Book Review: A Deal with the Devil by Louisa George

A Deal with the Devil by Louisa George is a story about how love is worth fighting for and when it comes down to making the toughest choices in our life that will either make us or break us, can waitress Kate Wilkinson choose love? Kate is lucky when ex-boxer and casino tycoon Rey Doyle comes to her with a proposal. He needs a fiancee to help him seal a deal. Kate takes this opportunity to find out everything she needs to expose the criminal inside the man who doesn’t trust anyone. But as she goes about the ruse of his fiancee and digging into who he is, Kate will have to make the hardest decision ever. Will she go along with her original plan to expose than man or will she fight for love?

Louisa George has incredibly captured her audience with the irresistible bad boy Rey Doyle and Kate who started off on revenge but soon learned that it wasn’t what she really wanted in the first place. Rey undoes her whole being both inside and out and that is very dangerous territory for the both of them. I enjoyed reading each character’s perspective and their blooming romance between two that should have been enemies. A funny twist to this well written novel. I highly recommend reading A Deal with the Devil by Louisa George. I look forward to reading more by her in the future. Overall, this story is a five out of five stars.

What’s Happening?


The life is just buzzing here at Universal Creativity Inc. We are in the process of beta reading a wonderful romance novel called, An Unfortunate Journey.

The June 2015 Issue is being placed together as we speak. Gathering all the book reviews, author interviews, new literary agents listing, as well as the free short short stories for our readers to enjoy. I have received the author interview of a best-selling author, Jacob Appel. His interview is positively amazing. I have no doubts that everyone will love reading his interview and all of his brilliant works as well.

I was very fortunate to have had Jacob Appel send me one of his novels to review. It was called The Wedding Wipeout. This novel is very funny, well written, and the characters are just out of this world. The mystery/ humor/ comedy novel will definitely get your attention have you falling in love with this writer’s incredible unique writing style. Each of his books, he has put a little of himself into it. And once you read several of his works you will learn how and in what ways. The Wedding Wipeout is a five out of five stars novel and can be found on Amazon and Goodreads.

His other novels such as Phoning Home, is a collection of essays that will definitely be read and re-read by readers everywhere. This is the one book by this talented author who pour a lot of himself and his family into his writing. I would to share more with you, but I know you will want to read it yourself. Trust me his novels and books are a must read.

There are three reviews that Universal Creativity Inc. is doing to submit to the San Francisco Book Review that are due on June 13th. We are also working on three reviews for AAMBC, which we will be featuring inside the June 2015 Issue. Two reviews for Reader’s Favorite are also being written.

As for new short stories to read, Love that Burns Part 2, will be coming out next week. Lucy Mitchell’s famous Enid story will be featured in June 2015 Issue. It will be the last and final installment for the most popular fiction piece that we have featured so far. So, you will have to sign up for your free copy in an exchange for a review and or rating on Amazon and Goodreads or buy the issue on Amazon to find out what happens in this exciting series.

Modern Girl Part 3 will also be featured next week. A sneak peek of Beautifully Flawed will also be featured next week in June 2015 Issue.

Nancy Thayer has recently accepted to do an author interview for Universal Creativity Inc. as well as letting us feature a book review or her novel called, The Guest Cottage.

Author interview has been sent to best-selling author and award winning journalist, Bruce Henderson.

Also, Laura Griffin will be doing an interview for us as well as letting us review one of her novels.

Author Interviews for Grant Boshoff, Marie Force, and Kevin 11 are currently in the works of being sent out soon. Grant Boshoff’s debut novel, The Copy, will be featured in our magazine issue as well as Kevin 11’s new debut novel which is book 2 of his trilogy series. His latest novel is called, Frankly Twisted (The Lost Files).

Universal Creativity Inc. has a beta reading program and a reader’s reward program as well. Be sure to email us at: for the details on how to enter the programs, if you missed our previous announcements.

Until next time, Happy Reading Everyone! :-)

Book Review: Dark Deeds by Alice Sabo

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Dark Deeds by Alice Sabo is indeed a novel full of dark happenings that involve one person each time, Asher, a man who has changed his ways and staying away from alcohol and drugs. Asher isn’t sure if he just has the worst luck of all or if someone is really trying their best to kill him off. Asher is currently working on doing a new movie that may make him a big star. But things like two car crashes, a rock slide, and fire explosions is causing an un easy settling in the pit of his stomach. His dresser, makeup artist and his wife are worried about him and his current injuries. Will Asher make it through the movie set alive or will someone make sure that he doesn’t?

Alice Sabo has written an intriguing and suspenseful story that readers will never want to stop reading. A real page turner. Dark Deeds will keep readers hooked from the first page and keep them lured in as the tragic accidents keep happening. As a reader, I was instantly lured in by Asher, a character who obviously had some major flaws in the beginning and is working his hardest to overcome those flaws by the people around him especially his wife. I loved how the character overcame these flaws but still carried some with him as the plot unfolded. Asher is definitely one character that readers will be interested for a long time to come. Overall, I rate Dark Deeds a five out of five stars and highly recommend reading it.

Book Review: Rain on Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds

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Rain on Your Wedding Day by Curtis Edmonds is another brilliant masterpiece that readers everywhere will love. His novel is the perfect read for finding forgiveness within one’s self and about a father trying to pull himself together in time for his daughter’s wedding. A daughter whom he hasn’t seen or heard from in five years since his divorce. This is fate giving a man another chance to be the father his daughter needs him to be and a way for him to put the past hurts and pain behind him. I loved reading Rain on Your Wedding Day. It tugs at readers hearts and melts away the the cold barriers and brings forth a new profound happiness that one thought was lost forever. A very inspiring and emotional novel that won’t be forgotten.

Curtis Edmonds has a well written romance novel that portrays the realistic parts of life that can tears us apart and maybe just bring us back to what we once had. A reunion of one man with his family especially his daughter. Will Morse lives in a remote place with his divorce weighing him down as well as the separation of his daughter and her life hidden from him when he should be there for her. He wants more than anything to be there for his daughter but with the past weighing him down and a new woman in his life whose betrayal may or may not hinder him from finding the forgiveness that he needs to move forward and be the father he should be. Rain on Your Wedding Day is amazing read that will captivate the hearts of many. Overall, I highly recommend reading this novel and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Wreathed by Curtis Edmonds

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Wreathed by Curtis Edmonds is a must read romance. A novel that is funny, intriguing, and alluring. Curtis Edmonds well written plot and main character, Wendy Jarrett will steal your heart and keep you hooked. Taking a story that starts out at a place where one would think be the saddest moment ever turns into a lot more especially for the daughter of a woman whose boyfriend just died. Both go to his funeral and that’s where everything changes for Wendy. Life is good for both her and her mother until she finds out that the guy’s interested in should be the rightful heir to the estate that her mother recently inherited. Wendy isn’t sure how to take the news and decides to find out why her mother was the one chosen and not the nephew. And then out of nowhere a jealous classmate comes out making Wendy’s life even more complicated and more puzzling than ever. Will the answers she that she finds be the ones she’s looking or ones that make a shiver crawl down her spine?

Curtis Edmonds has done a marvelous job in creating characters that pop to life. The main character, Wendy Jarrett, will leave readers laughing as she goes about finding her answers and getting a grasp on her life as it spirals out in crazy ways. A contemporary romance that gives more meaning to life and love. Wreathed overall, is the perfect read for all. I highly recommend this to everyone and I promise you won’t be disappointed that read it. I rate Wreathed a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby

Ghost Image by Ellen Crosby is a dynamic thriller that will have readers coming back for the next incredible book in this intensifying series. A freelance photojournalist who is friends with a a Franciscan Friar is set out on her most dangerous task of all. Right before her friend, Brother Kevin Boyle, is found dead he shares with her details that someone is after him for something he stumbled upon. After his death, Sofina Medina takes on the task to find out what he found and race against his killer. With a botanic discovery worth millions and a dangerous web of politicians, diplomats, and European royalty, Sofina has her hands full. Can she find out who killed Kevin and why before it’s too late?

Ellen Crosby has masterfully woven history, politics, and international issues inside one fascinating novel. Ghost Image is a must read for all. Intrigue and suspense at every corner, readers will love this fast-paced action thriller mystery. The realistic inside scope into the a royal family and the hunt of finding a international treasure is definitely worth reading. Ellen Crosby has beautifully put together a dangerous and addictive read together that readers won’t forget. For those who loved Titanic, this is for you! The character Sofina is one that all readers can easily relate too and fall in love with as she travels trying to piece together the murder of her friend. Overall, I highly recommend Ghost Image to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars.

Love that Burns written by Me

Happy Couple

Chapter 1

Have you ever searched and searched for something almost to the point of giving up only t realize that it has been there the entire time staring at you on a daily basis?

Well, that’s what happened to me. It was like having the blinds taken off my eyes and suddenly could see what I had been missing out the entire time.

His name was Clark Sinclair. He and I have been going to school together for years and we grew up together close by. Next door neighbors actually. And yet, I was so obsessed with everything else that I just didn’t realize that what my heart was really looking for came in the now tall, broad shoulder, hot Geek living right next to me.

Every morning I went for a run before the sun was up to burn off any of last night’s calories only to find that I wasn’t the only one up. Clark came running up to me and we silently ran the rest of the way in a friendly silence. I didn’t realize just how many things I did that Clark also did as well. I mean yeah I noticed him when I saw him around but other than that I never really put any more effort into the thought of his presence in my life. Not until the fatal day. Actually the worst day of my life.

My parents went out one afternoon to head to a gallery show in a city nearby but on their way they were hit by a drunk driver. Neither of my parents survived. I got the call from the police. All I could do was sit in numb silence as I tried to soak in the fact that my two amazing parents were suddenly dead. I never got to hug them goodbye nor tell them how much I loved them.

Clark’s mom, Susan came over and said she and the other ladies at church would help me make all the arrangements for a funeral since I  just wasn’t in the place yet to quite do so myself. After she left, I went to call my boyfriend whom I have been dating for two years now. His phone kept ringing. That figures whenever something bad happens a girl can’t just expect her boyfriend to just drop whatever he was doing to to answer your call, right? Maybe he was with his parents or guys friends and just not paying attention to his phone. I was just about to head to the shower to run hot water over my body to wake itself from the numbness I was going through.

Suddenly my phone was vibrating like crazy. I picked it up knowing it was probably Jason. “Hey, you called me. I’m sorry I didn’t answer right away. What’s up?”

Awww. He was such such a great boyfriend. I knew it had to be because he was just busy but then as I was about to tell him, what happened. A woman’s voice spoke to him on the other end. I could tell he was trying to block her out but I heard her say, “just tell her you want break up and get back here in bed already!”

That wasn’t just any woman’s voice. Now,  that my brain is suddenly working somewhat, it was my best friend’s voice.  Karen. Karen was seeing my boyfriend!? And not just seeing him but in his bed! What the hell! I lost what I was going to say and hung up the call. How dare him! How could he do this to me! Especially now with the news of my parents gone. And Karen. She was supposed to be my best friend! Best friends don’t go after their friend’s guy without permission! 

My phone kept vibrating, I checked who was calling and saw Jason’s number lighting up my phone. I shut it off heading into the bathroom to take a much needed hot bath. Then, I am going to eat as much ice-cream as possible. Awful day ever! I love two parents whom I love and my boyfriend all in one day. Not to mention that I am no longer going to be friends with that bitch Karen anymore. Screw friendship!

Want to Host a Book Launch Successfully?

To all my author friend out there, this is specifically written for you!

When hosting a book launch, one must have a plan. A plan that can help launch your book in many ways and forms to all of your family, friends, and fans out there plus grab you new ones.

So here’s the three steps a friend shared with me, that I am now sharing with you:

  1. Sell as many copies as possible to existing fans
  2. Encourage your fans to share your book with their network
  3. Get influencers to help promote the book

1. Good Outreach starts with helping other people first! 

Help people who have helped you out in the past. Also, just helping others out of kindness is my thing that I try doing everyday. You never know how, who, or when someone you have  helped out will step out and and give you a helping hand.

2. Look for win-wins.

Author Interviews? Yes, you can do that!

Author Q&A? Yes, you can also do that as well!

Share Excerpts? Yes, this is another win-win for you and the person looking for all one or all of these.

Guest Author on a blog or website? Yes! Excellent way for free advertising for both you and the person hosting it!

Book Giveaways? Yes!

Book Tours? Yes!

You’ve now spread your book to three distinct groups of people!

  • Your fans
  • Your fan’s friends, followers, and network
  • Influencers’ friends, followers, and network

One thing most authors forget to do is to use social media to their advantage!

Facebook: As a writer you need an author page on this social media site. Why? Because all businesses are now using it and it’s the easiest site to gain the most followers!

WordPress: As a writer this website is the best for blogging everything such as books, free excerpts, works in progress, updates on your book or new book, release dates, etc. A must have for all writers! And a great way to meet bloggers who are interested in author interviews, guest posts, and etc.

Twitter: As a writer this social media is great to use because self-published authors can can more followers, tweets, likes, and comments on their book covers, book releases, books, and it’s a faster way to get others to retweet your promotions and posts on their account for many more people to see. So this is the third most important tool!

Tumblr: Okay, as a writer you think how’s this one so great, but it is. Book lovers gravitate to this to post the books they have read, their reviews and comments of books they love and sharing books that will be coming out. So, it’s a great free way to connect with those people and promote your work. A great way to build a friendship with readers.

Facebook Page called: AMAZON BOOKS, LIKES, AND PROMOTIONS. A great way to freely advertise all your books, upcoming releases, and much more. And it’s FREE! Authors must take advantage of this page!

Google: Must create an author’s page and post everything on there about books, upcoming releases, book cover reveals and etc. This is a FREE way to advertise, promote and grow your audience. Google is a top search engine and thus, having an author page and email with Google is a must for all writers.

Amazon Author Page – Okay now Amazon isn’t just a place to put up your books and sell them It’s also a place that allows you as a writer to have an Author Page. This is necessary if you want to connect with your readers, read their comments and ratings on your book as well as track your own progress as an author in Amazon.

Goodreads: Every authors should already be using this site for promoting themselves and their work. Readers love this site! Host book tours, book giveaways, find reviewers, and connect deeper with your audience! Don’t just set-up a Goodreads account, if you are an author set-up an author account!

Rafflecopter: This is free and can easily be used to host book giveaways on any site. Authors must use this to help promote their books.

As a writer you need to also be the following:

– A person willing to help others. Be honest & fair.

– Make friends with other authors in your genre.

– Use all the above social media to promote, advertise and grow your strengths as a writer.

– Become a blogger full time.

– Know & Learn how to use Microsoft Word and how to convert your book into PDF’s.

– Become a researcher! As an author you must research into what books in your genre are selling, where they are being sold at, how much they are being sold for, what kind of book covers are liked most be readers, what publishing companies, magazines and bloggers are willing to publish your work and help promote you as a writer.

Now, go forth and use these tips in launching your successful book launch!

Best of Luck from Universal Creativity Inc.!

Author Interviews for June 2015 Issue!


Author Interviews for June 2015 Issue will be sent out to the following authors:

Bruce Henderson (Best-selling Author)

Jacob Appel (Best-selling Author)

Grant Boshoff (Author of The Copy)

If you are a new emerging author and would like to be interviewed and featured in our June 2015 Issue than please contact me via email at:

A Question with R.L. Stine

Danielle Urban
Danielle Urban asked R.L. Stine:

Can you share with us readers about any of your future projects? What will they be about? When will they be coming out?

R.L. Stine I’m writing more Goosebumps and Fear Street titles. My first picture book– Little Shop of Monsters– will be out in August (with wonderful Marc Brown illustrations). And, of course, the Goosebumps movie will be released in theaters in October.

Book Review: What Lies Behind by JT Ellison

What Lies Behind is an intoxicating mixture of adventure, suspense, and danger. A story that brings back Samantha Owens and spins her into one of the most complex and highly dangerous criminal cases she has had. Once a medical examiner, Samantha is invited to the crime scene to look over the evidence but what she finds is something more sinister than what she has ever seen before. The police conducting an investigation within her neighborhood leaves her as curious as a cat. But will her curiosity cost her, her life? As the evidence leads both Samantha and her homicide detective friend, Darren Fletcher, the stakes in finding the answers to their case will be extremely deadly. No one is who they appear appear to be, which makes trusting anyone like a game of chess. Will Sam and Fletcher succeed or will the dangers take them both?

A highly thrilling and fact-paced novel that readers will come to love. The suspense hangs high in the air on every page. Readers will be forever guessing what happens next as both Sam and Fletcher dig deeper int the dangerous web. The plot is well written and sends a chill down readers backs.  JT Ellison has a way of bringing her characters such as Sam and Fletcher to life. Readers will be able to easily connect with the pair as the plot unfolds luring them deeper and deeper into the unknown. Sam is an exceptional character who has enough expertise and background experience that makes her an all time favorite. Sam is the new sleuth who will win over fans of Poirot, Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes. But with a unique and more vibrant twists. Readers beware, What Lies Behind is the most captivating thriller you will ever read. I highly recommend this stunning novel to readers everywhere and I look forward to reading more of JT Ellison’s work in the future. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Good Cause

Needing a Helping Hand!

I am needing major help with funding money to pay off for summer classes. If anyone is willing to donate a $1 to me for past reviews that I have written that would help me get closer to paying for summer.

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I am dedicated to what I do on here. And I am sure many that I have helped can say I am a hard worker, reliable, and pleasant to work with. So, please, if you can or can find it in your heart to help me out in any way, I would greatly appreciate it.

All funds can be sent to me via PayPal to my PayPal address at:

Thank you for your generosity and kindness. I greatly appreciate any and all help from all of you. Thank you!

My Latest Novel

Product Details

My latest novel Our Stories is now live on Amazon for all to enjoy.

6 Incredible Reads for the price of one novel! A collection of romance stories that readers will love. From A Duke to Remember (Historical Romance), Our Story (Erotic), A Start (Contemporary), A Modern Cinderella (Contemporary), Beautifully Flawed (Paranormal), and His Slave (Paranormal).

Book Review: Polarity and Indecision by Erika Kochanski


Polarity and Indecision by Erika Kochanski is one that readers will love. A beautifully woven masterpiece that entails a story of how a woman finds love and hope in world filled with darkness. Ana takes readers deep onto her path of self-discovery where she searches for light instead of darkness that covers her like a heavy blanket that won’t lift off easily. A young woman who feels all alone with her family living on the other side of the globe, Ana wants love in her life. And with four friends and dating a doctor she works with at a clinic, Ana just might discover what family she already has and that she can have a relationship if she’s willing to go after it.

Erika Kochanski has written a intensifying plot that keeps readers hooked as the main character struggles within herself at what her life is and should be like. I found Polarity and Indecision to be a shocking truth the mirrors the fears and emptiness that each one of us still holds back. Ana is an inspiring proof that we can find what we are desperately needing if we dare to reach out and grab it. A contemporary romance that readers won’t be forgetting and one that will stay imprinted within our hearts. A must read for all. Overall, I recommend reading Polarity and Indecision and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Case by Marc Hirsch

The Case (Alice White, Investigator Book 1)

Marc Hirsch’s novel, The Case, is a brilliant masterpiece that can be so easily be seen as a movie. His characters are as different as night is to day. And each one adds to the suspense and mystery of several cases that are related none other by Alice White. A lawyer in training. She is a divorced lawyer who loses her job from the WW2 veterans but nothing stops Alice from going after her dream of being a lawyer. She a tough but sexy as hell character who can easily intimidate those around her into opening up about certain details that help her put pieces of the different cases together. But as with every sleuth danger is always lurking around the corner. As a lawyer and sleuth, Alce makes more enemies than friends. But just like Nancy Drew, Alice White doesn’t shy away from solving a case no matter what danger lies ahead even if she fears she won’t make it out alive.

The Case is a must read mystery. March Hirsch knows how to keep the suspense going and keep readers lured in until the end. A real page turner. Exciting, new, and well written plot as well as characters will keep readers interest until the case is solved. And as with all mysterious this one is definitely full of surprises. I loved reading a story of how a strong independent woman goes about her life they way she wants to and let’s nothing stop her. That is the type of character that many will fall in love with. I highly recommend this stunning new novel and rate it a five out of five stars.

Modern Girl – Part 2

Modern Girl

Part 2

Everyone is probably wondering how I had come to only one friend.  Well, Charlie and I grew up together. His family lived right next door to me. I think he took pity on the little girl who was too quiet, then got scared when the same little girl was throwing her tantrums. Yeah, I was one of those kind of kids back then. Good one moment and then a pan in the arse the next. But, as I got older I was more quiet than ever. I would be the girl to watch others laughing and having fun and Charlie would be the one to try and make me participate. But I was too scared to join. I always refused. And now, I wanted something more. I want to participate in everything. But now being the age of 26,  was it too late for me?

“Addy, Addy, Addy, what’s the like of you showing up to Charlie’s funeral? Oh wait, thats right he was the only one brave enough or should I say crazy enough to talk to you.” Laughing her and her girls ticked me off for the last time. Mayebelle may always have the perfect looks but inside was the devil’s advocate. I stepped up to her and sweetly smiling asked, “Mayebelle, your makeup looks amazing on you.”

Surprised to hear a compliment from me after she rudely made fun of not only me but Charlie and at his funeral where respect was due. I wasn’t going to step back. So, I swung with all my might at the bitch’s face. “Now, you can use your makeup skills to hide the bruise that’s going to show up. And with a bounce in my step, I tried my best as swish-shaying my butt. Did it work? I will never know, but the look on her face after I it her was perfect. I decided then and there I was going to make my life the way I wanted it. No more quietly watching it past me. So, my next stop was to land myself a job.

Modern Girl – Part 1

Modern Girl by Me

Part 1:

Life is what you make of it. I was once told by a friend. And when now here, I am at their funeral. My life has been nothing but boring and bat crazy. Anyone who meets me runs like hell. They can’t take my weird social skills or lack of them. Either way, I frighten those around me. They call me crazy for living the way I do. And now, at my one and only friend’s funeral, I was rethinking his words once spoken to me so many times. Is my life really what I made of it. I try to social amazing and acceptable but somehow I always manage to screw things up. Like the time I had my first crush. A guy I went to church with. He always talked to me or listened more so while I chatted about anything and everything at once. He made me feel like I wasn’t weird until one day out of nowhere he got mad at me. And still to this day, I have no clue as to what I did to him on the day so many years ago. Anyhow, he and I are far from being friends. And another guy, took noticed of me. I silently beamed from within. A super cute guy decided to talk to me the invisible girl! I couldn’t describe just how excited I was. Okay maybe not too excited where you know like how some people can let their excitement get the better of them where they end of peeing in their pants. Yep, not me. But still, I was excited. I could have jumped up and down. And knowing me, I probably blushed a lot. Some of my college guys I know would say I bush too easily. But thinking about I am not sure if I still do or not. And NO! I don’t want anyone testing me to find if I still do or not. So, it’s probably a good thing these certain people can see this. Or else all trouble begins. Ooops! Too late! Trouble has just started. So, I guess I do make my life that way it is, and now I am going to change it. Or die trying. 

Book Review: A Different Reflection by Jane Gibson

A Different Reflection by Jane Gibson is indeed a story of how one woman views a new reflection of her life at hand and the one she had before. As a magazine writer Katharina Stewart needs a new story and when she finds a place that inspires her she will have to work hard to convince the person still living there for an interview. But as with all things, Katharina is thrusted into a interesting place that holds much more than an interesting story that can help her with her dreams. Katharina’s old life was perfect but once she sets about getting her story her relationship with her boyfriend becomes strained with the added pressure from another woman. Where will Katharina’s heart lie and where what will she give up?

Jane Gibson’s novel, A Different Reflection, is an inspirational story that shows readers how life can lead you to accomplishing your dreams and believing in thing with your heart. A sensational and intriguing read as Katharina discovers the mystery within the house that has caught her heart. She knows that no matter what choice she makes will be the one that changes her life completely. A big decision with so much to consider. Readers can relate to the choices we are forced to make in life and how difficult they can be. Sometimes its a life altering situation and sometimes not. But we never know what our actual outcomes might be until the final decision has been made. I highly enjoyed reading this beautifully well written story. I look forward to reading more by Jane Gibson as her story has me curious for more. Overall, I rate A Different Reflection a five out of five stars.

What Does Being an Author Mean to You?

Being an author means the world to me. I can take my readers and transport them into whole new worlds that are magical or where they get an inside view of what’s like to be someone else whose life is much harder or more complicated than our own. As readers, you think the fictional character has it all. But if we really focus ourselves within the story and in their shoes readers’ eyes will be opened up to seeing the real point of the story which was to direct their attention to what is really going on. Not the romance, but those who struggle to become who they are and to get where they are now.

So, being an author is a powerful tool that many never think about. Most writers think about the creating the story and the dynamics in luring the readers in, which is not a bad thing. But in the end, what does our story say about us, writers? Did we convey the right message that we wanted to present to the world of just along with the flow and sell what seems to be popular and not what we really want to put out there.

As an author it’s hard to really put yourself into your book without saying too much. The writer’s goal is to show not tell. And authors such as myself have the biggest issue in telling than showing our readers what we really want them to see. We want them to visualize our scenes like a movie happening right before their eyes. To sense the environment in which we create with the use of our words. Are our words actually conveying our scenes properly? How many readers have actually sensed everything that our character go through in our stories. Not literally but I mean can they almost see our character at the places we describe and doing what we wrote for them to do?

Being an author should mean that us writers want to convey our stories properly that we want to take our readers to places they haven’t been and would love to return to whenever they open up our books. Readers should have a sense of who our characters are and what messages we place into our books. Every book hold a treasure in which the reader gains when reading our stories.

Book Review: Kissing Mr. Wrong by Kerri Carpenter

Kissing Mr. Wrong by Kerri Carpenter is a steamy hot romance that tells us how one woman who decides to go with it and kiss the one man that she automatically deems as the Mr. Wrong, starts to feel like anything but wrong. Graphic designer Vanessa Hewitt was about to fall off a bridge but luckily Mr. Wrong, John Campbell, was there to save her. The adrenaline they both were feeling in just the one moment caused both of them to get caught up in each other in more ways than they ever expected. Vanessa thought she would never meet her Mr. Wrong guy ever again. However, fate plays tricks on everyone. Soon John finds out that Vanessa is at his sister’s wedding to take photos and he plans to do whatever he can to keep her at his side forever. But he never planned on  getting stuck in a closet with her.

Vanessa and John are both strong characters with a bad-ass presence that will lure readers deep into their romantic and sexy story. What woman could resist a former soldier from Afghanistan? And what smart man would let go of a woman who is constantly in his thoughts and turns him on in every way? Kissing Mr. Wrong is an inspirational story for all women. Sometimes it takes guts to kiss Mr. Wrong because just maybe he is actually our Mr. Right all along. But we wouldn’t know until we took that very first step and leap with all we have. I loved reading this novel and I look forward to reading more by Kerri Carpenter. Her plot was well written and her characters were realistic. Readers won’t find a better romance than this. Overall, I give it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Where There’s a Will by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy

Where There’s a Will by Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy is one sensational romance that readers won’t forget. A hot and sexy attorney Ryder Ford is the the type of man who knows what he wants and goes after it and what he wants is his hot secretary Addison Wells who has a no office romance rule that she is sticking with that is unless fate intervenes causing them both to be stranded alone together. Addison is wanting to be a lawyer and is moving away soon, unless Ryder Ford can convince the one woman who makes him hotter than the desert sun, to stay. Can their brief romance lead into the promises of much more?

Katherine Garbera and Eve Gaddy have done a fabulous and superb job of creating to irresistible characters who compliment each other. I could not put down the novel. Addictive, sweet, and steamy story that readers will fall in love with and never want to stop reading. I loved how one hot masculine man can get under tough Addison Wells exterior that she has built up with all the bravo she could. Undoing that wall of hers is a heart melting effect that will captivate readers everywhere. I loved reading this new book by these two amazing writers. Their talents combined make one powerful and potent read that will continue to hook readers. Overall, I rate Where There’s a Will a five out of five stars and highly recommend to reader all over to read it.

Book Review: Indebted Part 3 by Sadie Black

Indebted: Part Three (Series Finale): The Virgin & The Bad-Boy Billionaire (A BWWM Billionaire Romance)
Indebted Part 3 by Sadie Black is the last and final installment in this exciting interracial romance series. In the first part we have learned about how both Matthew and Kendra met and their different backgrounds. Both all heads over heels in love with each other. Then in part two we have explored their struggle as a couple. Secrets that were hidden and were finally released. Now, in part 3 we as readers will find out if they have overcome everything or if they have failed individually to grow past the secrets that ere tearing apart at them. Kendra has finally achieved her dreams of graduating and leaving behind her job at the dinner for a better one. But then she feels all alone in the big world despite her success and determination. After going through all of the secrets she finally sees the real Matthew and has decided to stop running away. But will Matthew still want her or will she finally have exhausted his love for her?
Sadie Black has a raw talent in placing her readers deep into her world where romance is anything but easy. Portraying the reality and real difficulties that everyone in real life goes through when in love, readers won’t want to stop reading. The tension has finally built up and leaving readers holding their breath as they finally find out the make it or break it moment that they have been waiting for. Characters are strong and so life like that readers will have difficulty telling fiction from nonfiction. A great masterpiece for the ending of a new brilliant series that crosses so many social ladders and barriers. A gripping suspenseful romance unlike nay other that will leave readers gripping their seats wondering what happens next. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars and highly recommend this to readers all over.

Book Review: Indebted Part 2 by Sadie Black

Indebted: Part 2: The Virgin & The Bad-Boy Billionaire (A BWWM Billionaire Romance)
In this exciting part 2 of Indebted, Sadie Black has once again done an outstanding job with keeping her characters and plot fresh, new, and alluring. Readers will find out many new things in book two such as the secret that Matthew is hiding from Kendra. Kendra Cole was a waitress who worked on completing her Master’s degree in Business and one day having met a rich, hot, and white billionaire. She has Matthew hooked  just as she has him lured in but in this second part, Kendra digs for the truth only to find out more hidden secrets. The big question comes in the form of Kendra being able to let go of the past and embrace the future. As readers we can easily slip into Kendra’s shoes and understand what she’s going through emotionally and we also can see the different side of things as they happen. Can Kendra and Matthew make it through everything or will their connection completely crumble apart.
Sadie Black has masterfully woven together an interracial story that explores all of a woman’s fears as she struggle to find out what’s real and what’s not. As well as finding where she wants to be in life. Finding yourself is a huge theme in this series. A successful black woman making her way through life only to be thrown curveballs from a sexy as hell white man who’s richer than most. Where and how this relationship will work is for readers to find out by reading the next incredible part 3 of Indebted. Kendra isn’t the only character needing to learn things about herself. Matthew has a lot to go through as well. Overall, I highly recommend this book and look forward to reading part 3! I rate Indebted Part 2 a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Hot Alphas by Lora Leigh, Laurelin McGee, Shiloh Walker, & Kate Douglas

Hot Alphas was the it choice for me just because of the title, the authors names, and the cover design. It told me that this was definitely the hot-est action packed novel yet! I have read novel by each of the following bestselling authors so hesitating was not option. The title and cover led me wondering what kind of hot sexy alphas? What dangers lie ahead and how did each of these four alphas struggle with protecting the women that have found their way deep into each hero’s heart? And I was itching to find out.

Erin’s Kiss by Lora Leigh is the first sizzling romance to capture the hearts of readers. Turk is a Marine who is assigned to protect Erin who constantly challenges the alpha which leads to hot moments of romance that will heat up any night. The instant attraction between the two characters, and their strength as characters as well as the suspense and danger made this story one perfect read! I loved reading this novel and look forward to more exciting adventures by Lora Leigh as well as what happens next between Erin and Turk.

misTaken by Laurelin McGee is where hot friction meets hot friction and when the come together they burn passionately. A funny, sexy, and thrilling read. Jayleen is an independent woman who has never given up control until her new neighbor arrives. Their hot chemistry will leave Jayleen giving up some of her control but what happens when the guy you’re with isn’t really who you think he is? Intriguing and the most delightful romance ever! I loved it. It was refreshing to read a sexy hot romance that featured a strong independent woman for a change.

Burn for Me by Shiloh Walker is the third great installment in this anthology. I loved how Shiloh was able to put both a hot alpha who makes a woman’s head spin especially where her heart is concerned. Usually most romances have one  or both characters who are definitely sure of that the other is the one for them. But, in Burn for Me, readers will find a new twist. Both Tate and Ali struggle with accepting their chemistry full on. A beautifully told and heartbreaking story that will captivate readers forever.

Tangled by Kate Douglas is indeed the perfect steamy way to end this hot, sexy, and addictive anthology. Nate comes to work where producing the award winning wines is what he loves does best, until fate brings him an irresistible temptation in the form of Cassie. Cassie is the mixologist for the place. Little does she know that Tate is very much in drunk with the site of her and something about her tugs at his heart in all the right ways. I loved reading this story because it was the feel good kind that leaves you feeling happy with the ending. Mysterious, steamy, and one-of-a-kind romance.

Hot Alphas is the perfect mini series of absolutely hot, sexy, and heart melting reads. Readers won’t be able to get enough of these new heroes that will both capture and captivate their audiences from all over. These four stories will make you laugh, cry, and feel good. I enjoyed reading how one of both of the main characters struggled with their instant chemistry. Four best-selling authors have presented the exciting and highly addictive new tales for their readers to fall in love with forever. I highly recommend reading Hot Alphas and rate each of the stories a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Lunar Rampage by Samantha Cross

Lunar Rampage

Lunar Rampage by Samantha Cross is one hell of a suspenseful novel that readers will come to love forever. A paranormal romance that won’t be forgotten. Samantha’s plot drives readers into intrigue from the first page and until the last. Beware readers, you will fall deep in love with the funny and intoxicating read. I was hooked and kept in suspense on every page that I read. A real page turner. And one that will leave readers wondering what happens next. A super great cliffhanger at the end will keep readers coming back looking for the next novel in this exciting and well written series. I can’t wait to read the second novel by this talented writer whose words literally pop off the pages and keep you laughing so hard.

The characters are nothing like you expect. Take for instance the main character of this novel comes back home to her small rural town from the big bad city of Detroit to help her grandmother with renovating the old house and barn. But soon, she will learn about the mysterious events that took place without the town noticing until recently when attacks on many innocent lives occurs and with her own investigating and close encounter with death, she will find that the answers are not what she wanted to know or see at all.

Her worries for her eccentric grandmother and her new friends will make her a great new heroine that readers will admire. A woman who has her own flaws that make her an attractive and funny character that all readers can easily relate to.  The conversations she has with her grandmother and friends will have readers laughing until the cry. I enjoyed reading this brilliant new book in a new and luring series. I look forward to the second stunning masterpiece by Samantha Cross. I also highly recommend reading this book to everyone everywhere. I promise you won’t be disappointed when you do. Overall, I rate Lunar Rampage a five out of five stars.

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Book Review: The Departure by R.A.G. Pen

Product Details

The Departure by R.A.G.Pen is one fast-paced romance that is brilliantly well written and one that readers will enjoy. A story of how love hits one man so hard that he can’t deny his heart’s attraction any longer. Living in a society were his kind of love is forbidden he is forced to make a critical decision within five days time. Will he choose love or not? And what about those who will murder people like him for the love he has?

R.A.G. Pen keeps his readers lured into a world that is fresh, intriguing, and leaves readers wanting to know what will happen next? Can the character have his love and still live or will he choose his love and die? Readers can relate to the feeling of finding one’s love and having to make big decisions regarding our love for that particular person. It is nice to sit back and read on as the characters goes about his journey and making the decision. The Departure both begins and ends with a suspenseful line that will lure readers to the next incredible installment in this delightful new series. I enjoyed reading this story and recommend it to others. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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2) Your teenaged character keeps a secret diary in which she writes what she really thinks about everyone in her school.  Then one of her classmates finds the diary and publishes it on the Internet…

3) Your character’s ex-girlfriend shows up at his house one night, saying she needs a place to hide, but refusing to explain what’s going on or why there’s blood all over her clothes.  Your character doesn’t feel right turning her away…

4) Your character hates his job and especially his boss.  He secretly goes to a job interview with another company and receives a surprising offer.  The new company wants him to keep his current job but to act as their spy.  In particular, they want him to copy files for them from his boss’s computer…

Book Review: The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby

The Ultimate Betrayal by Kimberla Lawson Roby is one betrayal that leads unto another. A riveting story that takes readers deep into the center of the most intriguing plot line ever. Readers will be taken on a wild journey of emotions as those who betray and are betrayed go about their lives the best they can or at least they think they are. Kimberly Lawson Roby has masterfully integrated a Christian way of life into a story line that has so many bad twists and turns on every page that will keep readers turning to read further.  It is easy for readers to connect on every level with the two friends as the go about trying not to hurt those they care about but some times when you think you are not hurting someone, you might end up doing just that. I highly recommend readers to dive deep into The Ultimate Betrayal. One novel that hook you in from the beginning.
Alicia Black is a daughter of a Reverend. After four years of divorcing her second husband she winds up dating her first husband all over again. And this time she has worked hard to prove her royalty to him is stronger than ever, so when he proposes to her once more Alicia can’t say no.  And then there’s her best friend Melanie Richardson who  is having her own crisis with her own husband and maybe more. Melanie is stressed from her husband’s suspicious behavior and takes a dive for the worst. Fate has a way to add more trouble than what Alicia can handle, Melanie doesn’t want to talk to her and her second husband is out of jail and reformed as a completely new man. Which betrayal will Melanie make this time and will she be able to save her love life and her best friend or lose everything? The Ultimate Betrayal definitely suits the novel entirely and will keep readers guessing as to who and what will happen next. A perfect must read for all. Overall, I rate this sensational drama a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Indebted Part 1 by Sadie Black

Product Details

Indebted by Sadie Black in one incredible romance that every woman will want to read. A stunning story how how one young woman pulls herself up in the world working on finishing her Masters degree in Business when fate decides to intervene. Thus, the hot white blue-eyed bachelor, Matthew Blackwell. A major Business man who has his way with the ladies. And it’s no wonder. His sexy hot looks and his money make him an irresistible target. From the first moment, Sadie saw him at her table she felt lust instantly but as soon as he spoke the lust all but disappeared. Now, Matthew wants to make it up to Sadie and prove to her that he is indeed a better man than what she thinks, but can he pull it off?
Sadie Black has beautifully crafted a timeless romance story that her readers won’t forget. A woman finding the courage deep within her to put her heart out on the line for a man who is way beyond her social status. A novel that shows no matter what walk of one comes from or what color your skin tone is, that anyone can make a better life for themselves if they take the chance. An inspiring and realistic story set in its own unique way. I enjoyed reading this well written plot and look forward to reading Indebted part 2 and Indebted part 3 by Sadie Back. I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Lives Between Us by Theresa Rizzo

The Lives Between Us by Theresa Rizzo is a fascinating novel that will brings readers closer to the harsh realities that life can bring. A reporter name Skylar Kendall didn’t know how to love until her niece breaks down her interior walls she put up and melts her heart into a warm fuzzy place. But then fate takes away the good as as fast as bringing it to Skylar. This sad fate then sends Skylar into an angry place and all she wants to do is get revenge for what what taken away from her. Little will she expect that fate isn’t done in causing complete chaos in her life. When someone who is close to the person she wants to bring down, Skylar heart will have to decide if she can learn to love again or forever feel bitterness, hate, and anger.

Theresa Rizzo’s title, The Lives Between Us, fits perfectly within her well written plot. There are lives that separate the distance between Skylar and Mark. How they go about closing that distance will be entirely up to Skylar. A wonderful novel that is easy for readers to connect with on a deeper level and one that will capture their hearts forever. I enjoyed reading this story on how one woman learns to find courage within herself to love again. Despite what life brings to her, Skylar is a character that inspires many. I look forward to reading more novels by Theresa and would highly recommend this to readers all over the world. A sensational read. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Need Opinions for: A Duke to Remember by Me

Chapter 1

The last person Lady Felicity Stratford is expecting to see tonight is her childhood friend Maxwell Trent, the Duke of High Cliff.  The dashing duke hasn’t been seen in London in ten years. But tonight, he’s back. And he’s much more than Felicity remembers. If memory served her well, Maxwell Trent was not so broad and taking her slow fill of the new man across from her. He was huge. More muscular and had a rougher demeanor. It couldn’t really be Max.

“Excuse, Lady Felicity would you do me the honor of dancing with me?” Duke Benjamin asked me. Apparently, I was lost in my thoughts for someone poked me in my rib cage. All concentration lost completely.

“Yes, I would.”

Still staring Max, I took the gentleman’s hand and was soon led to the center of the floor and was swirled all over the ballroom. Briefly catching eye contact with Max. Not sure if he remembered me or not. Shaking my thoughts aside, I smile at others and my dance partner seemed a little proud of himself, for what I did not know. Until, someone tore us apart.

One moment everything was fine, the next some man is roughly grabbing my arms pulling me out of my partner’s embrace. “Don’t ever touch her again. Now, get out before I send someone to see that you do leave.”

The voice belonged none other than Maxwell Trent.

“What on earth is the meaning of this?” I shouted to the back of the one man who haunted every one of my fantasies.

“He is not fit of a man to be near you or any other woman. And I will leave it to just that.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes, that’s it. Felicity don’t go trying to make me look bad because you will only loose the only friend who have left.”

“Who says, I don’t have any friends. My only friend left me! When I needed him most. You didn’t want to be near me when I gave you the chance. So, why bother being a friend to me know?”


“No, don’t. You don’t have the right to call me Felicity. It’s Lady Stratford to you! And no one knows where you have been all this time. You don’t think it affected me? Well, it did. But you know what? I don’t care if you here now or if you leave and never come back!”

Running, I wasn’t worried about what everyone in the ballroom heard or thought. All I could think about was how the one man I fell in love with left me when I needed him most.

Book Review: Candy, Murder and Me by Carolyn Chambers Clark & Anthony Auriemma

Candy, Murder and Me: Cozy Mystery with Recipes (Cookie Berelli Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

Candy, Murder, and Me by both Carolyn Chambers Clark & Anthony Auriemma is indeed a cozy mystery all readers will enjoy. This exciting new novel not only has a wonderful, suspenseful and alluring mystery with great characters that add humor but also free recipes inside! A novel that features a woman who is super curvy and designs clothes for other women who are the same size. But then the authors added more such as crazy ideas that the characters can be sleuths and solve a murder. Also readers who love animals will find this novel to be a perfect fit. Animals, sleuthing, clothes and recipes. A wonderful fun and action pack read that readers won’t be able to put down.

Candy, Murder and Me is a story about Cookie Berelli a woman who finds her private investigator dead in her saloon. Now, she has trouble on her hands and is determined to find out who and why. Then there is her adorable dachshund  named after Sigmund Freud who listens to her every word and helps find clues to solve this mystery. Cookie not only finds one body but two and then has a killer after her heels. A colorful and funny read as Cookie leads readers further into the plot with the most intriguing and surprising characters and suspects of all. Readers will enjoy this novel and look forward to reading the next brilliant installment in the series called, Candy, Murder and Just Desserts. Overall, I rate this spectacular mystery novel a five out of five stars. Definitely, a must read for all.