Book Review: Lover’s and Hater’s by Calvin Slater


Lover’s and Hater’s by Calvin Slater was absolutely the best book that I have read. The story really shows you how hard some people’s lives are. It was like being placed directly into the character’s own shoes and living life the best way that character could.  Realistic, stunning, and an incredible plot that will readers with a deeper understanding of other’s lives. I enjoyed reading this amazing novel from the beginning to the very last page. I loved the strong characters that everyone can connect with. This is a story that everyone should read!  Every page will keep you guessing. Plus, the humor and drama pop to life and make for an interesting read.  The ending is something that every reader will be surprised. To find out what happens in the ending and what hard lives the character’s go through, I suggest you pick up this novel and begin reading now! A wonderful series that will leave you wanting to read all the books! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Deadbeat Moms by Naomi Brunner

Deadbeat Moms by Naomi Brunner is an excellent informational novel about child abuse and neglect. Her novel comes complete with individual stories that are shattering to read about. They make you want to stand up and act out against all the abuse and neglect! I found this novel inspirational. A very motivating collection of stories that will move you. It is sad that these things happen worldwide and to many still. The book also gives a handbook guide as to how to spot child abuse and neglect. I found this to be very helpful. Deadbeat Moms is a non-fiction book that I would recommend to all readers. Everyone needs to reads this novel and to stand up against abuse and neglect! All readers will find this collection very heart wrenching, true, and very real. These are issues that need to be dealt with and this book is a great way to spread the information globally. I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars.


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Today, is the first time in two weeks that I actually feel more like my normal self. I have been struggling with a fever back in August around my birthday, after  awhile I got well. Then a member in my family got sick and passed the cold on to me. Now, I have been sick for two weeks and again my fever came. My fever has dropped slightly and I hope that when I get home and take my temp that it will be down some more or gone completely. I have been drinking cartons worth of orange juice, taking medicine for congestion, and allergy tablet and an aspirin to help my fever go away.

I am sorry for the lack of posts and reviews lately. But, I have been unlucky so far this year with getting sick. I should be up and normal soon.  I have had absolutely no energy at all to even to my online school work lately. But now, I am starting to feel better and and hopefully on the road to a full recovery.

The good news is that I have many book reviews to share with you all, later on tonight! I also wanted to share the news that so far, in my online course called, Creating Story Ideas, I have 80 students enrolled in it! I was astonished and happy to see that many taking my course. I hope all you that are taking it, find it to be very useful for you and your writing careers.  I will be adding more content to that course as well as adding more courses in a variety of similar topics. My dream is to help promote, share, and educate others in the the creative writing field. I love reading and writing and cannot imagine a world without books.

Thank you all for your patience and continued loyal support for me! No words, could paint a paint a picture of how much I appreciate all the support from you all! Thank you!




Danielle Urban

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Book Review: Predator and Prey Book #2 by James D. Horton

Beast: Predator & Prey Book #2


Predator and Prey Book #2 by James D. Horton is a must!He has done it again! Writing another great novel after his first. This exciting series is one that is highly addicted! Once you have read book one and two, you will want to get your hands on the third book in this incredible series. Fast pace, mysterious, and exciting readers will not want to put book two down. The sexual tension between Wolf and his woman, Lily, start getting more intense. Lily feels frustrated and makes a wrong move which lands her in a hearing.  Wolf tells her that is it mostly because they want something from him. But what is it that his enemies want so badly? What happens with the trail that Lily has landed herself in? Will Wolf make Lily his or will he push it aside still? To answer all these questions one must pick up, Predator and Prey Book #2! Fascinating new adventures await you inside this excellent plot written by James D. Horton. I fell in love with book one and now book two! I cannot wait to get my hands on his third novel in this dazzling series. His books are ones readers will never forget! I definitely would recommend for every reader to hurry up and start reading this novel. I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Dear Viewers,


I have been approved by the Tule Publishing to have instant access to read and review eBooks by their company! I am so honored and thrilled! I had to share the news to you all. Plus, I have to say that their books that they publish are out of this world! The novels are amazing reads! The cover designs of every one of their novels is astounding! Any authors want to have their books published, you should definitely check them out!




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Click on the link at the bottom of this page, check out our courses, book reviews, editing services, free reads, and writing Q&A just to name a few!

We are currently the following classes open for enrollment: Essay Writing, Creative Writing, and Book Reviewing. 

New courses will be added as such as Science Fiction, Alternate History, Article Writing, Romance Writing, Historical Writing, Mystery Writing, and many more.

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Writing Prompt!

“I don’t do relationships.”

“Me either.”

A waste, he immediately thought. This woman deserved to have a man take care of her. He wanted to take care of her.


Write a continuation of what happens next. And be sure to mention who the woman is and why she doesn’t do relationships. And who is this man? What made him realize she deserves a man to take care of her? How does he convince her that he is that man? What happens that might lead her to lose her belief or trust of this man that she soon starts to feel for? 

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New Agent Looking for Submissions

I found this info on Writer’s Digest Website and I wanted to share it with you all!


About Genevieve Nine: Genevieve has had a lifelong love affair with books. Her tastes are eclectic, ranging from the classics to quirky. She’s drawn to the fantastic, the curious, and the unexpected. Genevieve is looking to represent authors who weave layered tales with well-developed worlds and characters who threaten to burst from the page. She appreciates smart and original plots with well-crafted twists. And no matter how zany or diabolical, every character should be undeniably human at heart. Follow Genevieve on Twitter (@GenevieveNine).

(11 literary agents share what NOT to write in your query letter.)

Genevieve joined Andrea Hurst Literary Management as an intern in 2012. She has a background in professional editing and gets great satisfaction from developing authors. She’s a Creative Writing MFA candidate at the Northwest Institute of Literary Arts, holds a Certificate in Children’s Writing from the University of Washington, and graduated with honors and a B.A. from the USC School of Cinema & Television. When not reading or writing, Genevieve enjoys watching her Sherlock DVDs, planning future travels, and embarking on culinary adventures. She and her husband live in Seattle with their two naughty cats, Selkie and Napoleon.

Within young adult and middle grade, she’s looking to acquire:

Fantasy (open to all subgenres except game-related)
ŸScience Fiction
ŸHistorical Fiction
ŸRetellings (classics, fairy/folk tale, myth)
ŸContemporary Realism (especially with elements of humor)

She also represents the following adult and new adult categories:

ŸMystery (detective/PI, amateur, cozy, historical, comic, caper)
ŸThriller (supernatural, historical, disaster, ecological)
ŸGothic/Hauntings/Quiet Horror
ŸHistorical Fiction
ŸRetellings (classics, fairy/folk tale, myth)
ŸRomantic Comedy
ŸMagical Realism
ŸFood Memoir
ŸTravelogue/Travel Memoir

(The One Big Reason Some Blogs Succeed, While Others Crash and Burn.)

She is not seeking:

ŸHard SF/Military SF/Space Opera
ŸGraphic Horror
ŸReligious Fiction/Nonfiction
ŸShort Stories

Submission Guidelines: Email queries only. ŸNo attachments. ŸInclude “Query: Book Title” in the email’s subject line. ŸPaste the first ten pages of manuscript below your query. ŸPlease state if manuscript has been previously self-published. ŸPlease state if query is a multiple submission and inform Genevieve if the project becomes no longer available for representation.

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Book Review: What A Bride Wants by Kelly Hunter


What A Bride Wants is a stunning hot romance like no other! Once you pick up this novel, you won’t want to put it down! I enjoyed reading this novel by Kelly Hunter. The female character was strong, straight forward, and sassy. Especially when Ella’s love interest Cameron walked into her life. For him it was just one look into her eyes and her bright personality that melted his heart. All it took was on look at Cameron and his broad shoulders and his cute dimples to melt her insides away. Cameron is wealthy like Ella and her father but his life comes with baggage. His older brother Richard is a rapist, a stalker, and a thief. Richard has ruined Camreon’s parents family brewery and is now a wanted man. Richard went after one woman that Cameron fell in love with. Will he go after Ella too? Will Cameron be able to save Ella and stop his brother? And what happens with his parents’ business? I highly recommend all readers to read on and find out what happens! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Book Review: The Make Believe Wedding by Sarah Mayberry



The Make Believe Wedding is an excellent choice for a romantic read. This novel by Sarah Mayberry  is sweet, hot, and funny.  Andie has a fantasy of her friend Heath. But Heath doesn’t know it. Andie fills out a slip for a Great Wedding Giveaway..but doesn’t actually enter. Somehow fate takes it place by making both Andie and Heath the finalists for the giveaway. Heath creates a plan to make it look like both he and Andie are in an engagement only to quietly break apart. But what neither one realizes is that the engagement is no longer just pretend. The feelings and the attractions are real. Will Heath convince Andie they should be together? Or will she feel Heath’s attraction is just friendly? I enjoyed reading this novel from beginning to end! I fell in love with the strong characters and fell hard for the brewing romance between to friends. I highly recommend others to pick up this book and start reading! This is a romance that will heat up your night! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Risking It all by J. M. Stewart

Risking It All is a fabulous romantic read! This is one romance that readers will fall hard for every time. The story is about two friends who have been the best of friends since they were age 10.  Now as adults, the two best friends start to feel a strong attraction towards the other one. Both are afraid that they will lose their best friend if they let their feelings show for the other one. But as time goes on, they eventually let their guards down pushing aside their fears. Ceci is afraid that after making love to her best friend Kyle that she will lose him and their friendship. Kyle finally feels at peace after letting loose his feelings towards Ceci. Making love to her last night felt so right, he never wants to let go of her. Ceci is pregnant with another man’s child, and is wanting to find out about her parents. She asks Kyle to help her find out about her parents. Only she doesn’t know tht he already knows what happened to them. He found out about her parents around the time Ceci’s grandmother was dying. Her grandmother made Kyle promise not to tell Ceci about her parents. Ceci went through tons of nightmares as a child because she remembered images of what happened that day with her parents. But she doesn’t realize that her nightmares are of what happened to her parents. Until, Kyle’s brother comes by and lets it slip. Ceci over hears them talking about it. Will Ceci let this ruin her relationship with Kyle? Or will she forgive? Will they go back to being just friends? Or will their friendship be ruined because Kyle never told her about her parents? I highly recommend reading this romantic novel between two best friends. I loved reading this story! J. M. Stewart definitely knows how to write a heart melting mystical romance novel. I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: Nobody’s Cowboy by Debra Salonen


Nobody’s Cowboy by Debra Salonen, is one readers must pick up and read! Hot, sexy, and sweet describes this perfect novel. The story is about a man who grew up in Montana and works his way up, graduating from Harvard. He then becomes a politician. Soon things go bad, and he heads back home to Montana. Here he runs into his new neighbor. A woman who feels the same way he does about the crap that life throws at you. He begins to realize just how hot and different she is compared to all the other women back in the city. Austen is waiting for his name to be cleared. But in the mean time he gets to know Serena. She has llamas and alpacas too. For her guard she has a great large dog who works well with her animals and keeps her safe.  Both her and Austen feel the pull of attraction and soon are sharing more than just a one night stand. They both fall in love. But will Austen come back and stay in Montana or will he go back to his lawyer lifestyle and forget Serena? And what about Serena’s stalker problem? Will all work for both? I highly recommend this beautiful novel to readers everywhere! This is one book they will never stop reading! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Kingdoms and Empires : Species / Feros

Originally posted on KingdomsandEmpires:

I know I said that I’d discuss the various Federation Legions but that’s a bigger project then I originally thought. So I’ll continue with one of the Federation’s main rivals, The Feros Hegemony. This will be a very brief overview of them.

Okay to begin the Feros were one of the first two races to ever exist. They were given a World called Tera. Like their Angel cousins, the Feros bred several new races including the Humans. But unlike the Angels, the Feros wanted them and helped them grow and evolve. Great interstellar empires rose up and technology advanced species dominated. The Feros allowed conflict between the various races to help them advance. The Feros by nature look frightening, but they are in fact a loving, and compassionate people. They care for life in all its forms. They are the most powerful and advanced of the Great Maker’s creations and…

View original 311 more words

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Book Review: Miedo Afraid by Kevin Cooper

Miedo “Afraid ” is a British drama novel that readers will love! A historical setting with paranormal twists added in makes for a very enjoyable read. Those who have read the book called The Life of Pi will find this novel similar and just as outstanding if not better! I enjoyed reading this story as events unfolded. Miedo goes through a change. He is no longer the same and goes through many different experiences that involve paranormal. Horrible things begin to happen and start torturing Miedo. This causes him to live with fright. Are these happenings real or not? One way to find out is to pick up Kevin Copper’s highly suspenseful novel and read on to find out! Enter Miedo’s world and see if you can understand all that happens and why. Beware, once you enter there is no return! Readers like myself will fall deeply into this dynamically interesting plot and never want to place the book down! Amazing how Kevin Cooper’s story can have such dramatic effects on us readers. The character Miedo has become the best character I have read about! I definitely would recommend to everyone to read this intoxicating book! I rate it a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Writing Prompt

The fight has been raging for three days. The teachers on their end, toting rulers, eraser canons and textbook grenades, and the students on the other, with only school-approved items found in their book bags. Both sides have suffered casualties and people are wondering, what happened three days ago at Wolverine High that started this mess? Start your story three days ago.


Write a short story suing only 700 words!

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Book Review: Falcon Boy: A Fairly Hopeless Hero (Book 1) by Barnaby Taylor



Falcon Boy is an incredibly amazing novel that readers will fall in love with.  Barnaby Taylor definitely knows how to write unique and interesting plot with amazing characters such as the evil Dr. Don’t Know and the two good characters Falcon Boy and his side kick Bewilder Bird. Exciting new adventures waiting for you! Readers will fall in love with Barnaby’s series. His characters are easy to connect with and pop to life with every page! This is a book that all readers can enjoy reading! The world is going to be destroyed by the evil Dr. Don’t Know. Which means everything and everyone will be gone forever! That is unless someone steps up to defeat Dr. Don’t Know. That someone is Falcon Boy. He has help from his side kick Bewilder Bird. Together they go onto fight Dr. Don’t Know. But will they be able to defeat Dr. Don’t Know? Or will it be too late? I highly recommend this stunning novel to all readers everywhere! This is a book you do not want to miss out on reading! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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Book Review: 5 Star Selling from Beginning to Excellence by Lee Davis

5 Star Selling from Beginning to Excellence by Lee Davis is an excellent source of wisdom passed onto those who are entrepreneurs and into sales. Lee gives his readers his wisdom and experience in sales from start to finish. His words not only help you understand the basics and how to get there but how to keep being successful. There is an abundant of information that you could find anywhere, but Lee Davis’s novel gives you everything in a format that is brief, relevant, and handy information. Plus, Lee Davis is an excellent teacher and writer. His way of sharing his experience and expertise in his book is amazing! He has over 35 years of knowledge in selling and sales management. I learned a lot from his book! There are tips and strategies that will help me boost my own sales and gave me the knowledge of how to communicate and handle every day things with customers as well. Those who are beginners or are wanting to touch up your skills in sales, I highly suggest you pick up Lee Davis’s book and start reading! You won’t be disappointed when you do! I rate this brilliant novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Thursday’s Book Review Feature

Thursday’s book review feature will be about Predator and Prey 2. The second novel in James D. Horton’s novel series.  A paranormal romance the intrigues readers interest from page one. I feel in love with his first book and I am happy to announce he has a second book that can be found on Amazon!



Beast (Predator & Prey Book 2) (English Edition)

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Book Review: A 20 Something Novel: Still Yours by Amy Patrick (book 2)

Mara Neely is a 23-year-old who is an ambitious news reporter.  She has been given the chance to step up her career close to home. Back home where a man whom she fell in love with let her go. Now he’s a billionaire and and he now has his first love, Mara Neely, back in his life. This time he doesn’t plan to let her go. Will Mara still have feeling for Reid or will his attempts to finally catch his first love be all for nothing? This New Adult romance is hot enough to light up a fire, but will they both still feel that fire? Amy Patrick’s second book is the perfect romantic read that will have readers asking for more. I enjoyed reading her first novel, and now her second. I highly recommend this novel to all readers out there. You won’t be disappointed when you pick up and read her novels! I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Book Review: Meant for Her by Raine Thomas

Meant for Her is a perfect New Adult Romance read! One that I would highly recommend reading. This story is about a photographer that meets a man named Evan and her gut tells her he needs her. She wants to help him out but, it is hard to reach out to someone who doesn’t want any help at all. Evan is focusing as much as possible on his career only but, someone is making it hard for him. Someone is threatening Evan and this only adds to things he trying hard to forget. Then when he meets Sierra the photographer, her smile and kiss send him falling hard and fast for her like nothing else. Will he and Sierra fall in love? Will the threats stops? Or will Evan lose Sierra? I highly suggest to read this novel and find out! Raine Thomas has painted a wonderful, engaging, and suspenseful New Adult romance that will leave readers wanting more! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Wednesday’s Featured Book Review

Wednesday’s featured book review will be, The End Game. This novel is written by James Barrow.  His fiction novel tells a story of three lives, two tragedies, and one act of revenge!

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Tuesday’s Featured Book Review

Tuesday’s featured book review will feature a fiction young adult novel written by Rachel Barnard.  Her novel is called, At One’s Beast. A very fascinating and intriguing read!


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Monday’s Featured Book Review

Monday’s Featured Book Review:

Will be a novel called, Miedo. This novel is written by Kevin Cooper.  A British drama and historical novel.

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Book Review: Tried and True by Mary Connealy

Tried and True is a fabulous Western must read novel! The story is about three sisters who cover themselves up as men in order to go fight during the war. This war being the one over slavery. Their father lost his son to the war and has hounded and pushed the issue with his daughters to go fight in the war to revenge their brother’s death. One by one each of the women go off to fight in the war. After serving their time they get land grants. Each sister picked out her own piece of land.  Now after awhile a land grant official is sent to check out the properties. This land marshal finds out within moments of meeting the youngest that she is definitely not a man and is baffled by her story of fighting in the war. He soon tries to help her figure out a way to save her from losing the land until danger  soon comes threatening her and her sisters. Soon he finds out that all three sisters went to war dressed like men! Will the sisters lose their land grants? Will the land marshal fall in love with the youngest sister? Will she marry him even though they both want two different things? And who is behind the threat? I highly suggest for every reader to read on and find out! This novel was a beautiful and humorous story about three sisters.  I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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Book Review: The Second Coming: A Love Story by Scott Pinsker

The Second Coming: A Love Story by Scott Pinsker is an amazing tale that readers won’t be able to put down! This story was about two men. Both claimed that he was the Christ and said the other man was the Devil. But which one is really the Christ and which one is the Devil? Even today, this question is not easily answered.  Scott Pinsker has a talent for storytelling and for writing a unique plot that will capture every reader’s attention.  I enjoyed the suspense of trying to figure out for myself who was really who. The novel tells how the United States becomes split over this issue. There are the Red America worshiping one of the men and the Blue America worshiping the other. Both sides go to war fighting over to win for their “savior”.  I highly recommend reading this brilliant yet magnificent novel by Scott Pinsker. The Second Coming: A Love Story is the one book you won’t want to miss reading!  I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars!


download (1)

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Sunday Book Review

This Sunday, a book review feature will  be for Falcon Boy by BF Taylor. A fiction novel that will send you falling deep into the novel.

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Saturday’s Book Review

Saturday’s Book Review will feature a non-fiction novel by Lee Davis. His book is hands down reliable expertise and knowledge to others. His novel tells you how-to have continued success and how to keep being successful in sales. A very fascinating read indeed!

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New Book Review Coming Out Tomorrow!

New book review coming out tomorrow is called, The Second Coming: A love Story. This novel is written by Scott Pinsker.

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Book Review: Turn Key Condition by M. L. Ortega





Turn Key Condition is excellent choice for a murder mystery read! The stunning story will pull you in and keep you deep into the very heart of the plot. The main character, Maggie, is a single divorced parent raising her three sons when she is cleaning a home and finds a dead body. This dead body is of  a man who once gave Maggie some trouble. Not only does Maggie find herself sleuthing through to find the killer before her sons are in danger, but she has to deal with her ex coming to steal the home from under her nose. This novel is funny, suspenseful, and intriguing! I loved reading the book as the event unfolded. Who is the killer? And will Maggie solve the case before the police do? I highly suggest that every reader picks up this mystery novel and find out what happens! I would definitely recommend this novel to all readers. It is a very enjoyable read! I rate this book a 5 out of five stars!

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Free Book Reviews for Authors

Just a note for those who are wanting the free book reviews, be sure to check that your email address is valid and correct. Out of 40 something book reviews that I have done so far on here, I have not had any trouble with that until just yesterday.

An author sent me a request for a book review and I every time I tried to email the author back it said invalid email address. Does not exist. So, please just make sure your email address is correct an maybe post a cell phone number to text you or another email address to contact you at! I do not want any author thinking I turned their books down or that I am simple ignoring them.


Thank you! :-)

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Design your own Federation Legion.

Design your own Federation Legion..

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Design your own Federation Legion.

Design your own Federation Legion..

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Kingdoms and Empires: Character – E’via (Raeina)



Originally posted on KingdomsandEmpires:

Hello and welcome back. This post we will go over the Terran named E’via Eraketan, or as she was known in Rise of the Federation as Senator Raeina of the Lasran. If you are familiar with the post with Praetor D’var you will know that E’via is D’var’s twin sister. So you know that E’via is a Terran, and like her brother she too was genetically engineered to be a super Terran. But unlike D’var, E’via’s life went down a different path.

Before I go into her back story, lets go over her appearance and other biology figures. Well E’via stands 5’10” and weighs in at about 155 lbs. She was at first slender, then she got a hold of Laxur’s DNA and used it to modify herself and ended up with a body similar to Laxur’s shape. She has thin shoulder length platinum blonde hair. Her eye color does…

View original 707 more words

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All it took was just one look, and I immediately knew he was mine.

The heat within his amber eyes reflected back the same heat and desire. 

Before I knew it, he captured my lips with his. Gently kissing them softly and creating tiny little moans from deep inside me. 

Who knew kissing would have such an affect on a gal. Until Kevin, I didn’t know what real desire was. 

I took the liberty of speeding up our moment. I wanted much..much more! 

“Sadie…” He softly moaned my name by me ear.  

Feeling him harden beneath me only speed up my pulse. I could hear my heart beat drumming in my ears. 

I slid my body over his, and slip directly into place. 

For several moments we stilled, staying that that position. Almost as though we were savoring this special moment. I felt  a rush of electricity flow through me. I wanted to purr like a kitten.  When I started to move, it was driving Kevin insane. I knew he was trying to hold out waiting for me to reach it with him. But I kept  at my pace, wanting to watch and feel him shatter beneath my body. 

It didn’t take long. Just a few strokes back and forth before..


“Aw, fuck!”

Kevin was then grasping my thighs forcing me to move even faster. I loved every moment of making the man I love come undone. I soon was on the tip of my own cliff. Falling.. into a complete overall bliss.  Before rolling over, I remember being kissed gently and the soft whisper of ..

“I love you, Sadie.”


It must have been morning, I could hear the the vaccum going on in the next room. Turning over I wanted to see if Kevin was awake or still asleep.  The spot next to me on the bed was empty. Only a slight dent giving away any clues that Kevin was there. I decide to get up and see if he was in the shower. Passing the small table, I peek into the bathroom. Nothing. No sign of Kevin. Where was he? Why did he leave with not telling me? I walked back to the night stand by our bed. No notes, no messages. Nothing.  It would appear that I just dreamed up last night. But I know deep down that it was real. That and the one tiny spot of blood upon the bed sheets spoke of our act from last night. Kevin did take me. And now I was his. His woman forever.  Our kind didn’t causally have sex. It was for life. We mate for life, unless one of us dies. So, the question was… Where is Kevin? And why disappear without telling me? Something in my gut was saying it wasn’t because he wanted to, but because he had no choice to. 





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Writing Course Survey! Please, reply!

Writing Course Survey!

Please, select the letter of the answer to every question that you are interested in.  

Next, post your a comment down below listing the letters to your response for this survey!

1.  What genres are you most interested in?

a) romance

b) mystery

c) thriller suspsense

d) western

e) comedy

f) new adult

g) young adult

h) cozy mystery

i) paranormal

j) romance /comedy       k) romance/mystery      l) romance/ western

m) new adult/ paranormal   n) thriller suspense/ mystery

o) thriller suspense/ paranormal


2.  If  you could take any 3 courses which three would you choose?

a) Young Adult fiction      b) Romance fiction   c) Thriller Suspense fiction

d) Writing Short Fiction   e) Novel Writing     f) Descriptive Writing

g) Mystery  Writing


3.  How much are you willing to pay for an online writing course? (that provides feedback, tutorials, and a certificate of completion)


a)  $10        b) $15     c) $20      d) $25




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Kingdoms and Empires: Character – Lord Serafus

Kingdoms and Empires: Character – Lord Serafus.

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New Digital Magazine is Out!

To read it, click on the link below! 

It is free! 

Creative Writing

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Historical Fiction

My name is Rose and this is my story. 


1830:  Talk of Railroads

Chapter 1



Today,I was outside standing out on the balcony of our small front porch. My father and two other men were discussing the rumors of railroads. A transportation that can get you anywhere you wanted to go. I was fascinated by their discussions. My father didn’t mind me listening in as long as I remembered to obey my mother. It wouldn’t be too long before she called me back in the house to do “lady” stuff. As a ten year-old girl growing up during this time era I was easily distracted.  


“Rose Abigail Weston!” 

There was my mother calling me. Only she came out and grabbed my hand to lead me away from my father and the other two men. 

“Yes,  Momma. I was coming.”

“Don’t start lying to me Rose. We both know you would rather listen about railroads than sew needle point and do embroidery.” 

Momma was always right. She knew me better than anyone else did. Once Momma had me back in the house, I was stuck doing boring work. But as Momma would constantly tell me, I am a young lady that will marry a man someday. And that I would need to know how to work and act like a lady. Today, I was making a quilt. It was too hot to do patch work. But the sooner I did it, the sooner I can excuse myself. That’s what my Papa told my Momma. If I did as I was suppose to then I can be awarded to do what I wanted as long as it was proper for a lady. 

Besides Momma had enough to keep her busy. My two older sisters Mary and Kayla are at the age where they are marriageable. Momma has been helping them prepare their trunks and getting them ready for their first season. I do not have to worry about all that for another six years. Walking back outside, I search for my best friend, Micheal. Micheal is a year older than me. But he doesn’t care. He says I am the only girl he enjoys being around that doesn’t giggle, when he talks to me. The girls don’t giggle at him in a way to hurt him. The girls my age have a crush on Micheal. It’s funny to watch him being surrounded by them all. He hates all the attention. 


Turning around, I see Micheal hiding behind the great oak tree.

“So, how was sewing lessons?”, Micheal asked me. He knows I think of the work as boring. I rather talk about trains and other cool things. 

“How many girls asked you for their hand?”, I replied back. Micheal gave me a stare that said you know the answer to that one.

Laughing, I swat his arm and ask him a million questions about trains and how they work. Micheal is kind enough to answer all my questions and he listens to me. Unlike my family does. They are all so busy doing this or that. There is always some kind of work that needed to be done.

“Trains are going to be coming here soon. But it takes a lot of man power and a lot of cash.”, Micheal informed me.

“You really think they will come here?”, I asked hooked on his every word.

“Yes, I do.”, Micheal answered me back.  Smiling like he was does makes me want to smile back just as big. I didn’t know smiles were contagious, but with Micheal they were. He and I would sit there under the tree and watch as people went by. 


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Today’s Writing

Write about what happens when your character who is a high school student gets into a car with his or her friends. Once they get into that car on that day, they will never be coming back.  


- Write about how their is a love triangle connected to this high school student’s death.

- Who committed the murder and why? What are each one of the friends motives?

- Write about how a trial comes to start. Does evidence from the prosecutor prove that one of the guilty is innocent? Why? And how? What other shocking truths come out in the court room? How are the parents of the missing teen holding up?

- Was the death really over someone the missing teen loved or was it more gruesome than that?

- Has this type of violence been happening before in the same area? 

- Where was the missing teen’s body? What new evidence comes to light?

- What sinister things are about to occur, now that the body has been found?

- Will someone pose as the missing teen and kill others? Saying it was the ghost coming back for revenge? How much is truth and how much are lies?



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New Magazine Issue!

This issue will feature the winners of the short fiction contest and much more!
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Fiction Writing Magazine – Free!

Fiction Writing Magazine is free for all!

Click on the link below!

Fiction Writing Magazine

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Testing the Reader in You!

Read the short passage then answer the questions.

-Narrative The following passage is adapted from a short story written in the 19th century.

Monsieur Chantal stopped. He was sitting on the edge of the billiard table, his feet hanging, and was playing with a ball with his left hand, while with his right he crumpled a rag which served to rub the chalk marks from the slate. A little (5) red in the face, his voice thick, he was talking away to himself now, lost in his memories. After a slight pause he continued: “By Jove! She was pretty at eighteen–and graceful– and perfect. Ah! She was so sweet–and good and true–and (10) charming! She had such eyes- blue-transparent–clear–such eyes as I have never seen since!” I asked: “Why did she never marry?” He answered, not to me, but to the word “marry” which had caught his ear, “Why? why? She never would–she never (15) would! She had a dowry of thirty thousand francs, and she received several offers–but she never would! She seemed sad at that time. That was when I married my cousin, little Charlotte, my wife, to whom I had been engaged for six years.”

(20) I looked at M. Chantal, and it seemed to me that I was looking into his very soul, and I was suddenly witnessing one of those humble and cruel tragedies of honest, straightforward, blameless hearts, one of those secret tragedies known to no one, not even the silent and resigned (25) victims. A rash curiosity suddenly impelled me to exclaim: “You should have married her, Monsieur Chantal!” He startled, looked at me, and said, “I? Marry whom?” “Mademoiselle Pearl.” (30)” Why?” “Because you loved her more than your cousin.” He stared at me with strange, round, bewildered eyes and stammered, “I loved her–I? How? Who told you that?” “Why, anyone can see that–and it’s even on account of her (35) that you delayed for so long your marriage to your cousin who had been waiting for you for six years.” He dropped the ball which he was holding in his left hand, and, seizing the chalk rag in both hands, he buried his face in it and began to sob. He was weeping with his eyes, nose and (40) mouth in a heartbreaking yet ridiculous manner, like a sponge which one squeezes. I felt bewildered, ashamed; I wanted to run away, and I no longer knew what to say, do, or attempt.

Suddenly Madame Chantal’s voice sounded on the stairs. (45)“Haven’t you men almost finished smoking your cigars?” I opened the door and cried: “Yes, madame, we are coming right down.” Then I rushed to her husband, and, seizing him by the shoulders, I cried: “Monsieur Chantal, my friend Chantal, (50) listen to me; your wife is calling; pull yourself together, we must go downstairs.” I caught him by the hands and dragged him into his bedroom, muttering: “I beg your pardon, I beg your pardon, Monsieur Chantal, for having caused you such sorrow–but–( 55) I did not know–you–you understand.” He squeezed my hand, saying: “Yes–yes–there are difficult moments.” Then he plunged his face into a bowl of water. When he emerged from it he did not yet seem to me to be presentable; (60) but I thought of a little stratagem. As he was growing worried, looking at himself in the mirror, I said to him, “All you have to do is to say that a little dust flew into your eye and you can cry before everybody to your heart’s content.” I went over to Mademoiselle Pearl and watched her, (65) tormented by an ardent curiosity, which was turning to positive suffering. She must indeed have been pretty, with her gentle, calm eyes, so large that it looked as though she never closed them like other mortals. Her gown was a little ridiculous, a real old maid’s gown, which was unbecoming (70) without appearing clumsy.

“Mademoiselle Pearl” by Guy de Maupassant (1850-1893)

1. In line 13 (“ He answered,… ear”), the author views Monsieur Chantal’s reaction as:

 (A) peculiar

(B) expected

(C) erroneous

(D) thoughtful

(E) intelligible

2. The word “dowry” (line 15) most nearly means?

(A) real estate

(B) status

(C) capital

(D) prospect

(E) alimony

3. In “You… Chantal!” (line 27), the narrator’s attitude is best described as:

(A) considerate

(B) vexing

(C) decadent

(D) whimsical

(E) aggravated

4. The author would most likely characterize the attitude of Monsieur Chantal “I loved… that?” (line 33) as:

(A) pretentious

(B) modest

(C) secretive

(D) frustrated

(E) enchanted

5. Which of the following best describes the change in Monsieur Chantal’s feeling from (line 1-6) to (line 37-43)

(A) fear to intrepid

(B) nostalgic to flustered

(C) sentimental to dreamy

(D) content to gloomy

(E) agitated to paranoia







1. A       2. E      3. C     4. D      5. B

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Kingdoms and Empires: Character – Praetor D’var

Kingdoms and Empires: Character – Praetor D'var.

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Writing Assignment #9

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Harper Collins is Giving Away a Free iBook!

Click on the link below to get your free iBook from Harper Collins!


FREE iBook

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My Sadness

Writing is my way,
The only thing that brings me joy every day,
And now it’s slowly being taken away,
What’s sad it that I have no say,
My dreams are like that of clay,
Only I can create the way,
Oh, but it’s washed out like the color gray,
Hovering upon me like a stray….

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Kingdoms and Empires: Nation – The Human Consortium

Kingdoms and Empires: Nation – The Human Consortium.

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Literature Prompt

In the story of “Gilgamesh,” the characters of Gilgamesh and Enkidu share a relationship that is often seen in buddy flicks.  Can you think of any buddy movies in which two seemingly different people become friends and participate in all kinds of action?  Or can you think of seemingly different characters in a movie who end up working together?  For instance, I am thinking of Maverick and Ice Man in Top Gun or Edward Cullen and Jacob in the Twilight saga.  Explain why it was important for Gilgamesh to have a counterpart.  Your response should be a minimum of 150 words, be grammatically correct, and written in 3rd person.


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Book Review: Restless Spirits by Kathy Bryson


Restless Spirits is a captivating novel. A romance between the manager and his new hired assistant. He admires her more and more as each day goes by. Her determination to help keep the bed and breakfast going and getting set up makes him start to fall harder for this woman whom he should’t be feeling that way about and yet he does. So, far she has proven herself over and over again to him. But when the time really comes can she still prove herself to him?

Marilee Harper is desperately seeking a new job. Especially when a major accident occurred such as setting her employer’s home on fire! Marilee soon gets a job for a man to set up his bed and breakfast place. But does she have it in her to do it? What we will happen when she takes the job? It isn’t long before strange things start to happen at the bed and breakfast. Marilee tackles the every day stuff that goes with setting up the place and then there’s things like flying baseball bats. Even her employer wonders what is going on? He seems amazed at her ability so far. But how long will that last?




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Book Review: Carlita’s Way: Out of the Dark into the Light (Vol #1) by Carlita Hodges

Carlita’s Way: Out of the Dark into the Light is a story of a woman life as a wife of famous man. A man who spiraled downward fast. He didn’t care about his wife or his family. The book told of how this woman survived through it all. The cheating and abuse from her husband. This novel sparked my interest from the start. It captured my whole undivided attention as I read on. How our lives can be perfect in one moment and then completely turn upside down and inside out is what the story tells us readers. It shows us how the ugly sides of life that many go through that most never see or ever hear about until it happens to them. And this one women went through it all and survived the worst of the worst. This is one story that readers should pick up and read. Not all stories are meant to be super happy with perfect fairy tale endings. This one is a realistic and stunning novel of a real women’s life and experiences as they occurred. Carlita Hodges’s novel depicts real situations and real side of life. Her words send lessons to readers. These lessons make us readers more aware of what and how reality can be. I highly recommend this novel to readers all over. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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