Book Review: Willow Brook Road by Sherryl Woods

Number 1 bestselling writer, Sherryl Woods, has done it once again. She has beautifully captured the heart and life of a family. Showing readers that no matter what obstacles come our way and try dragging us down, our family is always there waiting, if we need them and their help. Sometimes, it even takes a grandpa, who is determined to help one of his grandkids to find her way in their small home town. But there’s always a time, when grandkids need time to figure things out on their own. Stubborness doesn’t just exist in our real world, but also in the lives of these heart melting characters whom Sherryl Woods has stunningly brought to life. Willow Brook Road is definitely a must read for all. Readers won’t ever want to leave this magical family oriented place. Once you read it, you won’t be able to put the novel down.

Willow Brook Road is a novel that hooks readers instantly and lures them deep, into its charming family life. But not all is perfect in this beautiful gorgeous town. One couple tried private adoption and were ready to greet a baby girl into their family life only for the mother to decide to keep her. The wife has been wanting a kid of her own so badly that her husband and friends are worried about her. Will they get their happy little ending? Then there’s the Carrie. A granddaughter of the Mack O’Brien. A large family that knows exactly what they want and go after it. However, Carrie hasn’t met a successful career and happiness like those in her family and after having fallen in love with the wrong man, she is trying to find out what she wants do and what she wants in life. But, her grandfather Mack, is pursing her like a greyhound on a hunt. He wants to help her and push her in the right direction. So Carrie, ends up ignoring her grandfather, until she has the answers they both want. That’s not all that happens in the most exciting romance novel by Sherryl Woods! There’s also a new comer, who finds out, that he has been granted legal custody of his young nephew. Both are suffering from the lost of the little boy’s parents. The uncle has to learn quickly how to be the best parent for his nephew and worries he may fail at it..and then by chance of fate he meets Carrie. From there on, the novel get’s juicier and juicer. The romance is so huge, I was surprised the story didn’t burst into flames, while reading it. The characters are real and down to earth. They all have their own issues and go on their own little journeys to discover what they want in their lives and how to continue living with what they have or will have. I found Willow Brook Road to be the most inspiring romance novel ever. I truly appreciate a well-developed story with characters whose stories will tug at one’s heart. Overall, I loved reading it, and I highly recommend this to readers worldwide. I rate it a five out of five stars.

Modern Girl: Chapter 2 – Revised

Modern Girl

Chapter 2

Family Issues

Okay, so I shared with you a bit on my early disasters with guys and a bit of my whole life summed up. But now, wait for it…..wait for it……yes, you now get a full sneak of my family issues that I had to deal with.

Oh, boring right? Well, wrong. These aren’t just issues but a peak into how I completely embarrass myself constantly.

At the end of my ninth grade year, my dad had left us. He left all three of kids with his parents. If it weren’t for his parents, I don’t what or who I would be today as of right this moment. I could be a totally evil, illiterate, hillbilly who had no life goals. How…disappointing..I instead turned out to be a pro reader, and unfortunately have more life goals than I know what and how to achieve them all.

So, my siblings and I went through one hell of a shocker when dad left and never said a goodbye. That’s when I lost all respect that I did have for my father. It was gone. Nada. Goodbye! Hello, grandparents!

I love my grandparents, however, we kids had a rough time not getting yelled at because we were kids we make mistakes and like most kids we blamed the other kids. I being the oldest of the bunch was the worse one when it came to accepting all responsibility. My brother, the middle kid, end of taking all the blame. I mean who would go blaming a beautiful baby girl, the youngest and the baby of te family for doing something wrong? No one that’s who!

I kind of realized what I was doing..and at the same time, I still blamed my brother. I was te most immature older sister anyone has ever meet. One word I would use to describe my younger self was a brat! Yes, I can admit I was an obnoxious outrageous little pest in the whole world. No denial here. Just a lot of shame, that I was like that.

Probably drove my little brother nuts. I don’t know. Anyway, my siblings were straight A students since kindergarten. Me….I did well in kindergarten got passed onto the first grade and then got held back a year. I remember those days. I couldn’t talk to former classmates because I was so humiliated by my lack of intelligence at the time. I wanted to hide in a wall somewhere, unfortunately all the walls were perfectly flat no crevices to hide in at all. I was a loner from first grade up until my third grade year.

So, everyday my siblings would come home with perfect grades. All A’s. Me…I was making D’s in math in everything we did in the awful subject. I still hate it to this day. It wasn’t until 8th grade that I finally made a B in everything I did in Math. Yeah, late bloomer. I was a major disappointment as an older sibling. My younger siblings loved the outdoors, were into sports and super smart. Me …I lacked in smarts, I preferred indoors, hated sports, and liked my solitude. Sounds like a loser right? I sure acted like one.

Growing up without a proper mom, sucked. I had no one to talk to about boys, my feelings, or girl stuff with. My 5th grade year, I got my girl thing. A year before everyone else. I was on the hot school bus on our way home, when I realised something was wrong with me. It wasn’t until I got home, I realized why. How embarrassing right? I had to go up to my grandma and tell her. I didn’t feel comfortable telling her nor telling someone like my dad. But, I had to tell somebody right?

Sixth grade came around and all the other girls got theirs. I felt like a wise old woman. Because I knew everything about having the girl thing. So, a lot of girls were coming up to me asking questions. Felt nice to know something that everyone else didn’t know about yet and to be looked up to. Made me feel great for a time being. Then I got into major trouble because I befriended a girl who was boy crazy. I wrote notes to guys to meet me in the library, and I never gave the notes to these guys…and well. My grandma went through my drawers, found the notes..and guess what?

She thought me, a sixth grader wrote these notes to the guys to meet me in our school library to have sex!

I didn’t know what that word meant or what it was about. But man, looking back at that day and what my grandma jumped to made me feel worried of what she thought of me as her granddaughter. I mean I was only 12 years old. What twelve-year-old girl thinks about sex at the age? Okay maybe now-a-days girls might, but back then hell no, we didn’t. I told my grandma no repeatedly to that outrageous thought but she didn’t believe me at all. How do you convince someone you’re not lying when they already perceive you as guilty so fast? I didn’t know what to do or to say to change her mind. It’s funny though…because I can’t lie worth a dime. It’s easy to tell when I do lie. I can try to lie but I know I will never get away with it, unless half of the story is true. But, I was telling the whole truth and yet, I wasn’t believed. Adults! Omg…

They think they know everything…

However, being an adult myself, it’s not easy. I don’t know everything. I have my faults, fears, and bad days. I do try to be the best I can be but most days, I feel like I fail rather than succeed.

My grandma is the strictest person I know. But she also is the move loving grandma I know. She loves you so much that she can’t let go of some of her old habits and ways of doing things. It’s the modern-day and time, yet she and now my grandpa struggle with letting us have freedom to make mistakes. So, every time we did make mistakes, and we did make a lot of them, they would jump down on us fast! Like a German Shepard jumping down on a robber who broke in. Yikes!!!!

My grandpa use to be that cool guy who let us go to everything, which left my grandma playing the bad cop role 99.99999% of the time.

Now, it’s just they are so worried about us kids especially, with the way the world has been turning out. Going to college, doesn’t look like fun anymore. Gun shooters everywhere. Random colleges been victims of these horrible crimes. Maybe doing college online is one’s safest bet. Right? What could possible go wrong with online classes? Um…maybe the price!

If your grandparent tells you to sweep of the deck and you do it too slow beware, they will attack. Just like a snake always trying to strike at your heel. I swept the porch too yelled at. I swept it faster, I got yelled at for sweeping it the wrong way!

So, then they come out take the broom from me and sweep it themselves. And then it comes…my being lefty is the reason I wasn’t doing sweeping it right! Really? Come on! Of all the things for an excuse to yell and that’s why? I was sweeping the deck off wasn’t I?

Days like that made me angrier that a swarm of bees when something tries attacking their hive.

Family, you got to love them.

Love them for their worst, love them for their best, love them because love is the best gift of all.

Leslie the Slayer

Growing up, I had to learn how to fight without using weapons. My parents had me taking gymantics, ballet, dance, theater and many other things. Of course these all seem harmless and perfectly normal right? Well, it’s more than meets the eye. My parents had me enrolled in all those things for a reason. I also took swim classes as well.To anyone else, I was just an over active normal bright student.However, no one knew the real me know why I did all the things I do.

It’s not like I can go around junior shouting, “I’m a vampire slayer!”

I should receive an award and plague for that but that’s not ever going to happen. No one knows there are vampires living among us humans. Only the slayers do. My family happens to have generations among generations of them. All we are is a big family of normal people who make it their life’s choice to go after vamps. Wow, so interesting. We can’t even share how many vamps we slayed with anyone without them thinking we’re nuts. Unlless, you really want to be locked up in a psych ward somewhere or with many endless conversations with a doctor who is clueless that there really are blood sucking meancing vamps around.

Usually, one can find them at grave yards. My life since I was five was all about training and training me to be a slayer. I officialy don’t get the title until I turn the sweet sixteen. Lucky me. At least, I have two years before then. Or so I thought.

All my hope vanished when the new guy arrived in school. His family is extremely wealty for the live up in the old mansion that no body else could afford. His parents are supposedly in real estate. But, I have seen the homes here and most are filled or going to stay vacant. It would take tearing down and rebuilding some of the vacant homes to sell the lots. Now, unless his parents were going to adopt those homes as their new pet project they had to be making money in some other ways. Like drugs or something…

“Hey, Lise. Have you seen the new guy?!” Avery was pretty much head over heels over the new guy and it’s only his first day.

“Yeah, so what?” I didn’t care. I wasn’t looking to make buddies with a stranger. Slayers have rules.

#1 Never ever approach a stranger unless you know everything about them first. 

This is to keep from dying at the hands of a possible vamp.

Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. I am also a tech geek. The kind that wears the big black rimmed classes, with my shoulder length burnette curls. I always wear my hear up in either a bun or pony tail. I have been made fun of by guys at school for looking like a librarian. Yeah, boys are so mature…

“So, what?!” Her extreme disappointment in my joy of seeing the new guy was going to have to wait until lunch.

“Yeah, so what. Anyways, see ya at luch, Avery.”

Walking towards my computer science course, I had a bad feeling develop inside my gut. My gut was always right. So, what could possible go wrong? Little did I know it would have to do with having the new guy being assigned to partner with me. How am I ever going to live this day up with Avery? She’ll want to know everything about the new…and as it turns….so do I.

Modern Girl – Revised

Modern Girl

Chapter 1

Boy Drama

So, what does a girl do when the cutest guy comes up to her and starts showing off without even asking her name? She just stands there and silently, “Uh huh, sure you did.” But because he’s so cute you let him think he’s lured you in like a fisherman reeling his biggest catch.

It’s not until my junior year in high school that his true colors began to show. A guy I thought so highly of. One who I could talk to and think he actually listened or cared. It took a one time trip outside the double doors of our church to find out, that he was nothing but a true jerk! What kind of guy, who acts nice to you for so many years, goes behind your back and make fun of a girl? That’s it. No, more nice girl. No more, I’m going to believe every word you say.

It was high time, I changed. Everyone thought that I could easily be mislead. Yes, I was mislead. But, not with everything. Just gave people the benefit of the doubt. Was that such a crime?

Heck no, it wasn’t. But it didn’t matter much when my own family didn’t place too much into, who I wanted to become or how I wanted to become it. I had a lot of trouble, when I was younger. I didn’t learn to read until my first term in a private school. I finally could read those Disney kids’ book by the time September came. Now, I can’t go anywhere without a book in my hands. My room is cluttered full of them. I never had the time nor privilege to test out the dating waters like my girlfriends or like my other peers were able to. That bucket list that every sixteen year old girl has…well, mine never happened.

I didn’t receive my first kiss, until I was twenty-two. Yeah, and even then it was with a guy, who turned out to be nothing but a player and a real jerk. I thought he was cool in the bad boy kind of way, but boy did I let boys get to me then. I practically skipped my college courses just to be with a boy. My family wouldn’t let me go away to college. It wasn’t like my grades in high school were that great. I barely scrapped with a 3.0 my senior year.

Anyway, I screwed up my college education and finally returned, after three years. I wasn’t sure what to do career wise. The small town college didn’t have the desired college degree I wanted. Oh yeah, English was my favorite class. I loved to write. I remembered always having a new poem to bring to my English class to show to my girlfriend, Tori, at the time. She would always ask, “how do you  do it?”

Honestly, I didn’t have an answer. I just wrote. I stuck with poetry because it was like a secret diary that allowed me to let off steam whenever I needed to or to let down some of my greatest fears or let out my tears. I tried using a diary to write in every day. I did do that. But then, I spent so much time writing in it, that my grandmother went through and read random pages. Let’s just say, she didn’t like what I wrote. Even if it was the honest truth written down in there. Back then, I was always in trouble with my grandma. My dad would say think before you speak or act. It was common sense. He said it so much that I believed God just didn’t give me any and so next time they would say use common sense, and I would yell back saying I didn’t have any. They would then think I was dumber than before. Wow..great support. Family was always to have your back. In this case, it was I love you but you’re not going to make it far in anything with that attitude. I had an attitude? I never went around saying they needed common sense. 

Okay so back to boys, I remember my eighth grade year, I was in science class. I saw this really cute guy. I saw him before but still didn’t know who he was other than we have been attending school together for a while. Our science teacher that year was nuts. What kind of science teacher has you watch boring videos because he’s too grouchy because his wife who also happened to be a science teacher was expecting? He was more worried about his basketball coaching stuff then teaching us students. Fine with me right? Well, one day our teacher told us that to make someone smile all we had to do was draw a smiley face on one finger and wiggle it while saying smile. I was about to roll my eyes at the cute guy and say, “Can you believe how lame this is?”

But just as I turned around to do so, the cute guy was busying testing out our science teacher’s lesson. And…it worked. I couldn’t stop smiling that day. After the day, we talked in class everything. I was still shell-shocked that a super cute guy who was also smart, funny, and charming didn’t mind talking to me in class or outside of class. It was nice. I went from feeling shy to enjoying the fact that he thought I was not invisible. It was a nice change. Not too many guys ever talked to me. Except for one other. And he turned out to be a jerk later on.

One day during lunch no matter what the cute guy did, I wouldn’t smile. Not even for the smiley face. So, he walked away and never sat with my girlfriends and I again. One of my first best friend that I ever made just looked at me like, “Are you insane?! Go after him!” But, I didn’t.  I didn’t go after him. I was such an idiot and it wasn’t until our sophomore year in high school that I totally regretted that fatal day. One of the other girls, mentioned to me that he told her to tell me that he didn’t want to be friends anymore. I was shocked. I know now I shouldn’t have been that shocked but I was. I was really, really, really shocked. Other than the one day of being a bit down. I didn’t do anything to cause him to not want to be my friend. Right? 

Well, I had to ask her to repeat it to me a few more times before the news took over and made feel worse. I was a waking talking disaster. Hopeless. Or was that a sign that my high school career would also be just as much as a disaster? I wasn’t sure. But a girl could dream right?

Book Review: Best Kept Secrets by Shelly Ellis

Best Kept Secrets by Shelly Ellis is one of the best dramatic romances readers will ever find. Shelly takes her readers deep into the juiciest plots I have ever read. So many secrets and so many what if’s, the female characters have to decide what they are going to do and when. Timing is never what we want it to be. Readers will find themes like family, loyalty, and trust broken again and again. Just when things seem to be going for the best, they turn out for the worst. But are the females ready for what’s in store?
Best Kept Secrets is about two women trying to get their lives in order. One is desperate to do anything to her mother’s home and the other is being blackmailed by an ex who is determined to destroy her happily ever after. Leila turns to her former best friend who has a plan on what he wants from her. Paulette is happily married to the man she loves, until a former lover and bad boy comes knocking it all down. I loved how I got to feel and see everything from both the characters stand point and as an audience stand point. Shelly Ellis surely knows what her readers want in a romance and how to make them pop into her stunningly brilliant world where her characters are real. Drama, hot sex, and betrayals are all wrapped up in this addictive, yet well written story. Some secrets are meant to be kept. I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars and look forward to reading more by Shelly Ellis. 

Book Review: So..This is Awkward by Timothy Tuttlesmith

So..This is Awkward by Timothy Tuttlesmith is truly an outstanding memoir that leads readers on a journey of discovery. A path that Timothy Tuttlesmith engages his readers with turns out to be funny, hot, delightfully entertaining. Here the man moves to New York where he decides to take on online dating explores things such as his exploration of BDSM. Readers will love reading this story because it’s realistic, well written and lures them deep into the depth of the plot as it continues to unfold. I enjoyed reading this because the character’s personality and his relationship and discoveries made for a stunning read. A nerdy, decent, and a little bit wild kind of guy who searches for the girl of his dreams. So..This is Awkward explores a theme that will touch many readers’ hearts and keep them coming back to read his next masterpiece. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars and recommend to everyone.

Book Review: Yours to Love by Zara Santaf

Yours to Love by Zara Santaf is one amazing romance. The novel is full of delightfully entertaining themes. Readers will automatically fall in love with the main character, Nicholas Tanner. He loved a woman deeply who made it her mission to leave him and their love behind. Now after five years she returns and Nicholas Tanner is more than determined to resist his attraction that still lives inside of him and his temptation to finally conquer the woman of his heart. But will he?

Zara Santaf’s debut novel is a must read for all. I highly recommend her stunning romance to readers worldwide. The characters will heat up every page and leave readers falling head over heels. I couldn’t resist the temptation to read this story. Beautifully well written and the personalities of the characters bring the story to life. The plot is the most enticing one I have read. Overall, I rate Yours to Love a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Burning Man by Solange Ritchie

The Burning Man is a debut novel by Solange Ritchie. This intriguing yet bone chilling masterpiece will lead readers on a dark, complex, and dangerous plot. The suspense burns hotter with every page.  Readers won’t get enough of the wild goose chase game that the killer decides to play with the detectives. Can they catch a killer before more bodies are mutilated and left for dead? Or will they serial killer get the best of them?

I highly recommend this thriller suspense to all. Shivers down your spine and edge of your seat intrigue will occur. Most of all there’s a serial killer loose and is taunting the detectives. A game of catch me if you can. The serial killer seriously mutilates his victims with gashes all over and carves messages into their bodies before leaving them to be seen. But that’s not all..the serial killer also uses a sulfuric acid that burns into the victims’ skin. A terrifying way to die. Soon a thirty-eight year old Dr. Cat Powers is brought onto the Burning Man case. She thinks with her forensic and behavioral science skills that she can out do the serial killer. But the real question is can she? Overall, I rate this The Burning Man by Solange Ritchie a five out of five stars.

Book Revew: The Roundup: Penny and Matthew (Birthrights Book 3) by Coty Justus

Coty Justus is a talented writer whose way with words is brilliantly stunning. Inside this incredible story is packed with several themes that will tug at readers hearts such as trust, loyalty, and love. Not only does The Roundup have these themes but also is packed with adventure, suspense, and intrigue. I feel in love with the characters and the amazing men who are so realistically portrayed it’s hard to tell it’s fiction.

The Roundup by Coty Justus is one that should be read by readers worldwide. It combines action, romance and Native American culture. Coty Justus has a well written story whose plot intrigues readers every page. Readers will also find it humourous and spectacular. I couldn’t get enough of the fabulous characters and their troubles. The Roundup is one novel readers everywhere will not be able to stop reading. The romance between Penny and Matthew is an interesting one. Once Matthew sees Penny, he knows she’s the one for him. Penny also knows that there is one man who is meant for her. Penny has those who want her dead and Matthew knows he needs to protect her. A love so warm and understanding it was beautiful. Also, the way the characters welcomed Penny into their circle is astounding. Today, with all our differences it was nice to read a novel that showed a welcome embrace towards a stranger. I highly recommend reading this novel and look forward to reading the next story by Coty Justus. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Block 10 by both Stacy Childs and David Niall Wilson

Block 10

Stacy Childs has done it again. Her new and exciting novel, Block 10, is just as incredible as her last one, if not better. A medical suspense thriller just like The Boys of the Dixie Pig. Intrigue from the first page will forever lure readers deep into its enticing plot. The most thrilling complex plot of the year. Readers beware once you read this you won’t want to put it down. There is so much for readers to read. An experimental medical treatment, an Olympic skier, suicidal depression and heart pounding danger. Dare to enter into the edge of your seat kind of thriller?

Block 10 is an enthralling novel . Readers who read this book will be on the lookout for the next masterpiece from Stacy Childs and David Niall Wilson. Two talented yet brilliant writers whose words will leave readers hooked. The main character Luke Cooper was an Olympic skier until he became injured and quickly spiraled into a depression. Until a stranger known as Dr. Henri de Salvo, gave him a reason to continue to live. Luke turns to a career in medical science. Once started he will be lured deep into a world of dark intrigue and danger. Men fighting for huge sums of money, women, and medical breakthroughs that will leave Luke questioning himself and leaving him to decide what to do next. Will Luke find the answers? Overall, I highly recommend this magnificent novel and look forward to the next, dark, fast-paced, and gripping thriller. I rate Block 10 a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Boys of the Dixie Pig by Stacy Childs

Stacy Childs has created a masterpiece unlike any other thriller I have laid my hands upon. Her story is full of intrigue and suspense from the first page and onward. I couldn’t put the novel down until the very end. The Boys of the Dixie Pig have it all. There’s kidnapping, murder, weapons dealer, incarnated sports stars and much more. Readers will love this magnificent plot. A real page turner. Readers won’t ever know what to expect next, who’s behind it all, and what to think other than how addictive and refreshing this medical suspense/thriller is. I loved reading it and so will every other reader too.

The Boys of the Dixie Pig is a stunning novel from beginning to end. Mark Barton is an interesting main character. Spending four decades running from someone,  a crime boss who wants to kill him, and the CIA blaming him for something that went bad. Mark decides to meet up with his four friends. But little did he and his friends know that they would indeed be having more trouble than any of them could possible dream of.  The possibility of death hangs in the air for them all. Will they be able to handle it all or will all the kidnapping, murder, romance and insanity get to them? This novel makes for a number one read because it contains a little of everything. Everyone, no matter what your reading preferences are will enjoy this rollercoaster of an adventure! Fast-paced, brilliantly well written, and one of the most complex novels I have ever seen. Readers must read Stacy Childs first book in this incredible series. I promise you won’t regret it. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: Smart but Dead by Nancy G. West

Smart But Dead (An Aggie Mudeen Mystery) by Nancy G. West is one of the funniest yet most intriguing novels readers will read. The main character Aggie is nothing but a funny, sharp witted woman who makes solving mysteries a fun and suspenseful adventure. Readers will feel excited and laugh all the way until the end. Nancy . West’s Aggies Mystery series is the best humor/mystery fiction that I have read. I have read her entire series thus far and I highly recommend other readers around the world to do so as well.

Smart But Dead by Nancy G. West takes readers deep into Aggie’s character. Here we are learning about aging and her encounter with a college professor who so happens to be working on a project related to aging. Aggie wants to learn more about what her professor is doing for her column about aging. However, it appears that her professor isn’t much of a help. He can’t even remeber her name right. As she learns more about the project, Human Genome and DNA, the more Aggie is determined to stay young. But soon, there’s a dead corspe on campus, and her curious nature of prodding into an investigation leads her on a rush to solve the gave before her detective friend does. Will Aggies manage to get off as the prime suspect to solve the case an stay off the list as the next dead corspe on college or will it be too late for a noisy wannabe detective? I loved reading this brilliant yet well written story. Readers everywhere will love it the moment the read the first page. A perfect way to spend any day, reading up on the next case that Aggie handles. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

Reading for Adventure

I can’t say exactly why I do enjoy reading so much and how I can read so man novels like I do. However, I find myself drawn into each novel like a pull of gravity taking me deep to its center core. Drawing me into worlds rich with culture, laughter, love, and an evilness that will always cast a shiver down one’s spine. How can I not be be so richly absorbed? Each book contains a new world of adventure. Teaming with unique characters unlike many others. They positions and goals may start off like many other characters but it’s their personalities and the author’s raw talent that brings to life the scenes and characters.

Have you ever read a novel that didn’t make you feel an emotional attachement? I don’t think it’s quite possible unless the writer is only just beginning with his or her pen. Quickly now, writers all over are typing away or scrawling down the words to the next and most wonderful stories readers will ever read. I can’t wait until I begin a new book. Whether it’s by a new author or one that is famously well-known to the public’s eye. I can’t resist a piece new literature. Not when the characters are there on a page waiting at my fingertips to be opened and read. The scenes vividly bright and coming off the pages, the characters poping off acting out as I read each typed word on the page. Turning the pages, I rush. I  have to know, I have to find out..what happens next. How does it end? Will there be a major cliffhanger or will that be it? So many possiblities and they are all being written solely for my entertianment. I have to read and continue to share with the world my love and passion for reading an author’s work. How can one not tell others how good a story was? It would be like holding back the world’s greatest secret until I burst into a billion pieces or into flame. And so, I chose to tell you all my greatest adventures and the latest scandals, murders, and mysteries that everyone will find intriguing.

This is the life of a reader. I am to share the greatest pieces of literature with you all. Hoping that my passion of reading ignites a flame of interest into the latest novel or book.

Book Review: It had to be Love by Tamra Baumann

It Had to Be Love by Tamra Baumann is one of those brilliant romances that remind us that no matter what kind f scars we have or are hiding from the world that we are still truly beautiful, loved, and accepted by others in our lives. We may think our family is the only one who will accept us, and then someone incredible comes into our lives and knocks down all our barries. It is then that we battle with letting go of our fears to accept the loving and caring acceptance of those we have come to trust and fall in love with. I highly recommend this beautiful romance story to all. Tamra Baumann’s talent is nothing but the capturing of raw and realistic love that only happens if we let it. I definitely, look forward to reading more of her amazing novels.

It Had to Be Love is a must read for all. Readers will instantly feel a tug on their hearts and a hope for more. A beautiful woman who had been abused in the past has come to live in a small town. Here she runs into the sexy yet, amazing man who just so happens to be the sherrif. A sherriff who has stopped dating the locals and thinks that moving to another place will help him find the love he’s looking for…until a wonderful yet gorgeous stranger moves into town. Knocking the wind out of his lungs and somehow he knows she’s the one. The more they meet the more he has to know her. She battles with her attraction to the sexy sherriff and wonders if losing her heart to him will be a bad thing or not. The sherriff falls head over in love with this new woman. There’s something about her that makes talking so easy. Will fate allow these two to find what they are looking for? I have said it before, and I will say it again. Tamra Baumann is a talented writer who brings to life her characters and stories. Her stories will forever stay with readers. After reading this first book of hers, I want to read all the others she was wonderfully spun together as well. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Sky So Big by both Ransom Wilcox & Karl Beckstrand

A Sky So Big by both Ransom Wilcox and Karl Beckstrand is a must read Western Romance. I loved reading this novel by both of these talented writers. After reading the back cover on the book, my curiosity of which man might be on the front cover lured me into reading the first chapter to find out. Readers like myself will fall for the charming nature of one of the characters only to finally realize that one of the two main men is the real bad guy. But which one and will Patricia Laughlin find out before it’s too late?

In this intriguing and realistic portrayal of the Western lifestyle I found myself drowning into the deepest part of the plot as it continued to unfold. The main character Patricia Laughlin is the innocent new comer to the Western parts. She comes back home to her father because of his new partner. A partner who is living two different lives. His charms and small talk make Patricia feel safe. Safer than she would be if she was around the other man, who at first appearance proved to be the wrong man to be around. But is she really safe being with the man whom she think is right and safe? Then there’s the matter of her heart. Which man will keep it and which will not? A romance that will melt the hearts of countless readers over and over again. I highly recommend this stunning masterpiece by both Ransome Wilcox and Karl Beckstrand. They both have spun together an irresistible tale that will continue to lure readers deep into its depth. Mystery, suspense, and romance..A Sky So Big has it all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Cover Reveal: The Nightmare Train by Danielle Urban

The Nightmare Train

The Nightmare Train by Danielle Urban protrays a haunting story just as errie and horrifying as the Holocaust but with a modern twist and a horror much worse than Hitler himself. A young girl boards a train with her family, and instead is led to a faraway place reaking of terror and death. Once the train stops, all normality vanishes, and the real horror begins. Hundreds of people, men women, and children board this train and are led to their death. But will this one girl and her family survive along with the others on board? Or will the Nightmare Train continue to lure more people to their untimely death.

This novel was based on a nightmare that occured and has thus become a thriller instead. The nightly terrors and the bone chilling scenes will leave readers wide awake at night. No one should die..especially just for one evil man’s thrill of killing. A brilliant way in capturing innonect people and leading them to believe all is going to be well until the train reaches its final designation. A place where many have died before over and over again. Those who survived, work on the contruction of buildings that once was where all the dead bodies laid. Once a job was complete, the living became the dead. One girl, thousands of dead who are willingly to help, and a bit of courage may evenutally put an end to The Nightmare Train…or so they thought. Readers will love this new edge of your seat thriller. I highly recommend signing up for the arc copies coming soon.

Book Review: Under the Cyprus Tree by Ashleigh Zavarelli

Talk about complications…Ashleigh Zavarelli has created the most intriguing and most heated romance novel known to readers word wide. Under the Cypress Tress is one enormous tangle that involves two past lover’s whose love and lust for one another has never died and only flares upp once again, when the man returns back home. Everything appears to be the same to Archer, but then something about his love peaks his interest. Her smile is gone and she appears sad. Was it because of him and if so, can he fix whatever wrong he has done before it’s too late?

Under the Cypress Tree is one beautifully written romances that will continnue to grab readers’ hearts. It’s no surprise as to why. Ashleigh Zaverelli has talent that shines brightly through her words on every page. Intrigue, a bit of msytery, the past love that hurts and a secret untold. Readers won’t be able to stay away from the main characters. Both Archer and Anneabeth tug at reader’s hearts sending them so many emotions as though they were the reader’s alone to face. Once you read the first page, you won’t stop until you read the rest. A real page turner that keeps readers lured in until the very ending. I love a good romance that brings to life the characters journey as they solve their past mistakes and try to heal and mend the distance that came between them. I highly recommend this stunning piece to all. Under the Cypress Tree is a magical romantic journey that will transform the way readers feel and think about love and life itself. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Nightmare Train Part 3

I woke up realising I was in bed. My own bed, in my room. Nothing was out of place. Sweat dripped from my forehead and my heart was beating out of control. Somehow, after these three past months, I had a nightmare of the train. Except it was through my point of view. Does that mean the train is once more operating or was this nightmare showing me something from the past? Did those people die? Or were they saved? And that evil man, that died was the same man I saw on the nightmare train. The one that the dead rescued us all from. The very same man that was locked up in solitare for life. So, why then must I still be haunted by these horried dreams?

Getting up, I head into the kitchen and take some water. Maybe, it will cool me off. Just as I took a sip, a vision came through.

This time, I knew exactly what was going on and I wasn’t going to hesitate.

Calling the police, and notifying them anomiously about what was going on was a first for me. I am not a psyhic and yet, the dreams and visions make it seem that way. The police went back to the station only to find it empty just like they eft it. So, they pursued the other details I gave them. They found the master plans for the nightmare train plus new ones. And it turned out that it had been distrubed. By who, they don’t know. But what they found confirmed my own worst fears…

The nightmare train was still in full operation mode. Or going to be.

Nightmare Train Part 2

The man looked right as me as if he knew all my secrets. He scared the hell out of me. But I wasn’t going to let him know that. So, I stared right back into those black eyes. He continued to stare at me while everything was happening. When the train began speeding back to where we just came from, I knew right then that something was wrong. Something far more sinster than those images I saw.

My breathing felt caught in my chest. An irractic beat of my heart and sweat dripping down my eyebrows. I wiped them away, only to see the man smiling. How could that be? We’re not going to die. I saw the dead standing behind me. They were the ones who shoot the gunmen. They were the ones speeding the train backwards and yet the evil man standing in front of me was smiling..then he tarted laughing. A sound which I will never forget. He breifly whispered, “this isn’t the end. I always win. You’ll all be dead, if not now then later.”

I swallowed hard. My breathing stopped. I knew what he said was true. This nightmare train isn’t the won’t be the last of this nor of him. He will continue to kill and won’t stop to those of us who survived died. He looked at me again. A knowing look shined into those bottomless black specks for eyes. A shiver ran down my spine. No! No, he has to be stopped! 

It was up to me..or else more dead bodies would add up and the police will never catch him. Just like the never caught him in all this time. If the dead weren’t helping now, all of us including my family and I would be dead now, just like them. Tomorrow, more will be getting on this nightmare train, and more will die. The dead couldn’t keep those alive away no matter how hard they tried.

I opened the train door. Almost falling face forward before the door sild open. The wind or the rush of the train going by so fast left me frozen for several moments. Then gaining my strength back, I was determined to see the man die. Die in the same way those innocent folk died. No mercy. No last minute pleading. Just killed. No hesitation. I went back to the man. Instead of me grabbing him, he grabbed me. Pushing me to the open side.

I screamed. The other passengers tried coming to my aid but the man held a bomb. “Either she dies, or we all die now.”

So, this was the end.

My fate was to die at the hands a serial killer who also was a raving sinister lunatic.

There was only one option left…die taking him with me. Running forward on speeding train is nearly impossible but taking a killer down was worth it. I ran up to him pushing us both off the train car..


Then something big and hot went off…as I hit something hard. My ears buzzed. Then all sound stopped. The train was gone…and the killer was dead. I saw him blow up, before all went dark.

My News Article has Been Published!

US Politics: How does social/ policy reform become law? 

I have been given full and unquestionable authority of the US Government. Any reforms I enact will become the law to be carried out forthwith. I can change the policy as I see fit with no limitations. But before I enact any reform into law, I must think of the consequences it will have upon society as a whole.  As the Congress of the United States, I have this full power to bring into any reform into law and change it as I like.

According to, a reform is the improvement or amendments of what is wrong, corrupt, or unsatisfactory.  Several reforms that I would enact involves with how one can become President of the United States. At first, only men who served in the military could become a President. Now, we have had many Presidents who have never served a single term in the military and yet they are the ones making the big decisions on how and what we do, when war or terrorists threats occur.

How would someone who doesn’t have any war experience suddenly get to have control on these issues serving as the leader of our nation? The last President we had who actually served some military time was George H. W. Bush. Then his son George W. Bush served as President and after him was President Barack Obama. Neither George W. Bush nor Barack Obama served any time fighting in our military. Yet both served as leaders of our nation. Therefore, I would create a reform and enact it into law so that any person running to become our next Presidential leader would have to serve some time fighting in our military. I would make at least a two year requirement. How would I go about getting the reform set up and placed into action?

According to the Library of Congress, ” ‘All legislative Powers’ granted to the Federal government by the Constitution, as stated in Article I, Section I, are vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.”  I have the power to take any reforms and turn them into law. Once made into a law, these reforms will be carried out. The Senate has the power to get allow certain reforms to come through faster to be approved, denied, or changed before it is made into law. Reforms go through many processes and changes before they are finally made into a law.  Next, I will explore the processes and steps into reforms becoming a law and how I can change the policy as I see fit.

Every reform has to survive three stages. The first stage of this process is the committee consideration stage. According to, every reform is sent to a standing committee that the reform’s subject matter goes under. But to do to a large amount of reforms they are sent to a subcommittee for that particular subject area that the reform covers.  A high percentage of these reforms don’t make it to the law.  However, if a reform does survive it goes through a bunch of hearings. These hearing have the top people involved to discuss the particular reform. During these hearings, the reform goes through changes until the committee is ready to send it to the floor. Thus, this leads us to the second stage for the reform to become a law.

The second stage that any reform would go through especially my reform on having US Presidents goes through two years of military service before serving as leaders of our nation, would be the rules committee. Here the reform, will have timed debates and a set of rules on making amendments to the reform. If no amendments are made then the reform it set for the gage rule.

This specific rule allows Senators to take as much as they want to on the reform. However, this can be a problem for the reform becoming a law. This issue is then called a Filibuster. These don’t happen all the time, but can cause the reform to die out before it can become a law. These are not allowed by the two houses according to Since a filibuster is not popular both houses require a quorum, which is a majority vote. Now, is the third step in turning my reform into a law.

Third step in my reform into law is called the conference committees. These are made up of both the House and the Senate. Different versions of my reform will be placed to be for revision. Once a compromised revision form of my reform is complete the will send it back on the floor to be passed and approved by both. Once the approval of my reform is passed by both houses, it then goes to the President to sign. What happens if the President doesn’t approve of my reform and does it still have a chance of becoming a law?

So how does reform become law?

The President can accept or deny a reform that comes to him for signing. If he denies it, this is called vetoing. The President has every right to veto any and all reforms that come to his desk. However, this doesn’t mean that my reform won’t make it as a law.

If it is being vetoed by the President, then my reform will go back to Congress. Congress will need a two-thirds vote for it to become a law. If there is a two-thirds vote than my reform will become a law that will be enacted. Also, there is a third way that my reform can easily become a law, if it is sent to the President to sign and he fails to sign it within a ten day frame than my reform automatically becomes a law. After going through the process of how my reform goes into becoming a law the next step is to weigh how it will affect society as whole.

If my reform goes into law it would require every eligible person running for presidency to have spent at least two years in fighting in one of our military branches. That means every man and woman who want to become President know only have to meet the age requirements and citizen requirements but also meet this new requirement of mine. Why should we, as a people elect people as a leader of our nation who have never experienced fighting for our country like the rest of us who have fought? There are plenty of war veterans who could run for President under my new requirement. War veterans have the war knowledge and experience to see how any decision regarding diplomacy, war tactics, and negotiation can affect our nation overall. They were trained for these kind of things. Unlike most of the rich who run our nation and think that they have the right to run as our leader for our nation. Just because they have money or a fancy degree or the connections doesn’t make them the right individual.

Look at how our latest President has acted. President Obama has acted like a sitting duck. Then he finals “acts out” and what does he do? He goes and makes a deal with who? Iran. One of the countries we should be staying away from and building our defenses against.

How does a nobody like President Obama get elected out of the clear blue to run for Presidency? Last I checked no one included the Republican Party checked to see if he really was an American citizen and whether or not he truly was a Muslim. Majority of Muslims are radicals who kill anyone and everyone. We are seeing the evidence. President Obama was slow to react to the terrorist attacks being made to European nations. Too slow too late to act. Obama has no military experience and yet he’s the one running our nation and forcing his decisions upon us? If my reform doesn’t go into law…we will get another nobody like Obama or Hilary Clinton into office ruling because they have the connections and or the money backing them to do so.

The big question is do we want inexperienced people like President Obama and future to be president like Hilary Clinton who have no war tactic, diplomacy, and negation skills running as our leaders from now and until the end of time? Or do we want people who have the required experience and the knowledge into how things operate and can easily determine the aftermath before they even send out their decisions to be enacted?

Can true reforms come from ‘professional politicians’ ?

I firmly believe our nation would be in the best of hands with someone who has been there out on the field fighting for our country and who has been trained and knows the skills and experience that would help our nation to survive against any upcoming enemies and war that may arise.

Look at Hilary Clinton and President Obama in how they acted, when our ambassadors needed and called for help. They didn’t act when they should have. They didn’t help our own people. War was at hand and yet the sat back letting our own people die at the hands of terrorists. Are we the kind of people or nation that just sits on by while our kind our being slaughtered, mutated, and killed before our eyes?

Or will be want people who have military expertise that would fight back and take action and help our people survive. Trying our best to save our people is a hell lot better than sitting back with a smile watching and knowing that our people are being burned alive.

Our headquarters was being attacked. Yet, we are still wanting Hilary to run for our next President when she couldn’t handle her job as secretary. President Obama should have been impeached yet we allowed him office despite the evidence before our eyes on where his heart is really set. It’s not for our nation that’s for sure and neither is Hilary’s. I want to reform our law on who can become President. By enacting a law that requires at least two years of active tour duty, we will be ensuring that our nation is in safe hands and that will be prepared for any war like situations against our people.

All in all, if I had been given the full and unquestionable authority of the US Government mine would include who can run for President. Any reforms I enact will become the law to be carried out forthwith. I can change the policy as I see fit with no limitations. But before I enact any reform into law, I must think of the consequences it will have upon society as a whole.  As the Congress of the United States, I have this full power to bring into any reform into law and change it as I like.

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Book Review: Wrong Number Right Guy by Elle Casey

Wrong Number Right Guy by Elle Casey is just that. Elle Casey’s sense of humor in her writing is stunning. It will be hard for readers to stop laughing and smiling as they continue to read. The pages are full of humor, suspense, danger and scorching red-hot lust. But is it just lust or something more? Readers will have to guess. Smart, addictive, and the most alluring read by far. There’s noting like a woman who walks in on a fight gone haywire and one hot hero coming to her rescue. This is one brilliantly well written must have for every reader’s to do list.

A woman gets a text  from her sister. These texts will bring laughter to every reader. As May Wexler heads into the bar prepared to meet her sister and to distract her sister’s kids, she ends up walking into the biggest bar fight of all. Surprised that her sister isn’t there and that she just placed herself into full danger, May soon as a hot fighter coming to her rescue. It isn’t soon that he’s offering her a job and protection. Can a wrong number led a May to the right guy? I highly recommend this heated romance story to all. Elle Casey sure knows how to pack a little of everything into her much anticipated novels yet. I can’t wait to read more by her. Overall, I rate Wrong Number Right Guy a five out of five stars.

The Nightmare Train by Danielle Urban

My family and I were at a train station. Where we we headed I couldn’t say. Once on the train, it was nice. Luxrious in a way. Food and drink provided for no charge. Beautiful landscapes…if one were to look out the window. Then an image ran through my mind. Two high walls reaching to the clouds made of solid rock, a railroad in the center. This railroad was laid inbetween these two high walls. secuding out the rest of the world. Some light shone downward and then instead of seeing landscapes I saw dozens if not hundreds of dead bodies of humans pied skyhigh on both sides of the train. Then anoother image  flashed through my mind, this time it was bodies laying in the same train I was in except the train ddnt have the fancy or authentic train look like it did now. Bodies were piled up with gun shot wounds. Those who were still alive and moving were shot unti they moved no more. Then another image came up, the bodies were being tossed out the sides as the train moved. Not one survived. Those who pretended to be dead and were tossed barely made it still alive. If they were found alive they were forced to work and once they completed their work they were shot. No one knew what was happening.. the guns had silencers on them. The passengers were of men, women, and children. All had their belongings taken from them. Before they were hurdled together and shot until they dropped like flies on the floors.

Soon, I noticed the same two stone walls, my fear instantly kicked in. Then instead of seeing all the bodies I saw homes being built. The workers looked like death. How they held on was beyond me. I knew when the train ride finally stopped, that we all would die too. Just like all those I saw moments ago.

A man like I saw in my image came up to me, asking for my phone. I handed it to him. Knowing he was pure evil. My whole body tensed up. He must have noticed because he stopped and looked into my eyes. I wanted to scream. I wanted to run and warn everyone else in the other cars. I was in the first car with my family and many others. They always start with the first car, I heard someone say. I turned and saw the dead bodies. They were there standing by me. They asked me, “are you ready?”

I didn’t answer for something compelled me to turn back around and face the man..before me. I held up my hand. All the guns from the gunmen were taken up into the air…pointing at the gunmen. Then with a snap of my fingers the triggers went off. Of course no one heard the shots because just like visions, there were silencers on the guns. No one knew what was happening except that guns floated above shooting at the once armed men. Everyone was shocked into silence..pondering what just happened.

The evil man looked at me. I asked for my phone back. He just stood there. A few second ticked on by..then my phone came up to my hands. I dialed 911. The moment I did this. The train automatically picked up speed. It was going too fast. I almost fell as with the other passengers including the evil man. I felt the evilness coming off him in vibes. A cold sweat dripped down my spine causing me to shiver. People were now panicking. The train was once back to where we loaded onto the train. We all got off and as we did. The train with the evil man speed back to where it took us. What happened to the train and the man after that I didn’t know. All I knew was that the police were there questioning everyone and the dead gunnmen were laying on the floor by the entrace to the train. No one could exlpain it not even me. But I knew some how that this was not the end of the nightmare train. The dead were angry, the evil man was still alive and those poor souls I saw building are stuck in a hell hole that no man wants to go near.

Evil lurked heavily there.

For now, we were safe.

I was free.

But was it the end?

Why did you do it?

Originally posted on The Changes in Life, Love, Faith:

Why did you do it? Why don’t you care? I should have known you’d never be there. I was so young, I couldn’t have known. You should have been there, but you left me on my own. Promises promises. Made and unkept. You lied and lied until finally there was nothing left.

My first step, you weren’t there. Some other girl was playing with your hair. My first date, you didn’t even know. Never to see the pain in my eyes when he didn’t show. My first dance, oh how great I looked, but I didn’t know how to dance since you left.

Next thing you know. My big day is here. You were invited, as I wanted you there. Instead of coming, like you’d promised you’d do….you called and declined, because that’s just you. Why did you do it? Why do I care? I should have known…’ll never be…

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Book Review: A Love Story for a Nation by Mark Sasse

A Love Story for a Nation by Mark Sasse is one of those novels that readers won’t ever forget. For fans of The Fault within Our Stars, this is a must read. Though the plotlines differ it holds the same value and hearlt melting power as the famous book turned movie. I found the mystery of the plot incredible. The scenes and history all wrapped into one another was something that made this quite an exceptional read. I received this novel in exchange for an honest review and I have to say, I am pleased to have had it passed into my hands. This story will take readers deep into the plot and leave with breathless like one feels after a roller coaster ride. After one ride you want to go again and again. The same applies to A Love Story for a Nation. It lures you in and grips onto your mind and heart and doesn’t let go until the very end. By the the time you reach the end you will be waiitng for the next stunning well written adventure by Mark Sasse. It’s the first time that I have read any one of his novels and now, I plan to read each one of his previous novels before this one.

A Love Story for a Nation is about a writer how has suffered great loss. He lossed a son before he was born, and then to lose his wife. His wife has made Gerald Sanpantri pick up his pen and to begin writing once again. He finds a note from his wife telling him to smile and he does exactly that. It’s one amazing emotional action packed thriller that will keep readers turning the pages and asking when the next novel is coming out for reading. I was stunned at how remarkable the story turned out to be. Loss, love, danger and the meaning of courage can all be found as secrets are unveiled. Definitely, would recommend this novel to readers world wide. Highly engaging read that all readers will love. Overall, I rate A Love Story for a Nation a five out of five stars.

Book Review: When I was Green by T.S. Dawson

When I was Green by T.S. Dawson is a must read romance unlike others in its genre. The story itself is about a young 16 year old’s journey in discovering the truth behind the secrets of her past. A hot sexy horseback instructor who is wiser than most his age, takes on the task of helping Lucy uncover it all. What they will find is something readers will have to read on to figure out themselves.

I loved reading this story by T.S. Dawson. The main character draws readers in with her attraction to Edward. Edward being the horse back riding instructor with many other girls chasing after him. Lucy finds herself just as attracted to Edward as the others are to him. Edward wants to help Lucy find out about her past. Did her father really commit suicide and how is that her small town area keeps it hidden so well? When I was Green is one novel readers won’t be able to put down.  The ending was a major cliff hanger. Readers will puzzle themselves crazy over what happens next between Edward and Lucy.  T.S. Dawson has done a beautifully job in spinning a realistic and intriguing tale that will keep readers coming back for more. I can’t wait to read more by T.S. Dawson. The story will capture readers in from all over the world. I highly recommend reading this brilliant romance novel. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Why is Writing Nonfiction Papers so Dull?


Why is Writing Nonfiction Papers so Dull?

As a writer, I have written many nonfiction papers especially this past summer. For my Legal Environment of Business college course, I found writing nonfiction research papers to be easy and fun. I made A’s on every paper I wrote. However, I am struggling to fill out 6 pages worth of paper on a topic for a political science college course. I have two pages so far and it’s like my brain juice dried up.

How do I stretch my paper out in order to make the 6 page limit  to get an A? One, I always use the prompt question given to me to fill out the first two paragraphs. Then, I look back and read the prompt question and look for what exactly it’s asking me to write about. I can always usually find ways to break it down and turn the pieces into writing material.

But that is just not happening at all with this particular paper!

I feel like I have been running  3 miles only to run out of air and muscles strength to finish the last 3 laps for the race.

Nonfiction papers usually take away all imagination of writing away from those of us who are creative writers. I consider myself to be a creative writer. I usually have no problems in letting the words flow. For the first time, I feel stumped. As though an elephant came stampeding by crushing all thoughts of organized educational writing away. Do I just stand there and give up? Or do I dare to continue to stare at my computer screen until ways of adding more content come to me.

Writers of all kinds are very familiar with deadlines. If you’re a writer and you haven’t experienced this issue then something is up or you have the perfect writing atmosphere or you can write so many thousands of words at time without ever stopping. Most of us are not that fortunate.

This six page research paper is the first writing assignment for this semester. Then there’s only one more left to do later on at the end. Paper is due this Sunday afternoon, and I am beyond stuck.

What does a student writer like me do?

Give up or find a creative way to add more content?

Writing Prompt Time!

Okay, so it’s fall and today is the anniversary of the September 11th attack on the twin towers. Many families have lost loved ones. Let’s take a time of prolonged silence and honor all those who died that day.

After, taking a moment to remember, honor, and pray for all of those who died let’s write a story about remembering our loved ones.

#1  Write a story about a young teenage couple who fall hopelessly in love with one another. The guy alway told his girlfriend, “I love you.” She would always respond back and say, “I love you too.” Then one day her boyfriend goes to work with his father. Right before the the first bomb hit the towers, he texted her saying, “I love you.” As the day wore over, his girlfriend didn’t see the text until after both towers were destroyed. He never got to hear her last words, “I love you.” Now, it’s been two years since that horrifying day. The girlfriend still has her boyfriend’s last text on her phone. Her sorrow, deepens each passing day. Her life completely falling apart. Then a man steps into her llife and she is torn between letting go and holding on. Will she be able to overcome her loss to find happiness again? Or will her grief totally consume her until she no longer feels anything anymore?

#2  It was that fatal day inside the towers when many were killed. Mnay others died in trying to rescue others who were trapped inside an unleasing world of death and terror. MiMi, saw before hand what was going to happen inside of a dream. She kept shaking it aside telling herself that it won’t happen. Nothing that bad could happen..but what if it does? And when? Will MiMi learn to accept her gift of sight before the most terrorifying moment becomes a reality? Or will her ignorance cause the death of millions?

Book Review: The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak

The Secret Sister by Brenda Novak is indeed the best romantic thriller I have read. Readers will be taken deep into te main characters’ past. Secrets that have been hidden forever come out and those that were blamed are innocent. A hot steamy novel that will lure readers in further with each pasisng page. I loved reading this story. Brenda Novak has a raw talent in bringing her novels to life. I have read every novel by Brenda but this one, is the most stunning of her creations. Realistic, suspenseful, and an edge of your seat romance that will have readers coming back for more.

Breanda Novak’s debut novel, The Secret Sister, is one that I highly recommend to readers worldwide. A family so torn apart are trying to unite and fix what troubles them. However, it will be dangerous in stirring up a bee’s nest after so many years of the accident. A sister who was pushed off a cliff, a borther who is an addict and blames himself, and another sister who is divorced and wants answers. But that isn’t all. Maisey is determined to find the answers and another part of her past comes out to tease her. Rafe was the older guy every girl talked about and the only only the Maisey spet her first time with. Now back home, Maisey meets Rafe again and there passion burns hotter than coals. Can Maisey have llove and help her family? Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

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Death’s Kiss by Danielle Urban

His touch made her skin crawl. If there weren’t any cameras, Keira, would have felt goosebumps forming on her arms and a chill down her spine. She knew he was was only a matter of time when she would be his.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Five months later, Keira woke up in a hospital not knowing where she was nor how she got there. Something told her she wasn’t safe. If she doesn’t get up now, she would die without anyone ever knowing. Getting up was harder than she thought. Her body wouldn’t budge an inch. She kept on pushing herself to move, nothing but sweat dripping down her forehead. She felt tired. Where am I? Then she heard a door open and then she saw him. A blood curling scream left her lunges just as he stuck the needle in her arm. All went black.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

It has been two weeks since the dead woman’s body popped up on TV. She was drugged, rapped, and died at the hands of a serial killer. No one knew who was behind it nor why. But Maddie did. She knew the man who was evil enough to do those things and get away with it. Hell, he even had his own private hospital, where it looked normal to outsiders but was anything but that. It was known to the few survivors, if any, as the Kiss of Death.

The man had money and power. No one could defy him. He choose his victims. Once he choose you, you were stalked, photographed, followed and then somehow ended up in his hospital. Once there, victims had a no way out. At least not for any of the newer victims. Maddie was one of the earlier ones who managed to barely escape the lunatic’s hands. She almost died and ended up like that woman on TV. Maddie knew that the pyscho would still come after her, which was why she changed her legal name and appearance and moved many states away as she could in a place where no one would go unless, there were crazy or running away from death just like she was. Cats may have nine lives, but humans only get one. There was no way Maddie was going to put herself out in public’s eyes to help catch the psycho who is now a loose serial killer. The woman on TV matched Maddie’s own looks and was body number eigth. Was he taunting her? Was he trying to say, I am still coming after you? You can’t hide forever. Maddie shivered and turned the TV off. She had enough of the news. She had to concentrate on getting enough wood in her cabin for heat before the snow storm hit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He’s still out there. 

She’s still hiding. 

Bodies are adding up and the deaths are getting closer …to where she lives. 

Book Review: Deadly Messengers by Susan May

Deadly Messages by Susan May is indeed just that. Deadly Messages are left for deciphering but if not deciphered soon than more people will die. Kendall Jennings writes for a magazine and when a mass killing oocurs she’s the one to get the to the piece on waht is happening. Soon she is clashing with a dectective who lures her in but at the same both have their jobs to do. Detective Lance O’ Grady likes the reporter, Kendall but he doesn’t want her any more involved than what she already is. Some serial killer is n the loose and many lives depend on them to figure it all out before it’s too late.

I loved reading this brilliant well written masterpiece by Susan May. Her leading characters entice readers to keep reading. The mass murders willl keep readers guessing who the killer is and how close the killer actually is. Deadly Messenges is a top notch thriller that excites and leaves a cold shiver done the spines of its readers. I found it hard to put the novel down until the last page was read. I highly recommend reading this debut novel by this award winning writer, Susan May. Overall, I rate her stunning story a five out of five stars and look forward to reading more by her.

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Book Review: This Is One Moment by Mila Gray

This is One Moment  by Mila Gray is indeed the one moment all readers will fall in love! A one of a kind romance that happens only once during a lifetime if at all. Fairy tales don’t exist but that doesn’t that two hearts can’t unite under the right circumstances. Walker is an injured Marine at center where one regular but extraordinary woman melts his tough exteriors and keeps him wanting all night long. Didi is a summer intern at the center where her parents work as doctors. While there she meets one man who is not only a hero but also a romantic despite him pushing her away. Soon, they grow found of each other’s companionship and then the lines of professional start to blur…In the end, will Walker and Didi have the chance of happiness or will Walker’s blindness forever keep in alone in the dark?

Mila Gray is a best-selling author whose novels are heart melting with such realistic stories, that it’s hard to put her novels down. This is One Moment is a novel that features how one’s gears can paralyze them forever and how rewarding the road to recovery can be especially when you have friends and family at your side. I loved reading this romance. It was real for me and the miracle of recovery for the Marines that were injured and all they went through on their way to healing was incredible. A read unlike any other. Readers will feel the novel tugging at their heart making them laugh and cry. I highly recommend this novel to readers worldwide. I believe that every hero needs a Didi and every Didi needs a man like Walker to love them completely and forever. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Bulgaria & Cesar Too

Bulgaria and his best friend friend and partner in crime were rushing down the stairs like a stampede of wild buffalo.

“Hey, Bulgaria, I am going to beat you down to the kitchen!” Cesar taunted.

“Not this time Cesar!” Bulgaria shouted back as he ran and ran.

Bulgaria soon beat Cesar to the kitchen.

Their owner was there setting their bowls of cat food down.

“Nice, run Bulgaria. I’ll beat you next time!”

“Yeah, next time.”

They chopped down on their food when the phone rang.

“Hello?” The owner asked. “Oh no, what? How did that happen? Okay, I’ll be there later today. Yes, thank you.”

Bulgaria and Cesar looked up. Their owner looked upset. About what they didn’t know yet..

“Okay, guys we are going on a trip!” Their owner told them both.

“A trip to where?” Bulgaria purred.

“Awww, Bulgaria. Don’t worry. We will be fine. I promise. I just have to figure things out on the way over.”

“What things?” Cesar asked.

Patting Cesar and Bulgaria both the owner then walked away to pack up a bag.

“Okay, I guess that means we better get our cages then huh?” Cesar asked Bulgaria.

“Yeah, let’s go get them.” Feeling distracted, Bulgaria ran to go get his cage.

After both brought their cages to the kitchen, their owner came out with his bag. A sock feel out, covering Bulgaria’s head.

“Hey, get this off of me!” Bulgaria shouted.




“Where’s Bulgaria?”

Cesar was trying to tug the sock off but instead was puling it further down Bulgaria’s small body.

After watching for a moment the owner laughed and pulled Bulgaria into his arms taking the sock off.

Bulgaria was still for a moment.

Having a sock over your head does things to your brain.

Yawning, Bulgaria started to struggle in his owner’s arms.

“Bulgaria, stay still. I’m putting you into your cage.”

It took five minutes to get a frustrated Bulgaria into his cage. Only a few minor scratches for the owner.

Cesar let the owner pick him up and purred happily as he was gently placed into his own cage.

“Good job, Cesar. Now, why can’t you ever behave Bulgaria?”

“Yeah, Bulgaria. Why don’t you behave?” Cesar laughed.

“Shut up, Puffball!” Bulgaria yelled.

“Hey, I’m the cute one!” Cesar retorted.

“Okay guys, here we go. On our way to a new place.”

Meow. Meow.

Both asked when. But as usual the owner didn’t answer back.

*         *         *         *          *          *            *           *           *           *           *          *

To be continued…..