Coffee Anyone? by Danielle

It was work day as usual on the USS Mars Navy ship. The navy supplies us the heaviest yet darkest coffee muck to drink. It’s black than black and the bitter hot taste makes you want to spit it all out. But when it’s cold out and you need the caffeine, it’s all we got.

Some can’t handle it all all. Wusses. But for sailors like myself, we can drink it.

So, it was strange when one moment a fellow sailor was sipping his coffee and just as I turned around he was nowhere to be seen. Only a huge spot of what looked to be and smelled like the coffee I was drinking.


“Hey, Stuart it’s time for us to..” Patrick looked down at me wiping the coffee up.

“Where’s Stuart?” Patrick asked.

“I don’t know. He was right here and then the second I turned around he was gone only this mess was left behind.”

“That’s strange..”

“What is?” I asked.

“I have been hearing rumors that sailors on board are disappearing left and right. One second they’re there the next time you look..they’re gone.”

Patrick started stepping out backwards and then ran off to who knows where.

I stood back up, tossed the dirty paper towel into the garbage pin and was about to leave.

The coffee machine was turned off. Or I could have sworn it was. I walked over to turn it off, but it wouldn’t budge. I weighed about 160 and was 6 foot 2. I worked out everyday and did many laps in the pool to stay fit. Turning the coffee switch should have been easy. But it was proving harder than one could imagine.

 Shit. Why is this damn thing stuck. 

Ping! Shit. Major shit. I just broke off the switch and now a huge mass of coffee came pouring on out of the machine. But instead of being the causal liquid…it was coming out like a glob. Just like the spot on the floor. Next thing I see is the coffee glob reaching upward forming into a human body shape..

What the f**k!

Coming to life the glob like coffee monster came walking up to me. Growing larger until it towered above my six foot frame. I stood still. Frozen on the spot just from what I was witnessing. Never in my 10 years as a US Naval Officer have I ever witnessed something like this..

The coffee killing monster.

Red came up into the mess room. Right before him he saw a huge black human like glob structure towering over his six foot friends body. It was about to…eat his friend. Not on his watch!

Running with a broom nearby, Red charged into the black glob only to disappear. The monster before Will grew larger. Running out of of the mess room his shuts the door, only to see the glob after him.

This time larger yet. Men all around were shouting, Will kept on running..

What to do? What to do?

Will turns the corner and the coffee glob follows after him. Eating fellow sailors as he walks, the monster contines after Will.

Damn it. Does this thing ever stop?

Just as Will runs down two steps at a time, the monster catches him..and Will falls.

“Is he up yet?”

“Shh.. the doctor says, he’ll be okay. But that bump on his head will take a while to heal.”

“I guess we better make some more coffee then.”

Will shot up on the lunge and screamed, “No! No coffee! Don’t turn it on!” and without further words Will got up and tossed the coffee maker on the floor where it crashed into many pieces. His fellow mates just stood in shook silence watching their long time friend.

“The monster will not attack us every again!” Will informed them. Then straightening his uniform he headed out of the mess room.

“No more coffee for that guy!”

“Yeah, no kidding. Monster?”

“Must have hit his head too hard.”

Laughing the guys left the mess room leaving the coffee flashing on…




Book Review: Mayday by Chris Strange

Mayday by Chris Strange is an exciting thriller that will forever lure readers into its plot. The plot itself is complex and fast-paced. A well written story that will leave readers at the edge of their seats. The novel is just as intriguing as its cover.

Inside Chris Strange’s debut novel, Mayday, readers will follow along as humanity is almost extinct, world is ruined, and a sinister plan that is taking place that will be led to an unwinnable war for the humans. Monsters that attacked them are now the humans slaves, but as the lead investigator finds out more readers will be locked in the biggest war of war of all. Suspense, crime, and action are found on every page. Readers will fall in love with this masterpiece. I loved reading this debut novel and know that reader will love it too. Overall, I rate this a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Man the F***k Up by S. Kincaid

Product Details

Man the F**k Up by S. Kincaid is a great contemporary novel to read. The entire novel is set up like that of a comic book but still reads like a novel. I loved the creativity of this writer in the presentation of the design and layout of the novel. I thought it was completely unique and interesting to read. I recommend this short novel to readers everywhere.

Man the F**k Up is a short contemporary novel that shows the true ugly side of relationships in our world. The real world. Readers can easily relate to this novel’s main character as she goes about wanting her man to “Man the F**k Up”. Does the man end up manning up, does she call it quits on their relationship, or does she realize that her expectations are too unrealistic? Readers will have to read on to find out. A great new read for everywhere. I enjoyed reading this story; however, at the ending I was expecting just a bit more from the writer. Overall, S. Kincaid’s novel is indeed a must read read due to its creativity and realistic story.  I rate it a four out of five stars.

Urban Lit Magazine Cover Reveal

UrbanLit September Issue

Universal Creativity Inc. is proud to present the new name of our creative writing magazine to Urban Lit. Urban Lit is a literary magazine that now delivers more content, better formats, and still free for readers and writers alike.

Urban Lit will be featuring several different authors in this new issue. We will also be featuring more articles on things that readers are curious about. Things like Most Talked about Books, Digital/Print or Both, New Book Releases, Press Releases for Authors, Editing, Formatting, Book Publishers, Contests, and of course writing prompts will all be inside of this very first new edition.

Also, we will be doing author of the month features, book of the month features, book reviews, short stories, poems, and much more.

We will also have two formats available to readers of Urban Lit for them to download. These will be in PDF & ePub.

September Issue is coming soon!

Book Review: A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn

A Curious Beginning by Deanna Raybourn is exactly that. Readers will be lured into a curious beginning of events that will keep them even more puzzled as the characters go about finding the truth. A romantic mystery thriller that readers everywhere will come to love. The plot is fast-paced, complex, and suspenseful. I could hardly put the novel down. The cover of this stunning read intrigued my interest. It made me wonder what the woman was up to and where she was headed. Little did I know…that the mystery was greater than I had imagined.

Deanna Raybourn’s debut novel, A Curious Beginning, is one that should be read by every reader. This brilliant novel has it all. Action, intrigue, and love. Two characters are brought together by one man, who promises to give them the truth about something one of them didn’t know. Then he’s murdered and the two are left running for their lives while trying to figure out what the man was going to tell them before he was killed.  Can they find the uncover the truth before it’s too late?

A Curious Beginning is a one novel I highly recommend to readers. You won’t be disappointed once you open up to the first page. Excitement and adventure are awaiting every reader. Read on and discover the journey of two curious individuals. Overall, I rate Deanna Raybourn’s novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Kiss Me by Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery has done it again in her latest novel, Kiss Me. A sweet, funny, and heart warming romance that readers will love. A stubborn cowboy and one city girl…will this hard cowboy be able to keep his control after just one kiss or will the city girl have him pulled in afterwards?

I choose this book because I have read Susan Mallery’s other novels and wanted to read this one too. The cover told me all I wanted to know. Kiss Me, had me lured. All it takes is one incredible kiss by the right person and your life completely changes. But does it change for the worse or for the best for the city girl and this cowboy. Phoebe ends up loving the sexy cowboy, Zane Nicholson. Zane’s feelings are anything but warm and fuzzy. He wants her gone. Until a brief shared kiss has his world shattering to pieces. Will Phoebe end up leaving the ranch or will Zane come to his senses and beg her to stay with him forever?

I loved reading this novel. It’s sexy hot, yet very much a good  western clean romance. A contemporary romance story that will leave you feeling lighthearted and warm from head to toe. I enjoyed reading the two characters who come from opposite ends of the world yet, share something that will send sparks flying everywhere. Only a fool would let go of someone who means a lot to them. Here in Kiss Me, readers are taken into a world of love, hope, and challenges. Susan Mallery’s talent never ends. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

7 Qualities of High-Concept Stories

Okay, so when I saw this I had to share it with you all!

7 Qualities of High-Concept Stories:

  1. High level of entertainment value
  2. High degree of originality
  3. Born from a “what if” question
  4. Highly visual
  5. Clear emotional focus
  6. Inclusion of some truly unique element
  7. Mass audience appeal (to a broad general audience, or a large niche market).

Writing Prompt Time!

Write a story based on a lead character (who technically is you but in fiction – meaning give this character your voice/ personality),  another character opposite your gender, and an animal (such as a dog, a puppy, a cat, a kitten, a bird, you name it).

Write how your lead character goes about his or her busy life style when they bump into this other character with his or her pet. How does this pet help bring you two closer? 

Challenge: Make this a comedy.

10 Rules to Writing a Novel


  1. Write what comes to you. In other words don’t try and force something out of your writing just to please others.
  2. Write with passion! If you don’t like your own work, then stop and write something else.
  3. Use beta readers! These are the readers who will help you out most!
  4. Start with the basics. Use two characters, a goal, a setting, and a conflict.
  5. Be you! Don’t be what others what you to be. Writers’ work is much better when they put themselves into it and not what the haters want in it. Remember, even the best-selling authors have haters.
  6. Use dialogue! This speeds up your plot and makes it more interesting.
  7. Switch point of views! This helps make your novel interesting.
  8. Use that imagination of yours! I know you all are creative. Don’t be shy!
  9. Swap your novels with a another writer. Read each others work. Critique each other’s work. Sometimes we can’t see what we do wrong and need another fresh pair of eyes to help pin point it out to us. Plus, writers are serious about their work. If you take theirs seriously, they will also take yours seriously when helping each other out.
  10. Use, use, use social media sites like: Write it On, WattPad, and Goodreads. These are were writers comment on other writers work and where readers look for new reads. Must have tools for every writer!

Book Review: What You Won’t Do for Love by Keleigh Crigler Hadley

A Christian romance unlike any other. One woman, two men, and a heart breaking decision. Can nurse, Eden Price, make the decision to let go of the man she loves? Eden Price is a nurse who was unlucky in the  love department until God placed two men into her life. How does a woman choose between the two. After making her decision, Eden is happily married to her love. But just when things should be a happily ever after, fate is wanting to take it away. Eden struggles with the knowing if she choose the right man and what should she do with the man who wants her to let him go? Can she just let him go? What You Won’t Do for Love is a must read for all. Readers will fall in love with Keleigh Hadley’s  characters and will be lost in wondering what happens next…what choice will Eden make and will it be the right one?

What You Won’t Do for Love is amazing! I fell in love with the story. It’s definitely one romance that will tug at reader’s hearts and keep them lured. The plot was steady yet complex, and the characters are believable. It’s hard to be in the position of Eden Price and to make the kind of decision that she has to. Readers can easily relate to this beautifully written story. I loved it and I know for a fact others will too. Overall, I rate Keleigh Crigler Hadley’s novel a five out of five stars. I look forward to reading more by this talented writer in the future. This is one novel readers must read.

Book Review: Eye Candy by Katherine Garbera

Katherine Garbera’s latest novel, Eye Candy, is a must read. Her story is red hot from page one until the very ending. A young woman who meets a man, who is not only her next door neighbor but a hot police officer. She knocks into him on the day of her birthday. He takes her into his home for the night. They share hot kisses that leads them both panting for more to come.  The way both characters can set each other off like fireworks with just a kiss or a glance is incredible. The heat is irresistible and readers won’t be able to put it down.

Eye Candy caught my attention first by the excellent cover design. It showed enough with out giving it all away. The cover lead enough imagination to wonder what happens inside of the book, itself. Snappy, sexy, and satisfying are the three words described for this brilliantly well written romance, and I have to say I agree one hundred percent. As a reader, I read a lot of romances and this is not boring or repetitive. This is hot, refreshing and exciting as ever. Can a good girl snag a hot man? Katherine Garbera’s talent is raw and enticing. Her characters will leave readers breathless. The plot is fast-paced, complex, and out of this world. I would love to say more, but you have to pick up and read it for yourself to find out all the hot steamy happenings. I promise readers world wide won’t be disappointed. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars and look forward to reading more by Katherine Garbera!

Book Review: Unfinished Business by Olamide Ojo

Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business by Olamide Ojo is a brilliant new masterpiece that readers will love. The story is told in first person by the main character, who just so happens to be a writer himself. The writer tells this story through his eyes. Readers will be kept in suspense as the plot continues to unfold. So many things could go wrong, and yet the one thing that wasn’t expected to happen does.

I chose to read Unfinished Business because it was a romantic thriller. Once, I began reading it, it was fast-paced, addictive, and thrilling. There are times when readers will think a murder is about to occur only to not happen. Sometimes it does and surprisingly other times it doesn’t. Can a sociopath control his killer instincts just for his new found lover? Or will his instincts get the best of him and his lover?

Olamide Ojo is a new emerging writer whose talent is clearly visible once you read his work. Olamide has another novel that is a work of fantasy and one that I also had the pleasure to read. Readers worldwide will be amazed at what he writes next. I definitely enjoyed reading Unfinished Business by Olamide Ojo and look forward to reading his other novel, Family Business. Reader must pick up his debut novel, Unfinished Business, a thriller that is highly unique. Overall, I rate Unfinished Business a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Devious by Lisa Jackson

Devious by Lisa Jackson is an incredible yet terrifying read. A thriller like no other. Lisa Jackson has beautifully portrayed a mystery that will forever leave a chill down her readers’ spines.  The characters are so believable that readers will easily get lost into the deep, dark, and haunting terror. Each page vividly paints images of the different scenes into readers’ minds. A bone chilling killer without any forgiveness, a sister’s past, and bodies found left and right is enough to keep readers lured and spooked.

Devious by Lisa Jackson is a must read for all who enjoy following characters into dangerous paths and murders that will haunt one’s dreams. Valarie Houston’s younger sister is found brutally murdered by someone who is unforgiving. Her body was found on top of an altar at St. Marguerite’s cathedral, wearing only a yellow dress. Valarie finds things out about her sister’s life that leaves her wondering if she really ever knew her sister at all.  Detective Reubon and his partner found Camille’s body. Reubon wasn’t expecting to know the victim at all.  The killer keeps on killing and won’t stop not even after Valarie has become his next victim. Will the killer be caught before Valarie suffers the same fate as her sister?

I highly recommend reading this exciting new thriller by Lisa Jackson. Devious caught my attention not just because of the writer but because of it’s wonderful cover. It made me wonder what was in store inside for me to read. I loved how fast the plot moved, how every detail was realistic and how I could place myself deep into the novel. This story was masterfully crafted by Lisa Jackson. After reading this stunning novel of hers, I look forward to the edge of your seat thriller by her. Overall, I rate Devious a five out of five stars.

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The Fetus by Danielle Urban – Chapter 1

It was a night that started a chain of similar nights just as horrific as the one happening now. Up high, in a cold sterilized room, a woman was giving up her baby for “medical science research”. That’s what they told to every woman who decided to follow the path of death without choice.

The young woman had her fetus removed. She watched as the baby was taken out. Her baby. The baby she no longer wanted. She was free at last. Until, she saw it move. It’s heart started to beat. She couldn’t believe it was alive..

The surgeon took a pair of scissors and was talking with its assistant about cutting the head. But that wasn’t the worst part. She heard him tell, no force, his assistant to take a pair of scissors and cut the face in half so that they can properly remove the brain.

The woman’s instincts finally kicked in.. she got up and pushed the surgeon into his assistant. Taking her fetus and rushing out into the night. Someone near by saw the woman running out, in the rain, with a tiny white bundle wrapped up. She came up to the stranger and asked to be taken to a hospital.

The stranger took her afraid the woman was nuts. Not knowing that she had a fetus to save. Upon arriving at the hospital, the woman and her fetus made news everywhere. The fetus was saved due to her choice to stop the brutal yet murderous attempt of her baby. The woman never again thought of having another abortion. She grew up raising her baby to the best she could. The abortion clinic was thoroughly investigated and successfully shut down.

But the surgeon and his assistant made it out before the police arrived. Setting the clinic ablaze, they ran out leaving the police to think that they died in the fire.

Now, twenty years later the fetus that was saved grew up to be a detective. He knew about his mother’s choice about having him gone but then once she saw him alive … she risked saving him and did her best to love and care for him. Her friends say that she was never the same, after the abortion clinic. His mother never dated nor married. He saw fear and regret in her eyes whenever they story came up. He loved her even though he almost died. She almost let him die.

As a detective, Kyle Weston took on cold cases. Missing people. People who were thought dead but still alive. It was a rainy day, when Kyle received a call.

There was a naked woman lying out in the street with a dead fetus. All torn up. The sight was hideous. Whoever the bastard was had to be the sickest person in the world. Kyle identified the dead woman from one of his cold cases.

“Hey, you okay?” Forensic specialist Loren Fern was worried about what effect this finding might have on the detective. Everyone knew about his life story. Then to see something like this is like a slap to one’s face.

“Yeah, I’m fine. So, any witnesses?”

After watching him for a few more moments, Loren informed him on all she knew.

“No, witnesses. No DNA. The woman’s eye’s look glazed. I’m figuring she was drugged during he whole thing. Dirt was found under her nails. Maybe, we can get a trace on where she’s been. The fetus skull is cut open and the face sliced perfectly in half. The fetus brain is missing.”

“The fetus brain is missing?”

“Yes, it is.”

“Damn it!”

“Kyle there’s no proof that the surgeon made it out of the fire alive.”

“Yeah, and there’s no way to prove that he and his son died in that fire twenty years ago, now is there?”

Loren stayed silent. She saw his jaw muscles working, his hands raking over his face. There was a chance that the same surgeon and his son who were going to kill him are still alive. But so far, no one has seen or heard about any cases like Kyle’s. Until now. Was it possible? Or just a coincidence?

Book Review: The Forbidden Man by Elle Wright

The Forbidden Man is one amazing romance novel that captures the realistic story of one woman who choose the wrong man. Sydney Williams’s fiance the wrong man. Her fiance turned into a man that was completely opposite from the man he is now. Den is the kind of man who begs his woman to stay with him when he keeps going behind her back and sleeps with other women. Sydney and Den’s brother always made up excuses for Den but not anymore. Den’s brother Morgan has always loved Sydney but because she’s with his brother Den, he won’t go near her romantically. But as Den screws up for the last time,  Morgan just might be able to have Sydney as his woman. But how will that affect his relationship with his brother and the family who kindly took him in as their own?
Elle Wright’s novel, The Forbidden Man, is one fantastic read. Romance at it’s finest. Humor, drama, and enough heat to keep readers lured in until the end. The ending itself will leave readers with a need to read more by this talented mastermind, Elle Wright. Her words are perfect and her characters are believable. I couldn’t believe her novel was indeed fiction. It was just that good of a read. I highly recommend this story to readers worldwide. You won’t regret reading this beautifully written novel. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Birthday Girl


(I’m on the left & my sister is on the right.)

Hi everyone, today I turned twenty-six years old. Yep, that’s right..I am getting old. LOL

I am currently proofreading a manuscript for a client. I have been posting nonfiction book reviews lately for a company. So, I haven’t been posting on here for a bit.  I just posted a review from Lora Leigh.  I am preparing to post another review by a new emerging writer.

I had the most amazing birthday, thanks to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes. My sister, Tina, also helped make my birthday magical. She spoiled me rotten for me 26th birthday. Later tonight, I  hope to have my cream cheese birthday cake. The Sara Lee kind.

Book Review: Secret Pleasures by Lora Leigh

Secret Pleasure (Bound Hearts)

Best-selling romance writer, Lora Leigh, has done it again with her latest novel. Secret Pleasures is a hot must read for all. One woman, two men, politics, and family drama. This is a novel that has it all. Action, heat, and danger all lurking within the pages. Readers will fall in love with Lora Leigh’s newest book filled with three incredible characters that will leave secretly wanting more.

Secret Pleasures is indeed a dazzling hot romance. Two sexy men who are cousins battle against their family just to have the stunning yet lustful woman, Alyssa Hampstead, back in their lives. When they come chasing after her again, Alyssa is going to need their help to keep her safe. While keeping the one woman they care about safe, both cousins go to work in secretly pleasuring the woman they care about.  What enemy would want to harm Alyssa and why? Can both Sebastian and Shane keep her safe? I highly recommend reading this novel. The story is brilliantly brought to life with every page and the characters are as enchanting as ever. I enjoyed reading Secret Pleasure. I look forward to reading more by Lora Leigh in the future. Overall, I rate her story a five out of five stars.

Anyone Need Editing Done?


We just finished editing three different manuscripts last week. If anyone else has a novel that needs editing the total cost will be $99, editing for a novella will cost $49, and editing a short story will cost $25. Please, email us your manuscript and which service you are requiring from us.

Email us at: & all payments will be made via PayPal. The payment will be divided in half. The first half will be due before we start the editing process. The other half will be due after we send you the manuscript. All editing takes 3 weeks.

Book Review: Jagged Addiction by Lashell Collins

Jagged Addiction (Jagged Ivory Series Book 3)

Jagged Addiction is the third amazing novel in the Jagged Ivory Series by Lashell Collins. Her talent is easily recognizable when you start reading page one of nay of her novels. Each novel contains a special story featured on a selective rock star band mate and the woman that comes crashing into his life. All it takes is for one special woman to tilt the band mate’s world upside down. There is nothing simple about the raw romantic attraction and that deep gut feeling called love. This time, loves comes gently tapping on the shoulder of the jagged Ivory band mates. Can he find his way about or will everything go crazy?

OMG. I cannot stress just how stunning this story is. Lashell Collins has done it again for the third time. Her romance writing is a huge hit. Almost as famous as her characters rock band. Jagged Addiction is just like it sounds. One of the Jagged Ivory band mates is going through a bad time. While on tour he goes into a bathroom and his other mate has to go find help. Soon band mate, Benji Staffon is dying from an over dose until one of his band mates, Noah Ivory, uses CPR to help Benji. Next, the ambulance comes and takes Benji away to a hospital and in the mean time, Noah and the rest were told if that if the CPR wasn’t performed right when Noah did it, that Benji would have died and been lost forever.

Noah and the rest of the team are shocked at the realization and come to a pact to help Benji recover. Benji goes through rehab while his band mates continue to tour. But they are there if Benji needs them. Benji goes through with the fear of almost dying. The has the fear of cleaning up come faster than Benji thinks. Soon he’s released back out of rehab and is worried about all the what-ifs. Will he manage to stay clean? Can he still play? All this goes on while Benji meets his new tech. A tech that happens to be a super hot girl who loves graphic novels and is scared of scary movies. Her life hood when she grew up is similar to that of Benji’s and somehow he feels connected to her. But, what he doesn’t realize is that a recovering addict can still stay clean and fall in love at the same time.

Overall, I highly recommend reading this brilliant series by Lashell Collins. Her novels are a must read for everyone. An adult romance that will be addictive and captivating as readers continue to follow the Jagged Ivory band and their obstacles along the way. I fell in love with this writer work and know for a fact everyone else will too. I rate Jagged Addiction a five out of five stars and look forward to reading the next hot read in this exciting series.


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August 2015 Issue will be released on Monday August 17th. So, mark your calendars!

Inside of this issue, readers will get a second sneak peek at Lucy Mitchell’s latest novel.

There will be two author interviews. One is from Grant Boshoff, the author of The Copy. I have to say it’s definitely a must read. I gave it 5 stars and it will blow you away from the first page onward.

Then we have the other famous author, Martha Sweeney. She’s just as talented. OMG! Romance fans beware her debut novel, Breathe In, is HOT.

She has a second novel that I think is out or going to be released soon. So, go check out her author page on Amazon & Goodreads as well as Grant Boshoff’s author websites! Two new authors that should be added to one’s must watch out list.

Recently, my best friend became a published author. I am so proud of him. I have been his biggest fan from the beginning. Daniel J. Darcey’s science fiction fantasy series are coming out soon!

We have been busy editing three new manuscripts and should have all three done this Sunday! One of the manuscripts is by a new emerging author, Olamide Ojo. His debut novel is called Family Business. Below is the cover we designed for his novel. It should be released this coming September.

Unfinished Business

We have also helped another romance author, Candace Nicole Werts, find a publisher who recently signed her on and is going to have all three of her novels published by them soon. Below, you can see the current book covers for each one of her amazing novels. I loved reading them and I know others will too.


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Book Review: Jagged Dreams by Lashell Collins

Jagged Dreams (Jagged Ivory Series Book 2)

Jagged Dreams is a highly recommended read. Romance at it’s best. Lashell Collins as done it again by creating a second best contemporary romance that readers will love. Her characters from book one are back and this time it’s another band mate and his woman. A man who wants to be a father and a woman who wants to explore her career options before giving her man the dream he wants. But can they make it work or risk losing what they started. A marriage that just begun..between two young talented individuals whose work constantly calls them apart.

Lashell Collins leads her readers thinking if love can still continue beyond the bedroom and fame. Both band mate Cory Dutton and his love of life, Donna Devlin, are struggling with balancing their careers and love life. It’s not that they don’t love each other to the core, but their goals in life differ. Neither want to give up their current jobs nor settle on a way to make stay happy. Cory wants to have a child and he thought his woman did too, until she tells him that she wants to wait until she sees what her movie career is going to be like.  Cory feels like he has been punched in the gut. Meanwhile, Donna doesn’t want to lose Cory but she’s not ready yet to have a baby. Jagged Dreams is truly a story depicting just how jagged dreams can get if not handled the right way.

I highly recommend reading this brilliantly well written romance and book 2 of the hot sexy Jagged Ivory series. I loved reading this novel. Following the characters from book one and seeing how another band mate and his woman got along was great. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Sometimes, we all need to give up a little more of ourselves and sacrifice things in order to keep what is more important to us. Another beautiful tale to this incredible and highly addictive new series. I am excited to begin reading the next novel and recommend this book to readers worldwide. A perfect romance for all. Overall,  rate Jagged Dreams a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Deep Fried & Pickled by Paisley Ray

Deep Fried and Pickled (The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles Book 1)

Deep Fried and Pickled is by far the most intriguing and hilarious read that anyone will get their hands on. Paisley Ray has the talent that shines through every page. Her main character, Rachael, is a young woman who strives to go to college away from her parents prying eyes. She hopes to earn her degree in art history, to have fun, and to maybe find a guy worthy for her. But that all of that is soon not her only worries, things are going on at her college, and her dad calls to inform her that her mother has left her dad to pursue a physic calling. Never did Rachel think that her mother would leave her dad to do something so ridiculous. Rachael’s first year away at college proves anything but boring. Besides what else can happen?

Paisley Ray’s debut novel, Deep Friend and Pickled is the best chic lit mystery and romance I have ever read. She keeps you in suspense as to who and what is going on next and then she surprises you. Little does Rachael know that she will get a romance after all and maybe solve a mystery using her art history skills.  I choose this novel, not just because the story sounded interesting but because the genres were something I liked to read. Instantly, I feel in love with Paisley Ray’s stunning yet moving plot and her characters. But most of all, Rachael. Rachael is my new favorite character. I can’t wait to read more by this talented writer and what her next masterpiece entails. A bright and highly entertaining way to start out a new series. Overall, I both recommend this novel to everyone and give it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Jagged Hearts by Lashell Collins

Jagged Hearts (Jagged Ivory Series Book 1)

Jagged Hearts is the first perfect installment to a great new romance series. Readers will be wowed from the first page like I was. I choose this novel, because the story’s synopsis aught my eye and from there I wanted to know more about what happened. Trust me, once you pick up this story you won’t be putting it down anytime soon. This is just the beginning in a stunning series of more hot reads to come. Lashell Collins is one very talented writer! Her words will leave readers in a huge emotional addictive state that never ends.

Jagged Hearts is indeed everything the name suggests. Two souls who happen to find one another by chance and after four years neither has stopped thinking about the other one. Noah is everything women and girls could want in the man of their dreams. A talented and bright individual who is rough on the outside but sweet where it matters most. Noah just got out of a relationship with a girl who didn’t believe in him or his dreams. Noah couldn’t stand that she didn’t trust me him at all. So, he left her and little did he know fate was going to dangle the right woman in front of his nose.  Mercy Holland and her friends hung out where Noah and his band played. She loved their music and was a loyal fan. When he hits on her, Mercy takes what he gives. But then things change and he leaves her behind. His band excels and make it to the tops. Every song is dedicated to a woman Noah left behind. However, fate isn’t finished with Noah nor Mercy just yet. Noah and his band end up with a manager. A manager whose daughter so happens to be the one girl he left behind. Now, as she is hanging around the band, Noah has to struggle with his hidden emotions and with his older brother hitting on her. Plus, there’s her dad who is his band’s manager. Can things get better or worse?

I loved reading Jagged Hearts by Lashell Collins. Her characters are just too irresistible and too hot to ignore. The scenes are livid and packed with enough action and suspense to keep readers in all night long. A perfect novel full of heated tension, a love that can or can’t happen, and what a band group goes through daily. I highly recommend this romance read to readers everywhere! Jagged Hearts is a must read for all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The English Spy by Daniel Silva

The English Spy by Daniel Silva is the most stunning international intrigue novel that I have read. Sadly, this was my first time reading a brilliant spy thriller by Daniel Silva. His writing is masterfully woven in a way that will keep his readers deeply buried into his fast-paced and complex world of fiction. Readers won’t be able to read this entire novel in one setting and that’s a good thing. The tale itself leads readers to thinking one thing and then you find out that there’s something else entirely going on with his characters. I was addicted from the first page onward. Spies, places from around the world, and the experience of traveling without ever having to leave your home. I definitely look forward to reading more by Daniel Silva.

The English Spy will lure readers deep into a suspense and yet highly dangerous world of international spies. I couldn’t believe the depth in which this novel took and successfully accomplished with each passing chapter. Christopher Keller an English spy is dragged into chasing after Eamon Quinn whose work is well known by Christopher and his partner. A heart pounding and intensifying read that will forever leave readers wanting more by Daniel Silva. Can Christopher Keller stop Quinn in the end or will Quinn win? I highly recommend this novel. A well written novel by a genius who is always planning on his next best tale. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Naked Eye by Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen

The Naked Eyed by both Iris and Roy Johansen is a must read thriller suspense novel readers will love. A story packed with fast-paced action, a chase after a dead serial killer, and a framed murder. Every page contains enough intrigue to keep readers turning the pages. I found this to the most interesting novel of them all because the lead female character was blind for so many years until she had surgery. Now, she has a knack for using her sensory skills to track down a serial killer. One that many believe to be dead, but only Kendra knows he’s not dead yet.

Both Iris and Roy Johansen has masterfully created a debut novel together. The story is packed with everything needed to keep readers lured in forever. The suspense and deadly danger hangs in the air on every page, as readers follow the framed murderer, Kendra, in finding the real killer. Colby is known to everyone else as dead. However, Kendra has her gut feelings telling her that he is still out there hunting for her. Soon those around are being chased after by Colby..and they barely survive. Kendra is now refueled with enough anger and bravo to take down Colby once and for all. But will she be able to stop him, prove her innocence and save those she cares about? I highly recommend this stunning read to everyone. I couldn’t get enough of the action, mystique, and heart wrenching fear that The Naked Eye brings on in us readers. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Shadow Play by Iris Johansen

Shadow Play by Iris Johansen is indeed one thriller readers can’t miss. The latest Eve Duncan novel written by a best-selling writer whose talent is out of this world. The novel will introduce a paranormal connection, the famous forensic artist, and a killer on the loose. The suspense on every page is enough to keep readers hooked in all night long. The main character, Eve, is one that readers can easily connect with because she has lost her daughter at the age of seven. I loved how Iris used a paranormal element that makes reading the story more interesting. It will be the second time since it has ever happened to Eve.

Iris Johansen brings back her famous character, Eve Duncan.  A forensic artist who is deeply sought after is on another intensifying case. A nine year-old’s ghost who connects with the forensic artist about her death leads readers unto a path chasing after killer. A killer who knows that Eve Duncan is after him and will do everything to kill everyone who finds out who he is. Can Eve solve the murder and help a little girl find peace before the killer gets to her? I highly recommend this stunning plot to readers everywhere. Anyone who loves a sense of great danger, suspense, and a strong female character is in for a treat. Overall, I rate Shadow Play a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Piano Man Project by Kat French

The Piano Man Project by Kat French is one romance novel that I can definitely recommend to every reader. Her writing is superb. She leads you into a funny, not so charming, yet beautifully written romance. A romance that doesn’t happen every least not like this one. Two individuals completely different but so drawn  to each other.  One wallowing up in his anger of his accident and the other going through life without ever having felt really loved by a man. The way Kat Frenches uses both characters to describe the other, it’s hard not to be completely lured in by their personalities. A man who is a talented chief, had everything from money to fast cars to a fiancee. Then he loses his sight and his fiancee leaves him. His whole life goes out of his control. Thus he buries his horrible butt in a room and lo and behold his next door neighbor comes into his life. She brings with her the life every normal realistic woman goes through. Her humor is amazing. She says things to her next door hottie and then realizes she places her foot into her mouth..but he forgives her. They develop something that seems like a beginning of a friendship and then maybe some thing more.

Readers will love the themes brought into this highly addictive novel. The Piano Man Project is something one woman’s group of friends decided to take on to find her a man. Yet, each time they do, it ends up in failure. However, this is always her next door neighbor, who turns her on just simply by being his usual self. Just being near him undoes her and maybe him too.  I loved reading this stunning novel. I could not stop reading it until I finished the whole book. Definitely, a novel one can finish in one sitting. I recommend reading Kat French’s novel and reading her other novels too. I look forward to reading more work by her in the future. Overall, The Piano Man Project is a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Dream Myself Alive by Brain Lovestar

Dream Myself Alive is a one of a kind paranormal read that will take readers away from reality and take them somewhere in between. Readers won’t know what is real and what isn’t at least not until the ending. A fantastic thriller unlike any I have ever read before. Brian Lovestar masterfully created a novel that lures readers deep into the unknown. At first, I thought I knew what was going on and then it was something that I didn’t expect it to be at all. Suspense, intrigue, and a romance all worth reading. This novel will keep readers up all night long.

Brain Lovestar’s brilliant paranormal romance with a twist of fantasy keeps your heart thumping, and your senses alive. A stunning tale of one man who loves a woman so much that is needs to be with her. He believes she is dead and mourns deeply of her lost. But is his world viewpoint real or just a piece of a dream that he created? Readers will be swept up in the story constantly turning the pages in a race to uncover the truth. I loved reading Dream Myself Alive. It is noting like anything I have read. Truly a masterpiece created by a genius. I highly recommend this fantasy to readers worldwide. You definitely do not want to miss out on this great read. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Fallen by Emily Clarke

Need an exciting new read? Fallen by Emily Clarke is indeed the most intriguing novel readers will find. A paranormal romance tale of how one woman falls in love with a man who can either save or destroy her. Every page keeps readers turning, wondering what happens next and what will the final decision be.  Julie Anderson is taken away to move with her family to Texas. She doesn’t want to go but when she’s there..she meets a fallen angel. Nick is an angel who cannot fall in love with a human being and yet he does. Julie soon as her own issues to deal with such as her mother’s death and her life spinning out of control. Only one person in her life has the final choice on what happens next. What choice will Nick make?

Fallen is a stunning story that shows us readers how the most impossible things can happen to us. Falling in love with a man who is a fallen angel and an angel falling in love with human is not possible. Yet, Emily Clarke defies the norm and goes out and beyond to create a realistic and beautifully woven story. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters. Julie draws readers in by her issues that we all can sympathize with. Then there’s the dark and enticing fallen angel, Nick. What’s not to love? His struggle with his feelings towards Julie opens up a flaw that makes him even more irresistible. I loved this tale and the suspense is enough to lure readers in forever. I highly recommend this to all. A perfect read for everyone. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Love is Red by Sophie Jaff

Love Is Red (The Nightsong Trilogy)

Love is Red by Sophie Jaff is one dynamic novel.. The thriller is brilliantly well written in a way that makes readers feel like they have plummeted into the story themselves. The point of view leads readers feeling like they are there, inside of the scene doing everything that is said. Then it switches point of view and you can feel yourself feeling or thinking the same thoughts as the main characters. Absolutely, out of this world. I have never read a romance novel where I felt like I was actually in the characters shoes at all times. Readers will never know what to expect next because Sophie Jaff only keeps them in the now.

Love is Red is a romantic and yet thrilling tale of two beings who fall in love. I love how Sophie gives us a deep inside viewing of both characters views and thoughts. It certainly gave the novel a unique way that sets it from all others in its genre. A man who is a killer and a woman who has a dark prophecy to fulfill. Each of their viewpoints shows us the darkness that is happening. A man killing women until he finds her..Katherine. Katherine meets two men who are entirely different from each other and doesn’t know what to make of either one. As they killings continue, the plot takes readers deeper into a beautifully dark  world that is just beginning. I highly recommend this stunning read to readers everywhere and rate it a five out of five stars. I was hooked instantly and now looking forward to the next novel within this suspenseful trilogy.

You Complete Me by Me

You Complete Me

He closed the door behind him, waiting for the warmth from the house to warm him. It was definitely fall. Leaves are turning the bright colors and falling down everywhere. The wind nipping at his face and hands making his shiver with cold. Standing there by his fireplace he placed more logs in to keep it going.

Instantly warmth started to spread up his body. Her voice calling him from the bedroom was enough to keep him warm for years to come.


“Bud, haven’t seen you in years. Nice to see you again. Are you staying or just stopping in to see your old man?” Jack asked.

Taking is hat off, and running his hand through his caramel colored hair, he looked Jack in the eyes before saying,”I am staying.”

“That’s awesome! Hey Missy, can I have two drinks please? One for me and my friend here.”

“Sure thing, Jack. Welcome back home Bud.” Stella said smiling as she placed their usual drinks in front of them.

“Thanks, Stella.”

“Here’s to friendship.” Jack toasted.

“Here’s to friendship,” Bud toasted back.


“Hey, Krystal. Did you hear?”

“Hear what Stella?”

“Hear that Bud is back in town. Looking hotter than ever.”


“Yes, Bud. You know the boy next door that you dated.”

Stella was starting to wonder about her friend Krystal. What happened between the two? Neither Krystal nor Bud seemed like bad people and they were completing in love. So what happened between them? Hm..

“You know you can go say hi to him. He’s staying with his dad to help out with the family business.”

“No, that’s fine. I don’t want to bother him on his first day back.”

“It’s not his first day back and if you don’t go see him then you know that scanty little bitch Molly will.”

Stella watched as Krystal digested that bit. Her face showed several emotions as first it was surprise, then anger, then something that looked like she wanted to but wasn’t sure.

“Here, I will finish this. You go in clean up and get your butt over to Bud’s family ranch this minute and tell him I said hi.”

“But, I have work to do.”

“No, buts. Get going. Besides, I can do your chores for today.”

“Thanks, Stella.”



“Be nice to him.”

Laughing Krystal went to change into nicer clothes. What will she say to him after all these years? Will he even want to see her?

Nerves were eating her alive and there wasn’t anything she could do about it.


Book Review: Spoiled Brats Romance Presents: My Amnesia Girl by Marissa Marchan

Spoiled Brats Romance Diaries Presents: My Amnesia Girl Series 1

My Amnesia Girl by Marissa Marchan is an addictive sweet romance that all will love. The characters are charming. A wealthy yet spoiled woman keeps running into a young fisherman who is kind. He falls in love with her despite her not liking him. Two highly different people from two very different social classes are brought together by fate once again. Vanessa Grandeville goes out on a boat with her girlfriends when a storm hits and all fall overboard. They are all safe and found except for Vanessa. Vanessa is missing and it so happens that fate will once more bring Michael, the kind fisherman, to her rescue. He finds her but she has amnesia. The suspense on whether Vanessa or Michael will or will not fall in love together is something readers will have to find out by reading this beautifully written romance. I enjoyed reading this novel by Marissa Marchan and I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. Her writing will lure you deeply into this enchanted tale where love conquers all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Check Out: Made by Us: Giselle and Liam’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts

Made by Us: Giselle and Liam’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts


Being a part of a love triangle is something Giselle never imaged would happen to her. Her heart is torn between two gorgeous men. Who will she chose faithful Liam or reckless Ethan?

Giselle is the type of person that people strive to emulate; she’s loyal, caring and honest. She

is challenged with an ongoing internal conflict, which no one realizes; it’s her ultimate fear that she will become like her wayward mother.

Giselle surrounds herself with wonderful friends, a loving and devoted boyfriend, Liam Jackson, and is co-owner of a flourishing catering business, Indulgence. Her life is simple and joyous. Until bad boy Ethan Thomas reappears and turns everything upside down.

Will Giselle keep her safe and secure life with Liam? Or will she enter Ethan’s fast and wild lifestyle?


Check Out: Made for You: Marcia and David’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts

Made for You: Marcia and David’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts


Marcia has a secret past that she has hidden from everyone. It is filled with violence, intrigue and murder. Skeletons never stay buried. When previous events catch up with her, will she lose the one who holds her heart?

Marcia Davis has everything a girl could ask for. Not only does she have a thriving career as a financial analyst at A.Werts, she is a risk taker when it comes to fashion, and her make-up stays flawless. She is blessed to have two best friends, Carmen and Giselle. Will their friendship survive once the truth is revealed?

If you don’t envy her for those reasons, you will once you see her with the one and only David Parker. Behind all the glitz and glam, no one knows the dark secrets that she’s concealing. Until, a severed head is delivered at her door…


Check Out: Made to Love: Carmen and Copper’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts

Made to Love: Carmen and Copper’s Story by Candace Nicole Werts


After Carmen’s sister violent death, her heart is closed off to love. Can Cooper forget the past? Are they made to love or will this too end in tragedy?

Carmen is a successful business owner who is young and beautiful. Carmen lives in Arlington, VA. She shares an upscale apartment with her best friends, Marcia and Giselle. Her life should be perfect, but every day she faces guilt due to the murder of her younger sister. This tragic event has controlled her love life.   Carmen meets Cooper at a summer party hosted by the company he works for A. Werts.With one look Cooper has her mesmerized. How could this handsome successful business man be without a significant other? Her first encounter with Cooper was discouraging until they shared an earth shattering kiss.

Cooper Jackson is every woman’s fantasy, tall, dark and handsome. An event from his childhood, which he never discusses, has prevented him from wanting to love anyone, until he meets Carmen Williams. Even though his heart says yes he still pushes her away. After years of no contact, his mother, Beverly reappears.

Carmen never speaks to Cooper about Celeste, they are both trying to protect one another from their past. Unfortunately it cannot be forgotten, therefore, it’s only a matter of time before it comes out. Their relationship is constantly put to the test. Can they hold on knowing they were made to love each other? Or will Carmen’s heart end up wounded by this beautiful creature.


Book Review: Jennifer and Rocket by Anita Claire

Jennifer and Rocket by Anita Claire is another incredible romance novel within the brilliant stunningly series. All of the novels in The Princess of Silicon Valley can be read separately. That’s one of the reasons I love this series so much. Jennifer is tired of metro-sexual men. She wants a real man. When she eyes Rocket with the tats and piercings, she doesn’t think there’s much more to this hot man than meets the eyes. Rocket has spent his entire time, wasting it away with drinking and tons of women. But now he wants to settle down and the middle school teacher, Jennifer, is the one he wants to settle with. He takes her to an art gallery where she finally learns there is indeed more to this sexy man that she first thought. Jennifer’s story isn’t complete without the help of her college friends and her title: Princess. Anita Claire has beautifully written an adult novel that is realistically enchanting. Her characters are real, hot, and have flaws that make them interesting. I loved reading each and everyone of her novels in this exciting series. Every girl in this series has gone through their own situations and there’s always plenty of hot men to satisfy readers’ attention. I would recommend reading Jennifer and Rocket to all. I enjoyed their adventure and journey and I have no doubt others will fall in love with them too. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Broken Pearl by Dawn Brower

Broken Pearl

Broken Pearl by Dawn Brower is historically stunning. Dawn Brower was able to capture a major historical event and add her own fictional tale to an already heart pounding story. I choose this novel because I love history and reading fiction. When someone like Dawn Brower weaves both together, I snatch it up like a plate of chocolate chip cookies. Unlike with my chocolate chips cookies, I can share this beautifully written novel that has captured my heart and soul.

Broken Pearl happens during 1941 when the Japanese decide to attack Pear Harbor. A woman who has her dream career as a nurse and a love of her life is suddenly hit hard by everything. She finds that she has empathic power. This power suddenly ignites within her when her world around her is being destroyed. Rebecca O’Shea wants nothing more than to give up her ability and that’s when her guardian Joel arrives on scene. He comes to help her with her gift and develop it further. Her one love is a soldier on board the USS Arizona. Rebecca doesn’t want to feel things anymore nor does she want to feel things for Joel either. She shuts herself off from her emotions and soon will end up destroying herself, if Joel doesn’t come to her aide in time. Can he help save her before it’s too late?

I highly recommend reading Broken Pear by Dawn Brower. Her novel is enticing and one that will forever lure you deep into a world similar to our very own. Her writing is of out of this world. The scenes come off the pages and the characters pop to life. Readers will be fascinated with this historical tale time and time again. I loved reading this novel and I look forward to reading more by Dawn Brower. Overall, I rate Broken Pearl a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Nightmares and Other Therapy by D.W. Carver

Product Details

Nightmares and Other Therapy by D.W. Carver will leave readers with a shiver down their spines and a sense of adrenaline pumping through their system. The horrors of what happens inside this brilliant yet frightening novel will take readers deep into a dark unforeseen world.   Michael suffers from nightmares that leave him waking with fear. He is soon forced to go into a mental hospital where he thought he could find all his answers. However, nothing goes as we would expect. Everything Michael thought would happens actually turns out worse than he ever feared. Readers will feel intrigued as the plot moves forward. Michael is the one character despite how dark and suspenseful the story is, that readers can easily relate to and come to enjoy reading about. He struggles with many issues and tries to deal with them the best he can. D.W. Carver has masterfully created a fast-paced thriller that will forever haunt readers’ minds. A real page turner. Suspense and intrigue plus adventure packed all into one amazing well written novel. I enjoyed reading this tale and look forward to reading the other novels by D.W. Carver. This is definitely a must read for all who enjoy a little fear and excitement. Overall, I rate Nightmares and Other Therapy a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Fledgling by Katrina Cope

Fledgling: Book 1 (Afterlife)

Fledgling is an sensational romance action novel that readers everywhere will enjoy. A young girl given a destiny she has never asked for and having to deal with letting go of her former lives. It’s hard to not want to be around the people who made friends with and know are still alive. But when you are forbidden to interact with those you use to be around, it’s hard to not break the rules. Fledgling is one of the new breed of Angels. Her life sucks. No romance allowed no contact with past life and knowing that Evil is growing stronger with each passing moment. Her past three lives were lived as a human until she was chosen for her new destiny. Being young is hard especially on her as she feels attracted to her trainee and still feels for her past love. The problem is that her past love is on the verge of either becoming an Angel or being lost forever and no matter what, Fledgling is prohibited from interfering. But can she or will she become exiled for her temptations in helping others?

Katrina Cope has stunningly written a unique novel that will lure readers continually. Fledgling is a young woman who struggles with issues just like anyone else. Readers can easily connect with her on every level. Forbidden life and love is just as attractive to readers as it is to the main character. This novel will hook readers in like a moth to a flame. The plot is well written, exciting, and adventurous. Readers will never know what the outcome and consequences will be until they happen. Suspense and intrigue is done well. I loved reading Fledgling by Katrina Cope. I look forward to reading more novels by her in the future. Also, I highly recommend her story to readers everywhere. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Giving It All by Arianna Hart

Arianna Hart has beautifully written a realistic tale that shows readers that our heroes are not only strong on the outside but also strong on the inside. It wasn’t long until Navy Seal, Grant Anderson, lost his lower limb due to not noticing an IED nearby. Not only did he have to live threw that kind of hell to torment himself but also had to live through the fact that he couldn’t fix his failing marriage. His wife was embarrassed. Giving It All is indeed this hot amazing hero’s journey to giving it all.

Giving It All is the most powerful emotionally romantic story readers will see. Arianna Hart has put so much passion and given life to her characters that readers will fall right into the story. Grant Anderson heads home where his father has taken ill. This is where the novel’s plot turns for Grant. Fate intercedes and brings him something worth giving it all for..Ellie Hall. A woman that reads, girl next door, has Grant all tied up in knots. Ellie has always held a secret crush on Grant but he never noticed. Now, she’s a beautiful woman whom any red blooded male would want to keep forever. But nothing is ever easy and our characters are soon headed into trouble and Ellie may be in danger. Can Grant solve the problem and come to Ellie’s aid or will he fail? I highly recommend this stunning romance for readers everywhere. It’s addictive, sweet, and suspenseful. Overall, I rate Giving It All a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Animal by Nikki Rae


Animal is a stunning piece of literature masterfully woven by Nikki Rae. She keeps readers guessing as the plot moves forward. At first, you think okay this is going a bit slow..and then you find yourself drawn into a whole new universe. Ava, the main character, finds out from her family about the things that haunt the night. Then a tragedy happens and Ava is fighting to stay a step ahead of it all. But soon, she is captured by one of those dark creatures. Michael is a completely insane vampire. He wants Ava as his. Ava fights to keep alive while trapped by Micheal who wants to turn her. Then there’s Evan.  Another vampire who wants to say to say no to Michael about turning Ava. But something keeps him from doing so.

Nikki Rae is a master at creating suspense, intrigue, and addictive plot lines that keep readers up all night long. Reading Animal, left me wanting to read more about all of her different yet realistic characters. They keep you turning the pages and sitting at the edge of your seat waiting. Readers will never know what to expect next inside this vividly entertaining novel. I enjoyed following Ava’s story and look forward to reading more by Nikki Rae. I highly recommend this to dark romance to all. Overall, I rate Animal a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl

Taking the Heat by Victoria Dahl is indeed the perfect steamy romance for all. A passion unlike anything known in our world. One that ignites into flames of sweet irresistible romance. I choose this novel by Victoria Dahl not only because she has the talent to write but because I have read a few of her novels. Novels that lured me into worlds that were too good to put down at night. This particular novel of hers caught my eyes and utmost attention. The story is about a woman writer who took chances to follow her dreams. Veronica Chandler took her chance and was soon headed back home, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Great name for a place to live, which was interesting to me. Veronica has taken a huge low dip in her pride and ego as a writer wanting to make it big. She ends up writing for a romance advice column. Could she sink any lower? A woman has to do what she has to do. Although Veronica like most women in reality have a non-existent sex life. No sex nor romance to speak of until…a very hot librarian makes her come undone. Enters Gabe MacKenzie. He’s most than just a smoking hot Librarian. He has a family legacy that he’s trying to avoid. Something about Veronica makes him want to explore everything there is about her. However there’s his legacy to live up to and he plans to make a few nights with Veronica to always remember. One problem….neither one expected for the explosive yet highly intense passion that ignites between them both.

Taking the Heat is a perfect title that suits  Victoria Dahl’s latest novel. A perfect must read for everyone. Readers will be addicted from page one until the ending. By the they will be looking out for the next new exciting story waiting for them to discover by this best-selling writer. I definitely enjoyed reading this well written tale. One thing for sure, was that I could not put the novel down until I finished it. Beware, this writer has a power to take you deep into her world of fiction only to leave you taking the heat. Characters are lovable and easy to connect with. Overall, I rate Taking the Heat a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Shiva Syndrome by Alan Joshua

The Shiva Syndrome is one novel readers will enjoy. The exciting tale takes readers on a journey of paranormal activity, a deadly experiment with politics and spiritual tones. A must read for all. Alan Joshua  has masterfully crafted a one of a kind novel that will blow readers away. The characters, plot, and magnificent settings, will forever trap readers into this story.
For readers wanted something good that is fresh, completely different but enchanting, then Shiva Syndrome is the novel for you. A secret Russian mind laboratory that Beau Walker, a parapsychologist and reluctant empath, is forced to join. The research project is called, SHIVA. What appears to be a scientific research leads to something neither Walker nor his team can comprehend. This novel, reminded me of the Borne movies with Matt Damon. A fast paced-thriller action that will keep readers turning the pages and wishing for more.
I highly recommend this fascinating tale to every reader. There is no way a readers will every be bored with all of the mystery, intrigue, and adventures waiting for them inside, Shiva Syndrome. From the first page and onward readers will be wowed for a long time to come. I enjoyed reading this unique and well written book by Alan Joshua. I am definitely looking forward to the next debut novel by this writer. Overall, I rate Shiva Syndrome a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Imogene in New Orleans by Hunter Murphy

Imogene in New Orleans

For fans of Miss Marple, Nancy Drew, and Miss Fischer this is indeed the perfect murder mystery. Imogene in New Orleans is the most fascinating yet highly intriguing mystery novel I have read in quite a while. It has its own uniqueness that brings an elderly woman’s sleuthing fresh and exciting. The danger can be felt upon each page. Readers will feel the plot building up as they grip the edge of their seats waiting for who and what will happen next. Hunter Murphy has masterfully woven together a tale that will become a new favorite among many. A novel that will be a crossover. All ages will enjoy the humor and excitement as well as the danger as the four characters find out all the answers.

Imogene in New Orleans by Hunter Murphy is the best read readers will ever find. As a 73 year-old woman and her watchful team help her discover who committed the crime and why. Imogene Deal McGregor has a knack for finding trouble. She is funny, smart, and the bravest old lady readers will see. Her son and his partner as well as their English bulldog, Goose, work together to solve the mystery. A friend of theirs is found dead in his own art gallery and then there’s the tough lieutenant that leave them fending on their own for the answers. One adventure readers won’t ever forget and will forever love. I highly recommend Hunter Murphy’s brilliant piece and I look forward to reading more of his novels in the future. Overall, I rate Imogene in New Orleans a five out of five stars.

Tips for the Perfect Query


Tips for the Perfect Query Letter

– Limit i to 1 page, single-spaced.

– Address the editor by name.

– Grab the editor’s attention with a strong opening.

– Indicate how you intend to develop the article or book.

– Let the editor know if you have photos/ illustrations.

– Mention any expertise or training that qualifies you to write the article or book.

– Also, mention if you have been published before and where.

– End with a direct request to send in the entire proposal or manuscript.

– Also, mention  the expected length & delivery date of your manuscript.

Book Review: Pretty Dancer by Cora Graham

Pretty Dancer

Pretty Dancer by Cora Graham is one perfect read for all. Her novel is is a contemporary romance. A realistic story of a brother and sister and their struggles. Every reader can easily relate to this novel and to each of the character’s own issues. I love the sister and brother pack that is formed within this tale. I sense and visualize the scenes and their events as they happen. Cora Graham is a new author to watch out for! Her writing will forever lure you into her new world of fiction.

Pretty Dancer is a story that shows us readers what happened to Lily and her brother Luke. They finally manage to leave their awful father and then struggle with drama at school. But Lily has a plan and that involves going to an Academy for Dancing. However her plan did not include meeting a boy who will leave her wondering if she could trust him or not. And then Lily’s brother Luke is a kind protective older brother that readers will love. Both he and Lily take care of each other. Then there’s Carter the guy who frustrates Lily to no end and there’s Andrea a good friend. Cora Graham has beautifully woven together a masterpiece that readers will continue to read and enjoy time and time again. I loved reading her debut novel and look forward to more by this new emerging author. Also, I highly recommend this read to everyone. Overall, I rate Pretty Dancer a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Uncertain Murder by James Litherland

Uncertain Murder (Watchbearers, Book 3)

Uncertain Murder by James Litherland is a stunning and most captivating mystery of them all. His writing lures readers deep into the mystery of one man’s death. A death that was ruled out as a crime. However there are two that believe it was. These two characters are just intriguing as the plot. They are time travelers who are investigating into a man’s death.  Apparently everyone that was there for the man’s death happens to be mentioned in his will. But as these people are being murdered the time travelers will have to race and figure who the killer is before it’s too late for them as well.

Uncertain Murder indeed fits in with the novel’s theme and surrounds readers with uncertainty as a killer is loose and people die. Is it revenge or is it someone eliminating others? A fast-paced story that will keep readers guessing until the end. James Litherland has created a fascinating world with characters that bring unknown possibilities to readers’ minds. A mystery so beautifully put together, readers will be looking for the next book inside this new series by James.  For those love suspense, murder, and a novel with paranormal twists, this is the book for you. I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. James Litherland’s writing is a talent most writers wished they had. Overall, I rate Uncertain Murder a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Breathe In by Martha Sweeney

Breathe In (Just Breathe Book 1)

Breathe In by Martha Sweeney has captured both my heart and soul. It will leave readers breathless. I was given this novel by Martha Sweeney for a review. I am happy she was did. The characters are intoxicating and realistic. Martha has wonderfully placed more than just two irresistible characters and a hot romance together. She placed before us readers, a unique set of real life characters. Not just the usual erotic bedroom romance that you can find anywhere.  I have to say that after reading this brilliant plot written by Martha Sweeney, I was HOOKED.

Breathe In features a tale of how one dedicated yet hardworking woman in the professional world has these set of rules.. and how one man comes crushing in causing her to break them all. The rules were set to keep her safe. Yet one man,  such as Joe Covelli enters into her life. Sex is just something Emma needed and none of the men were able to give her exactly what she needed until Joe. Joe is Emma’s best friend’s colleague. He is the one that breaks into Emma’s emotions. Joe is the one who makes Emma quiver and try to analyze everything she’s doing but her heart comes in and stops her. Readers will get an insider’s view of Emma and her past and come to love both her and Joe as their new top favorite couple.

I loved reading this debut novel by Martha Sweeney. She created perfect masterpiece that will continued to be read by many as the years come. Her novel is one that is hard to put down until every last juicy and intriguing page has been read. Perfect plot, stunning creativity, and a romance that will leave you completely undone. I highly recommend to Breathe In or in other words to read and re-read Breathe In by this talented writer. I can’t wait to read book two in this marvelous new series called Just Breathe. Overall, I rate this story a five out of five stars.