Book Review: Anomaly by Tonya Kuper

Anomaly is an incredibly amazing young adult novel that will lure readers in like no other book before. Josie has issues just like any other teenager. Her boyfriend breaks up with her and she is the same age as when her brother died. Soon she discovers that she is beyond different from everyone else. There are people wanting to kill her for what she is. Then there is hot bad-ass Reid Wentworth, who shows up and teaches Josie what she needs to know and becomes her protector. Will Josie be able to stay ahead of those wanting to kill her? What will happen between her and Reid? Will their relationship be more than just friends? Who and why do others want Josie dead? This intriguing and fast paced novel will keep you reading.

I found this novel by Tonya Kuper to be fascinating. I loved the action, romance and danger. The characters are so unique and the plot keeps you guessing. I couldn’t put the book down! Tonya Kuper can write a novel that all readers will love. At first, I choose the book because of it’s awesome cover design and the brief description. But once I started reading the book it was hard to let go. Definitely a novel readers everywhere do not want to miss out on reading. I highly recommend this book for reading. If you like action, suspense, and romance then this is for you! Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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New Book Reviews Coming Soon!

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Writing Challenge!

Write about an unresolved  situation that one of your characters go through in 500 words that ends up being resolved.

Write about an encounter your character goes through with an unpleasant person in 300 -500 words.

Write about a conflict that your character(s) go through using 500 words.

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Book Review: A Yorkshire Christmas by Kate Hewitt

A Yorkshire Christmas is funny, sweet, and a tempting read. Readers everywhere will fall in love with Kate Hewitt’s novel. An irresistible yet perfect holiday romance story that will melt your heart this season.  A wealthy city girl, Claire Lindall, isn’t looking nor expecting to fall in love with a man during the holidays. But, the Christmas season has it’s own surprise waiting for her. Claire maybe a wealthy city girl, but she can be down to earth as well. She helps the sexy Noah Bradford with getting one of his sheep out of the road even when it means it might destroy her designer clothes and shoes. She is the perfect character that readers can connect easily with as well as the new man in her life. Noah Bradford makes Claire fall in love with him. His looks and mannerism has her falling hard. But will she be the only one falling in love? Or will  Noah Bradford also be falling in love the  one woman who turns his world around? I absolutely loved reading this book! I was hooked instantly and I have no doubt that reader all over will not enjoy reading this incredible story too. I would recommend this Christmas novel to everyone. Readers beware, you will fall in love and won’t be able to put the book down! Overall, I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Book Review: Sneaky Math: A Graphic Primer with Projects

Sneaky Math: A graphic Primer with Projects is the best math book that I have ever read! It has everything I need to know for my college math courses. I was amazed at how easy the math was to do. The book demonstrates easy steps on how to solve the most difficult math problems. Before, I use to struggle with math and now I’m not! Now, I can do my math homework with ease. I strongly suggest others everywhere to pick up a copy of this stunning yet brilliant book that teaches you everything you need to know. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Sneaky Math: A Graphic Primer with Projects by Cy Tymony

Sneaky Math: A graphic Primer with Projects is the best math book that I have ever read! It has everything I need to know for my college math courses. I was amazed at how easy the math was to do. The book demonstrates easy steps on how to solve the most difficult math problems. Before, I use to struggle with math and now I’m not! Now, I can do my math homework with ease. I strongly suggest others everywhere to pick up a copy of this stunning yet brilliant book that teaches you everything you need to know. Those struggling with math must buy this book. It covers so many math topics such as basic math, geometry, algebra and much more. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Recieve $1.00 OFF Brenda Novak’s Novel; The Heart of Christmas!

12 Days Of Christmas Blogger Contest

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Book Review: The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak

Brenda Novak’s novel, The Heart o Christmas is an amazing novel. This story is about Eve Harmon who runs a B & B in her small town. There she feels all alone and like her walls are closing in on her life.  She wants kids and a family of her own. Her friends are all married. And to make matters worse, there is not a single guy in her town that she would want to marry. Until, a handsome stranger comes to her town. This sexy man who comes to Eve’s small town is carrying around secrets. Just when the characters seem to be having a time of their life, something happens that breaks Eve’s happiness temporary. Will she and the mysterious stranger have a happy ending? Will his dark secret keep them apart? Or will the spirit of Christmas finally bring the two closer together despite what lies ahead? I enjoyed reading this cozy and delightful novel. This book will charm and dazzle you as the two get closer.  I would recommend readers everywhere to begin reading this stunning romantic yet sassy novel. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: A Most Inconvenient Marriage by Regina Jennings

A Most Inconvenient Marriage is the best humorous romance novel that I have ever read! This story caught my attention super fast and kept me lured in deep into it’s amazing adventures as both characters try to figure out what happened and why. Nurse  Abigail who is tending a wounded soldier makes a promise to a man whom she thought was really who he said he was. He was a wounded soldier wanting to marry her so that his sister had someone that would take good care of her. Abigail agreed to this arrangement and soon is married to the man. The man dies and then Abigail keeps up her promise by taking care o the dead man’s sister. Now as Abigail is living on the dead man’s farm raising his sister, the real soldier returns home wounded but alive. Abigail knows this is not the man whom she married. And the real man is alive and thinks Abigail is after his arm. What happens to Abigail now that she knows that the dead man she married wasn’t the real man whom he said he was? What is the real man who is alive going to do with Abigail now that she is his wife? Will these two find a way to connect? Or will Abigail be forced to leave in shame? I thought this novel was amazing! The characters are strong, believable, and funny. I could not put this wonderful book  down until I finished reading the whole thing! Regina Jennings is a talented author who knows how to write a magical historical Christian romance. I would recommend this book to every reader who loves a good romance with interesting twists. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Questions with Author Ilona Andrews

Can you briefly tell us readers what you new upcoming novel is about without spoiling it or us? Can you tell us readers about any future projects that you are currently working on? What inspired you to become an author? And why? How did you come about choosing to write paranormal romance novels? What book(s) excluding your own, would you say are your favorite to read and why?

The novel is about what happens when you let an elite group of people have incredible power. :) Let me point you to our series website. We broke down magic system and Houses and all the cool bells and whistles.

Currently we are working on the next book in Kate Daniels series, which is titled Magic Shifts.

I wasn’t inspired to become an author. I simply wrote because I wanted to get the stories out of my head. It’s a kind of compulsion that I don’t fully understand to this day.

As well, I didn’t really sit down and say, “I want to write paranormal romance or urban fanasty.” I kind of just write things down and worry about how to classify them later.

My favorite reads change. Right now I am really enjoying Jeaniene Frost, Jack Campbell, and Terry Pratchett. They make me forget to edit while I read. :D

What would say are the most important skills for a writer in your profession? Which part of creating a novel would you say is the hardest? The plot? The characters? Extending the novel outline? Or writing dialogue?

The most important skill for a writer is to be a good reader.

The beginning is the hardest. Everything follows it. We often rewrite the beginnings after the first draft is done. As far as individual elements of the novel, we don’t really look at them as separate. That’s something that is usually a function of critique. All those things you mentioned blends together into a story when we are writing and the story either works or it doesn’t.

Ms. Andrews, can you tell us readers what it was like during your first year as a bestselling author? What is your advice to those pursuing to become paranormal romance authors? What is your schedule like as a bestselling author? Can you tell us readers, which one of your characters from your upcoming novel, Burn For Me, was your favorite one to write and why? Which one was your hardest character to write and why?

We broke NYT extended with our second book, and at that time we still had our day jobs. That year was a little bit difficult because we both worked, helped with homework, made dinner, etc, and then after everything, we wrote a couple of hours a night.

My advice would be not let this business make you crazy. It pushes you very hard toward becoming neurotic. Authors tend to be control freaks and once that contract is signed, you control very little. But before there can be a contract, you have to learn to perfect you craft and not settle for good enough. You have to learn to push yourself to give each story your personal best. Some might be better stories, some worse, but I think if you commit completely and do your absolute best each time, eventually it will pay off.

I liked writing Nevada and Rogan the best. They are hilarious together.

The hardest character? Probably Nevada and Rogan. We had to get them right.

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Book Review: A Little on the Wild Side by Robin Kaye

Robin Kaye definitely knows how to write a hot, sexy, and stunning novel. A Little on the Wild Side has it all. The man character was a supermodel but she is now a business woman who knows exactly what she wants. But then she meets a man who is sexy as hell and turns her on in all the right ways. Trapper knows exactly what Bianca needs. But she makes it hard for him to help her out. Will these two opposites spark a deep undeniable attraction? I loved reading this fun and intoxicating romantic book.  It was easy to connect with the characters and the plot was just up my alley. Robin Kaye knows how to intrigue her readers and keep them hooked from beginning to end. I  would recommend this novel to other readers out there. If you love a good romance and a happy ending filled scenes that heat up the pages, then pick up this book and begin reading! Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: A Heart Worth Mending by Amanda Canham

A Heart Worth Mending is an outstanding novel that readers won’t want to put down. Amanda Canham has woven together a most beautiful and intoxicating romance ever. Two doctors end up meeting each other. Each one has their own problems that they are dealing with.  Both Doctor Travis Reed and Doctor Kelli Maloney are barely surviving their own individual problems. Travis Reed thinks he can definitely help Kelli Maloney with her problem if only she would let him help her. They spend their lives and careers helping others, but can they help each other? Will they help solve each other’s problems and let their attraction grow deeper? Or will it all be lost? I enjoyed reading this fantastic book by Amanda Canham. She lures readers instantly into her incredible plot. Suspense hangs in the air as readers continue following both Doctors. I would recommend this novel to readers who enjoy charming romance novel that will hook them in like a vacuum! Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Santa’s Secret by Serenity Woods

Santa’s Secret by Serenity Woods is a charming, sensual, and a heart melting novel. Eva  and her son are spending Christmas in Santa’s Secret Village where they meet Rudy and his daughter Isabel. Eva and Rudi feel the attraction towards each other instantly and their kids enjoy spending time together. Isabel teaches Eva’s four-year old son manners and learns how to enjoy Christmas spirit more. Rudi and his ex-wife are separated. They argued a lot and then having seen his wife in their bed with another man was the last straw.  Eva and her husband ended up spending less and less time together. Soon, after drinking Eva’s husband dies in a car accident when their son was still just a baby. Will both Rudi and Eva find love this Christmas in each other’s arms? Or will they just have a one time fling and go about the own ways? And will Rudi’s daughter Isabel learn how to enjoy Christmas’s magic like Eva’s son does? Or will she not be able to enjoy Christmas after all?

I fell in love with Serenity Woods’s amazing book! I could not put this novel down. Hot, sexy, and irresistibly stunning, Santa’s Secret is the best novel that I have read in a long time. The character’s are realistic. They children make the novel interesting and funny. It will be very hard for readers everywhere to not fall in love with this incredible story! A story about family, love, and Christmas magic will leave your holidays glowing with warmth.  I would recommend this novel to those who love a cozy romance that will heat up their night and melt their hearts. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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The Protagonist’s Goal

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Creating the first scene!

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Brainstorming Homework #1

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Join the Free Course!

Come and join the FREE online Creative Writing course!

Click on the link below:

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Book Review: Stars in Their Eyes by Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely’s incredible romance novel will hook readers in instantly! Her spectacular plot will drive readers further into her wonderful story. The characters are dazzling and their budding romance will make you sizzle with heat. Stars in Their Eyes has everything a romance novel should have plus, more. Both main characters are attending the same college and end up working or the same man. But unlike Jess, William is holding back a big secret. After convincing Jess to eat ice cream with him and hanging out with him at the movies, William doesn’t want to lose Jess. Their kisses and her turning him on isn’t helping him either. Jess is just as turned on about William as he is about her. But will Jess still like him after William’s secret breaks loose? Will Jess hate William? Or will William give up everything just to have Jess back in his life?

I found this book to incredibly charming and irresistible to put down. Lauren Blakely knows how to beautifully craft a masterpiece that readers will fall in love with. I was easily able to connect with the characters, which made the book even harder to resist reading. I would recommend to readers everywhere to pick up a copy of Stars in Their Eyes and to start reading it asap! Overall, I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Have You Ever Wondered..

Have You Ever Wondered…

What it would be like to a book reviewer? Or an author? Or an editor? Or just an article writer?

Well… I can definitely say that the have many same traits. One being that they all have to learn how to write well. Why is writing well is so important? Because it is the very first fundamental that all writers need to learn before moving onto the second step.

What do writers need to learn in order to write well? First, they need to learn grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and usage.

Where does one acquire these must need skills? In school.  Or you can take a free English course that covers all the above on sites such as Alison, Coursera, Canvas, and Udemy.  Or take classes from Universal Class. Their courses are structured to teach you what you need to know. Plus, you get a certificate with documented CEU’s.  Which of course helps build up your resume! :-)

Now, what is the second step? After learning the basics in a free or paid course writers, then move onto interning.

Why should writers apply or an internship? Because internships help build a writer’s reputation, connections, and teaches them hands-on what the ins and outs are in writing.  Some internships pay the intern and some don’t. But, I highly recommend that you complete at least two non-paying internships to build up experience, which is what you will need for a paying internship. Then apply or one that pays you while doing what you love to do!

Next, after completing several internships under your belt you now have the experiences, tools, and connections to  continue onto the third step!

If you are wanting to become an author, there are many tools out there to help you grow your full potential. Kindle Direct Publishing is a free service that allows authors to publish their work as eBooks. eBooks are the most popular reading format that readers choose. Why? Because they are easy to access everywhere and on the go! They also cost less and save the trees. Plus, they can be bought from literally every bookstore that exists today.

- It is very important that every writer is an active reader. Read, read, and read! Reading helps writers improve their thought process.

- Another thing all writers should do is practice writing. Write every day. Whether short or long. Practice, practice, and practice writing! The only way to perfect one’s writing.

These two important reminders are the sole keys or every writer whether he or she wants to become an article writer, author, blogger, book reviewer, or an editor.

What is a writer’s schedule like? A book reviewer’s, an author’s, and an article writer’s schedule is chaotic. There are always deadlines popping up that need to be finished. There are always more books to review. There are tons of articles that are 500 words in length that need to be written daily for companies’ websites. And the pressure or an author to complete his or her book is tough. Writer’s block can happen halfway through a book. So, being a writer in any field requires the utmost patience!

Book reviewer’s job: Requires that the reviewer can at least review two novels a week. Most book reviews are 300-500 words in length. A book review consists of two paragraphs. The first paragraph needs to be about the books. A brief summary o what it was like without giving away too much of the plot. Also, need to mention the author, the writing style, characters, plot, setting, the targeted audience and would you recommend it to others. The second paragraph is made up solely on your opinions of the book. What did you think o it? What could have improved the book to make it better? What did you like and not like about the book?

Article Writer: An article writer’s job is to follow all terms on what each article is to be about, how it should be formatted, and what type of article needs to be written. Whether it’s a promotion of a product, educational, or informative. Each article is anywhere from 150-500 words each. Most article writers are required to write 10 five hundred word articles each week! All articles are can be a variety of weird topics. For example dog beds.  Try writing an informative article using 500 words on the topic of dog beds. And no plagiarism! Article writers have to do a ton of research on each and every topic they are given. Being an article writer is not the easiest job.

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Submissions for Publication in Digital Magazine!

Submissions for Publication inside a digital magazine issue called, Universal Creativity Inc.  is now open for short stories!

- Short stories can be in any genre.

- Must be double-spaced.

- Times New Roman

- 12 sized font.

- In English.

- Must be submitted as a Word Document.

All submissions can be submitted via email to me at:     or must be submitted below.

Be sure to include your first and last name, title, genre, and word count.

Short stories will be judged and critiqued by three different judges on the following criteria:

  • Is the story compelling?
  • Professionalism of editing and formatting
  • Characterization
  • Continuity of storyline
  • Satisfying ending
  • Intriguing opening
  • Uniqueness of story
  • Writing craft
  • World construct
  • Premise

Short stories can range anywhere from 500- 10,000 words. There is  a $2 fee that goes toward the judges for taking their time to read and review each individual manuscript. You can pay the fee via PayPal to:

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Book Review: Murphy the Gold Rush Dog by Alison Hart

download (5)This exciting adventure novel is one that children and adults will love. The story is told by Murphy’s point of view. I found Alison Hart’s book to be very fun, unique, and educational. Children and adults can learn so much by reading this lovable story! Learning about the gold rush and  the hard life that people lived through in Alaska. The climate there is very harsh. Readers will love following Murphy the gold rush dog, Sally the little girl, and Sally’s mother as they try to make a living. Will Sally be able to keep Murphy or will his awfully mean owner come back to get him? Will Sally and her mother be able to find gold? What hardships come their way?

I enjoyed reading this brilliant novel and following the characters as their journeys continued. I believe that this book can definitely be considered as a crossover. Alison Hart has written a beautiful story with amazing characters. Her stunning plot will keep you reading! I also enjoyed learning more about Alaska and the hardships of life there. I would definitely recommend this novel to readers everywhere to pick up and read. A very fascinating story that comes to life on every page. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Upgraded Membership!

Dear Viewers,

I have recently received an email that my application for becoming a Gold BookLook Blogger member by Harper Collins, has been approved! :-) I sent in my application last night! I was excited to find out that I was accepted.



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Book Review: Normal by Danielle Pearl


Danielle Pearl has a talent like no other author. Her stunning novel, Normal, was out of this world! The characters are so realistic and believable that readers will be laughing, crying, and falling in love. Aurora also known as Rory, goes through a ton of traumatizing events before her life is turned upside down. Having been a tomboy growing up, Rory did everything to fit in. She was friends with the mayor’s daughter and started dating the mayor’s son. That alone was the one thing she should have never done. Dating Rubin, an older high school student who was the town’s pro football star, was a huge mistake. Rory was at first fascinated by Rubin. He was good looking and cool. But once they start dating Rubin shows his true side. Rory soon experiences Rubin’s ugly and brutal side. He forces himself upon her and has major anger issues. Rory turns to her dad about what Rubin is doing. And her father only tells her not to tell anyone and pushes her to be with Rubin. Rory wants her father’s affection more than anything, but as things escalate way out of control, she dumps Rubin. She then goes to the only person who is her true friend and defends hers every time. Cam is her best friend since they were three. Cam has loved Rory since they first became friends and still does. Rory doesn’t realize that until it’s too late. After telling Cam about how Rubin and her father treated her, he becomes so anger. But seeing Rory’s fear and sadness, he calms her. Then leaves her only to be found dead later on. Rory finds out that her one and only best friend died in a car accident. Now she feels more alone than ever. Her mother divorces Rory’s father and moves them to where she grew up. Back up north, Rory and her mom live together starting new lives. Soon Rory makes new friends and finds a new love. Sam the best looking guy in school, wants to be Rory’s friend. He makes it his responsibility to take care of her. But will Rory let him be her friend? Will their friendship prove to be more than just friends? And what about Sam’s friend who is jealous of Rory? What happens when Sam convinces Rory to go on a spring vacation? Will her past come and find her? And what will Rory do after her past comes back to find her and puts Sam in danger? I enjoyed reading this exciting, brilliant masterpiece by Danielle Pear! She definitely knows how to lure her readers in with a compelling story unlike anything I have ever read before. I have no doubt that readers everywhere will fall in love with her novel the same way I did. I recommend readers to pick this book up and start reading it! I can’t wait to read book two in this spectacular series! Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Happy Happy Happy News!

I just received an email sent on behalf of Tule Publishing and was thanked for my honest book reviews! That email has just made my night! And especially since they have me approved for auto-approvals. That means that when I see a book by their company I am allowed automatic approval to read and review it! :-)

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Write a novel within 12 months! How is that possible? Most novels are about 10,000 words. Within 12 months you can write a total of  12,000 words. By breaking it down into small sections. Each month your goal is to write 1,000 words! That’s right! A grand total of  1,ooo words a month. Now, you may say that is a lot of words but it really isn’t. That’s only 250 words a week!

Therefore starting on today, October 15th – November 15th, you are to write 1,000 words.

Your goal is to write 250 words by October 21st.  Can you do it? Yes, you can!

You are required to:

- Post the word count that you wrote for week #1 on October 21st.

- Post briefly what your story is about for week #1.

- Post a list of who your protagonist and antagonists are, where does your story take place, what are your main character(s) goals (needs or wants), and name 3 conflicts (problems) that you plan to happen.

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Using Dialogue!

Have I ever found using dialogue to be hard? 

Yes, I did find writing in dialog very, very, very hard! At first, as a newbie writer I was overwhelmed by the mention of the need to use dialogue to make any novel a good one. So, what did I do?


I took the task of doing this:

Hi, Sam. How are you?

Hey, Sally. I’m good. What about you?

The above are two phrases with words being exchanged between two people. So, first. I went through writing any conversation between one of more characters like the above. Then I did this:

“Hi, Sam. How are you?”

“Hey, Sally. I’m good. What about you?”

In this second set, I then went back and added quotation marks. Then, I did this:

“Hi, Sam. How are you?” Sally asked as she walked by.

“Hey, Sally. I’m good. What about you” Sam asked turning around to face her.

I hope this helps you all!

Best Wishes,


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Book Review: Her Mistletoe Cowboy by Alissa Callen

Her Mistletoe Cowboy is a hot,sexy, and romantic read that will heat up your holidays! Alissa Callen has an extraordinary talent will hook readers in all the time! Her novel’s plot is intoxicating from the beginning to end! Ivy Bishop is a corporate analyst that ends up alone on Christmas with an adorable puppy that was abandoned. She is still on the mend from a broken heart and it isn’t until she meets a certain man that makes her realize her heart wasn’t quite as broken. This one man could break her heart or fix it. Will this man who finally has decided to put his playing days behind him, fall in love with Ivy? How does this hard working cowboy, try to ignore the one beautiful woman who has him constantly distracted? I definitely recommend reading this novel! Once you start reading you won’t want to put it down! Overall, I rate this spectacular Christmas Romance novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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New Writing Assignment!

Craft a premise sentence for your story. Be sure it includes your hook, main character, objective, opponent, and disaster.

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New Challenge!

Create a “perfect review” of the story you hope to create. Begin with a back-cover type summary, then move on to a professional-style review of your entire story from the perspective of a reader who loved every chapter. Have fun with it, but be as thorough as possible, touching on character, plot, setting, and theme. Aim for 800-1,000 words.

Best of luck!!! :-)

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Introduction to Romance Writing Course is Now Available!

Introduction to Romance Writing Course is Now Available!.

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Introduction to Romance Writing Course is Now Available!

Introduction to Romance Writing is Now Available!

It is 100% online.

- Teaches how to write the perfect scenes and sequels.

- Learn how to create a hook that will lure readers into your book instantly.

- Learn how to create cliffhangers to leave your readers deeply interested in reading on to find out what happens next!

- Learn how to write the  that hot sexy scene for your romance novel.

- Find out where you can submit your manuscripts in to be published!

This course is only $5 and is open for tonight! Please email me that you want to join the class!   My email address is

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Introduction to Romance Course!

Introduction to Romance Writing Course will be available later tonight for all to join! 

What will you learn?

- Creating the perfect Hook to lure readers in.

- Brainstorming your story ideas and turning them into a novel.

-  Outlining your manuscript.

- Creating hot intense scenes.

- Creating cliffhangers.

-  Where and how to submit in your manuscripts?

The course  is 100% online, self-paced,  and only costs $5. 

To sign up for the course, please email me at:

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Questions of the Day!

#1           What happens when someone unknown to your character, leaves them an inheritance?  And what happens when after receiving the inheritance that threats start coming in? Who is behind the threats and why? And more importantly who gave the inheritance to your character and why?

#2          What happens when someone decides to kill off the homeless people? Who is behind it and why? And can they be stopped before it’s too late?

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Must Have Books for Authors!

FREE! Must Have Books for Authors!

Click on the link below!

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Book Review: To Have and To Hold by Trae Stratton

download (5)

Trae Stratton’s novel, To Have and To Hold is absolutely amazing! I highly recommend reading his fabulous novel. Trae Stratton definitely knows how to keep his readers intrigued and lured in from the first page onward. I loved his characters journey of romance unfolded right before me! A beautiful and simple love story told from the groom’s point of view! This book  caught my attention because most novels are told from the woman’s or both the woman’s and man’s point of view. But Trae’s dashing novel was strictly told from the groom’s and the groom’s family point of view. The chapter’s switched point of views and kept me intrigued as to when the groom will be finally getting married. Collin MacLann  has it all. A good life and many girlfriends that come  in his life at different points in his life. Making the novel highly unique and interesting. Which one of the girlfriends will be his bride? Or will someone else be his bride? Whether you love reading a good mystery or a perfect romance, To Have and To Hold, has it all! A brilliant must read that will keep you reading all night long! I highly recommend getting a copy of Trae Stratton’s book and start reading it now! I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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My Book Review: Piece of You by Ella Harper was Featured on Avon Romance!

Click the link below to view it!

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Would Happen if Characters from My Favorite Book and Movie Were to Come Together?

We would have Cammie from the Gallenger girl spy series be undercover as a normal girl on a co-ops mission in a theater… as the movie Hansel and Gretel is playing, until all the lights go out and the next thing Cammie realizes is that the Hansel & Gretel characters are let out of the movie screen in the real world and not only are they let out of the movie screen but so is their bad guy-the black witch lose. Cammie and the rest of the Gallenger spy girls go on a real co-ops mission with Hansel and Gretel in capturing the black witch that is destroying the world and eating vulnerable innocent children. Will they be able to catch the witch before it’s too late or will there be many children dying at the hands of the black witch? And how do Hansel and Gretel and how do Hansel and Gretel make it back to their world inside the movie screen? Or are they stuck forever in the real world learning from Cammie and the other girls on how to live in their world?

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Book Review: Pieces of You by Ella Harper

Ella Harper’s novel, Pieces of You is absolutely the best book that I have ever read! Her novel is heart melting and will bring tears to your eyes. Her characters Luke and his wife will leave you falling in love, laughing, crying and wondering what’s next! After only a short time meeting each other Luke and his love soon drive right into what only married couples do. But despite what they just did, Luke ever the romantic tells his wife everything every woman would love to hear after making love with a man before marriage. But unlike all other men, Luke actually means every word he says! His wife can’t believe how lucky she was to find a man like Luke and to be married to him and to be expecting a baby! As time goes on, sadness erupts their happy marriage. Luke’s wife lost her baby. And every time they kept trying she would keep losing another baby. They have tried everything and still no baby. Luke’s wife is so keen on having a baby that she doesn’t notice how her husband, Luke feels. He feels like he is just a sperm donating machine to his wife. She is devastated and sad every time she loses another baby. Luke feels his wife’s pain and struggles with seeing her go through another false hope only to lose another baby. One night Luke has a drink with a co-worker. She pushes Luke to have a drink with her. He talks about his wife and how much he loves his wife and how he wishes she can be happy again like she was when they first fell in love. This co-worker, Stella, forces herself on Luke in his absolute drunken state. Luke can’t remember even making love to Stella. But he finds out and writes a letter to his wife apologizing about what he did. His, wife Lucy doesn’t find the note until Luke went  through a major accident and is in a coma in the hospital. Lucy ends up losing another baby that she and Luke recently created before his accident. This is when she finds the note and feels her heart breaking. What happens to Luke? Does he make it out of the hospital or does Lucy end up losing him too? And what about the Stella woman? Will Lucy have a talk with her about what happened? And if so, will she only feel more pain? And what happens when Lucy finds out that Stella might be pregnant with her husband’s child? I highly recommend reading, Pieces of You! You will never want to put the book down! I loved reading this wonderful novel by Ella Harper and look forward to reading more of her novels. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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New Course I am Taking!

I am taking an online course in Copyright Basics. I love taking as many courses online as possible to enhance my writing skills and knowledge. I will keep you all posted on any tips and advice on Copyright Basics asap!

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4 Ways to Motivate Characters! (I had to share this article by Nancy Kress with all of you after reading it.)

4 Ways to Motivate Characters and Plot

 Article is written by Nancy Kress.

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Confused? Don’t be; it’s simpler than it may seem. Characters come in four basic types:

By Nancy Kress

  1. Characters who never change, neither in personality nor motivation. They are what they are, and they want what they want.
  2. Characters whose basic personality remains the same; they don’t grow or change during the story. But what they want changes as the story progresses (“progressive motivation”).
  3. Characters who change throughout the story, although their motivation does not.
  4. Characters who change throughout the story as their motivation also progresses.

When you know the key motivation(s) behind your character and plot, you can write scenes that not only make sense to you and your readers, but also add depth to your story. Because character and plot are intertwined, we’ll refer to the above four as character/plot patterns. Let’s further explore each one.

Static Personality, Static Motivation

Sometimes a character will have a single overriding motivation for the entire length of a story or novel, plus a strong personality that does not change much. James Bond is a good example. He’s a stayer who starts out resourceful, suave, unflappable and smart. At the end of each of Ian Fleming’s novels, Bond is still resourceful, suave, unflappable and smart.

Nor does his motivation change. At the start of the book he receives a mission, and his goal is to pursue this mission until it’s over, at which point the book ends. There may be interim temporary goals (not getting eaten by alligators, protecting the girl), but they are all part of the single overriding motivation.

It isn’t only adventure fiction to which this applies. In John Steinbeck’s classic Of Mice and Men, both protagonists, George and Lennie, retain the same motivation throughout. They want to earn enough to buy a small farm of their own. Their personalities, too, remain the same: George the planner and caretaker, Lennie the well-meaning bumbler who brings them both to tragedy.

If you are writing this type of book, your job is to present to us the character and the goal clearly and forcefully fairly early on. Then unfold your tale; we’ll know who your man is and why he’s doing what he’s doing. This leaves us (and you, the writer!) free to complicate other things besides the hero, such as the plot, the conspiracies or the hardware.

Please note, though, that an unfaltering character with an unfaltering goal can still feel more than one emotion at a given moment. James Bond might, for instance, feel attraction to one of the “Bond girls” at the same time that he distrusts her (often with good cause). If your character feels two conflicting things toward another character, bring this to life in the scene in which it happens. Then—and this is the important part—return in the next scene to the main goal.

This tells us that the basic situation is unchanged. Although Bond, for instance, has just made love with a woman, she hasn’t fundamentally changed him. He is not altered in either his personality or motivation as a result of her attractions.

Static Personality, changing motivation

This type of story features a character who doesn’t change in basic personality or beliefs, but what she wants changes as a result of story events.

These characters are often of two types: heroes or villains. The heroic ones are essentially admirable characters from the get-go. They don’t change because the author clearly doesn’t feel they need to; they embody virtues he wishes to advocate. Two disparate examples are Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) and Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark (The Fountainhead).

Jane is spunky, plain, passionate and moral, even as a child. She believes in the dignity of all individuals, including those at the bottom of the Victorian power structure. We see this early in the book when she stands up for herself, for her friend Helen Burns, or anyone being abused. At the end of the book, she’s still doing it.

However, as Jane grows up, her immediate motivations change. At first, she merely wants to survive the brutalities of her terrible aunt and then of the boarding school that the aunt sends her to. Later, she falls in love with her employer, Mr. Rochester, and wants him—until she learns the truth about him and wants to escape his home. Still more motivations follow.

Howard Roark, even more resolute and heroic than Jane Eyre, never really changes, either. He just rises, without flinching, above the failures and stupidities of the rest of the world. His initial motivation is to design buildings that suit him, with no outside influences dictating his designs; his next motivation is to blow up those buildings because the builders changed some of his architectural plans. Both actions proceed from an unchanged and unshakable conviction of his own superiority.

The point is that if your character is basically heroic, you may not want him to change. In that case, you construct the story this way:

Your character is trying to live his life, but the outside world imposes an obstacle.

The obstacle gives the character a motivation: fight it, flee it, change it or adapt to it.

That first motivation is met by a consequence, which in turn supplies another motivation (the consequence of Jane’s seeking a new teaching post is meeting Mr. Rochester).

That motivation encounters obstacles, etc.

You may recognize this pattern; it’s sometimes referred to as “the classic plot pattern.” (But as we’re discussing here, you know it’s actually one of four basic character/plot patterns.) Its success, as in the first character pattern, depends on a strong, interesting character. Once you have that, you set up initial circumstances for her to cope with and then have her motivation change as consequences flow.

However, as with the first type of character, a basically unchanging personality may nonetheless experience changing or conflicting emotions at any given moment. When Jane Eyre’s cousin, St. John Rivers, asks her to marry him in order to accompany him to India on his missionary work, Jane has mixed reactions:

Of course (as St. John once said) I must seek another interest in life to replace the one lost: Is not the occupation he now offers me truly the most glorious man can adopt or God assign? Is it not, by its noble cares and sublime results, the one best calculated to fill the void left by uptorn affections and demolished hopes? I believe I must say, Yes—and yet I shudder. Alas! If I join St. John, I abandon half myself.

During the rest of this scene, Jane will also feel awe, disdain, humility, dread, rebellion, scorn and hurt. Mixed emotions indeed! But her basic personality and beliefs do not waiver: She wants more than a loveless marriage, even if that marriage is dedicated to God’s work. Jane wants love.

At the other end of the heroism spectrum, some villains have unchanging personalities but changing motivations. They start out venial, greedy, evil or destructive, and they end up the same way. This is true whether they win or lose. Along the way, however, their motivations often enlarge: They become greedier for greater things, destructive on a larger scale, or want to succeed at different, grander schemes of evil. Or, as with heroes, their motivations may change as a result of story events.

Thus, your villain may start out wanting to rob an armored car. He succeeds, but in the course of the robbery kills a police officer. Now his goal is to elude capture. While pursuing him, your detective is forced to shoot the villain’s nephew and protégé, who has drawn a gun on the cop. Now your villain has an additional motivation: revenge on the detective. The stakes have risen with each story event and its consequence—and that’s key to making this type of plot pattern compelling.

Changing Personality, static motivation

In many stories, a major character changes significantly. The character has a single motivation and may expend enormous effort to reach it, like those covered-wagon pioneers who risked everything to trek west. However, during the process of achieving (or not achieving) this overriding goal, the character’s basic personality and/or beliefs change. In fact, this change is often the point of the story.

For example, a young woman has as her motivation the desire to get out of prison. She forms this desire as soon as she is incarcerated, in the first chapter. The book ends when she gets out, for whatever reason: Her time has been served, she successfully escapes or her lawyer wins the appeal. However, this character is a changer, which means that while her goal has stayed constant, her personality/belief structure has not.

For instance, as a result of her interactions with the other inmates, maybe she’s changed from a superior, scornful snob to one who feels that she and the other women are basically the same. She’s gone from scorn to empathy, from disdain to friendship. All the while that she’s been working on getting out of prison, prison has
also been working on her.

When you write this type of character, there are a few critical points to remember:

  • Her character change must come about in response to story events. Create events that could logically lead the character to change in the ways you want. “Devise incidents,” W. Somerset Maugham said about the secret of writing. This is what he meant: You must think up those plot events that will affect your characters enough for them to react with genuine change.
  • Your character must have emotional responses to these events.
  • The character change, too, must be dramatized. We can’t simply be told, “Abby now sympathized with her cellmate.” We must be shown Abby’s change of heart through things she does that she didn’t do before, such as giving and accepting help from this once-despised cellmate. This is called validation, and it is essential for all changing characters.
  • You must include a final validation at the end of the story so we know that your character’s change is not temporary. Usually this ending validation is on a larger scale than what has gone before. For instance, instead of just helping her cellmates with daily frustrations, your protagonist, now out of jail herself, does everything she can to improve the situations of those still inside.

Readers find this kind of story intrinsically satisfying. The single motivation throughout gives the book unity and comprehensibility, and the changing character satisfies the need for fiction to make a comment on life. In the case of the prison story, that comment is positive: People can grow nicer.

You might, however, also use the same character/plot pattern to make a negative observation about the world. In that case, the character with a single goal would, in the course of failing to achieve it, change from naive innocence to “sadder but wiser.” For example, this is the structure of Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth. Protagonist Lily Bart sustains the same motivation throughout the book: to marry for money. She does not succeed. Only at the end, both of the novel and of her life, do events force her to change and then she realizes that she might have had a better life if she’d paid less attention to luxury and more to love. By then, however, it’s too late.

The single-motivation, changing character also works in stories in which the character succeeds in getting what he wants but is disappointed in his success. These are the “be-careful-what-you-wish-for-because-you-might-get-it” stories. The change in the character can be one of two types. In one, he realizes that he’s paid too high a price for success, at which point he may or may not change his life. Or, he never realizes this (or at least never admits it), but changes to grow regretful or bitter as a result of getting what he thought he wanted.

Changing Personality, changing motivation

This is the most complex fictional pattern. A character’s goals change throughout the story, and so does her personality/belief system. Obviously, this is confusing for the character. Your goal is to keep it from also hopelessly confusing the reader.

Consider, for instance, Ensign Willie Keith from Herman Wouk’s Pulitzer Prize–winning novel about World War II, The Caine Mutiny. Willie undergoes a lot of personal change during the war. He also changes motivation often. In sequence:

  • Willie wants to avoid being drafted, so he joins the Navy.
  • Willie wants to avoid difficult duty, so he tries to avoid dangerous ships like minesweepers.
  • Willie wants to transfer off the minesweeper Caine.
  • Willie wants to survive the Caine’s tyrannical, irrational Captain Queeg.
  • Willie wants to get rid of Queeg and joins a mutiny.
  • Willie wants to avoid court-martial and a dishonorable discharge.
  • Willie wants, finally, to become a good naval officer and defend his country as well as he can.

From these changing motivations, you can also see Willie Keith’s internal changes. He moves from being self-centered, looking for the easy way out, to an assumption of duty and, even more important, to feeling that duty is worthwhile.

If you have a character with both progressive motivation and internal changes, congratulations. You’ve got a strong character to carry an ambitious book. To keep all these changes from seeming arbitrary, however, it’s important to follow all the guidelines set out above for single-motivation changers. Your character’s changes must be dramatized, come about as a result of dramatized events, be accompanied by plausibly rendered emotions, and be validated by subsequent actions on his part.

This article on novel writing is by Nancy Kress, who is the author of Write Great Fiction: Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint. Click here to order your copy (or click here to download the ebook).

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7 Best-Paying Projects for Writers in 2015!

Layout 1

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Comparing Lais of Marie de France with Modern-day Romances (My Literature Response)

Lais of Marie de France is very similar to the modern-day romances.  One way in which both the lais of Marie de France and modern-day romances are similar is that they share one theme. The theme of lovers in a hostile world; oppressive marriages and social conventions.  Lais of Marie de France contained all of these within its story.  Lanval refused the Queen of a secret and adulterous affair. The Queen went and lied to the King about Lanval.  Lanval was granted a trial to prove of his innocence. He tried telling the King of his beautiful lady that he was deeply in love with but the King and the others didn’t believe him. It wasn’t until later in the trial, Lanval’s beautiful lady comes to his aid proving his innocence.  Lanval, declaring love for his beautiful lady proved true. Thus, this went with the story of chivalric adventures of knights and their ladies.

Modern-day romances portray the men as knights and their adventures as chivalric. The men in these modern-day romances show loyalty and obedience to their women (ladies).  Lovers in a hostile world is most common for modern-day romances. Characters in romance stories have to fight their way through their hostile world to fight for their love. Lanval denied the Queen of an affair because of his loyalty and unwavering love for his lady. This also applies to modern-day romances. One or both of the characters in the modern-day romances does exactly what Lanval did for his lady. Lanval declared his love for his lady and was obedient and loyal to his lady even when in trouble. The characters from modern-day romances declare their loyal and obedient love for each other even when they are facing so many problems in their own hostile world. Also, many modern-day romances are about social conventions and oppressive marriages as well.

In both lais of Marie de France and in modern-day romances, women played more central roles. In Lanval’s story, both the Queen and his beautiful lady played more central roles. In modern-day romances, women play more centrals such as playing the heroine.  Both lais of Marie de France and modern-day romances target an audience mostly made up of women.  The purpose of these stories are the ambiguous moral messages within the stories themselves.

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Book Review: West Winds of Wyoming by Caroline Fyffe

Caroline Fyffe’s  novel, West Winds of Wyoming, is a must read! A perfect romantic read that will have every reader falling in love! The plot instantly drew me into the book! The characters were so realistic that I found myself easily connecting with them and their troubles. Oh, yes, that’s right! Nell and Charlie both have their own problems. Nell is struggling with threats from the bank and protecting her ranch in Wyoming. Charlie moves to Wyoming wanting an escape from danger and a place to raise his blind daughter safely. But soon, as their fall deeper in love with each other, their troubles come chasing after them. Will they survive without their romance being destroyed from their own problems? Or will their troubles send them far apart? What happens to Nell’s ranch and to Charlie’s blind daughter?
I found this story very interesting and full of passion! I love when the characters resemble two ordinary people living the  regular lives like the rest of us. It was refreshing and enjoyable to read! I highly recommend reading Caroline Fyffe’s novel, West Winds of Wyoming! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!
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Murder Mystery! What happens next..

Not again..

The neighbor’s dogs were barking like mad once again. Lora walked near her bay window to see what was outside causing the dogs to bark like hell.  Peeping out at the grass across her freshly mowed lawn and to the dogs fenced up, Lora saw nothing. Until a tall shadow caught her eye.

What the hell? Who would be out at night lurking around?

Hurrying to the kitchen, Lora dials her neighbors phone. No response.

Strange..her elderly neighbor always kept the answering machine on when he left the house for any reason no matter how long he would be outside. But the other end just kept ringing.

Hanging up the phone, Lora grabs her flashlight from the top kitchen drawer. No way was she going to take any chances.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Fear rose deep into Lora’s gut..

Shit! Someone is inside!

Running, Lora heads to her room but not before the intruder knocks her to the floor. Soon as Lora felt the impact all went dark..

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What Happens Next?

The door slammed.

When will the pain end..

He could sense her fear.

He was dead. Or am I now dead too?

“You’re not dead, my brave one.” He chuckled.

Where was I? What was happening to me? 

The door slammed again. This time bringing in cold air.

Belle felt her body shiver..then twist in agony as the pain once more came alive.

Voices.. male voices. Shouting. Heavy footsteps. Then nothing.

Struggling, Belle was waiting for the moment for her body to be able to move. She tried mentally moving her legs..nothing but a sharp pain washed over her.  Sweat breaking out on her forehead.

Once more male voices were shouting. His voice..

No! It couldn’t be! He died! I saw him die!

Next thing Belle heard before the darkness took her under was the sound of a shot going off.

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Main Events!

What are the main events that will move your character toward (or away
from) solving the novel’s central problem or achieving its central goal? (Make
a list.)

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Writing Question of the Day!

What is the main problem your character has to solve, or an important goal
your character has to achieve? Why is it deeply important to your character?
(If it isn’t that important to your character, look for another problem or goal
to be the focus of your story. If your character doesn’t care a lot that he or she resolves the
problem, your readers won’t either.)

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New Agent Seeking Submissions!

About Julie: Before joining The Seymour Agency, Julie Gwinn most recently served as Marketing Manager for the Christian Living line at Abingdon Press and before that served as Trade Book Marketing Manager and then Fiction Publisher for the Pure Enjoyment line at B&H Publishing Group, a Division of LifeWay Christian Resources. Last year she was awarded Editor of the Year from the American Christian Fiction Writers and won B&H’s first Christy award for Ginny Yttrup’s debut novel Words. She has more than 25 years public relations and marketing experience and has also worked in marketing for several Nashville non-profit organizations including the TN Assoc. for the Education of Young Children, the Nashville Area Red Cross and the YWCA. She is married and has two children.

She is seeking: Christian and Inspirational Fiction and Nonfiction, Women’s fiction (contemporary and historical), New Adult, Southern Fiction, Literary Fiction and Young Adult.

How to submit: E-query julie [at] Be sure to include: genre/target audience, word count, contact information, references (conference, recommendation, etc.). No attachments, please. All of The Seymour Agency agents ask that you paste the first five pages of your manuscript into the bottom of your email. “Simultaneous submissions are acceptable for queries and partials. However, we only review complete manuscripts on an exclusive basis.”

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Complete the Story!

A mug of hot chocolate was kept beside my bed. Pulling a blanket over my legs, I was sitting comfortably and lost in thoughts, in my cozy bedroom, holding a pen in one hand and keeping a diary in front, I picked up the mug and took a long sip, feeling the hot chocolate pouring down through my throat and giving me a warmth feeling.

It was a cold December night, around 11 ‘o’ clock, as soon as a string of thoughts passed through my mind, I started penning them down in my diary. As I was writing, I heard some noise from outside, but ignored it of being some noisy chilly breeze passing by. But, then, I felt  chilly, like as if all the warmth of my room was fading away, and that coldness made me divert my concentration from my diary to that open window, on the front wall through which that chilly breeze was entering my room.

I stood up and started walking to bolt that mischievous window, as soon as I reached to it, I took a glimpse of outside and became breathless. I couldn’t believe at the view in front of me. The whole land outside had turned pink with no house or person out there. Anxiety rose to my head and then suddenly, I heard a knock on my bedroom’s door………..

Now post the complete version of this story in the comment area below!

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Brainstorming Practice Example!

Working Title: Heartbeat

Protagonists: girl (Tara?) and boy (Eli?)

Genre: Romance

Themes: Unrequited love between friends; loss

POV: Third person…limited? omniscient?

Misc. thoughts:

  • Begin in the middle of the action, with the two characters preparing to say good-bye. The girl loves the boy. The girl is already sick. Does she already know? She does know, but she keeps it a secret from the boy.
  • Time passes. The two stay in touch; the boy lives life to his fullest while the girl gradually finds out more of her illness.
  • What is her illness? Cancer? Heart condition? Heart condition seems more fitting, considering the dual implications of a “heart condition” (medical and emotional).
  • The two meet after a year or two pass. The boy still doesn’t know. The girl tries to keep him in the dark but is too weak and eventually faints. As such, she is forced to spill the truth. Perhaps the two should argue about why she never mentioned anything earlier. Maybe this argument leads into a confession about her feelings for him…
  • Did he already know about her feelings? Has she hidden them well enough for him to really be clueless? How will he react upon the sudden revelation? Will he accept her? Push her away?
  • At this stage, maybe she has already come to terms with her fate. Or maybe she’s just putting on a facade of calmness? Perhaps she collapses a second time, more severe than the first, and finally breaks down about her fears.
  • The two are again forced to separate. Maybe they reach some sort of tentative understanding. The boy agrees to visit again soon…

Ending options:

  • Tragic #1: The girl passes away before the boy can return, causing him to contemplate his loss and ask himself what his feelings for the girl really were.
  • Tragic #2: The girl is miraculously cured, but the boy dies randomly in an accident before the two can meet again. Would work especially well if he finally returned her feelings.
  • Bittersweet #1: The girl dies but not before meeting the boy again. Are their feelings mutual? Do they share a kiss? Or do they simply reach an understanding?
  • Bittersweet #2: The girl lives, miraculously, but the two do not end up together.
  • Happy #1: The girl is miraculously saved and ends up with the boy.

Now, you are to brainstorm on your own! And post it in the comment area below for feedback and rating! :-)

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