Book Review: Turn Key Condition by M. L. Ortega





Turn Key Condition is excellent choice for a murder mystery read! The stunning story will pull you in and keep you deep into the very heart of the plot. The main character, Maggie, is a single divorced parent raising her three sons when she is cleaning a home and finds a dead body. This dead body is of  a man who once gave Maggie some trouble. Not only does Maggie find herself sleuthing through to find the killer before her sons are in danger, but she has to deal with her ex coming to steal the home from under her nose. This novel is funny, suspenseful, and intriguing! I loved reading the book as the event unfolded. Who is the killer? And will Maggie solve the case before the police do? I highly suggest that every reader picks up this mystery novel and find out what happens! I would definitely recommend this novel to all readers. It is a very enjoyable read! I rate this book a 5 out of five stars!

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