What is you favorite genre?

What is your favorite genre?

A) Romance

B) Mystery

C) Thrillers

D) Westerns

E) Christian

Post the letter o your choice below! Thank you! :-)

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Requires Response

Authors what are some thing that you would have done differently at the onset of your career? 

Please, place your responses in the comment area below! Thank you!

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Book Review: The Harem by Thomas Sweeney


The Harem is an outstanding novel. Written with so much intrigue, it’s hard to put the book down! I was lured into Thomas Sweeney’s novel from the beginning. His main character is so easy to relate too that I feel myself in her shoes at times. I can understand her feelings about college life and getting the internship that she wanted. Her character grows into a beautiful and confident woman. At first she isn’t as confident as her best friend but then later blooms into one. I loved reading about her character transformation as the wonderful plot unfolded before me. This novel will take you on a whole new adventure unlike any other book before it. The mystery and intrigue will keep readers reading all night long. The romance will be be hot enough and the characters are just dazzling! The Harem is definitely a must read novel. I loved reading every intoxicating page written by Thomas Sweeney. His talent for writing such a unique book amazes me. I would recommend this book to every reader out there. The Harem is a never before seen novel that readers simply cannot miss out on reading! Overall, this stunning novel is a five out of five stars!

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You Got My Soul

Just so you know,

you got my soul,

it’s not everyday,

that someone gives you their

whole self,

just out of love,

love.. like you never did before,

and before you know it your under some kind of spell

and then life turns you around,

showing you who you really are,

and that you are more than just somebody,

you’re somebody that I love,

oh love, is the key,

the answer to our prayers,

we’ve been praying,

praying before,

and now it’s here

given to us,

just out of the norm

because you and I were meant

to be..

to be something more.

So, how would define us?

How could you not love us?

When we wanted this all along,

and here we are,

just you and I.

we’re going to love,

like never before,

yes, we’re going to love like never before.

Because you got my soul..

my soul.. is in your hands,

crush or love it.

it’s up to you,

because you  got my soul..

ohhh oh.

you got my soul..

my soul.

yeah, you got my soul.

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You got it all,

you got my love,

love, love, love,

got it all…

I’ll send it you ..

I’ll send it to you..

I’ll send it to you..

because you got it all, all, all, all.

You got it all.

You got my love, love, love.

Yes, you got it all.

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You make my heart beat,
beat, beat, beat..
You make it go,
go, go, go,
You make it sing,
sing, sing, sing,
You make it,
yes, you make it believe..
believe in all the dreams,
dreams, dreams, dreams,
you make it believe in all the hope,
hope, hope, hope,
you make it have faith,
faith, faith, faith,
and without out you,
my heart couldn’t beat,
beat..beat.. beat..
without you my heart couldn’t be
be, be, be,
because of you,
my heart has it all..
all, all, all.
because of you my heart has it all,
all, all, all.

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Book Review: Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs

Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs

Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs is indeed the best alluring romance novel to date. Her novel instantly grabs readers’ attention and draws them into the plot. The plot is well written and begins with sparks flying everywhere. And I mean everywhere. There is always a fire whenever Liz is around. She wants to leave the small town if she can’t make a living doing what she wanted to do. Somehow, she manages to stay and do her work. And it isn’t long before a very tempting firefighter comes here way. He starts to feel heat not just from the fires but from his massage therapist, Liz. He is willing to push aside all his fears just to have her in his world. But will Liz want to be a part of his world?

I found this story very amusing. Both of the characters are easy to relate to. And feeling what they are going through and why made the story so much more real. I loved following them as the plot deepened. Kyra Jacobs has a way of writing an irresistible story that readers everywhere will love. Her style has lured me in, all the way until the very end. I can’t wait to read more novels by this amazing  and very talented writer. Overall, I give her  book a five out of five stars.

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Discussion #2 Promoting Writers, Poets, and Authors Alike

Dear Viewers,

I am the sole creator of the Universal Creativity Inc. digital magazine. This magazine is free or all to submit their work, gain a bigger global audience, and get advice and tips on writing. I wanted to have a way for writers, poets, and authors alike to earn some money as well as gaining recognition and popularity or their work. I was thinking of creating future issues for a $1 per issue on Amazon to be sold. This way the money if any gained can go towards supporting writers at the same time as  promoting them and their wonderful works.

But no worries, the magazine would still be free for all to submit their works to digitally,  and be free on here and twitter for all to read.

I just want to give more to writers out there. I want to help them as much as possible. Please, comment below and give me your ideas and or comments about this discussion.


Universal Creativity Inc.

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Discussion #1

Are authors willing to pay a $1 per book review? Yes, or no? And why?

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Can you love me?

Can’t you feel it?

Can’t you feel it growing,

inside you?

Like a shot of electricity,

shooting out like sparks of fire,

lighting up your night,

bringing a flush to your cheeks,

like a virgin on her wedding night,

can’t you feel it?

can’t you eel it growing,

inside of you?

can’t you just close your eyes,

and let the magic flow through your heart,

right into your soul,

can’t you feel it?

can’t you feel it growing,

inside you?

Like the fire of the night,

searing through you,

liek never beore.

Taking every bit of you,

leaving nothing behind,

until you’ve lost your way,

twisting it’s path deep into your very soul..

oh your very soul..

can’t you feel it?

can’t you feel it?

can’t you feel it.. growing..


inside of you.

can you love me?

can you love..

can you love me……

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Here you are,

siting beside me,

like the whole world,

is okay,

but, it’s not,

you make my world,

turn upside down,

you turn me around,

spinning me out of control,

and here we go,

we are not perfect,

I am not your girl,

and your not my guy,

but here you are,

taking up my space,

like you own me,

but, you don’t,

you think those eyes,

will lure me in,

but, you don’t know me very well,

because I am not your girl,

I don’t fall for your tricks,

I don’t go gaga

on guys I hardly know,

I don’t go chasing,

after what could be,

when I know it won’t be,

your not my guy,

and I am not your girl,

so, don’t come thinking,

that you can sway me otherwise,

because I am not that kind of girl.

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Nobody can stop us,
Nobody can deny us,
Nobody can sway us,
Nobody can,
Nobody can let us stray,
no, nobody can let us stray away!
Away from who we are..
nobody can take us away,
from ourselves..
nobody can take our world away.
nobody can tell me im wrong,
for being who I am,
because nobody,
nobody is me…
no, no…
nobody can stop me!

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We’re going to be,
we’re going to sing,
we’re going to be free,
we’re going to stay,
we’re going to fight,
we’re going to go,
we’re going to go our way,
we’re going to play,
we’re going to….
we’re going to shout,
out to the world that we’re
going to be,
that we’re going to be,
who we are!

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Being Late

Dear Viewers,

I  will have five book reviews up and ready for you to read and look at as soon as I finish uploading articles and photos for my Journalism club’s publication coming out this week. It has been that kind off week with so many deadlines nearing. The end of the fall semester is drawing close and this is the last week before my finals come out. Luckily three of my finals are online and only one is in paper format.  The paper format final is going to take up most of my time studying for unlike my other exams. It will take tons of essay writing. All for a Sociology class! I have recently filled out an application for a paid job position at my local library. Wish me luck! I will need it. I am thinking of applying for a student worker position at my local college if I am not accepted for the library position here in my town. So, like I have said I will need all the luck in the world.  I am applying for my first real paid job ever. I shall have the five book reviews out for your enjoyment today as soon as the digital magazine I am working on is done. It has to be done today. So, no worries! The book reviews will be out, I promise.

Best Wishes,

Danielle :-)

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Our Love Story: Part 3



After I finished reading all of James’s work on Fanstory.com which was where we first meet each other, I gave him my email. He gave me his. And from there I got to read more and more of his amazing characters. Laxur, Asora, and D’var were my top three favorite ones to read about. Laxur was the one character everyone loved. Because she made for a stunning, seductive, sassy, and bad-ass character. So, there wasn’t anything to not like about her.  Asora had the good girl, breaking out of the norm to show off her potential, was a book worm just like me. I loved her fascination with history.  D’var, was the hot, sexy, strong male that would make any female real or not real swoon. James was my D’var. He and D’var shared so much in common. They worked hard long hours doing what their job in life required of them. They both are strong sexy males that can make any woman melt on the spot.

James has the power to make me blush even when he cant see me. I can feel the heat rushing to my cheeks. I am always smiling when we talk about his books, college, work, or just life in general. That’s another trait I love so much about my sexy hot engineer. He not only listens to me in both good and bad times. But,  he doesn’t mind talking to me about the most craziest, dullest, or most insane topics that I can come up with. He puts up with all of me. And for the first time, I felt whole. I felt at home. Like a kind of peace has fallen over me. His gentle yet manly ways have me feeling like I am back in high school and 16 years old again.

I am really grateful I got to meet the most amazing, incredible, and best-est man alive. All from a writing site. I am happy to have met such man as James. He makes me happy in all the right and wrong ways.  He makes me feel respected and loved. Something that I haven’t felt in a long time.  I imagined what it would be like to held in such arms and to be kissed from such a passionately strong man. A man so giving and sweet, a man so honest and hardworking,  a dedicated family man and dedicated Naval officer who has served our country for 10 years now. I count myself lucky to have such an honorable man in my life. I love his adorable cat too.  I love it that James can tell me things that most men have trouble confiding in to their women. I feel that maybe.. just maybe I help put him at ease and make him feel as cherished as he makes me feel.

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Our Love Story: Part 2




After 4 month long and rather rough deployment across the Pacific Ocean once more I came home with a second draft of a story that I had been working on for years. The first one was okay but I felt I could be better. Playing as a pawn within a pawn for the super powers can get tiring after a while.

A week later while on leave my little sister begged me to go to the mall that was far into the city. We went into a book store and while she looked around excitedly I found a writer’s magazine that had a website that looked interesting. Once back home I looked up the site a Fanstory.com. I posted my first chapter of my revised story on it and I got my first viewer or reviewer/fan. A lover girl that is a book worm and reminded me of one of those Disney girls that became princesses in the end. Her name was Theresa.

I told her about my story and the two magical sisters in it. Asora and Laxur. One good and one bad (not evil) However I was attempting a fusing between fairy tales and science fiction so there was another character, D’var. An alien leader that was neither good nor bad or evil. A grunt just doing his job. (Like me) Asora was a Princess chosen by fate to lead, Laxur was a Queen that took power and took more as she could. D’var is a Praetor by military rank but is a Pro-Counsel (A President basically) an elected official. Asora was basically a Disney Princess mixed with the intelligence of Iron Man. Queen Laxur is a fusion of many character types that made her very dynamic a fantasy villainess. Asora is the personification of beauty and brains, while Laxur was the ultimate sexualized and super strong woman. D’var is a standard Scifi military man with wise political motives.

Theresa is a fun gal to talk to and talk suggestively to. I find her easier to talk to then most girls as she was more interested in normal things, like me thankfully. My all black cat Bulgira (more like a tiny Black Panther) always makes himself known and likes to make a pest of himself. But he makes up for it by being handsome and the best bug killer ever. He also keeps me warm during the cold months and my sick days. I share my heart with Theresa and Bulgira anytime.

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My New Novel: Our Love Story Part 1


There was this man who made a certain woman’s heart melt with each passing day. He was a United States Naval Engineer. He was a writer. A talented writer, whose words could bring to life any character from his books. He fell in love with a very average, every day, plain woman. They shared a passion for writing like nothing else. They communicated every day about their writing. Little did they know that it would soon lead them into loving each other so deeply.


          I couldn’t believe just how fast James could write his new novels. If only every other writer including myself could write at half his speed and half the amount he does, we would all be best sellers by now. His science fiction novels have everything I love in them. Adventure, intrigue, mystique, and romance! Haha. Yep. One must love romance. For the world has so little real love left within it.

Everyday I would log onto the Writer’s Cafe website and post my new poems and a few pieces o my fiction.  Soon, I had one major admirer. His name was James. He captured my attention with each one of his comments. Such a sweet man.  So, I returned the favor and read his writing. I was very weary at first. I wasn’t into science fiction nor fantasy of any kind. That was until after I read his first book. Then his second and later on his third and fourth novels.

I was lured into his magical world where two kingdoms ruled by two sisters were at war with each other. They weren’t at war with each other due to hatred. The evil sister, Laxur, loved her good baby sister. But would get annoyed with her sister for interfering with her plans. Laxur wanted to take control of both kingdoms and the rest of the world. But in order to do that she had to cause a lot of destruction and chaos. Did she succeed? That I am not going to say, but I will say it was definitely worth reading.

James and I started to talk about our writing back and forth each day. Soon, and I don’t know how it got into the relationships talk but it did. We talked about ourselves and we just started to like each other more and more.

James has a way o brightening up my world. My world is chaotic on a daily basis. More downs than ups. And he just lights up my whole day. Just a simple conversation about how wee are and what we did and then our stories, would cheer me up. I soon learned that James was the one man on earth who could truly love a woman and honor with so much respect that no woman could ever turn away from that kind of love. I needed that kind of love. And James had a ton of it to share.

James lives next door to me and I love every moment of it. He has a huge family. Something, I envy him for. My family is shrinking as we speak.  His father is a veteran. And he has other relatives that have served honorable as well. I found that to be amazing to have a family of each generation who has served in the military. James has an adorable loving super cute cat. This amazing cat of his is a solid black beauty that goes around exterminating all the insects around and walks around the house like he owns the place. Bulgaria can is a fascinating cat that can somehow open up doors. He doesn’t enjoy taking baths nor being picked up, but he loves attention and he loves sleeping by his daddy, James. Especially, now with the super cold weather. Bulgaria sleeps right on top of Jame’s lap, keeping him warming during the night. I love these super sweet moments.  They are my two adorable men. James, always makes me feel special and loved. No matter how bad my days are or how much I whine and complain; he always listens to me and loves me still.  He is the man of my very heart and soul.

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More eBook Covers!

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eBook Covers!


I wanted to share my most recent book cover design with all of you. I will be posting more of my eBook cover designs as well.


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Editing 101 Course


Editing 101 is about being able to edit your own work or someone else’s work. Students will learn about faulty parallelism, transitions, grammar, punctuation, what editing is about and why it is so important. The course is taught mostly in video format. Students should have internet, and a reliable device for watching videos. Why take this course? Editing is a valuable skill that many do not have but can learn. Many jobs require excellent writing skills and being able to edit will help you secure those type of jobs. Plus, editing jobs are available everywhere today and they pay well. Plus being a writer, requires editing. If you can edit your own manuscript, you will save yourself a lot of re-writing and cash. Editing cost a ton of money i you want the editing done well. And being able to edit your own work saves you from the embarrassment of being a terrible writer. If you want to write well and make money from writing well than editing is the way to go.

  • Category:



  1. Over 12 lectures and 33 mins of content!
  2. Learn what editing is about and why it is important.
  3. Learn basic grammar skills.
  4. Learn how to use transitions, when writing.
  5. Learn what parallelism and faulty parallelism is about.
  6. Learn how to analyze main points.
  7. Learn how to proofread.
  8. Learn how to revise.
  9. Learn how to cut out what needs to be removed.


  1. Students will need to have basic writing knowledge.
  2. Students will need to know what the eight parts of speech are.
  3. Students will need high speed internet.
  4. Students will need to be able to access videos from You Tube.


  1. Authors who want to save money by being able to edit their own work.
  2. Those who want to become editors.
  3. Those who want well paid writing jobs.
  4. Students who need help with editing and revising their own writing.

Click on the link below to take the course:


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Writing Prompt Challenge!

For this writing prompt challenge, you are to write about a Veteran who came back home as a paraplegic. His fiancee runs away because she cannot handle having a husband who a paraplegic. As time goes on and the Veteran runs a successful business, he meets a  woman who not only sparks his interest but one who doesn’t run away from those with long lasting injuries. This woman is working as a secretary for the Veteran’s business to raise money to raise her brother who is severely injured and may never recover. Will the Veteran and this woman find the love they have been waiting for? And will the woman’s brother make a dashing recovery? Or will there only be sad endings for all three?

Write all this and what happens between the main characters.  Post your responses down below! :-)

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What Authors Need to Do!

The reviews posted on Amazon, or on Goodreads, or on websites are precious! These reviews are from individual readers who  (hopefully) enjoy reading your works. Readers, on the whole, write very few reviews for many reasons: too busy, not really knowing the specifics of why they like the work, not having the background (read vocabulary) to discuss the work, or it is just to much trouble.

Authors need to make it easy as possible for readers to recommend their books by:

  • creating links
  • making use of editorial (read: professional) reviews that will give recreational readers the vocabulary from which to discuss and share their thoughts about their works
  • thanking the busy reader for any feedback, LIKEs, +1′s etc.
  • Post, comment, LIKE, and +1  on the reviewer’s social media posts and blog-posts.

Consumer Reviews are instrumental in creating BUZZ! You, the author, should endeavor to do anything that will make it easier for your readers to spread the word about your work.

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New Book Reviews Coming Soon!

New Book Reviews Coming Soon!


1. The Harem by Thomas Sheeney

2. Seven Day and Six Worst-Case Scenarios by Leslie Huggans

3. Flirting With Fire by Kyra Jacobs

4. Words That Bind by Ash Krafton

5. Inside Out by Lia Riley

6. There’s Always Love by Joycie Russ

7. Cowboy It’s Cold Outside by Kathrine Garbera

8. Goodness and Light by Patty Blount

9. Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey

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Book Review: Only Enchanting by Mary Balough

Only Enchanting is by far the most fantastic historical contemporary romance novel that has been written! The story is about a man named Flavian whose fiancee runs away from him only to return much later. Everyone is expecting the engagement to continue and or flourish. But Flavian runs this time. He soon finds Agnes. A sensible woman that allures him to her.  Agnes falls in love with Flavian but when his fiancee returns, Agnes, his new brides runs away. Will Flavian let his new bride run away lost to him forever? Or will he too fall in love with the woman who loves him just as deeply?

This romantic novel caught my eye from the start and kept me reading until I finished the whole book! Only Enchanting will be keep you enchanted forever.  I loved the characters, setting and interesting plot. Mary Balough has a well written romance novel that readers will find alluring and tempting with each new page that they read. I recommend this novel to all readers who love contemporary romances with a historical setting. Overall, I rate this beautiful novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Until You Find Me by Amber Hart

Until You Find Me  is a unique novel with an amazing well written plot. The plot sends you deep into a jungle where a woman’s father was killed. He had spent his life rescuing the endangered species of gorillas.  As soon as she goes out into the jungle young Raven Moore meets a man that lures her in every way possible. Raven wants to find out the truth about her father’s death. And will Raven find out the the handsome man is connected to her father’s death? And what about the attraction the keeps building between the two?  Both of their father’s are sworn enemies. Will their love survive the haunting truths and the different life styles? Or will their differences keep them apart?

Amber Hart has created the best contemporary romance novel ever! Alluring, suspenseful, and a story that heats up as the plot continues. I enjoyed reading Until You Find Me. I fell in love with the incredible and most believing characters that I have read about so far. This is a must read novel. A novel that I would recommend to readers everywhere to pick up and read. Overall, I rate the boo a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: The Temp by Emily Benet

The Temp is an aspiring romantic novel that will capture readers interest. such as it did with mine. Amber, a young woman, freshly out of college is currently temping. She heads over to an art gallery where her friends are and meets a man by the name of Elliot. He is a handsome man whom both attracts and anger Amber. But will there be sparks between the two? And will Amber be able to snatch her dream career as well as getting Elliot in her life? Or will she fail at her attempt to have both?

This novel is one that I can read over and over again. I love stories that cover characters who go through life just like us readers do and struggle with realistic obstacles. Emily Benet has succeeded in conveying this into her wonderful romance novel. The well written plot is one that I enjoyed reading. No reader can read this book and say that it is not a 5 star book. The compelling characters, plot, and intrigue will lure everyone in faster than they will realize. Overall, I recommend this book to every reader.

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Book Review: Cover Story by Rachel Bailey

Cover Story nabbed my interest just because of its title. It peaked my interest as to how the cover went along with its book title. Soon, I discovered how they were deeply connected. This story is about a young woman who has spent eight years of her life earning her degree in Journalism and working for the Santa Fe Newspaper. Her editor decided that she should cover a much lesser cover story like the one she was assigned recently. Her investigation for the gnome story issue appeared to be nothing less than a few statues having been broken and the police having laughed at a man’s daughter for calling them about the incident. What Tobi Fletcher discovers is that each person in the neighborhood has their own opinion as to how a murder happened. And what is even more frustrating is her crazy attraction towards Simon. The one man whose daughter was laughed at by the police because the gnome incident. As Tobi writes her story not only does her editor love it but so do many others. Soon Tobi has tons of readers reading what she writes. Will share finally let her feelings for Simon loose? And what will happen to her writing career?

I loved reading this stunning novel by Rachel Bailey. Her character Tobi spoke strongly to me as a writer. I share the same need “to write that big story”. I also enjoyed the well written plot as well as the minor characters. The book is definitely a must read! Not only to readers who are interested in writing but for readers that love a romance and a book that is intriguing. I would recommend reading Cover Story. It is a novel that you won’t want to stop reading nor miss out on reading. Overall, I rate it a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: My Husband’s Other Women by Regina Swanson


My Husband’s Other Women is a novel that will lead readers thinking one thing, when the story is about another thing. The title made me think that the man was a cheater. But he was a man of many beautiful women. A man who didn’t want to marry and yet. One woman who caught his heart and can deal with his crap made him settle down. His new woman has to deal with her husband’s other women. A challenge that most women wouldn’t be able to or wouldn’t want to deal with and yet, Rayvon Laws has found a tough women who proved to be everything he wanted with a few surprises of her own. Will his wife Stacy try to be what her husbands wanted in all his other women or will she find out new things about herself that even she didn’t know?

I was highly surprised in Regina Swanson’s novel.  I read the title thinking I knew exactly what this book was about and then I found out that I was completely wrong. I was intrigued by the story’s plot and the well written characters as well. This book was a completely new perspective in the romance genre than I am use to, but overall the book proved to be well worth reading. I would recommend other readers to read this book by Regina Swanson. You will be surprised just like I was and hooked. I rate My Husband’s Other Women a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Flirtuous Deception by Leiann B. Wrytes

Flirtuous Deception is one romantic suspense novel that readers will love. This first book in the series opens up a lot of old and hidden wounds. Frank Mason needs a wife and so he marries Lisa Raine. Lisa wanted a way out her horrible lie style and marrying Frank Mason was her only way out.  But soon, Lisa’s past life ends up ruining her new life with her husband. Lisa is forced to pay up just to keep her past from interfering with her future. But will that be enough? Or will someone see to it that both Lisa and Frank’s life are ruined? And what happens when Lisa is kidnapped? Will private investigator Michelle Lewis find out more than she bargained or when taking the job to Frank find his wife Lisa? How tangled will their three lives become?

Leainn B. Wrytes has a fabulous way of writing a very popular type of romance and turning it new. Her characters are realistic and unforgettable. There is romance, intrigue, and danger lurking ahead in this first novel and the next one. I enjoyed reading Flirtuous Deception. Every page was magnificent. I love novels that contain a mystery. I think ever reader who loves both romance and suspense will want to read Leiann B. Wrytes most entertaining series ever! I would highly recommend others to pick up her books and to begin reading as soon as possible. Overall, I rate the book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Kingdoms and Empires the Original Version: The Two Sisters


This post is by a very talented science fiction fantasy author, whose work is out of this world!

Originally posted on KingdomsandEmpires:

Chapter 1: Prologue:

Across the known Universe, in many forms, in many religions, in whispers, there is a prophecy.

The Grand Utopian Kingdom in particular, it is said at the end of an age four great warriors will be born to end the age and begin the next.

This is the beginning of the story of the first two.
A hero will stand and protect the people who shall begin the next age.
The other shall be the fire, the one that will destroy, burning the old away;

to end all but the few.
It is said that the time has come. The two stars having fallen from the

Heavens, the destinies of the two shall decide the fate of all. Entwined forever. Watching is the others that will play a significant role in changes that are




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Kingdoms and Empires the Original Version: The Two Sisters

Kingdoms and Empires the Original Version: The Two Sisters.

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Your Synopsis Checklist!

Use a 1-inch margin on all sides; justify the left margin only.

Put your name and contact information on the top left corner of the first page.

Type the novel’s genre, word count and the word “Synopsis” in the top right corner of the first page.

Don’t number the first page.

Put the novel’s title, centered and in all caps, about one-third of the way down the page.

Begin the synopsis text four lines below the title. The text throughout the synopsis should be double-spaced (unless you plan to keep it to one or two pages, in which case single-spaced is OK).

Use all caps the first time you introduce a character.

After the first page, use a header on every page that contains your last name/your novel’s title in all caps/the word “Synopsis”:Name/TITLE/Synopsis.

After the first page, number the pages in the top right corner on the same line as the header.

The first line of text on each page after the first page should be three lines below the header.

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3 Questions to Ask When Writing a Book Proposal

3 Questions to Ask When Writing a Book Proposal

I highly recommend reading the article about the 3 questions to ask when writing a book proposal. There is very good advice for all writers. No matter if you were writing a nonfiction or a fiction piece.

Here is the link below:


Happy Writing! :-)

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Book Review: The Perfect Gift by Dani-Lyn Alexander

The Perfect Gift is the perfect cozy Christmas romance that readers everywhere will love! The story is about two single parents who are desperately trying to find the one and only git that both of their daughters wanted for Christmas.  One parents is a mother who had to wait until her check came in to buy her daughter the Dollhouse. And then there is the father who has been busy working and is trying to ind the Dollhouse his daughter wanted. Both parents meet at a store where they are searching for the same gift. At first the man tries to persuade the woman to hand over the dollhouse in exchange for money. But she declined his generous offer because her daughter only wanted that dollhouse. And now he has no dollhouse for his daughter. But as they try to fight over the dollhouse they soon become allies and go shopping all over to find another dollhouse exactly like the one that the other has.  As both parents set out on a hunt for a dollhouse their friendship grows and an instant attraction draws the nearer. Will they be able to find another dollhouse to make both their daughters happy? What happens if they can’t find another dollhouse? Will their daughters be disappointed for Christmas?

I enjoyed reading this book written by Dani-Lyn Alexander. The whole plot is delightful, adventurous, and romantic. I couldn’t help falling in love with the characters. They both portrayed what two real desperate parents would do for their kids just to make them happy. I would recommend this book to readers. It is definitely a must read novel. Overall, I rate this incredible novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: The Root of All Evil by Ellery Adams & Elizabeth Lockard

The latest book in the Hope Street Mysteries, The Root of All Evil, is by far the best  book ever. Cooper Lee is at sleuthing once again! This time an art teacher is found murdered. The connection is that Cooper Lee knew this teacher.  Then as always another crime to solve. A string of church robberies. Who killed the art teacher and why? Is the same person behind the church robberies too? Not only is Cooper Lee up to her neck with a personal murder case that she is trying to solve as well as the other crimes currently happening, but she is also getting mixed signals from Nathan. Nathan is Cooper Lee’s amazing boyfriend. Will Cooper Lee solve all the cases in time to figure out what’s going on between her and Nathan? Or will Cooper Lee find startling truths that will destroy everything she knows?

I found this novel intriguing. Ellery Adams and Elizabeth Lockard have written a suspenseful book that will keep readers lured in all night long.  I love a good mystery about an amateur sleuth and her funny yet unpredictable adventures. This book keeps my interest from the very beginning to the very end. I enjoyed following Cooper Lee as she solves more cases. The characters are realistic and the villain is never who you think it is. I would recommend this incredible mystery to readers of all ages.  The story is definitely a must read. Overall, I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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A Tiny Note from Me

Dear Viewers,

I have been very busy with my college coursework lately, and I apologize for the lack of book review posts. I will be posting several reviews up tonight. I thank all of you for your patience.

So far this semester, I have three A’s and one B. I am hoping to keep it that way.  One of my four college classes has been keeping me busier than normal. I recently had one exam and three assignments tossed at me in one week. And usually we get only one assignment after an exam or none. But as the final weeks of the fall semester are drawing closer, I assume more tedious work will be tossed my way.  Again, I apologize for not positing lately.



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Mystery Writing Prompt!

Sam is an undercover agent trying to put the master criminal behind the robbery away forever. Sam needs to solve the robbery case or else risk losing his career. Not only is the department over staffed but no one can solve the case of the multi-million dollar robbery case. With no physical evidence to point them in the right direction they case keeps getting colder. The chief of police announced that the department will be dismissing a lot of people. But to ensure that they keep their jobs they need to find the culprit and the money or else the department will layoff those who haven’t solved any cases lately. And detective Sam is one who hasn’t solved a case in awhile. Not only is Sam going through major pressure of solving the case, but a recent death has occurred at the local bank. And what’s even more strange is the note let behind, telling Sam he better start solving the crimes soon or else another disaster will occur. Now the chief of police is required to keep Sam on until the crimes stop and or he has solved the cases. But who is behind it all? And why was Sam targeted in the note? What will happen next if both cases aren’t solved in time?

Write a response to this prompt. Be sure to include the prompt within your response and answer all the questions. Add 500-700 words to the prompt answering the who, what, when, why, and where.

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New Writing Prompt!

Aurora thought that she could hold back the powers in her, but the more she holds back the more they sprout out causing all kinds of mayhem. Attending a public school filled with teenagers her age, Aurora is afraid of being called a freak. Her whole are full of witches and warlocks. So far, no one knows that she is different and she plans to keep it that way even if her friends and classmates think she’s a little weird. But what happens when a mysterious new student comes to Winchester Falls High School? Who is he? And why come so late during the school year? Mark looks like Greek god but is astounding at academics. The girls all want to be his date except for Aurora. Luke doesn’t know why she hates him so much. Soon, bad things start to happen and Aurora blames Mark. But when things really turn ugly will Aurora and Mark be able to save everyone? Will Aurora finally stop trying to hide what she is? And will Mark find a way to convince Aurora that he is indeed a good guy after all?

Write a response using 500-700 words to this prompt. Be sure to include the prompt into your response but add an additional 500-700 words answering all the questions!

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If you are interested in having your book reviewed for FREE, then email me with a PDF or Kindle version of your book to read.

My email is: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com

I will post the review of your book on the following sites:



Indie Book Reviews







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Book Review: Mistletoe Mansion by Samantha Tonge

Mistletoe Mansion is a funny, sweet and unforgettable novel. Readers will fall in love with the main female character. Kimmy Jones has always wanted to own her own baking business. Her current boyfriend is against her making her dreams come true. He wants her to take up a job at the company he works, so that they both will be making a steady income. But Kimmy denies the job offer over and over again. Until one day he decides to break it off with her. He’s tired of waiting for her to get a real job. Kimmy is offended by her boyfriend’s behavior and of that fact he broke off their relationship. But it isnt too long before Kimmy finds a way to land herself a job without any references to be a housekeeper at a haunted mansion. There Kimmy runs into a hot, sexy, and the most frustrating man ever! Strange things soon start to happen that scare Kimmy into calling the one man who frustrates her. Luke thinks Kimmy is likes him way too much and decides to call him for every little excuse just to see him. But soon, he too finds out there is more going on a the manison than what the eyes cant see. Will Kimmy be able to prove to her boyfriend that she can be financially independent from her business? Or will Luke take over her boyfriend’s spot in her heart? And what exactly is going on at the mansion? To find out, you must read this brialliant romantic story that will keep you lured in forever! I would recommend this book to all readers! Overall, the novel is a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Introduction to Creative Writing Survey & Sign Up

Click on the link below to fill out our survey:


Thank you! :-)

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Build Your Author Platform!

Build your author platform! Click on the link below to learn how:



It’s FREE!

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Writing Assignment #1

Select at least two characters from your character bio sheets, and write a scene (no longer than 1,000 words in length) where one of these characters wants something—and wants it badly—but cannot get it. (This “something” can be internal or external.) Think about how this blocked desire can move your scene forward. How do the characters interact with one another? Try to include at least eight lines of dialogue.

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The 12-Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises!

The 12-Day Plan of Simple Writing Exercises

Day 1:
Write 10 potential book titles of books you’d like to write.

Day 2:
Create a character with personality traits of someone you love, but the physical characteristics of someone you don’t care for.

Day 3:
Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

Day 4:
Write a letter to an agent telling her how wonderful you are.

Day 5:
Write a 20-line poem about a memorable moment in your life.

Day 6:
Select a book on your shelf and pick two chapters at random. Take the first line of one chapter and the last line of the other chapter and write a short story (no more than 1000 words) using those as bookends to your story.

Day 7:
Write a letter to yourself telling you what you need to improve in the coming 6 months.

Day 8:
Rewrite a fairy tale from the bad guy’s point of view.

Day 9:
Turn on your TV. Write down the first line that you hear and write a story based on it.

Day 10:
Go sit in a public place and eavesdrop on a conversation. Turn what you hear into a short love story (no matter how much you have to twist what they say).

Day 11:
Write the acknowledgments page that will be placed in your first (next?) published book, thanking all the people who have helped you along the way.

Day 12:
Gather everything you’ve written over the previous 11 days. Pick your favorite. Edit it, polish it and either try to get it published or post it on the Web to share with the world. Be proud of yourself and your work.

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FREE Downloads from NaNoWriMo!

Click on the link below to download each of the stunning freebies to help you with your writing!

download each one

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New Writing Prompt!

Entering the “Oracles Den” at the fair with your significant other seemed novel at first. When the oracle had you gaze in her crystal ball though and you see yourself five years down the road with someone you’ve never met, well things just got interesting. The real problem: Your significant other knows who the person is. Write this scene. Using 500 words.

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Book Review: Dirty White Boy by Frank Peterson

Frank Peterson has written an unforgettable real life story that readers won’t want to put down. His book details his experiences in life as an addict and how he overcame it. This book is very inspiring especially for those who are struggling with the issue daily. He portrays a strong and clear voice on how to improve one’s life after going through an addiction. How everyone can become a better person. It’s not easy but, it can be done. A realistic and and informative read, Dirty White Boy is a book that all should pick up ad begin reading. His story will inspire you and change your perspectives on life and all that happens. Frank Peterson gives hope to readers. I would recommend this stunning but highly unique story to readers everywhere. Overall, I rate this nonfiction book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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New FREE digital Magazine Issue!

Click on the link below:



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Book Review: Earls Just Want to Have Fun by Shana Galen

Earls Just Want to Have Fun is an exciting twist to a historical contemporary romance novel unlike any I have ever read! Readers will be dazzled by the Marlowe. A little girl of a Duchess who went missing as a little girl, when she was taken in by a mean thief. Her nanny took her to a park and form there she lost her way form her nanny.  Since then Elizabeth aka Marlowe goes on living under harsh environments, beatings, and the life of stealing. Marlowe doesn’t know what love is until a brother of an Earl finds her claiming that she is indeed the Elizabeth that has been missing all these years. She is then placed into Dane’s care. Dane is an Earl whom at first feels annoyed at having a woman holed up in his house. She is a thief and everything that his kind do not associate with. But under all that there is a fiery woman who calls and beckons him close. It isn’t long before the thief that took Elizabeth under his wing comes after her. He threatens to kill her and harm the people she has come to care very much about. Only this time she has a plan. Both her and Dane come up with a plan to rid of the brutal thief forever. But will their plan work? Will Marlowe aka Elizabeth and Dane stand a chance of pulling of the greatest scheme of all? And what about their love? Will Dane let Marlowe walk away from him forever or will he go after her and convince never toe her to take him in? Will Marlowe find her parents? Or will they be lost to her and never to be found? This novel is one of a kind. Never will readers read a romantic twist like Shana Galen has so talented written for her countless numbers of readers.  I fell in love reading this story and I have no doubt others will love it too. Therefore, I recommend readers all over to begin reading this sizzling romance! Overall, I rate the brilliant book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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