Book Review: Spoiled Brats Romance Presents: My Amnesia Girl by Marissa Marchan

Spoiled Brats Romance Diaries Presents: My Amnesia Girl Series 1

My Amnesia Girl by Marissa Marchan is an addictive sweet romance that all will love. The characters are charming. A wealthy yet spoiled woman keeps running into a young fisherman who is kind. He falls in love with her despite her not liking him. Two highly different people from two very different social classes are brought together by fate once again. Vanessa Grandeville goes out on a boat with her girlfriends when a storm hits and all fall overboard. They are all safe and found except for Vanessa. Vanessa is missing and it so happens that fate will once more bring Michael, the kind fisherman, to her rescue. He finds her but she has amnesia. The suspense on whether Vanessa or Michael will or will not fall in love together is something readers will have to find out by reading this beautifully written romance. I enjoyed reading this novel by Marissa Marchan and I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. Her writing will lure you deeply into this enchanted tale where love conquers all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Check Out: Made by Us: Giselle and Liam’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts

Made by Us: Giselle and Liam’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts


Being a part of a love triangle is something Giselle never imaged would happen to her. Her heart is torn between two gorgeous men. Who will she chose faithful Liam or reckless Ethan?

Giselle is the type of person that people strive to emulate; she’s loyal, caring and honest. She

is challenged with an ongoing internal conflict, which no one realizes; it’s her ultimate fear that she will become like her wayward mother.

Giselle surrounds herself with wonderful friends, a loving and devoted boyfriend, Liam Jackson, and is co-owner of a flourishing catering business, Indulgence. Her life is simple and joyous. Until bad boy Ethan Thomas reappears and turns everything upside down.

Will Giselle keep her safe and secure life with Liam? Or will she enter Ethan’s fast and wild lifestyle?


Check Out: Made for You: Marcia and David’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts

Made for You: Marcia and David’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts


Marcia has a secret past that she has hidden from everyone. It is filled with violence, intrigue and murder. Skeletons never stay buried. When previous events catch up with her, will she lose the one who holds her heart?

Marcia Davis has everything a girl could ask for. Not only does she have a thriving career as a financial analyst at A.Werts, she is a risk taker when it comes to fashion, and her make-up stays flawless. She is blessed to have two best friends, Carmen and Giselle. Will their friendship survive once the truth is revealed?

If you don’t envy her for those reasons, you will once you see her with the one and only David Parker. Behind all the glitz and glam, no one knows the dark secrets that she’s concealing. Until, a severed head is delivered at her door…


Check Out: Made to Love: Carmen and Copper’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts

Made to Love: Carmen and Copper’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts


After Carmen’s sister violent death, her heart is closed off to love. Can Cooper forget the past? Are they made to love or will this too end in tragedy?

Carmen is a successful business owner who is young and beautiful. Carmen lives in Arlington, VA. She shares an upscale apartment with her best friends, Marcia and Giselle. Her life should be perfect, but every day she faces guilt due to the murder of her younger sister. This tragic event has controlled her love life.   Carmen meets Cooper at a summer party hosted by the company he works for A. Werts.With one look Cooper has her mesmerized. How could this handsome successful business man be without a significant other? Her first encounter with Cooper was discouraging until they shared an earth shattering kiss.

Cooper Jackson is every woman’s fantasy, tall, dark and handsome. An event from his childhood, which he never discusses, has prevented him from wanting to love anyone, until he meets Carmen Williams. Even though his heart says yes he still pushes her away. After years of no contact, his mother, Beverly reappears.

Carmen never speaks to Cooper about Celeste, they are both trying to protect one another from their past. Unfortunately it cannot be forgotten, therefore, it’s only a matter of time before it comes out. Their relationship is constantly put to the test. Can they hold on knowing they were made to love each other? Or will Carmen’s heart end up wounded by this beautiful creature.


Book Review: Jennifer and Rocket by Anita Claire

Jennifer and Rocket by Anita Claire is another incredible romance novel within the brilliant stunningly series. All of the novels in The Princess of Silicon Valley can be read separately. That’s one of the reasons I love this series so much. Jennifer is tired of metro-sexual men. She wants a real man. When she eyes Rocket with the tats and piercings, she doesn’t think there’s much more to this hot man than meets the eyes. Rocket has spent his entire time, wasting it away with drinking and tons of women. But now he wants to settle down and the middle school teacher, Jennifer, is the one he wants to settle with. He takes her to an art gallery where she finally learns there is indeed more to this sexy man that she first thought. Jennifer’s story isn’t complete without the help of her college friends and her title: Princess. Anita Claire has beautifully written an adult novel that is realistically enchanting. Her characters are real, hot, and have flaws that make them interesting. I loved reading each and everyone of her novels in this exciting series. Every girl in this series has gone through their own situations and there’s always plenty of hot men to satisfy readers’ attention. I would recommend reading Jennifer and Rocket to all. I enjoyed their adventure and journey and I have no doubt others will fall in love with them too. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Broken Pearl by Dawn Brower

Broken Pearl

Broken Pearl by Dawn Brower is historically stunning. Dawn Brower was able to capture a major historical event and add her own fictional tale to an already heart pounding story. I choose this novel because I love history and reading fiction. When someone like Dawn Brower weaves both together, I snatch it up like a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Unlike with my chocolate chips cookies, I can share this beautifully written novel that has captured my heart and soul.

Broken Pearl happens during 1941 when the Japanese decide to attack Pear Harbor. A woman who has her dream career as a nurse and a love of her life is suddenly hit hard by everything. She finds that she has empathic power. This power suddenly ignites within her when her world around her is being destroyed. Rebecca O’Shea wants nothing more than to give up her ability and that’s when her guardian Joel arrives on scene. He comes to help her with her gift and develop it further. Her one love is a soldier on board the USS Arizona. Rebecca doesn’t want to feel things anymore nor does she want to feel things for Joel either. She shuts herself off from her emotions and soon will end up destroying herself, if Joel doesn’t come to her aide in time. Can he help save her before it’s too late?

I highly recommend reading Broken Pear by Dawn Brower. Her novel is enticing and one that will forever lure you deep into a world similar to our very own. Her writing is of out of this world. The scenes come off the pages and the characters pop to life. Readers will be fascinated with this historical tale time and time again. I loved reading this novel and I look forward to reading more by Dawn Brower. Overall, I rate Broken Pearl a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Nightmares and Other Therapy by D.W. Carver

Product Details

Nightmares and Other Therapy by D.W. Carver will leave readers with a shiver down their spines and a sense of adrenaline pumping through their system. The horrors of what happens inside this brilliant yet frightening novel will take readers deep into a dark unforeseen world.   Michael suffers from nightmares that leave him waking with fear. He is soon forced to go into a mental hospital where he thought he could find all his answers. However, nothing goes as we would expect. Everything Michael thought would happens actually turns out worse than he ever feared. Readers will feel intrigued as the plot moves forward. Michael is the one character despite how dark and suspenseful the story is, that readers can easily relate to and come to enjoy reading about. He struggles with many issues and tries to deal with them the best he can. D.W. Carver has masterfully created a fast-paced thriller that will forever haunt readers’ minds. A real page turner. Suspense and intrigue plus adventure packed all into one amazing well written novel. I enjoyed reading this tale and look forward to reading the other novels by D.W. Carver. This is definitely a must read for all who enjoy a little fear and excitement. Overall, I rate Nightmares and Other Therapy a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Fledgling by Katrina Cope

Fledgling: Book 1 (Afterlife)

Fledgling is an sensational romance action novel that readers everywhere will enjoy. A young girl given a destiny she has never asked for and having to deal with letting go of her former lives. It’s hard to not want to be around the people who made friends with and know are still alive. But when you are forbidden to interact with those you use to be around, it’s hard to not break the rules. Fledgling is one of the new breed of Angels. Her life sucks. No romance allowed no contact with past life and knowing that Evil is growing stronger with each passing moment. Her past three lives were lived as a human until she was chosen for her new destiny. Being young is hard especially on her as she feels attracted to her trainee and still feels for her past love. The problem is that her past love is on the verge of either becoming an Angel or being lost forever and no matter what, Fledgling is prohibited from interfering. But can she or will she become exiled for her temptations in helping others?

Katrina Cope has stunningly written a unique novel that will lure readers continually. Fledgling is a young woman who struggles with issues just like anyone else. Readers can easily connect with her on every level. Forbidden life and love is just as attractive to readers as it is to the main character. This novel will hook readers in like a moth to a flame. The plot is well written, exciting, and adventurous. Readers will never know what the outcome and consequences will be until they happen. Suspense and intrigue is done well. I loved reading Fledgling by Katrina Cope. I look forward to reading more novels by her in the future. Also, I highly recommend her story to readers everywhere. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Giving It All by Arianna Hart

Arianna Hart has beautifully written a realistic tale that shows readers that our heroes are not only strong on the outside but also strong on the inside. It wasn’t long until Navy Seal, Grant Anderson, lost his lower limb due to not noticing an IED nearby. Not only did he have to live threw that kind of hell to torment himself but also had to live through the fact that he couldn’t fix his failing marriage. His wife was embarrassed. Giving It All is indeed this hot amazing hero’s journey to giving it all.

Giving It All is the most powerful emotionally romantic story readers will see. Arianna Hart has put so much passion and given life to her characters that readers will fall right into the story. Grant Anderson heads home where his father has taken ill. This is where the novel’s plot turns for Grant. Fate intercedes and brings him something worth giving it all for..Ellie Hall. A woman that reads, girl next door, has Grant all tied up in knots. Ellie has always held a secret crush on Grant but he never noticed. Now, she’s a beautiful woman whom any red blooded male would want to keep forever. But nothing is ever easy and our characters are soon headed into trouble and Ellie may be in danger. Can Grant solve the problem and come to Ellie’s aid or will he fail? I highly recommend this stunning romance for readers everywhere. It’s addictive, sweet, and suspenseful. Overall, I rate Giving It All a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Animal by Nikki Rae


Animal is a stunning piece of literature masterfully woven by Nikki Rae. She keeps readers guessing as the plot moves forward. At first, you think okay this is going a bit slow..and then you find yourself drawn into a whole new universe. Ava, the main character, finds out from her family about the things that haunt the night. Then a tragedy happens and Ava is fighting to stay a step ahead of it all. But soon, she is captured by one of those dark creatures. Michael is a completely insane vampire. He wants Ava as his. Ava fights to keep alive while trapped by Micheal who wants to turn her. Then there’s Evan.  Another vampire who wants to say to say no to Michael about turning Ava. But something keeps him from doing so.

Nikki Rae is a master at creating suspense, intrigue, and addictive plot lines that keep readers up all night long. Reading Animal, left me wanting to read more about all of her different yet realistic characters. They keep you turning the pages and sitting at the edge of your seat waiting. Readers will never know what to expect next inside this vividly entertaining novel. I enjoyed following Ava’s story and look forward to reading more by Nikki Rae. I highly recommend this to dark romance to all. Overall, I rate Animal a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl

Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl is indeed the perfect steamy romance for all. A passion unlike anything known in our world. One that ignites into flames of sweet irresistible romance. I choose this novel by Victoria Dahl not only because she has the talent to write but because I have read a few of her novels. Novels that lured me into worlds that were too good to put down at night. This particular novel of hers caught my eyes and utmost attention. The story is about a woman writer who took chances to follow her dreams. Veronica Chandler took her chance and was soon headed back home, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Great name for a place to live, which was interesting to me. Veronica has taken a huge low dip in her pride and ego as a writer wanting to make it big. She ends up writing for a romance advice column. Could she sink any lower? A woman has to do what she has to do. Although Veronica like most women in reality have a non-existent sex life. No sex nor romance to speak of until…a very hot librarian makes her come undone. Enters Gabe MacKenzie. He’s most than just a smoking hot Librarian. He has a family legacy that he’s trying to avoid. Something about Veronica makes him want to explore everything there is about her. However there’s his legacy to live up to and he plans to make a few nights with Veronica to always remember. One problem….neither one expected for the explosive yet highly intense passion that ignites between them both.

Taking the Heat is a perfect title that suits  Victoria Dahl’s latest novel. A perfect must read for everyone. Readers will be addicted from page one until the ending. By the they will be looking out for the next new exciting story waiting for them to discover by this best-selling writer. I definitely enjoyed reading this well written tale. One thing for sure, was that I could not put the novel down until I finished it. Beware, this writer has a power to take you deep into her world of fiction only to leave you taking the heat. Characters are lovable and easy to connect with. Overall, I rate Taking the Heat a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Shiva Syndrome by Alan Joshua

The Shiva Syndrome is one novel readers will enjoy. The exciting tale takes readers on a journey of paranormal activity, a deadly experiment with politics and spiritual tones. A must read for all. Alan Joshua  has masterfully crafted a one of a kind novel that will blow readers away. The characters, plot, and magnificent settings, will forever trap readers into this story.
For readers wanted something good that is fresh, completely different but enchanting, then Shiva Syndrome is the novel for you. A secret Russian mind laboratory that Beau Walker, a parapsychologist and reluctant empath, is forced to join. The research project is called, SHIVA. What appears to be a scientific research leads to something neither Walker nor his team can comprehend. This novel, reminded me of the Borne movies with Matt Damon. A fast paced-thriller action that will keep readers turning the pages and wishing for more.
I highly recommend this fascinating tale to every reader. There is no way a readers will every be bored with all of the mystery, intrigue, and adventures waiting for them inside, Shiva Syndrome. From the first page and onward readers will be wowed for a long time to come. I enjoyed reading this unique and well written book by Alan Joshua. I am definitely looking forward to the next debut novel by this writer. Overall, I rate Shiva Syndrome a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Imogene in New Orleans by Hunter Murphy

Imogene in New Orleans

For fans of Miss Marple, Nancy Drew, and Miss Fischer this is indeed the perfect murder mystery. Imogene in New Orleans is the most fascinating yet highly intriguing mystery novel I have read in quite a while. It has its own uniqueness that brings an elderly woman’s sleuthing fresh and exciting. The danger can be felt upon each page. Readers will feel the plot building up as they grip the edge of their seats waiting for who and what will happen next. Hunter Murphy has masterfully woven together a tale that will become a new favorite among many. A novel that will be a crossover. All ages will enjoy the humor and excitement as well as the danger as the four characters find out all the answers.

Imogene in New Orleans by Hunter Murphy is the best read readers will ever find. As a 73 year-old woman and her watchful team help her discover who committed the crime and why. Imogene Deal McGregor has a knack for finding trouble. She is funny, smart, and the bravest old lady readers will see. Her son and his partner as well as their English bulldog, Goose, work together to solve the mystery. A friend of theirs is found dead in his own art gallery and then there’s the tough lieutenant that leave them fending on their own for the answers. One adventure readers won’t ever forget and will forever love. I highly recommend Hunter Murphy’s brilliant piece and I look forward to reading more of his novels in the future. Overall, I rate Imogene in New Orleans a five out of five stars.

Tips for the Perfect Query


Tips for the Perfect Query Letter

– Limit i to 1 page, single-spaced.

– Address the editor by name.

– Grab the editor’s attention with a strong opening.

– Indicate how you intend to develop the article or book.

– Let the editor know if you have photos/ illustrations.

– Mention any expertise or training that qualifies you to write the article or book.

– Also, mention if you have been published before and where.

– End with a direct request to send in the entire proposal or manuscript.

– Also, mention  the expected length & delivery date of your manuscript.

Book Review: Pretty Dancer by Cora Graham

Pretty Dancer

Pretty Dancer by Cora Graham is one perfect read for all. Her novel is is a contemporary romance. A realistic story of a brother and sister and their struggles. Every reader can easily relate to this novel and to each of the character’s own issues. I love the sister and brother pack that is formed within this tale. I sense and visualize the scenes and their events as they happen. Cora Graham is a new author to watch out for! Her writing will forever lure you into her new world of fiction.

Pretty Dancer is a story that shows us readers what happened to Lily and her brother Luke. They finally manage to leave their awful father and then struggle with drama at school. But Lily has a plan and that involves going to an Academy for Dancing. However her plan did not include meeting a boy who will leave her wondering if she could trust him or not. And then Lily’s brother Luke is a kind protective older brother that readers will love. Both he and Lily take care of each other. Then there’s Carter the guy who frustrates Lily to no end and there’s Andrea a good friend. Cora Graham has beautifully woven together a masterpiece that readers will continue to read and enjoy time and time again. I loved reading her debut novel and look forward to more by this new emerging author. Also, I highly recommend this read to everyone. Overall, I rate Pretty Dancer a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Uncertain Murder by James Litherland

Uncertain Murder (Watchbearers, Book 3)

Uncertain Murder by James Litherland is a stunning and most captivating mystery of them all. His writing lures readers deep into the mystery of one man’s death. A death that was ruled out as a crime. However there are two that believe it was. These two characters are just intriguing as the plot. They are time travelers who are investigating into a man’s death.  Apparently everyone that was there for the man’s death happens to be mentioned in his will. But as these people are being murdered the time travelers will have to race and figure who the killer is before it’s too late for them as well.

Uncertain Murder indeed fits in with the novel’s theme and surrounds readers with uncertainty as a killer is loose and people die. Is it revenge or is it someone eliminating others? A fast-paced story that will keep readers guessing until the end. James Litherland has created a fascinating world with characters that bring unknown possibilities to readers’ minds. A mystery so beautifully put together, readers will be looking for the next book inside this new series by James.  For those love suspense, murder, and a novel with paranormal twists, this is the book for you. I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. James Litherland’s writing is a talent most writers wished they had. Overall, I rate Uncertain Murder a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Breathe In by Martha Sweeney

Breathe In (Just Breathe Book 1)

Breathe In by Martha Sweeney has captured both my heart and soul. It will leave readers breathless. I was given this novel by Martha Sweeney for a review. I am happy she was did. The characters are intoxicating and realistic. Martha has wonderfully placed more than just two irresistible characters and a hot romance together. She placed before us readers, a unique set of real life characters. Not just the usual erotic bedroom romance that you can find anywhere.  I have to say that after reading this brilliant plot written by Martha Sweeney, I was HOOKED.

Breathe In features a tale of how one dedicated yet hardworking woman in the professional world has these set of rules.. and how one man comes crushing in causing her to break them all. The rules were set to keep her safe. Yet one man,  such as Joe Covelli enters into her life. Sex is just something Emma needed and none of the men were able to give her exactly what she needed until Joe. Joe is Emma’s best friend’s colleague. He is the one that breaks into Emma’s emotions. Joe is the one who makes Emma quiver and try to analyze everything she’s doing but her heart comes in and stops her. Readers will get an insider’s view of Emma and her past and come to love both her and Joe as their new top favorite couple.

I loved reading this debut novel by Martha Sweeney. She created perfect masterpiece that will continued to be read by many as the years come. Her novel is one that is hard to put down until every last juicy and intriguing page has been read. Perfect plot, stunning creativity, and a romance that will leave you completely undone. I highly recommend to Breathe In or in other words to read and re-read Breathe In by this talented writer. I can’t wait to read book two in this marvelous new series called Just Breathe. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.

Love Scenes!

Having trouble writing those love scenes in your romance novel? Practice, practice and practice!

Here’s a sample:

Just as I was expecting the pain, he moved moved his mouth right over my sweet spot.

His breath was hot and the anticipation of what was next, drove me insane.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

“OMG! Yes, just fuck me already!” I shouted breathlessly back at him.

He was grinning. Damn him.

He knew this was my first and he was enjoying taking it slow..just to drive me crazy.

Slowly he inched his mouth nearer his eyes watching me all the while.

My breathing became heavy and my body ached.

Then dipping his head lower his lips touched my sweetness.

A moan of pleasure, escaped my lips.

My hips taking on their own rhythm as his tongued sweetly tortured my soul.

Minutes later he came back up and standing there in all his glory, he shucked his boxers off leaving me in awe.

His dick immediately popped up. Coming to life.

He walked over to the bed, kissing my ankles and making his way up my inner thighs.

Soft moans erupted from somewhere within me.

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dialogue!

5 Things You Didn’t Know about Dialogue

1. It’s easier & faster to read than narrative, moves the story by faster, and keeps readers interested.

2. #1 Purpose is to provide essential information.

3. #2 Purpose is to move the plot forward.

4. #3 Purpose is to define the different characters.

5. It defines a character.

Book Review: The Copy by Grant Boshoff

The Copy: A Suspense Legal Thriller Novella

The Copy by Grant Boshoff is one of most brilliant and well written masterpieces that I have seen in a long time. His debut novel is one that lures curious readers deeper into a plot that takes an impossible event and leads it to be true. Readers will watch as the shocking truth of one man’s clone has significantly changed his whole life. A life he lost after awhile and was struggling to keep in one piece. Until he succeeded at cloning himself.

Grant Boshoff leads his readers deep into a world of one man’s scientific journey. A journey that takes them deep into a hot debated court room dealing with the death of the same man being accused of murder. The prosecuting attorney dramatically begins questioning witnesses. This is where readers realize what is happening. Geffory Bartell made a clone of himself. Now, he’s is being accused of committing his own murder. At first his life of cloning animals went well but when he brought it out to the public that’s where everything went wrong for him, his family and his company. Pressure built up on him, until he created his clone. His clone made him realize all the he missed out with his family while trying to “keep his business going”. But as with every project, no plan is perfect. That is where Geffory finds his clone, inside of his his den, at his home holding a gun meant for shooting him. His copy.

I highly recommend reading, The Copy. It’s plot is the stunning edge of your seat story. So intensifying that readers will wonder what happens next. Did Geffory Bartell really kill his clone or did his clone kill him? I couldn’t put this legal thriller down, until I finished reading it. Once readers read the first page, they will be saying, “WOW!” A perfect must read that should be added to every reader’s to do list.  Murder, suspense, and a thrilling rush of who did it all in one perfectly designed novel. Overall, I rate The Copy a five out of five stars.

#2 Writing Tips for the Day

Themes – Think of these as your thesis of your novel.

Once you know what your thesis, use it throughout your novel.

Task: Choose any one of your favorite novels.

Why is this novel your favorite?

Be as detailed as possible.

Now, what can you learn from this author’s craft?

Task #2: Write about a dream you’ve had


about the room your in.

Take only ten minutes to answer either one of these questions.

What Are You Currently Reading?

What are you reading?

I am currently reading several novels and books at once. LOL.

You are probably can you manage that?

Well, it’s simple.

The two books I am reading, are about writing fiction.

The novels I am reading are completely different genres.

This makes it possible to keep my reading straight.

I am reading, The Copy, by Grant Boshoff.

His novel is incredible! I was wowed on the first page.

And I highly recommend it to readers who love intrigue, criminal cases, and human cloning.

I am into chapter 4 as of right now.

Next, I am reading a novel called, Warrior’s Curse by Alexa Egan.

This is the first novel by her that I am reading.

I am currently into chapter 6 of this paranormal romance mystic novel.

Definitely recommend to readers who love strong sexy heroes.

The book I am reading right now, is called Write A Novel and Get It Published by Nigel Watts & Stephen May.

This is a must read for all writers.

No matter what level of experience you carry!

Back to fiction, I am reading a brilliant and most talented writer’s manuscript.

Lucy Mitchell aka Blondedusk has honored me with reading her work.

Her shorts whether fiction or nonfiction are out of this world & hard to stop reading.

Her words are vibrant and realistic.

They encourage readers to continue reading her work.

I think it’s because she puts passion into her writing no matter what the topic is.

Lucy can write anything she is given or brilliantly comes up with next.

She is currently working on her debut novel.

I can’t say anymore…

But, I can say can find the first chapter of her debut novel within July’s Issue.

And then there’s my friend, Scott Pinsker, his poetry is something else.

His words take over your soul and deep into his lines.

Once you read one poem of his, you will never stop.

He has given me a special poem to share with you all in July’s Issue.

Last but not least there is my best friend and a special friend of mine whose work, I always knew would be published.

Daniel J. Darcey is going to be a published author soon.

Several of his novels are being prepared for publishing right now.

His science fiction fantasy novels, will never dull you.

I am one who turns away from this genre, but after reading his work, I was hooked.

And since then, I began looking into other books in his genre.

Definitely have to recommend his novels to all.

So, he has just finished writing his latest novel and I get to read it!!!!

Once they are out, I will be sure to post about them.

So, what are you currently reading?

Criticism Anyone?

Image result for pictures of a big question mark

Criticism Anyone?

Every where we live with the fact that we may not excel with every piece that we have written and tossed out to the public to critic.

There are no harsher words than when one receives the bad criticism.

It surely takes that dip into our writer’s ego.

Yes, we writers have an ego that swells to the size of our country if not bigger once we finish writing that one particular book or piece.

But once the hard criticism blows through our door, we feel like we are no bigger than the period that ends our sentences.

How do we deal with criticism that makes us feel like unworthy writers?

We take it at it’s value and view it as tho it were a teacher grading our papers.

Our teachers expect the best from us, do they not?

So do our readers.

So, when the bad criticism comes rolling in, let’s embrace it.

It can help us grow as writers.

Yes, our egos are momentarily wounded and our book sales will not be as thrilling as we all want it to be.

But, we can take that criticism and use it to our advantage.

Take a look at any book on Amazon, even my books.

You will see that all of us writers have received bad criticism.

But this bad criticism gives us another chance to improve our work.

I received a 2 out of 5 stars on one of my books.

The reader said it read more like a workbook than a guide in helping writers.

So, what did I do?

I cried…

No, I didn’t but I was indeed wounded.

I took that criticism.

Went back and rewrote my book.

Improved it by a lot.

And I now, like it way more than I did before.

So, next time you see the “bad” criticism, work it to your advantage and use it to improve your work.

Sure you can have a 5 star book or novel, and still have someone give it a poor rating simply just for not liking something .

But, always consider it as a teacher giving you another chance to improve your writing.

To soar above and beyond!

Book Review: Swordplay by Maggie O’Neil

Swordplay by Maggie O’Neil is the perfect summer romance read. Maggie’s talent will magically transfer readers into a whole another world where magic, romance, and evil all exist. But no matter what the dangers are this new world has a lot of beauty to awe readers as they follow an ordinary woman on this journey. A journey that takes an archaeologist into another dimension as she places a necklace around her from a dig. Once she places it on she realizes she can’t take it off. And then the journey begins. Not only is she transported back to a new world full of danger and strange things but also will her three other friends. One of them will die and two will get the chance to go home. But one will decide to stay forever.

Swordplay written by Maggie O’Neil is a stunning paranormal romance that will exceed every reader’s wildest fantasy. Things that they didn’t know will happen and the plot is the most engaging read I have found. Every page is filled with mystery and suspense and the woman and her friends travel about in an unknown world. Already, her and her friends find themselves in danger before they meet a group of people who are the good ones. But evil is lurking closer than anyone of them suspected. A great evil ruling over the land has everyone fighting with every morsel of strength just to take it down. Will they succeed and what will the woman decide to do in regards to falling in love with a man who is not from her own world? I highly recommend this brilliantly well written novel to readers world-wide. I couldn’t stop reading until I read the last page. Maggie O’Neil is definitely one masterful writer in crafting the best novel to read. I look forward to reading more novels by her in the future. Overall, I rate Swordplay a five out of five stars.

From the Desk of a Publishing Intern

From the Desk of a Publishing Intern

Finding story ideas – Look at your newspaper for ideas. They are plenty of happenings in your area that can inspire you to find an idea to write that perfect novel.

Personal Experiences – Use these to write that irresistible new story that every reader will love to read. These can help you write that hilarious, sad, edge of the seat nail gripping novel that will hook readers instantly.

Listening – Yes, sometimes things you hear can inspire a sensational line that develops into the greatest novel of all time. So, next time you hear something great, write it down!

#1 Principle of Fiction Writing to live by – Show your readers! Do not tell tell them. Show them what you want them to see, hear, feel, and experience. By showing your readers, you bring your characters to life. And that’s what you want/ need to do as a writer. Bring your stories off the pages to your readers.

Telling your readers – Yes, sometimes you need to do this to give your readers a bit of background info on the character, setting or plot. But be sure not to tell your readers everything. Show them!

Exposition? What is it? Exposition is the the background information written in narrative form. Tip: Keep it short & lively.

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Publishing Help Wanted Now!

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Publishing Help Wanted Now!

Are you a self-published author?

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If you have answered yes, to one or all the above then you have a chance to become a published author!

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We are a traditional publishing house looking to expand our titles.

I am needing contemporary, historical, paranormal, new adult or romantic suspense manuscripts. 

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I work directly with all my authors.

I am hoping to expand my titles by the end of this month.

So, if you are a romance author or if know someone who is, please have them email me about their manuscript for publishing!

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#1 Writing Tips for the Day

In your book be sure to show the following:

Physical characteristics – such as age, height, clothes, and manner of speaking.

Background/ History – such as family situations, childhood events, rich or poor, married or not.

Ethics/ Morals – is this person good or bad?

How about naming characters?

Mix & Match Names –  use from old school yearbooks, telephone books, and baby name books.

When  doing research….

Check out the occupation. Know t procedures of the occupation when you write.

Setting. If using real places check your facts to make sure the real place is located in the right area.

Time Frame – Be sure to keep your writing persistent with the time frame you are writing.

Writing is So Easy Anyone Can Do It!

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Writing is so easy anyone can do it. Children can do it so can you!

What do you like to write about?

What interests you most?

What inspires you to write in the first place?

Where do you like to write?

Is your writing similar to that of what you like to read and or watch?

Use the answers to the questions to find how you write, when you write and what kind of writing you like to do.

Then you will see just how easy writing can be!

5 Ways to Improve Your Blog!

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1. Write catchy headlines that will grab readers’ attention

2. Write short, brief, simple posts.  Think small sentences.

3. Use photos to express what you are blogging about. Make it fit with your post.

4. Put a little of yourself into your blog posts. What you would want if reading your own post?

5. Make your posts easy to share, like, and comment. This helps promote anything you post.

Why Did I Become a Blogger?

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Why Did I Choose to Become a Blogger?

I  became a blogger two years ago because, I wanted to share my writing with the world.

Yes. That’s right I wanted readers everywhere to read my work.

At the time the only way I knew how to make that work was to blog.

Blogging became my new hobby.

Of course, I had to juggle around my schedule as a full time student.

Did It Work?

Yes, it did. Not only did I have my friends reading my work but also people from around the world.

It was great!

I didn’t expect to have people read, view, like, or comment on my blog when I first started.

But guess what?

They did!

How did it work?

It all started when my local library held a blogging 101 session.

The presenter was a children’s author.

She taught, demonstrated, and asked us questions that would show us how to become a blogger and why.

I too was an author.

I wrote over 500 poems on my Facebook page. But only my friends could read it.

I also dabbled in fiction.

So, she inspired me.

She should me what it took to start blogging, how to blog, and which type of blogging would suit my particular needs.

I was impressed.

So impressed, I got home and started my blog.

Out of all the blogging sites she gave me during that session, I choose WordPress.

And I started my first post.

I used the appropriate taglines.

The words that would tell others what my posts were about.

I started to type and posted many post afterwards.

At first I was writing as many posts as possible everyday.

That’s how I got started.


And here I am.

Two years later, a full time blogger with many loyal followers who are artists, publishers, poets, and authors like myself.

I enjoy their blogs and so, I follow them, like comment and share their posts.

By doing that, I encouraged them to come check out my blog.

And soon, I didn’t have to blog every second of every day.

Some days I never blogged at all and my views were better than when I did post.

Book Review: Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr

Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr is her sixth amazing romance novel in this addictive series. The Thunder Point series collection is one that will continue to amaze readers and lure them deeply into each character’s life. Wildest Dreams has realistic family life issues and situations that will automatically open up readers to each one of the character in Robyn Carr’s latest novel. Family life is hard especially when there’s one parent doing everything for their child. Readers will fall in love with this heart melting and enriching story.

Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr portrays the tale of how one man is looking for a place like Thunder Point to settle down like he never had. As an athlete he focuses only on his training until his neighbors give him a distraction that he can’t ignore. A mother trying to balance debt, work and her teenage son’s health issues doesn’t need an athlete to come to her and her son’s rescue. But her son Charlie enlists the help of the hot, sexy, and charming man next door. Blake Smiley sees what is going on and he can’t ignore the situation at hand. Lin Su Simmons’s determination to ignore his help only makes Blake more determined to help both the her and her son. Blake will do what he can to be the man they need but will it be enough? I loved reading this romantic story. A mother trying to play heroine and a hot stranger playing the hero and then a son who doesn’t want his mom constantly nagging him. Robyn Carr has a unique way of writing that will forever win the hearts of many. I highly recommend reading this novel of hers and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Frankly Twisted by Kevin 11



Frankly Twisted is the 2nd novel in this brilliantly well written series by Kevin 11. His writing is unique and intriguing from the first line to the last. His characters are intelligent and stunning. Three detectives going about solving a case. The novels are centered in Brooklyn. The settings are vivid and readers will find them humorous as well. Crime, fast-paced action, and scenes that will forever send readers deep into the plot’s center.  I have found each novel by Kevin as addictive as the one before it. Readers can also read his novels out of order and still be able to follow the characters and understand what’s happening inside each book. Frankly Twisted is one of the best new literature masterpieces readers will read this summer. I enjoyed reading Tales of the 23rd Precinct and now I have also enjoyed reading this second marvelous mystery piece, Frankly Twisted. A must read for all who enjoy complex crime fighting novels. I would highly recommend this to readers worldwide. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars and look forward to the next novel by Kevin 11.

Book Review: Moonchild Dreams by Nadia Gerassimenko


Moonchild Dreams is a collection of Nadia Gerassimenko’s beautifully well written poems. A time when her creative poetic form wanted to free to share with the world. Her entire collection will leave readers breathless. The emotions running through me as I read on, is something that every reader has to experience on their own. To each reader her enchanting poems will captivate them from the beginning and to the very end. One poem in particular, A Flickering Light, caught my unwavering attention. It lead me on a path so dreamy and peaceful but also spoke to me about not being afraid to brave enough to face the world around even when things go astray. I know the poem will speak volumes to many readers. As we all face certain situations, where we have felt afraid to brave it through.

Another poem, Demon Heart, will lure readers deep with its meaning. The truthful way of telling how cruel love can be. Love isn’t easy nor always as beautiful as we dream it to be. In this poem, readers can relate to the man’s heart. How it aches to have the woman’s real love and yet, she does not love him. Not for real. And so he no longer believes in love anymore. This is so realistic of what each one of us face in life.  Another poem by Nadia, Those Words is one that delves deep into our souls and defines what we have to say but cannot find the words to say it.

These are just a few out of the many countless numbers of passionate, dreamy, and daring poetry within the book. I have found each poem to be truthful. As though they were speaking to just my soul. Moonchild Dreams is an inspirational collection that should be read daily and by every reader. The poetry awakens one’s inner being with words that come to life. Vivid images springing forth into one’s mind when reading these poems. Nadia’s talent is raw and energetic. Her passion comes through each of her stunning well written poetry. I would highly recommend this collection to all readers. Definitely worth one’s time to read. Overall, I would rate Moonchild Dreams a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde

Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde is another incredible romance that will sweep readers off their feet and into a happily ever after. A jilted bride struggled with anything that involves a wedding. And when she is told to crash a wedding by her doctor, Jodi never expected that it would forever change her life. Trying to enter into a wedding in which she had a ticket but forget due to a stranger distracting her, her decides to cover for her.  Telling the man that she’s with him. Upon entering the wedding, Jake feels a connection instantly to the pretty redhead. She looks similar to his dead wife. Could that be why he feels so strongly attracted to this woman or it is fate leading him to his new destiny? Jodi feels the same way. She’s struggling with not liking the hot sexy stranger name Jake. Everything about him lures her in deeply. But will he be her new doom or her new hope? One night of hot passion and two troubled souls destined for one another.

I highly recommend reading, Rules of the Game by Lori Wilde. This is the second novel I have read by her and it’s just as good as the one before it. I couldn’t put this cute, funny, and intoxicating novel down until I read the entire book in one sitting. The baseball star, Jake is funny and irresistibly charming. A man that every woman could easily fall for and Jodi is the strong independent woman who goes out of her way to help everyone else. But when it comes to herself she doesn’t know how to relax or to let go. That’s where the novel heats up, with Jake showing how to live again. Both characters go through a tough past and with each other are able to move forward, that is if Jodi can put aside her fear. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.

Writer’s Therapy

All writer’s need a break every now and then. Whether it’s just a moment to go for a fresh steaming cup of coffee or just simply to relax. Our writing will always be there. There’s a reason why writers enter into the deep dark waters of writer’s block and feeling overwhelmed. It’s because our creativity needs to be recharged. Read, watch TV, draw or do yoga. Then if you feel relaxed enough go back and begin writing once more. For me brainstorming ideas never shuts off. However extending my fiction pieces into much longer ones is a daunting and most stressful task indeed. I can easily extend them by writing so much, and then coming back later and adding another part to the one I wrote earlier. That helps my creativity to flow and to be able to expand. I just know it’s easier starting and harder to finish. So, take those breaks of relax time when you. If you don’t have a bunch of time, flip through a magazine or book, or thru TV stations. There’s always something there that will trigger another bout or two of creativity to finish that brilliant piece you have started.

Freelancing for Writers Beware!

Freelancing for writers is overwhelming. There are now so many places one can go to find a freelancing gig. But did you know that majority of the sites that posts all these gigs requires money for a chance to maybe be hired. With so many writers attempting to steal the same job you’re after, it’s hard to compete. Plus, for some money is an issue. It’s easy to find the jobs, but then you only have so many site coins to use to appy for the best jobs that you’re capable of doing. Then once you run out of these coins you have to pay monthly to receive so many more coins. This benefits the sites hosting the jobs but where does that leave the freelance writers? Surely, I am not the only one who sees this issue.

Freelancing sites should construct a fairer system that would allow those who don’t have the necessary means to be able to find jobs. It should be up to the employers to find the best suited candidates and not for the hosting sites to only allow those with the necessary means to apply to the jobs that are found.  How would you feel knowing that there are dozens upon dozens of jobs that you are highly qualified for and yet, you can’t apply for a single one because you’re out of the FREE coins given to you and because you don’t have the money to spare to buy more coins on the 50/50 chance of being hired?

What is a freelance writer to do? And where do they go once this becomes an issue for them. Let me tell you, as a freelancer, it’s hard to tell others what your can provide for them. Because most look to hire freelancers from freelancing sites mostly. Most turn away from a freelancer trying to run on his or her own. It’s a tough market. Most would rather pay well-know sites and freelancers than to take the chance on a freelancer who offers the same service at a lower price and is capable of doing the same exact service.

My advice is that if you are looking for a particular service and happen to run across a freelancer on his or her own, then take the time to ask the necessary questions, ask to look over samples of work, and etc. before passing up a great opportunity that may cost you less and be as accurate as those charging more.

Book Review: The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham

The Night Ferry by Michael Robotham is a fascinating thriller unlike any other. Michael Robotham’s story is dynamically enthralling. The scenes take you deep into into its impressive plotline that will attract readers in like a moth to a flame. Vividly powerful story that will leaver readers senseless. A tale that every will want to read.

The Night Ferry tells of one woman who has spent time trying to get her life back together after being a murder suspect. She soon receives a note from a friend who is pregnant and in trouble. Will Detective Alisha Barba help her friend or will the trouble find her first? Alisha agrees to meet with her friend only to witness her friend murdered and a long chain of disturbing events that will forever haunt her. Alisha then decides to embark on a journey of truth only to submerge into a dark and most haunting world of sex trafficking and slavery. Will the truth be discovered before it’s too late? Michael Robotham uses suspense well in engaging his readers inside of troubled world. I couldn’t put the book down. His character, Alisha, is intriguing, and will have readers following her every step as she investigates the lies and dangerous world. I highly recommend this novel to every reader. A real page turner. One that will leave you gripping the edge of your seat. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Stephanie Rowe (Bestselling Author) Blog Tour!

Meet Stephanie Rowe Best-selling Author:


USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is the author of more than 40 novels, including her popular Order of the Blade and NightHunter paranormal romance series, and her sizzling new Wyoming Rebels cowboy series about nine rugged brothers. Stephanie is a four-time nominee of the RITA® Award, the highest award in romance fiction. She has won many awards for her novels, including the prestigious Golden Heart® Award. She has received coveted starred reviews from Booklist, and Publishers Weekly has called her work “[a] genre-twister that will make readers…rabid for more.”

In additional to her paranormal romances, Stephanie also writes a thrilling romantic suspense series set in Alaska. Publisher’s Weekly praised the series debut, ICE, as a “thrilling entry into romantic suspense,” and Fresh Fiction called ICE an “edgy, sexy and gripping thriller.” Equally as intense and sexy are Stephanie’s contemporary romance novels.

A life-long reader, Stephanie began crafting stories at age ten, but didn’t realize it was her dream until she was an adult. Once the light dawned, she immediately left behind “work” as the world defines it and went to “work” as she defines it, which means getting up every morning with a smile in her heart so she can spend the day doing that which makes her spirit sing.

Stephanie believes in learning to listen to your heart in order to figure out what your dreams are, and then opening yourself to the inspiration that will direct you there. She believes we all deserve the right to enjoy life, and for the ride to be as easy as we want it to be, and that we all should accept nothing less than making our dreams come true.

Stephanie lives in New England, and spends every day doing her best to fill it with people, observations and activities that uplift her soul, which include writing, hiking with her rescue dog, friends, and her amazing family.

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You can find Stephanie on the web at the following places:
Twitter: StephanieRowe2.



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Book Review: 

A Real Cowboy Never Says No by best-selling romance author, Stephanie Rowe, is one readers will never want to put down! Her characters will charm readers deep into this exciting new series.  A romance that is scorching hot and too irresistible to put down.  Two people find themselves getting married and trust is something they will have to learn. Chase Stockton is a rugged cowboy with brothers who has survived a tough childhood. He would have sworn nothing will ever come between them until a life debt in the form a woman comes up. Mira Cabot is a fiery character who is everything the rugged loner cowboy like Chase needs. Her trust in him at first is rocky but soon her heart sings a different tune. She finds herself becoming his bride. Can a simple rescue mission bring together two injured souls? I highly recommend this brilliantly well written plot and its heart melting characters to every reader worldwide. Readers won’t want to miss out on this hot sexy cowboy novel by Stephanie Rowe. Her words pop off the pages leaving readers feeling breathless. I loved reading this story and know without a doubt others will too. Overall, I rate A Real Cowboy Never Says No a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Bride at Last by Melissa Jagears

A Bride at Last by Melissa Jagears is a Christian romance novel that will lure readers from everywhere. A teacher, her friend’s little boy, and a man who thinks he might the boy’s father.  All three will be united in fighting against a another man who claims that the boy is his. But little Anthony won’t go to the man knowing full well that the man will hurt him just like he dd to his mom. Then there is Kate, the school teacher who has friended the mom and Anthony and has come to love Anthony just as much as if he were her son. Soon Anthony’s mom takes ill and slowly dies leaving both Kate and Anthony fighting against a cruel man. But things get more interesting as another man name Silas comes  to claim Anthony as his and doesn’t like the cruel man either. But Silas nor Kate know who the real father is and now they hope that they find out before the court decides that Anthony belongs to the cruel man. Or else Kate and Silas both will lose Anthony altogether.

Melissa Jagears’s novel is brilliantly well written. Her story starts off like others within it’s genre but then surprises readers with it’s twist. A heart melting novel that indeed a perfect read for all. I fell in love immediately with Anthony,, the little boy who does what he can to help his mom and then only to lose her. But then he has his beautiful caring teacher, Kate. Kate pulls him through by being there to help Anthony as much as possible and loves him with all her heart. This story will surely tug, and pull at your heart and leave you feeling good. Then there’s Silas, a man who doesn’t deny that he didn’t take care of Anthony’s mom the way he should have and had a drinking problem. Silas is a tough and hard working man who longs for one relative to love. Readers will definitely feel sympathy for Silas and love him just as much as Kate and Anthony. These three awe inspiring characters and their troubles will be every reader’s new addiction. I couldn’t stop reading this fabulous story. I highly recommend it to every reader. Overall, I rate A Bride at Last a five out of five stars.

Fear Fear Itself

Fear fear itself

and not the impossible,

Fear fear itself.

not the hopes that won’t ever be.

Fear fear itself,

for it makes us quiver

with thoughts of what could be.

Fear fear itself,

because it alone is our only failure.

Fear causes us to act stupid,

to make haste choices,

leaving us behind with only,

the fear of the voices.

The voices of right versus wrong.

Fear fear itself,

for it is the only doom that consumes us all.

Book Review: If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Written by A.L. Michael)

If You Don’t Know Me By Now is a wonderful and inspirational romance novel that every reader will enjoy. A.L. Michael has created a realistic character that all readers can be drawn to and understand. A strong character who battles against a tough living and works a crappy job. Her motivation is awe inspiring. We all need a character like this in our lives to show us that we too can make it through all of our own battles. Never give up, even when your challenges make you feel worse than ever. A writer at heart, the main character will prove that determination and hard works make it all worthwhile. I highly recommend reading this brilliantly well written novel by A.L. Michael. It is definitely a perfect read for all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Short Story: Madness Part 2 (Written by Me)

“Carrie, we have three new doctors coming to aid us with the injured soldiers!” I nearly shouted with joy. As I made my way over, I noticed Carrie sitting on her bed. She looked awful.

“That’s good news.” She said.

“Carrie, what happened to you? Here let me clean you up?”

I moved for the medical kit I held under bed just incase. I began cleaning Carrie’s face up then did her hair for her. “Thank you, Kim.”

“Your welcome. That what us nurses are here for. We stick together.”



“Can you..”

Just then doctor Bernstine came into our tent. He looked at Carrie. And Carrie looked away. Very unusual. I will have to ask her what was going on. She seemed distant. Like she was pulling away from me as well.

“What are you doing in the nurses tent, Dr. Bernstine?” I asked him head on, forcing him to look at me instead of Carrie.

“I just wanted to let you all know that the three new Doctors arrived.” And then he left the tent just as abruptly as he came in.

“Carrie, you ready for the meeting of our new doctors?” Hoping that by changing the topic from what her and I were going to talk about would help relieve whatever demons she was silently facing. She won’t be facing them any longer once I get to the bottom of this. Carrie was our best head nurse. To see her like this was a red flag to me and anyone who really knew her.

Getting up, she look wiped her palms against her uniform looked at me, “Yes, I am ready. Besides we have tons of patients that need us. Come Kim.”

Smiling a tiny bit of relief took over me. Now, that was Carrie I knew. But little did I expect of what was going to happen next…

Part 3 Coming Soon!

Have You Ever Noticed?


Have you ever noticed that the best-selling authors want you to by their books, to promote them, to read their work, and the list goes on… and yet when you send them an email stating about your book release or book promotion they send back and an email that states: Please, take me off of this.

Is that fair? Is that how all best-sellers look at us reader, new writers, and bloggers? Are we just here for their beck and call? We should do everything they need/ want us to do to help them be ever successful and yet they don’t want a single thing to do to help us become successful.

But then they would say, yes, I help my future writers out in…. way.

But if you email them about your book that you just published, that ask not to be emailed ever again about it or any other future book you may write. Yet, they keep sending us their latest book update, their book promotions, and to BUY their book. But what do we get in return? Beside paying them for yet another best-selling piece. By buying their work we continue to say, yes, it’s perfectly fine to be at your beck and call and yet when it comes to your own work it’s okay that they turn their backs with a blind eye?

Is this right? Is this what we want?

Do all best–sellers view us new writers as something that isn’t to be taken seriously?

I have helped promote best-selling authors whose work I have always bought, read, reviewed, and enjoyed. Then there are some that I have met that I have to say can’t get off their pedestals for a bit to recognize and take new writers seriously for a brief moment.

Have you ever noticed this issue?

Fundraiser for Law Student!

Please, be generous to donate $1 to this college student’s law degree. She has completed her Associate of Arts degree in less than a year with honors and she is almost done with her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Pre-Law. She is needing the money to raise for her Master’s degree in Law. Again, I ask that you all be kind to donate at least $1 to her education. She is currently an honor student at her four year university here in Arkansas.

To donate please click on this link:

Book Review: Romance is for the Other People by Lee Wolf

Romance is for Other People

Romance is for Other People by Lee Wolf is an inspiring romance that readers everywhere will enjoy. A romance tale that gives readers an inside view to teenagers and their insecurities as well as their first love. Lee Wolf has masterfully pulled off a superior specimen of a novel. His words pop off the pages and are so realistic written it’s hard to tell fiction from reality. Also, his two main characters will be liked by everyone. They both go through the normal teenage stage of crushing on their best friend. One waits for the other to show signs of interest and while hiding her own. A fascinating story that readers will be reading and reading again.

In Lee Wolf’s stunning novel, Romance is for Other People, readers will get to meet two best friends who struggle with their romantic feelings toward each other. One of them, Lydia, is waiting for her best friend to show his interest in her as more than a best friend. Sure they have been the best of friends forever, but she now wants him to take it further. Meanwhile, she keeps her feelings to herself. This is what causes her best friend forever, Chris to doubt himself in whether to take it further or not. He’s not sure on how to take his growing feelings toward Lydia until trouble stirs up. Chris’s cousin has always been a pest to both him and Lydia until recently. Now his cousin is interested in Lydia and won’t give up his pursuit of her. Where will this leave Chris and Lydia and will Lydia choose Chris’s cousin? Or will Chris final step up to the plate and snatch Lydia before she’s taken? I highly enjoyed reading romantically sweet novel. I definitely recommend this to all readers. A perfect read on any day. Overall, I rate Romance for Other People a five out of five stars.

Book Review: And Then You Dance by Heather A. Buchman

And Then You Dance (Crested Butte Cowboys Series Book 2)

And Then You Dance by Heather A. Buchman is a fascinating romance tale that readers everywhere will love. A tale of the girl next door who has loved the cowboy next door since forever. The only thing is Billy isn’t even aware of her feelings for him. Only her horse has been told her secret. She is now a woman and no longer a little girl. But will Billy ever see her as a woman that she is? Then there’s Billy secret of him having to raise his baby girl all alone. Soon things to get complicated for Renie. Not only does her heart pine for Billy but another man enters her life trying to force her to forget her best friend and childhood love. But which man will Renie choose?

Heather A. Buchman has a talented way with writing unique stories that will forever capture her audiences. Her story sends readers deep into a young woman’s story of loving a man who doesn’t clearly see her as she is and then having to battle between loving him or the new guy in her. Tough choices in regards to love. Readers can easily relate to Renie’s decisions and see themselves easily within her shoes. A funny, warm-hearted, and lovable read for all. I highly recommend this reading beautifully written plot with its charming characters. Never a boring moment in Heather A. Bunchman’s novel. Overall, I rate And Then You Dance a five out of five stars. I can’t wait to read her next novel!