Success in Small Steps

Success in Small Steps

For me success as a blogger was to see my blog grow past 10,000 views. Which was my goal at the beginning of this year. My publications have sold over 300 copies. I was surprised to see such high marks on my sales charts and I hope to keep them up as time goes by. Another small success for me was helping design eBook covers for an author and then to hear his books started to sell. That made me smile. I loved drawing. But, I gave it up so long ago and now just starting to take it up once more. It feels refreshing to see my work out there published for all to see.

I have recently helped a YA author become a published author. Something that I have always wanted to do. And now, I can say that I have done it. I am helping two more authors to become published. Still waiting for the final verdict, I sit patiently. Being a publisher is definitely time-consuming in ways one wouldn’t think, however, I enjoy the small joys in knowing one more author out there has become successful with my small but tiny efforts.

I never thought I would see myself publishing an online creative writing magazine for both writers and readers alike, nor see myself publishing 11 books with more coming out soon. If given the chance to turn the clock backwards, I wouldn’t. For the joys of working alongside my fellow writers, bloggers, editors, and publishers make my journey into the future worth the anticipation to come. I may not be a best-selling author but that doesn’t mean I give up all hopes of one day becoming one myself. And last but not least, being a senior publisher for a publishing company has also been my greatest success in my writing career. Remember no matter how small of a success is, you still are successful and will continue to be successful with each step toward the future. One never knows where their paths will take them.

A Publishing Company is Currently Seeking Submissions!

A publishing company is currently seeking submissions for the following categories:

– Adult Romances

– Christian

– YA

– Erotica

If you are a writer seeking to become published then send your query letter and manuscript to: I will then be distributing the manuscripts to the senior publishers in charge of each publication category. Best of luck!

Book Review; Boderline by Liza Marklund

Borderline is a new novel that takes thrillers to a whole new level. Annika Bengtzon’s leads from a web of lies and violence take her face-to-face with a dangerous enemy. Annika worked as a newspaper correspondent in Washington DC and when she returns drastic events start happening with four murders and officials thinking there is a serial killer but Anna doesn’t think so and soon her husband is in danger and the bad guys are killing their victims one by one because their demands have been denied. Can Anna save her husband, solve who is behind the killings, and come out of it alive? Or will she be the next victim?

Liza Marklund is a New York Time best-selling author. And when reading her marvelous fast-past action thriller, readers will know why she is number one. Borderline will leave readers gripping their seats as the events in this highly anticipated novel turn deadly.Readers will be stuck in suspense as they read further into the stunning plot. Characters will pop off the pages bringing to life the horrors from within the story. Beware, this is one thriller that will send shivers down your spine. A gripping and must read novel, I highly recommend this to readers everywhere. You won’t want to put the novel down until you finished every last page. Overall, I rate Borderline a five out of five stars..

Book Review: Armed with Steele by Kyra Jacobs

Product Details

Armed with Steele by Kyra Jacobs is a indeed a hot, sexy, romance that will lure readers in like no other. The story begins when a woman decides to go after the one person who was the cause of her best friends death. But, Jessica Hartley’s world is just about to get more complicated than she ever thought. She is soon working alongside an undercover agent who is wanting to bring in one man. Can this one man be both the villain that Jessica and her new partner are looking for?  Nate Steele has been assigned a new job and that means to go undercover and is beyond wiling to help Jessica out for his own intentions. But will their growing attraction get in the way of their plans?

Kyra Jacobs has done a fabulous job with masterfully creating two strong characters and a heated plot that will leave readers wanting to read more. The romance was compelling and addictive to read. I have fallen in love with Kyra’s characters and the new world of suspense that she has created. Every page is just as exciting as the first. For those who love a little bit of humor, mystery and action than this novel is definitely one for you.This is definitely a must read story for all.  I highly recommend reading Armed with Steele. Overall, I rate this romantic suspense novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Dead Play On by Heather Graham

The Dead Play On is one deadly mystery that will take the lives of many if not solved before it’s to late. A former band member dies and his fellow band mates believes it was murder and his theory on how he thinks so will make the authorities think he’s crazy. So, his only chance was to go to two highly qualified detectives who are known for solving the most unusual cases. But where the case lead them and will they be able to solve it case before it’s too late? And who is the serial killer and why?

Danni Cafferty and her partner Micheal Quinn go deep in finding all possible suspects which leads them to finding jealously and old hatreds. A place where passion is sometimes mistaken for obsession. Readers will love following these two partners as the amazing plot takes them further into a dangerous web where they risk their lives in finding the killer. The Dead Play On is one novel readers must read. The story is well written and enticing from the first page and will you reading all night long. Heather Graham is one talented artist in weaving together a story of love, crime, suspense all into one intoxicating read. I highly recommend reading her novel and her countless number of other fascinating reads as well. I loved reading this novel. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy

House of Echoes by Brendan Duffy is one thrilling literature piece that will send chills down readers back as they brave to delve deeper into this magnificent plot and the mysteries underneath. What horrors lie in store for a family thinking that the new house and the move would help make improvements to their family and their lives. But there is something deeper and much darker lurking around their home and that the towns haunting isn’t quite over yet.

A nightmare happening as soon as their son goes out into the woods. Strange things begin to happen and from there it’s a fast paced story that will lure readers into its drama with every page. The most compelling story that I have ever read that will keep readers up all night long until it’s finished. Can they family survive their new adventures as things turn out for the worse? And will you be brave enough to open up and begin reading this exciting new novel by Brendan Duffy? One novel I won’t ever forget and one that will leave readers breathless. Overall, I rate House of Echoes a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Ares’ Temptation by Aubrie Dioone

Ares’ Temptation by Aubrie Dioone is definitely a must read novel for all readers. If you enjoy a hot read then this novel is definitely for you. A Greek God wedding and two unlikely characters have to sit in at the wedding and right next to each other! A female mortal named Kaye Underhill is the only mortal present at the wedding and she’s sitting next to hot sexy war God. But, he won’t notice her right? And what is a single mortal woman to do? And not too soon another issue pops up that is greater than Kaye’s issue of being single.

Ares’ has been cursed by a witch and the first person he touches will gain all his powers and he will gain all their weaknesses. And then Kaye has to fall…and Ares’ catches her without hesitation or thinking on his part. Kaye realizes something has changed about her and what she doesn’t know yet. But it all happened when Ares’ touched her.  Are’ the God of war has lost his powers to a mortal woman. He now has to figure out how to make love and get Kaye to love him. But how does a God of war go about that? And will Kaye fall for Ares’?

I highly recommend reading this brilliant and stunning novel. Ares’ Temptation is one addictive temptation that I could not stop reading. Aubrie Dioone knows how to captivate her audience and lure them deep into her wonderful juicy plot that will leave readers wanting to read more. Sexy, hot, and intriguing makes for one fabulous read that readers won’t want to miss out reading. I look forward to reading more novels by Aubrie Dioone in the future. Her characters will ave you falling in love from the first page and onward. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Dead Man’s Tale by K.R. Patterson

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A Dead Man’s Tale is a must read! This incredible dark fantasy novel by K.R. Patterson is suspenseful and will lure readers deep into a world of unknowns. A young man learns that the reason he never gained approval from his father was because he wasn’t his father’s real son. He’s the son of a pirate whom his mother had run off with and now he wants one thing more than anything. To gain the approval from the father he thought was his. In order to gain the approval he wants, Stefan Wishart goes on a guest to kill his pirate father. And there’s one way to accomplish that. With a magical item that granted his mother what she wanted, he too decides to use it to grant his wish. Except there is always a price when using magic. And Stefan will soon learn the hard way.

Readers will be awed by K. R. Patterson’s talent when it comes to writing a  compelling story unlike any other. A dark world with many what’s if’s will keep readers hooked for a lifetime. This story is one that readers everywhere will fall in love with. Stefan is the character who will never be forgotten. And with time rushing against him, readers will be taken captive as they read on to find the answers. Will Stefan beat the already ticking clock from his consequence or will he loose everything he knows once more? Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Trouble with St. John by Katie Bloomstrom

The Trouble with St. John by Katie Bloomstrom is indeed a hilarious and mysterious adventure that readers will never forget!  Samantha Stone aka Sam has lost her fiance and lost the fat huge non refundable diamond ring. Just when she barely survived being kidnapped and taken to St. John island, she heads back to find her ring. But will she make it back alive? And everything there isn’t what it seems. A perfect island that has more going on that what the eyes can see. This story is fun, fast-paced and addictive to read. It’s told from Sam’s point of view. Readers will feel like they are in Sam’s shoes as events unfold and the sleuthing begins. And what happens between her and the sexy travel guy that leaves Sam feeling hot all over?

Katie Bloomstrom has a way with bringing her characters alive and her plot sends readers deep in suspense as they try to guess all the who’s and what’s and what if’s. A charming and brilliant novel that I have enjoyed the pleasure of reading. I look forward to reading more mysteries including Samantha Stone and her thrilling adventures. I recommend this story to readers everywhere. One refreshing novel. Overall, I rate The Trouble with St. John a five out of five stars.

Acceptance Letter from San Francisco Book Review!

I just received my email with a letter containing my acceptance as a freelance book reviewer for the San Francisco Book Review! This is major! I have always wanted to write book reviews with a major company and this is definitely one to work for as a reviewer. I also just signed my freelancer contract and sent it back to them. I am beyond excited!

This is both a paid and unpaid position. What I mean by that is that there are free books up for review as well as paid ones from publishers and authors who want a featured or guaranteed book review completed. Therefore, the money I will make will fluctuate greatly.  But still it’s an honor to know my work got me accepted into this incredible position.

Here is their website if interested in viewing:

Busy Bee Here

I have been busy writing a research paper for my legal business environment course which I have received a 100% on as well as an excellent job on your paper comment from my instructor. That definitely made my morning. I also received my first big payment as an editor this morning. I felt good seeing that as well.

I am currently editing a novel called Barking Madness by Ryan Hill. He is a young and talented author for his genre. I can definitely say that his debut novel is a must read for all. Also, you can go checkout his novel on Amazon!

I also have many book reviews to start posting on here. I apologize for the delay. Teachers felt they needed to pile us students up with assignments and tests that are worth a lot of points right before our spring break. So, I have been busy studying and writing away all last week. I plan to spend my spring break reading and writing book reviews for you all. I also plan to ave finish editing Barking Madness later this week and a new article for The Typewriter as well.

My other plans for spring are to finish my Australian peer assessment paper 2 weeks ahead of time.


April 2015 Issue is released and can be viewed for free at this link:

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Also just a reminder the Writing Romance Fiction Course will be starting on April 1st. The course is completely online and will be self-paced. Those who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion as well as a book cover designed for their manuscript. Not only will each student receive a certification of completion and a book cover but also have their work published into an eBook. The cost of this course is $25.00 and can be paid via PayPal.  To sign fill out the form below stating you want to take the course. A PayPal link will be sent to you and then you will receive the first lesson and can begin working right away.

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May 2015 Issue

Send your poetry, short stories, flash fiction, literature reviews and advertisements of your business or blogs or new releases to us to be featured within May 2015 Issue at:  Sneak peak at May’s cover if you haven’t already seen it:

May 2015 Issue

Writing Prompt: Alice in Wonderland

The Queen of Hearts has been told of a prophecy that will happen within a year. Stating that a young human girl name Alice will come into Wonderland to cause chaos. Alice will steal the Mad Hatter heart. And this can change everyone and everything in Wonderland. The Queen of Hearts has decided to make sure that no one friends Alice and if they see her must tell the Queen immediately or have their heads taken off. Will Alice manage to find her way into Wonderland and if so will she capture the Mad Hatter’s heart? Will that then cause everything in Wonderland to change? And who does the prophecy say can help keep Alice from changing Wonderland, if she does change it? And does this someone capture the Queen of Heart’s heart?

Book Review: Losing Your Head by Clare Kauter

Losing Your Head is amazing read for all. The main character instantly grabs your attention with her personality and her troubles. Charlie Davies in one woman who lives with her parents and has no skills at all. Then suddenly her life takes a huge turn down an unthinkable path. Charlie isn’t aware of just how bad her new situation is until she learns that she was the one tricked and not the other way around. James McKenzie offers a job to Charlie which gives her twenty thousand dollars and a house. Everyone including Charlie would jump at the opportunity. And she did. The job though is to help clear James McKenzie’s name. But what if he is a murderer after all? Where does that leave Charlie? And what happens to her  if she doesn’t get paid? Will her former high school nemesis James McKenzie be guilty or not? And will things heat up between them as Charlie goes about her job to clear his name?

Clare Kauter’s first novel is out of this world. It’s realistic, believable, and funny. An enchanting tale of how one very ordinary woman goes about solving a mystery. I loved reading this story and found it very compelling. I can definitely see Clare Kauter’s potential and talent as the words come to life as the story unfolds deeper into the mysterious and suspenseful plot. I would recommend this novel to every reader. And I look forward to reading more of Clare Kauter’s work in the future. Definitely one novel that readers should pick up and read. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Writing Exercises

#1 Think about an event early in your life that is still powerful for you – that made you cry, or afraid, or angry, or triumphant with revenge. Sketch it out – focus on the emotional power. Now – make it fiction. Change something. Change character, change ages, change place, gender – see how this changes the center of the story

#2 Think about your emotional truth (your incident from the last exercise) and the newspaper article you brought in (or a story that happened to a friend, or something you overheard in a restaurant). Take some of the details there to change your story in incident, while keeping the emotional reality.

#3 Bring back a smell. Pay attention over the next few days to all the smells around you—the air outside and inside (and in different rooms,) the smell of cooking as you walk past a restaurant or a residential building and the smell of cooking when you walk into where you will eat dinner. Be aware of the smell of the garbage left on the street, plants, oil, chemical smells. How about the smell of cleaning, of the pool, of shampoo, of newly washed clothes. Pay close attention to a smell. Does it have any emotional resonance? (Not a memory, just a resonance. Do you feel happy or comforted by the smell of newly washed laundry? Cooking? Do you feel happy or sad or indifferent to the smell of snow or rain? Entering the pool area?)

#4 Think of a James Bond film, where the main villain has an army of cannon fodder who do his will. Think of one of those people, who exists from the film point of view just to be killed. This one person wearing a black quasi-uniform holding a semi-automatic weapon guarding the villain’s stronghold–why is s/he there??? What is the person’s name? Background? Age? Family? Why did s/he take this job? (How apply or find it?) What is this person’s story?

Writer’s Inc. Newspaper

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Writer’s Inc. Newspaper 

 Universal Creativity Inc. is proud to announce that we will be opening our first newspaper called Writer’s Inc. Inside this newspaper, we will allow companies to advertise their services, freelancers to find paid work, and for writers to find publishers.  We keep our readers updated on what’s happening with current publishing houses, best websites for writers, blogs that are new, and much more. Also, we will hold a critique column to allow the toughest critics to voice their opinions on different books and novels.  If you are interested in writing for the Writer’s Inc. Newspaper whether it’s for writing critiques, advice columns, or to place your book’s release, sign up to write for us via the form below.  We need writers in the following areas:  critics, book reviewers, literature analysis to write pieces discussing different pieces of literature, creative nonfiction writer, fiction writer for short stories, and advice columnist for writers. All positions are non-paid but come with a letter of recommendation to help build one’s resume and or give them more experience in the writing field for a future job.

Again all interested individual may sing up via the form below. Please state what position you are interested in applying for and what experiences you have to bring to our newspaper.


Currently Editing

Image result for pictures of newspaper

I am currently editing a news article for The Typewriter about the immigration reform.

What are your thoughts or opinions on this issue?

Also, for a writing prompt. Write a creative nonfiction piece about the immigration reform or about immigration. If interested in having your creative nonfiction prompt published online, please send it to me at:

New Course!

romance 3

Writing Romance Fiction Course will begin on April 1st. This course is for all writers regardless of your level of expertise in the genre. This course format is online and via email. Each week a new lesson begins. Writers can move at their own pace. But to earn a certificate of completion all assignments must be completed. 

Week 1: We will explore the different sub-genres and terms. Brainstorm Ideas, check out sample pieces of romance writing and learn how to distinguish between a good writing sample and a poor one.

Week 2: Learn how to create the perfect characters. Create character profiles.

Week 3: Learn how to create the perfect hook.

Week 4: Learn how to develop your plot.

Week 5: Build up the heat between your characters. Learn how to make your story compelling.

Week 6:  Create the first draft of your story.

Week 8:  Revise your story.

Week 9: Create the final copy.

Week 10: Get ready to publish!

Each week will contain one writing assignment and one multiple choice quiz. Every writer will have the chance to submit their manuscript in to be evaluated for publishing by a romance publishing house. So, why wait? Why not sign up now to secure your spot for the new course starting in April. A great opportunity to learn how to write, gain feedback and for a chance to become a published author. Plus, everyone who completes the course will receive a certificate of completion.

Total cost of this new writing course in Romance Fiction will be $25.00 USD. To sign up for the course fill out the form below stating that you would like to enroll in Writing Romance Fiction.


One Page Story: The Lucky One

I was walking down the street when suddenly out of nowhere a car comes rushing towards me, it was only seconds away and all I could do was stand still. My life was over. Or at least I thought so. Screeching tires made me cringe, as I saw noticed the black SUV pulling to a brief stop, just long enough for a tall broad shoulder man to come out with a mask over his head. His green eyes searched mine quickly before pulling me into the vehicle. As soon as we were both inside the van kicked up speed once more heading to who knows where.

Why me? Why did they take me? Was it because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Maybe, I shouldn’t have gone out today. But, I was hungry. I haven’t had anything to eat last week. My family died and I was the only one left. Most people from where we lived were too poor to get decent food and health care. And now, here I was kidnapped by some random strangers and taken hostage for what reason. I still couldn’t figure out.

Before I knew it. There was a piece of fresh fruit dangling in front of my face, I quickly snatch it. And as starving as I was, I swallowed in few bites. My stomach grumbled some more. Yeah, yeah, I hear you buddy. At least the fruit was tangy, sweet, and fresh. And for once, I didn’t have to steal the food.

“Hungry are you?” The man who pulled me in asked me.

“Well duh, my stomach grumbled what do you think Einstein?”

Before, I could blink I was hit hard against my head. The pain really killed me. And then I heard laughter. I wanted to fight back. But someone pulled the van to stop.

“Get out!” Someone shouted. And as I was getting out, I was pushed forcefully out of the vehicle crashing upon hard smooth pavement.

“Did you find her?” A deep baritone voice asked.

“Yeah, here she is. Now, where is our money?”

“I see she’s starving and been beaten.” The man with the baritone voice said.

“So what, she’s here isn’t she?”

And then there was a loud crack and a shot that rang out.

Fighting broke out. My head was hurting too much to move. I just sat there waiting until one of them came over to finish me.

“You need medical attention. And feeding and some rest.” The  man who defended me just said. He scooped down and picked me up like I was a feather. I was too exhausted to move anyway and he smelled too good. I rested my head against his chiseled chest as he carried me into the most luxurious buildings that I have ever laid eyes on.

Wakening up, I noticed I was sleeping in a huge white room. The sun was shining through the long white sheer curtains. The back of my head had been bandaged. And I was wearing a white silk night gown that was very inappropriate to wear in front of random strangers. How did I get into the soft enormous bed and night clothes. My head must have been hit really hard. That and my body probably needed the decent bed rest. Once more my stomach was growling. Great, now how do I find some food. Getting out of bed, I was going to head to the bathroom when the door opened and in came a man. Another tall man with dark messy hair and the bluest eyes that I have ever seen. Grabbing a blanket off the bed to cover myself up more, the man laughed at my shyness. But said nothing about it.

“Good afternoon. I’m Micheal. You must be Katie, right?”

Nodding, but wondered how the hell this hot stranger knew my name. He was the man with the baritone voice who carried me in after defending  me from those bastards.

“I know this may be a lot to take in, but no you are under my care. I will protect you now.”

“Who are you? And why did you send those awful guys to find me? I am no one to you.”

Looking at me with sincere interest, he slowly said, “I am your fiance. Your grandpa Kegan was my grandfather’s best friends. Your grandpa spoke highly about you since you were born but after your parents disappeared and took you with them, he was left with only memories of you. He died a year and a half ago after my grandfather past away too. But unlike you, my parents kept me near my grandfather. I made a promise to your grandpa to find you. And to marry you, so that you will be safe.”

“You knew my grandpa?”

“Yes, I did. I have photos of him if you would like?”

“Yes, I would like that. I have memories of an older man who sang to me. And told me these wonderful stories as a child. But, I thought they were just dreams.”

“Not dreams. Just memories, Katie.”

Squeezing my hand he got up and left, but turn around again to say, “I will have the maid bring in some food for you to eat after you shower and new clothes are in your closet. Take your time. I will see you later.”

Pondering at what just happened, I went into the bathroom and let the warm water rush over my aching body. Tears fell down upon my face.  Not only did I lose my parents to a sickness, lived off the streets, but also had my life with my grandpa taken away from me. And now, I couldn’t see him. It was too late. But at least I am safe now.

Volume 2 will be coming soon. Please, like if you want to read more!

Book Review: A Home on the Range by Coty Justus

Product Details

A Home on the Range is one novel that readers will connect with in more ways than one.  Coty Justus has an excellent way with description and sending the readers to the place where the events are happening. Readers can sense the scenes as though they were physically there themselves. That says a lot about this about this highly unusual and compelling story. It’s easy for readers to connect with the characters. The story comes alive with history popping off the pages as the romance builds up from within. The plot is intriguing and will leave readers guessing as the plot takes them further into the heart of it all.

A story of one woman traveling a long distance to make sure the one thing that many have died for doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Odessa escapes taking the blood stained tote with her to a place she knows not. But with a voice guiding her she stays ahead of her evil pursuers. Then there’s Jason. He knows someone is coming, but he doesn’t know who and what she will be bringing with her. Both of them must be careful for every move they make may cost them their lives.

A Home on the Range is a spectacular novel that I would highly recommend to every reader. This novel will leave readers breathless from the excitement and suspense as both Jason and Odessa keep the lured deep into their world of danger. I look forward to reading more novels in this wonderful and captivating series by Coty Justus.  The Wyoming setting makes readers fall in love with is scenic beauty and plays a major part of where the story takes place. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Trancing the Tiger by Rachael Slate

Trancing the Tiger is one enticing novel that will forever keep readers locked in a world where two opposites must learn to fight together to save the world. Lucy Yeoh’s parents were infected with the plague known as the Red Death. She soon learns that she is one of the creatures that can save them. But her creature is the Rabbit. And soon the man who is to unite with her to fight together is the Tiger. Li Sheng thinks very little of Lucy and her being the Rabbit. But just then things take a new turn and Li Sheng is tranced by Lucy. She entices him in every way. Both must learn to sacrifice their love or their duty. Or will they give up both? And what about their enemies? Readers will be taken into a fascinating world full of new culture that awaits at one’s fingertips. Leading readers straight into the heart of the plot where the characters must make decisions. And those decisions will have ever lasting effects.

Rachael Slate has beautifully written a novel that will be a favorite to read for many years to come. Her characters are strong and luring. The compelling story alone can keep readers hooked until the last page. I loved how the Chinese culture was put into the remarkable story. A very addictive read indeed. I would recommend every reader to read this novel, Trancing the Tiger. Definitely a must read for all.  A romance that won’t be forgotten. Overall, I rate the story a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Selfish Faith by Angela Whitehead

Product Details
Angela Whitehead has done it again in her second book in this delightful and beautifully well written series. Featuring a young woman name Sharlee as she experiences the renewed feelings that arise within her as her ex boyfriend pops up in the scenes once again. Sharlee struggles with her feelings as she continues her journey as a good Christian woman living the college life. Then another unexpected turn takes everything in Sharlee’s world and flips it completely. Can Sharlee find her way through everything the heads her way be keeping her faith and virginity in tack? Or will everything finally consume her and lead her to giving up things that really mean the world to her?
I love how Angela Whitehead focuses her novel on the importance of staying a virgin until after marriage. This novel of hers is a refreshing and unique voice within our digital world today. I also enjoyed the Christian theme of prayer and faith as a young woman goes through life with all of its ups and downs twisting its way into trying to break her and yet she somehow manages to hold on to her life. I would highly recommend this brilliant novel to readers all over. A must read for readers everywhere. The plot keeps you hooked and coming back for more. Overall I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

Currently Studying

I am currently studying Australian Literature. I find it fascinating to read and explore. It’s always exciting to explore a whole new culture completely different from one’s own. I have my first peer writing assignment due in three weeks. In that time I have dozens of literature texts and poetry to read and analyze in order to complete my assignment plus, I have 4 quizzes to take all due April 7th.

As I explore further into my new studies, I will then apply my knowledge into creative writing prompts to share with you all. Both poetry and fiction prompts. In the mean time, I have an challenge for you all to take.

Think of a place that you have been to and describe your experience. Write about it as though you are telling about a character’s exploration. What did you see? How did it make you feel? What was your experience like at this place? Write your response using sensory images. Meaning, be sure that your words make your readers see, feel, and hear what it was like. If you can do that than you have succeeded. 

Have you every been to Australia? Have you read any works by Australian authors that you found inspiring or interesting, if so please share in the reply area below! Thanks!


I have been busy with editing, formatting and releasing new novels. I am sorry for not posting book reviews lately! April’s 2015 Issue is about ready for an early release. We are waiting on one more interview to be sent in before releasing the issue. There is a lot of stuff inside this recent issue. Three interviews. One from an author, a blogger, and a publisher! Plus, free short story and free excerpts from novels coming out soon. I am excited!

I have been reading a new novel by an amazing author. Her work is out of this world. I will post the review as soon as I get her approval. Also, her work will be featured inside the April Issue. And it’s a novel you will fall in love with. I certainly did.

Two new novels have been released. A New Way and Origins by Daniel J. Darcey.

Check out the covers!

origins A New Way4

And if you haven’t seen April’s cover, here it is:

April 2015 Issue

Novels Coming Soon:

Second Chances Shadow Lane Cover

Today, is Pi Day!




To celebrate Pi Day, we are hosting a writing prompt contest. All participants must email their writing to us at: Must be written in English. And must include the prompt in their writing. Also, each entry must have the author’s first and last name, email, and word count. This enables us to give the author credit for his or her writing when it’s published within our magazine. 

This contest is free! So, hurry and send in your masterpiece to us to be published online! All rights of the work belong to each writer and by entering this contest you have given Universal Creativity Inc. permission to publish your work online within the magazine and on our site. 

Here is the writing prompt:

Alice was carefully calculating her experiment when a door slammed shut behind. Aggravated to being disrupted in the middle of her experiment she stops and heads over to the door. Only when she tried to open was locked!

Hey! Let me out! Someone open this door now! It’s locked!

Alice kept banging on the door. Hoping someone would hear her. But so far no one heard her. Just then Alice noticed smoke coming into the room from under the locked door.

Oh no! I must get out of here!

Searching the room, there weren’t any windows.

How the hell did I not notice that before!

Feeling frustrated she searched for a key or something to break the door down with. But nothing. Screaming, she shouted at the top of her lungs. Until a male voice behind her said she had a set of healthy lungs. Turning around, Alice caught a small glimpse of a disfigured face that belonged to a man of get built. And then everything went dark.

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Are you good at literature? Find out!

Are you good at literature? If you think you have what it takes then identify the works of literature in which these characters appear and please leave your answers in the reply or comment area below:

1. Bilbo Baggins

2. Rhett Butler

3. Elizabeth Bennet

4. Captain Nemo

5. Jim Hawkins

6. John Clayton, Lord Greystoke

7. Captain Yossarian

8. Daniel Cleaver

9. Edmond Dantes

10. Sancho Panza

Also, if you can identify all the works of literature that these characters pop up in, then name the authors. Don’t forget to post your answers in the reply or comment area below! I will be posting the correct answers tomorrow! :-)

Book Review: Hita by Anita Claire

Anita Claire has a stunning record when it comes to writing the hottest romance ever. Hita is the fifth novel in The Princesses of Silicon Valley.  A romance that will leave you completely breathless and on the verge of temptation. Definitely, a page turner. This story will keep readers hooked and lured into a series of hot, sexy, and undeniable romances. Hita is a compelling story of a college woman getting her first job, having fun by living life to the fullest, and a string of dating disasters. But what this young American Indian woman soon realizes is that love is sometimes right in front of you. And that it takes you awhile to finally see what has always been there from the very first moment. Hita’s mom is trying to convince her to date a good Indian man, but Hita at the time wants what every American young woman wants. Fun, adventure, and a perfect love that will sweep us off our feet. What young woman wouldn’t want that? But as time goes on and with the support of her college friends this Princess will finally see what was worth seeing all along. Her journey and growth as a character will move readers and have them falling in love with this incredible one of a kind novel.  Hita is a must read romance that will dazzle readers from the first page. I enjoyed reading every novel of this fascinating and intoxicating series by Anita Claire. I would recommend readers to read this novel which can be read without reading the previous ones before it. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

One Page Stories!

Write one page about a character’s story featuring this title – Best Mistake. 

1. Be sure to create a powerful hook that lures readers in from the first page!

2. This character needs to start out one way and then gradually change within your page.

3. Since it’s a one page story, be sure to use the beginning, middle, and ending outline when writing your story.

4. If you need a challenge, you can change view points within your story by having each paragraph dedicated to one character.

5. Once you have finished, send your one page story in by using the form below or email us at: . We look forward to reading your submission and publishing it inside of our online creative writing magazine for both readers and writers alike. We will be awarding the top three one page stories with a gold, silver, and bronze medal. The top three winners will not only have their work published within our magazine with their medal, but also with their interviews featured inside as well.

Tweet Your Pitch to Literary Agents on Twitter

On March 11th, literary agents will be turning to Twitter to find their next author clients.

That’s right: it’s time for another #PitMad, the manuscript pitching party on Twitter where you can tweet in hopes of finding an agent for your book.

Here’s how #PitMad works:

Between 8am and 8pm EST, authors can pitch their completed manuscripts two times per hour (per manuscript) in 140 characters or less using the hashtag #PitMad, along with the hashtag abbreviation for their genre (see below for those abbreviations).

Literary agents monitor the feed throughout the day and favorite the pitches they like. When an agent favorites your tweet, it’s an invitation to send them your query.

As I mentioned above, you’ll want to include your genre hashtag in your tweets too. Here are those abbreviations:

#YA = Young Adult

#MG = Middle Grade

#A = Adult

#NA = New Adult

#PB = Picture Book

#CB = Chapter Book

#NF = Non-fiction

#WF = Woman’s Fiction

#SFF = Science Fiction and Fantasy

#R = Romance

#LF = Literary Fiction

#Mem = Memoir

********You can find all this information on bookbaby website. I saw it and had to share it with you all. Best of luck!*******

Paper Doll by Joe Cosentino

paper doll

Paper Doll, is a fabulous read with a compelling story. The story is about a women who was a famous actor as a child whom was attacked when she was 18. Now older and a mother she comes back to face her past, and with the help of a friend, tries for acting once more. This book is an intriguing mystery that readers won’t want to miss out on. So many suspects and secrets that everyone is hiding. Joe Cosentino knows how to keep his readers interest with every page. His characters pop to life and are realistic. It’s easy to connect with his main character as the novel’s events unfold before the reader. I enjoyed reading this book! A very interesting read indeed! I definitely would recommend those who love a good mystery with a romance and suspense to pick up this novel! Paper Doll is a book that should be read! I rate this novel a 5 out of 5.

PAPER DOLL (Jana Lane mystery 1)


a mystery/romance novel from Whiskey Creek Press

e-book $3.99

purchase links:

Jana Lane was America’s most famous child star until she was attacked on the studio lot at eighteen years old. Now she’s a thirty-eight-year-old beauty and mother of two living in a mansion in picturesque Hudson Valley, New York. Jana’s flashbacks from her past turn into murder attempts in her present. Forced to summon up the lost courage she had as a child, Jana visits the California movie studio she once called home. This sends her on a whirlwind of visits with former and current movie studio personnel. It also leads to a romance with the son of her old producer – Rocco Cavoto – the devilishly handsome filmmaker who is planning Jana’s comeback both professionally and personally. Can Jana uncover a web of secrets about everyone she loves, including the person who destroyed her past and threatens to snuff out her future?

Joe Cosentino is the author of An Infatuation (Dreamspinner Press), Paper Doll, the first Jana Lane mystery (Whiskey Creek Press), Drama Queen, the first Nicky and Noah mystery (Lethe Press-releasing this summer), and The Nutcracker and the Mouse King (Eldridge Plays and Musicals). He has appeared in principal acting roles in film, television, and theatre, opposite stars such as Bruce Willis, Rosie O’Donnell, Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor, and Jason Robards. His one-act plays, Infatuation and Neighbor, were performed in New York City. He wrote The Perils of Pauline educational film (Prentice Hall Publishers). Joe is currently Head of the Department/Professor at a college in upstate New York, and is happily married. His upcoming novels arePorcelain Doll (the second Jana Lane mystery) and Drama Muscle (the second Nicky and Noah mystery).

Web site:





Book Review: Shared Disbelief by J. David Core

Shared Disbelief by J. David Core is a must read murder mystery. Readers everywhere will fall in love with the  local PI

Lupa Schwartz and his journalist partner Cattleya Hoskin. These two work together to find who is attacking the religious and why? A serial killer on the lose and time ticking by, can these two find out who is behind the murders before it’s too late? And what happens when each one has to use any and every means possible to bring out the psychopathic killer? Will they loose their careers? And what about their family and friends? By being placed together to solve one of the toughest cases ever will bringing down the killer mean losing those they love?

A mystery thriller whose bone chilling plot brings chills down the spines of its readers. The suspense is out of this world. Readers will be trying to guess who the murderer is and why. A page turning incredible novel that will keep readers up late reading. Shared Disbelief is definitely one compelling story they won’t want to miss out reading. I highly recommend J. David Core’s novel to readers all over. His talent for writing the perfect mystery thriller will keep readers lured into his worlds forever. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Nobody’s Angel by Sara Hegger

Nobody’s Angel is a wonderful women’s fiction novel that readers will love. Sara Hegger has crafted a most compelling story of a young women’s journey to make amends for mistakes she made in her younger days. Can Lucy Flint really make amends? Or will she only make thing much worse for her and Dr. Richard Hunter? In her younger days Lucy was a wild women who drank  a lot and took off with her friends boyfriend to leave behind her high school sweetheart aka Dr. Richard Hunter. Why did Lucy take  off with her friend’s boyfriend? And why leave behind the one man whom she still has feelings for? Lucy returns home to take care of her further and is now much more somber. Can she fix every wrong from the past without screwing it up worse?

An intriguing tale of how a women returns home to fix all her past issues or at least tries. Nobody’s Angel is a must read. Readers will be fascinated from the very beginning until the very last page. A women’s attempt to change her life around. Lucy is a strong and amazing character that readers will fall in love with. Her story is realistic and so believable that readers will have a hard time telling fact from fiction.  Sara Hegger has woven together a beautiful story that readers won’t be able to put down. I highly recommend reading this tale. It’s one that readers should not miss. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Shadows of Memories by Jane Charles

Shadows of Memories is a romance novel that will never be forgotten by its readers. Readers everywhere will fall in love with this incredible and most compelling story of the century. Fans of the famous Fault in Our Stars movie and novel will be just as moved by this masterfully crafted and beautiful romance written by Jane Charles. It comes to no surprise that Jane Charles is a USA Today best-selling novelist. Her novel will blow readers away with her talented words. Each scene comes alive the moment your fingers turn the page.

Shadows of Memories is about how a young girl fell in love with a boy her age. Except that he had a bad reputation and he never once noticed her. Now as adults fate has led them together in ways they never imagined. Jenna Ferguson is teaching at an academy and having to deal with her grandmother who is not all right. Jenna’s life has kept her busy enough without fate bringing in her former crush to the scene. Cole Harper is now a fireman. He knows exactly what Jenna is going through and knows that she needs him to help her as she deals with what is currently happening. Cole has to find a way to convince Jenna that he isn’t the same guy he was when they were teens. But will he be successful in saving Jenna from what’s happening and convince her that she needs him? Or will Jenna go through everything without the help of someone to lean on like the hot sexy fireman, Cole Harper?

Jane Charles’s novel is a must read for all. I highly recommend this story to every reader. It is the most captivating and intriguing romance that you will ever find. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Rogue Soul by Linsey Hall

Rogue Soul is a must read science fiction fantasy romance novel that will leave readers enchanted. Linsey Hall surely knows how to create an addictive and hot read that will keep readers locked into her new world where two enemies must come together. In order to have her freedom at last she must find the one man whom she betrayed two thousand years ago. Will Camulos want to help the other God with her freedom? Will her betrayal to him so many years ago affect his decision in helping her or will their so long ago feelings resurface as they both strive to keep the other Gods from getting angry? Can the Goddess of Victory, Andrasta, convince her former lover to help her? Or will she lose her only hope to her freedom? And what happens when their passion flames up once more? Can they handle it? Both characters find themselves in the center of an ancient secret. They must be careful or else lose their lives.

I highly recommend this fascinating and thrilling new novel for readers everywhere. This is one novel readers can’t pass up. Rogue Soul is indeed a fight for both Andrasta and Camulos in keeping their souls and going about their search. But will they succeed or fail? Linsey Hall keeps readers constantly guessing what will happen between the two former lovers as they head out on their quest together. Will they make the other Gods angry? Will they fall in love all over again? Will they survive? A deeply intriguing novel with a compelling story. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.


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New Novel

Coming Soon!

Second Chances

A novel telling how one young woman gives her heart out to a man, only to be betrayed by the sight of him with another woman. Meredith has since then worked her way up in life by building up her own bookstore. A place where locals love to come and read  books and and enjoy Meredith’s fresh coffee. It’s been two years since she saw Brian with Melissa in a way that will haunt her memories of him forever. From what she overheard, Melissa ended up pregnant with Brian’s child and he married her. Only to find out that the whole thing was a lie. Brian divorced Melissa and went his separate way.  He tried to apologize to Meredith everyday before his marriage to Melissa but she wouldn’t listen. Brian never drinks but when he was hanging out with the guys, Melissa slipped a little something into his drink and waited. She led Brain to the place she knew Meredith would come by and see her in action with Brian. Melissa had wanted Brian from the start but he pushed her aside for plain and ordinary girl like Meredith. So, she would do the one thing to break them both apart and get what she wanted.  It wasn’t until after the marriage that a girlfriend of Melissa’s told Brian what really happened and why. Melissa had not only destroyed what he had with Meredith but she seemed to have done similar things to have friends. He went and had papers filed for a divorce knowing that Melissa wasn’t pregnant at all with his child. It was all a rouse just to win him. But now, he’s more than determined to do whatever it takes to win back Meredith in his life. But first he must find a way to explain what really happened. Can he convince Meredith to give him a second chance at love? Or will Meredith not give the one man she loves the chance to win her back?

Find out in April what happens between these two! Coming soon to Amazon!

Book Review: Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand

  Untrue Colors  is a must read mystery thriller romance that will blow readers away by its intriguing plot. Veronica Forand’s novel is a realistic and very believable. Readers will have hard time telling fact from fiction by the way the masterfully told story lures them into a new world. A woman on the run from a past that can still destroy her. A past with her that involves her ex who will stop at nothing to have her dead. It’s no wonder that Alex Northrop is both frightened and wanting to help another man to find a real painting. A painting that was going to be used to raise funds for a woman’s shelter. But now, with Alex pointing out to him that he has a fake, all hopes for the woman’s shelter is lost unless Alex finds the courage within herself  to help Professor Henry Chilton to find the real painting. But that means Alex will be pacing herself out in the open where her ex can find her. And that’s the last things she wants to happen. Can she help Professor Henry Chilton and hide from her ex? Or will her ex find her before she finds the painting? And will Professor Henry Chilton be there to protect the beautiful and mysterious Alex Northrop?

Untrue Colors is indeed the most fascinating thriller around. Veronica Forand’s characters pop to life from page one. Her well written plot send readers deep into the dangers of a crazy and dangerous man who will stop at nothing to kill his former girlfriend. The suspense builds up from the moment Alex is in Professor Henry Chilton’s bed and telling him he has a fake. The stakes at finding the real painting are high and will readers wondering what will happen next. Will Alex find the painting despite the chance of her ex finding her? And what will Professor Henry do once he finds out what has Alex so frightened? I enjoyed reading this novel and I would highly recommend it to readers all over. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

April 2015 Issue

images 1. We are currently seeking flash fiction and poetry to be featured within our online creative writing magazine. If you are interested in being featured please use the form at the bottom to send in your submission. Don’t wait, submit now!

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New Novel will be Released Tomorrow!

Trial by Fire2

Trial by Fire is the latest novel written by Daniel J. Darcey. Trial by Fire is an exciting new adventure waiting at reader’s fingertips to explore. Science fiction fantasy was never my kind of genre until I read the first novel written by this talented author and instantly I fell in love with his characters and compelling plot with the most unexpected twists. Warfare, advance technology, and magic all in one incredible novel. Trial by Fire is a must read for all. Tomorrow afternoon, copies of Trial by Fire will be released on Amazon to buy!

Tomorrow, Universal Creativity Inc. will release the live link to buy a copy of this fascinating and incredible addictive novel.


One of the greatest leaders of the most powerful force in the multi-verse whose origins are not what everyone thinks they are.

Praetor D’var Eraketan of the Tenth Legion, and Pro-Counsel of the United Federation, Dominion Alliance of Galaxies.

From a destroyed childhood to the most powerful man in the Federation, D’var rises through the ranks from the fires of his past to fighting in the last Great War before the Utopian/ Darkcon conflict.

This is the story on how he became a hardened solider of honor and cunning.

Nether evil nor good, a man in the middle seeking order and peace through what ever means possible to preserve the natural order. However in the end he does the right thing, but not always in his favor.

 You will get to see D’var’s history from before he was even born to the current time.