I am leaving now. And I do have to study. So if, you will let go of my arm, Micheal, I can then leave.”

Looking straight at me, Micheal made me feel warm. My cheeks we blushing. I knew they had to be. I could feel them heating as thought they were on fire. I have never been so embarrassed.

“No, you may not. I would like to have a dance with you, Lora. Then you may leave if you still want too.”

“Fine! One dance and then I am going to leave.”

“As you say sweetie.”

“I am not your sweetie!”

He went silent at the comment. Finally, the man shuts up. 

“No, you’re right about that.” And then we danced our one dance before I left for the night.

I never did put much thought into what exactly Micheal’s body language meant from my comment. But, I had a feeling that it was only the beginning of my troubles.

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Wanting to Publish Your Poems?

Check these sites out! They publish poems.

- wwww.





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What is you favorite genre?

What is your favorite genre?

A) Romance

B) Mystery

C) Thrillers

D) Westerns

E) Christian

Post the letter o your choice below! Thank you! :-)

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Requires Response

Authors what are some thing that you would have done differently at the onset of your career? 

Please, place your responses in the comment area below! Thank you!

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Book Review: The Harem by Thomas Sweeney


The Harem is an outstanding novel. Written with so much intrigue, it’s hard to put the book down! I was lured into Thomas Sweeney’s novel from the beginning. His main character is so easy to relate too that I feel myself in her shoes at times. I can understand her feelings about college life and getting the internship that she wanted. Her character grows into a beautiful and confident woman. At first she isn’t as confident as her best friend but then later blooms into one. I loved reading about her character transformation as the wonderful plot unfolded before me. This novel will take you on a whole new adventure unlike any other book before it. The mystery and intrigue will keep readers reading all night long. The romance will be be hot enough and the characters are just dazzling! The Harem is definitely a must read novel. I loved reading every intoxicating page written by Thomas Sweeney. His talent for writing such a unique book amazes me. I would recommend this book to every reader out there. The Harem is a never before seen novel that readers simply cannot miss out on reading! Overall, this stunning novel is a five out of five stars!

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You Got My Soul

Just so you know,

you got my soul,

it’s not everyday,

that someone gives you their

whole self,

just out of love,

love.. like you never did before,

and before you know it your under some kind of spell

and then life turns you around,

showing you who you really are,

and that you are more than just somebody,

you’re somebody that I love,

oh love, is the key,

the answer to our prayers,

we’ve been praying,

praying before,

and now it’s here

given to us,

just out of the norm

because you and I were meant

to be..

to be something more.

So, how would define us?

How could you not love us?

When we wanted this all along,

and here we are,

just you and I.

we’re going to love,

like never before,

yes, we’re going to love like never before.

Because you got my soul..

my soul.. is in your hands,

crush or love it.

it’s up to you,

because you  got my soul..

ohhh oh.

you got my soul..

my soul.

yeah, you got my soul.

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