Interview with Author & Publisher, Niyah Moore

10352779_10202228213206142_549637287450675499_n                       Interview with Niyah Moore

Me: As a best-selling published author, what would say persuaded you to begin writing your  first novel?

NM: I’ve been writing since I was a child, but what persuaded me to write professionally was a little push from friends and family. They all told me that I should pursue a career in it since I’ve been doing it for so long and I did it.

Me: Was there anyone who helped you grow as a writer?

NM: I had plenty of writing mentors in my life from teachers to New York Times Bestselling authors to reviewers. Friends and family also gave tips on how to improve.

Me: As of today, how many novels have you written?

NM: I have thirteen published and two more waiting to be published.

 Me: Which of one of your different series was the most thrilling to write? And which was the most challenging?

NM: The most thrilling was the Nobody’s Side Piece series because it was so much fun to have all the twists and turns in it. The most challenging was the Tell Yo Bitch series because it was my first time writing Urban / Street Literature Fiction and I wanted it to be perfect. I stressed off every page seemed like.

Me: Can you tell us readers briefly what your novel, Beneath the Bayou, is about?

NM: Beneath the Bayou is a novel about identical twin sisters, Lovely and Fancy Marant, living in New Orleans in the 1920’s. They fall in love with their father’s accountant. The accountant has to choose which sister he wants to marry. His final decision leaves Fancy heartbroken, jealous, and very envious. I don’t want to give too much away but in a nutshell it’s  Two sisters, one man, a zombie, and voodoo with a hint of romance.

Me:  As a well established writer whose novels are loved everywhere by readers, were there any challenges you faced when writing?

NM: Writing comes very natural to me. I’ve discovered that people can see the story the way I paint it with my words. Their feedback also helps me to fine tune and sharpen my skills as a storyteller. I juggle being a parent, entrepreneur, a finacee, and a writer. I’ve been doing them all for so many years now that it’s just a part of my every day routine.

Me: All of your novels are in the romance genre. How did you happen to choose romance as your genre?

NM: I’m a hopeless romantic myself, so writing romance just comes so naturally. I didn’t want to do anything forced. Whether I write about vampires or zombies or hip hop fiction, I always incorporate love. Love is something everyone strives to have. It feels good to be loved and I want all my characters to have that feeling.

Me: As a romance writer, would advice would you give to others pursuing to write in the same genre?

NM: I would advise to stay true to your craft and to think about that feeling you felt when you fell in love. As long as you hold onto that feeling, you can create realistic circumstances that people can relate to . The key to writing a good story is having the reader saying, “Hey, I know that feeling.” That’s what makes the story relatable.

Me:  What is the name of your latest novel? And can you tell us readers a bit  of what it is about?

NM: My latest novel is Pigalle Palace. It will be releasing March 31, 2015. It’s a paranormal romance about royal vampires in Paris. They are finding their way and dealing with their purpose, all while trying to find that soul mate to spend and eternity with. African American vampires aren’t really featured much anywhere, so I created a series that highlights African American leading vampire characters.

Me:  Not only are you a best-selling author but also a publisher. What made you decide to become a publisher?

NM: I always dreamed of having my own publishing company. The opportunity was presented to me since I know so much about the literary business. I jumped at the opportunity. Now I have Ambiance Books and we have seven authors.

Me:  Would you say that being a publisher is just as hard of a job as being an author or harder?

NM: Sometimes it’s harder to be a publisher because I have to set aside my own projects at times to get the others going. It’s a very rewarding job nonetheless and I don’t mind putting others needs in front of my own. It can’t always be the Niyah Moore show. LOL

Me:  Ambiance Books is the name of your publishing house. Can you tell us what kind of submissions you accept?

NM: I take anything in the Urban / Street Literature category including Romance.

Me: Can you tell us briefly about a recent novel that your company has recently published? And who the author was?

NM: The most recent was Hustle Hard by Rikenya Hunter. It’s a book about an erotic dancer who has come to hard terms in life. All she could do was hustle by dancing in a club to make ends meet.

Me: Can you tell us readers about any upcoming releases from Ambiance Books?

NM: Up next, we have The Coldest Bitch Ever by Kayenne, Pretty Gang Banditz by Joy Jackson, and a book from Carla Pennington. We have a ton of other projects in the works as well. All of the authors will be releasing something this year. It’s pretty exciting.

Me: What future projects are you currently working on as a writer?

NM: I have a new urban series coming out within the next three months. I also have part 4 to the Nobody’s Side Piece series, as well as the follow up to Pigalle Palace called Thunderstorm.

Me: Being a publisher, what advice would you give to other writers?

NM: Never give up on your writing dream. Learn everything there is to know about the business before you decide to sign any contract. Also, never be afraid to sharpen your craft. Take classes and do research to grow. It’s all about growth as a writer.

Me: Where can readers find your novels? And how can they contact you about further information for publishing their novel(s) with your publishing company, Ambiance Books?

NM: All of my novels are on Amazon. A few are listed on Barnes and Noble, but most of them are on Amazon. Send queries to: or message me on Facebook @Niyah Moore.

Me: What are your other hobbies besides being a full time author and publisher?

NM: I love to cook and read books. I love creating new dishes for my family to taste every other week.

Book Review: Forever Love by Jessica Nelson

Forever Love is a must read romance novel that readers will fall in love with forever.  An excellent novel that tells of a woman who is on the wild side of life and is ready to give up on love when her new project in life leads her to straight onto the path of love. Maggie loves sky diving and rides motorcycles, but she does have a soft side to her. Maggie is in full pursuit of opening up a house for young mothers when the buying of property leads her heart straight to her sexy hot pastor next door. Pastor Joe O’Reilly has big plans for his church and at first he refuses to sell his land to the wild woman next door until he realizes what she plans on doing.  Then Pastor Joe changes his mind and decides to help Maggie. But as each of them spends time together on this adventure will Maggie let Pastor Joe into her heart forever? Or will her past keep Joe from wanting to spend his life with her? And what about that longing in his eyes that she sees every time he looks at her? Will Maggie and Pastor Joe succeed in their search and with their hearts?

Jessica Nelson has a talent for writing the most compelling stories that readers will come to love forever. Her characters will tug at every reader’s heart and drag them straight into the heart of the plot. The plot is magnificently well written. I loved reading this romantic story and following both Pastor Joe and Maggie on their new journeys. Forever Love is a story that will not be forgotten. A story so true and so realistic it will be hard to put the novel down. Jessica Nelson has written a novel that everyone everywhere can relate to. I highly recommend her outstanding story to every reader. Overall, I rate Forever Love a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Shoulda Been a Cowboy by Maisey Yates

Shoulda Been a Cowboy by Maisey Yates is a hot, sweet, and alluring romance. Jake Caldwell is back in Copper Ridge, Oregon to sell is father place. In the meantime he is staying with Cassie Ventimiglia, upstairs from her coffee shop. She was the one woman whom Jake was able to keep his hands off and the only one who saw him as more than just the bad boy who wanted to leave home. But as Jake stays in Copper Ridge, he and Cassie discover a hot night of passion that will change them both forever. Will Jake want to change his ways and make Cassie his woman? Or will he only disappoint the only woman whom he’s never forgotten? Cassie isn’t just offering him friendship. She’s offering him a whole lot more that Jake is more than willingly to accept. But will he accept what happens between them when things get a whole lot hotter between them?

Maisey Yates is a talented writer, whose novels are incredible hot and amazing to read. Her irresistible characters pop to life bringing their world off the pages. The hot and sexy scenes make for a perfect read. Readers won’t want to put Shoulda Been a Cowboy down anytime soon.  A memorable plot that will keep readers everywhere hooked. I enjoyed reading spectacular romance and know many other will fall in love with the story like I did. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.


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Easter & Its True Meaning

My latest nonfiction book is now live on Amazon for all to buy. To buy my latest book click on the link below:

Easter & Its True Meaning

Thank you, everyone who helped believe in me and gave me the support and courage that I needed. I couldn’t be where I am today without any one of you! Thank you!

Book Review: The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London

A hot and sizzling read unlike any other.  The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London is by far the hottest novel readers will read. A story of an English woman being tainted and ruined for the ton, is soon tempted by a sexy American man who tempts her in more ways than she can deny. Roan Matheson has hired Prudence as his guide to help him find his sister for his family’s sake. While these two go about their search both Prudence and Roan will find an irresistible passion that ignites between them that neither can turn away from. Can Roan find his sister for his family’s sake and will he make Prudence his wife? Or will Prudence’s scandal situation only make his job of finding his sister harder yet than he imagined? And will Prudence want this sexy American man as hers forever? Can he be the one for her? Or will being with Roan only make her already unbearable scandal situation much worse than before?

I highly recommend reading this beautifully woven story of two strangers uniting despite their position in life. I loved reading this historical masterpiece written by Julia London. Her novels are out of this world and blow readers away with the most compelling romantic stories ever told. Every reader will fall deep in love with both of the main characters as the plot unfolds. Both Roan and Prudence have a way of alluring readers deep into their world. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler

Dead Ringer_cvr

Dead Ringer is an amazing thriller written by Allen Wyler. The story will leave readers instantly hooked as they read on to find out that Dr. Lucas McCrae is staring at his best friend’s face. Dr. Lucas McCrae was supposed to be doing a routine medical demonstration when he lifts up the material covering the cadaver’s head. The cadaver’s head turns out to be his best friend Andy Baer. Rushing back to Seattle, Dr. Lucas McCrae finds out that his best friend is missing and possible dead. He later learns that his friend may have been killed by a cadaver ring. Body snatchers. These body snatchers range from dirty law enforcement, politicians, funeral home curators and murdered prostitutes. Dr. Lucas McCrae ends up teaming with two individuals a female cop and a gang member who has been hurt b the cadaver ring. Can this team of unlikely three be able to solve what has been happening and stop it before it’s too late for them? How far will Dr. Lucas and his new friends go to uncover the truth?

Allen Wyler has a well written plot that entices and captures his audience in from the very beginning. The horrors that are about to be released in this incredible thriller will send chills down readers backs and make them sweat in fear of what will happen next. The danger inside Dead Ringer will make readers feel like that have been transported right into the heart of the plot. The scenes and characters pop off thee pages coming to life. Dead Ringer is highly suspenseful and alluring novel unlike many in it’s genre.

This is one novel that I would recommend to readers everywhere to read. Dead Ringer by Allen Wyler is the most fascinating murder suspense novel that I have read in a long time. And Dr. Lucas McCrae makes for an interesting main character as he rushes to find his best friend only to find that his friend was killed by a cadaver ring. Now, it is up to him and his two unlikely members to uncover the truth and dig through their way into one of the most dangerous webs any character has gone into. I loved reading bone chilling intoxicating novel. Dead Ringer is definitely a must read thriller. Overall, I rate this spectacular novel a five out of five stars.

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March Issue 2015


New Novels and Books Coming Out in March

Easter & It's True Meaning


The Prophecy

Science Fiction Fantasy

Shadow Lane Cover

YA Paranormal Romance


New Novels Coming Out in April

Bulgaria's Adventures Part 2

Humorous/ Mystery Fiction

Doubting One’s Self

Have you ever felt like everything that you have tried to do or have done was actually a lot worse off than you originally thought? Have you ever doubted your abilities in writing? I don’t know if it’s been just because life has turned up side down on me or whether I have a learning disability to grasp things the same way everyone else can. I love reading and writing. Due to my academic load, I haven’t been reading nor writing as much as I would like to. Maybe that is part of the my continuing issue of doubting myself as a writer. I notice every mistake I make now. I see all the typos and misspellings. I was working for a publishing house on editing urban fiction in the romance genre. I specifically remember being told the first time that I was very thorough..maybe a little too thorough. And then from there I have edited another 5 or 6 manuscripts by the same company. Then one day after submitting the latest one… I got an email saying that I missed a lot of things.

After that one email I have been so conscious of every other mistake I make when I am typing. Whether it’s in an email or as a post. I felt so ashamed of myself after reading that one email. I don’t know what happened. Was it because of my crazy busy schedule that I made the greatest mistake of over looking the details of editing that one manuscript? Or is it a sign of my writing skills completely falling apart?

I don’t know what the answer is and now I am doubting myself as a writer. I don’t know if I can pull myself back to where I started. What if I keep falling further away from being a good writer? That is my greatest fear right now.

250 point Midterm Test

Tomorrow morning at 10 am, I will be taking my midterm for math. The test has 80 problems totalling 250 points. If I don’t pass, I will have to retake the course again. I currently have a B in the course now. My homework average is an A and the tests & quizzes average is a B. I been taking the countless practice quizzes and practice test. I have averaged a B on them so far. I am so worried! I have never done well on tests. And this is one test that I can’t afford to not pass. I need to score at least a 70% on the midterm to pass. My final exam later on is worth the same amount of points. They are a make it or break it test. Wish me luck! I will need it. Thank you! :-)

Book Review: Fire Away by R. L. Syme

Fire Away by R. L. Syme has created a fiery read that readers will find both alluring and captivating. Claire Milton has finally come back to Somewhere, Texas. Once there she heads over to her friend’s bakery for a taste-testing at the bakery. While  at the bakery, Claire bumps into her best friend Aidan Conley. He was the Captain and sports town hero. And he was still single. But when Claire finds out that her best friend and first crush, Aidan was not so happily married to is wife who died in a fire at their home, will be having her doubts. Wil she believe that Aidan is too dangerous to be around or will she find him not guilty? And what happens when their attraction builds up in flames? Can this fireman and Claire find a way to be together or risk losing each other?

R. L. Syme’s novel is full of intrigue. Readers will be guessing the entire time if Aidan really is the bad or good guy. And his unhappy marriage plus his attraction towards Claire doesn’t look good. I loved reading this spectacular novel. The heat will indeed come up off the pages as readers divulge further into the mysterious plot. This is a well written story that I would recommend to other readers everywhere. A romance that will eat up any reader’s night. Overall, I rate Fire Away a five out of five stars.

Book Review: A Stolen Season by Tamara Gill

A Stolen Season by Tamara Gill is the best historical romance I have read. Absolutely amazing story plot that grabs readers in from the beginning and takes them traveling to the past where archaeologist, Sarah Baxter finds herself in a new time period. Sarah has an object that changes her future and changes someone’s past. Her object causes the death of an English Earl. But now his brother wants revenge for his dead brother’s death. But, he doesn’t know that the object he has within his possession belongs to Sarah nor does he know that the woman he is falling for is responsible for his brother’s death. Can Sarah get the object back before the man she is falling for knows what happened to his brother? And what about her feelings towards him? And how will he feel about her once he finds out what she has been hiding?

Tamara Gill has done a stunning job on perfecting the most incredible story of the century. Her main character Sarah Baxter goes from the twenty-first to living within the nineteenth century. I loved reading this compelling story and the amazing characters. The plot is addictive and will leave readers breathless.  A Stolen Season is a brilliant piece that readers cannot miss out on reading. Overall, I recommend this novel to every reader and give it a five out of five stars!

Book Review: The Black Swan Inheritance by Marigold Dicer

The Black Swan Inheritance Final Cover

Marigold Dicer has beautifully woven together a masterpiece that readers won’t want to let go of. The story focuses on the Black Swans which are native to Australia. They are beautiful and very powerful creatures. And Anita happens to be one of them. Studying at the college level to become a doctor just like her dad, Anita decides to celebrate just one time. Thinking that the one time celebration won’t hurt her, right? As it turns out this one move causes everything to change within Anita and her world. Anita isn’t going to back down from the new challenge presented to her by her actions, but neither is she ready to be a perfect diplomat. She has her anxiety, panic attacks and bitchy moments to comb through before she can really step up to the plate and handle what is happening. Can Anita do it? Or will she fail in attempt to step up within her world? And what about her one night stand with a werewolf who triggers a dark awakening?

The Black Inheritance is a must read novel! I loved following Anita’s journey and growth as a strong character. Her world, thoughts, and actions became my own as I was lured deep into the plot. A well written story that is one readers everywhere won’t want to miss out on reading. A compelling and intriguing novel that will hook readers in from the beginning to the very end. Marigold Dicer has a talent of bringing her characters and new world alive for us readers. Incredible characters and a perfect read for all, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Inside the Lines by Ally Bishop

Inside the Lines is a red-hot novel featuring the main character as a Dom. Known as the Mistress Hathaway, she is doing the unexpected and going to the client instead of him coming to her. This one client has the potential of making the mysterious MIss Hathaway come completely undone. He has a way of unveiling her layers that she has spent so much time building up until he finds the real her. The woman underneath. Fin MacKenzie is sexy, hot, and a  gorgeous Scotsman who makes her rethink everything she has built. Miss Hathaway knows, she must stop what is happening between them but at the same time can’t stop her uncontrollable feelings towards this one man. Will Fin MacKenzie give the mysterious woman known as Miss Hathaway a love like she never expected to have? And will he be the one to finally make her a submissive? And even though Miss Hathaway secretly would love to be a submissive, will she allow the Scotsman to make her his submissive? And what about all her rules as a Dom? Can Miss Hathaway stay inside the lines or will Fin MacKenzie cause her to stray from inside the lines?

Ally Bishop has indeed written a romance unlike other romances featuring Doms. Miss Hathaway is an experienced Dom who has a secret of her own. One that she can’t afford to let out.   And the other main character is an irresistible man who tempts Miss Hathaway in ways she never thought.  A well written plot and a story that readers everywhere will fall in love with. I highly recommend reading this hot, and enticing novel by Ally Bishop. Overall, I rate Inside the Lines a five out of five stars!

My Interview on Smashwords

When did you first start writing?
I first started writing back in the sixth grade. Every day, I came to class I showed my best friend a new poem that I wrote. And she always asked how do you do that?
What’s the story behind your latest book?
The story behind my latest book, is about three high schoolers, two being best friends and the third an enemy. They all go through a lot of drama, pain, and have to find the courage to continue on their journey even through all the emotions they are experiencing as young adults. That can be the toughest journey of them all. And these three will find out what it’s like and how to grow from it.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I love reading and writing. Books are my best friend. I live too far to be around those my age and so, I have always burried my head deep into a good novel. I wanted to be able to write a book that will allure and hook others into my new worlds and take them on new paths and adventures.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Smashwords has contributed to my success by making my eBooks easier to publish worldwide and distributed all over. And that helps readers from all over to read my books, thus contributing to my success as a writer.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
The greatest joy of writig is knowing that your characters have changed from where they first started and have grown from their original perspective on life itself.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans mean the world to me. I couldn’t be an author nor where I am today without any one of them.
What are you working on next?
I am working on a book called, Easter & Its True Meaning. It’s a book about the real meaning of Easter and the wonderful gifts that we receive during this time period. It also talks about forgiveness, love, and faith. The book is for anyone and not geared towards any one religion.
Who are your favorite authors?
Oh, I have many authors on my list of favorites. Let’s see there’s: Daniel J. Darcey, Debbie Maccomber, Marie Force, Robyn Carr, Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel, Susan Mallery, Colleen Hover, Melissa Foster, Sherryl Woods, Bella Andre, Sylvia Day, Diana Palmer, and Maya Banks.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
What inpires me to get out of bed each day is the task of helping my grandparents out, working with authors on writing book reviews, articles, and working on getting more of my projects completed. That and having to complete my college
courses online.
When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time?
When I am not writing, I am either reading or watching TV with my family.

New Book Coming Out In March

Easter & It's True Meaning

This new eBook will be coming out in March. The book talks about the true meaning of Easter. Such as forgiveness, love, and faith. Times are hard and life throws the toughest obstacles our way. Sometimes it throws us off our path of being a good Christian. Being a good person towards others. Forgiveness is one of the hardest things for us humans to do and yet, we expect others to freely forgive us when we do wrong. Love, is one of the greatest gifts we can give to someone. Whether they are poor, ill, or an outcast. We must learn to love others as we love ourself. Faith, we must have faith in ourselves to do good even when we stray from our paths. We have to be determined to continue on, and our faith is what carries us forward. This book will make the perfect read for March and all through April as we continue on our journey’s path of finding forgiveness, love, and faith. A must read book for everyone no matter what your religious beliefs are.

New Novel Coming Soon!

The Prophecy

This new novel is ready for release! It will be available on Amazon, Nook, Smashwords, Apple, Kobo, and many more!  The Porphecy by Daniel J. Darcey is a fabulous novel that takes you deep into whole another world where anything goes. One has to be careful which side they choose.  An enchanting story that is taken from one of the character’s point of view. Readers will fall in love reading this new story. I definitely enjoyed being taken inside this exciting and intoxicating new world. Readers everywhere will fall in love with Queen Laxur as her story unfolds.



Here, is the story of Queen Laxur or as her real name Asaria. Her story is told here and you will see things and the universe from her point of view. From the time before her, to her end and everything in between. A tale that is not told in the main story. This is her story, her tale, her life. An innocent little girl with a great destiny, becomes corrupted and turns evil but not without reason. This story will show you those reasons. And what it took for her to recover and fulfill her birthright and destiny.

This story could not be told in Kingdoms and Empires but was eluded too. Now, you can see her as she was and how she  became.


If you are interested in reading a free copy of this new novel for an exchange of a book review, then please, fill out the form below!

Today, Marks the One Year Anniversary

1 Year Anniversary Achievement

Today, marks the one year anniversary for Universal Creativity Inc.  We have been blessed with working all of our authors, bloggers, poets and fellow writers.  Our  company has published 5 digital magazines so far. Each issue featured new coming books, new emerging authors, author interviews, and tons of fabulous must read book reviews. That is not including advice, tips and free writing prompts.

We have met many amazing authors along the way and hope we can continue working with such talented individuals. Uniersal Creativity Inc. has gone from writing just book reviews to publishing writing prompts to magazine publishing and now to eBook publishing. We offer many great serivces at a low and affordable prices and guarantee to help every writer succed with his or her dream of being published. Our goal is to help every writer publish their work on a global scale. No writer is left behind. We help promote our authors with free publlishing inside our free digital issue. Along with featuring their interviews and book reviews all over every social media site. We edit manuscripts, proofread our clients work, and now we publish their work not only in a digital magazine viewed by many but now as a polished eBook. We hope to continue helping many succeed in achieving their dreams.

Here are our stats:

- Views = 8,859

- Visitors = 4,503

- Likes = 4,255

- Comments = 533

- Magazine views = 5,194

- Foreign countires that viewed our website = 10

- Total magazine published by us = 5

- Authors being published us currently = 2

- Book Reviews = 424

Book Review: Rough Rider by Victoria Vane

Rough Rider is indeed a rough ride for both Janice and Dirk. Janice loves bucking bulls and Dirk Knowlton. But life has led her back home to Montana where she then comes across a dripping wet cowboy looking for a place to rest. And not just nay cowboy but the one she has the hots for, Dirk Knowlton. neither of these two characters realize that they both have the hots for each other. Their attraction sizzles every time the are near, but will it be enough to get them closer together? And can cowboy Dirk old on tight for the long ride into Janice’s heart? Or will he lose all hope? And what about Janice? Will she be tough enough to hold on for the rough ride ahead? Both are still licking their wounds for their lifestyles that have finally brought them both home. Can they these two riders make it?

Victoria Vane has created the hottest and sexiest read ever. How can any woman resist the hot cowboy like Dirk? And thow can any man resist an irresistible woman like Janice? Readers are in for a rough ride. The story is compelling as well as steamy. Readers won’t be able to stop reading this incredible novel. I loved following how these two characters work towards what they love and in return get what they want, or will they? Overall, I highly recommend reading Rough Rider. I rate it a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Where We Belong by Eve Connell

Where We Belong is an inspirational and most compelling story of its kind. Readers who fell in love with The Fault in Our Stars will fall in love with this incredible novel written by Eve Connell. Seventeen year-old Amelia Baide was the second fastest swimmer until the fatal accident in which she crashed into a lake and pulled out without a pulse. This has since caused the exceptional swimmer to stay away for swimming until strange events leave her at a swimming pool once more. Harry Jamieson has had his heart set out for only one woman, Amelia Baide. The night of the fatal crash they both shared a moment that only Harry remembers. Every single secret moment of it is still a vivid memory for him. But will Amelia eventually remember that moment too? And where then will that leave them both?

Where We Belong is a novel that will move the hearts and minds of many. I enjoyed reading this spectacular novel written by Eve Connell. Her talents have led her to creating this stunning and memorable masterpiece. I could not stop reading this novel, until I finished every chapter. The characters are realistic and believable beyond what words can say. Every reader will feel drawn deep into the story plot following Amelia and her journey through the anniversary of that one horrific event in her life. Every reader has to read this story.  A beautifully told story with a powerful message that all readers won’t want to miss. Overall, I highly recommend this novel to everyone and give it a full five stars.

Book Review: Get Lucky

Walking the Line

Can a hot, charmable and unrelenting Irishman convince Ellie to beileve in love again? She has long since given up on love and there is one determind man to make her all his. Absolutely a compelling story to read by Nicola Marsh. Nicola Marsh is a best-selling authors whose talents have created a beautifully told masterpiece.

Amazed by You

Oliva McLaughin is an author’s assistant. She is working her butt off to score a much needed promotion. Unfortunately she can’t win that promotion without the help of the gardener, who happens to be her high school boyfirend. Talk about fate playing it’s cards when it comes to these two. Can they work together? And does their old romance burst out into hot flames that reginte passion that is sizzling between them? Kelsey Browning has created a prefect ot read that readers will love.

One Little Kiss

Two individuals are trapped in snowstorm at the same time and same place. Will Leighton and Jonas have more than just a one hot night together? Will their one little kiss turn be the start of many more new beginings together? What happpens when the snowstorm ends? Where where that leave them? A hot and enticing read, One Little Kiss, is indeed a novel that readers won’t want to put down!

Big, Bad Red

We all love the classic fair tales we have heaard and read as little kids but now that we are adults we need something a bit more luring. And Avery Fylnn does exactly that in this sexy hot read. This story is about Red Riding Hood Holding a fencing in the back yard of her Granny’s Pub. But all readers know that this story is never complete without the big bad wolf. And in this case, he’s hot, sexy, and irresistible to Red Riding Hood. Liam MacTire, the werewolf finally comes into Red’s life. What will she do? Will he entice his way into her heart only to hurt her? Or will they be abe to be together in ways that will heat up any reader’s night? I recommend reading this incredible story to every reader. You won’t be disappointed.

Luck of the Irish

Sara Humpreys  has created an enchanting and mystical world that will hook and lure readers deeper into her novel. Luck of the Irish is a fabulous story telling how one man is trapped in the mirrored realm where he plans and thinks about how he will take his revenge for his wife’s death. Unitl one day a beautiful looking woman who is human and wearing the same amulet stares into the mirror.  Declan Aherne is just about to get lucky but in what ways? And what about his revenge for his wife? I highly recommend reading this brilliantly well written novel and to find out.

Something Borrowed

Kimberly Kincaid has done an excellent job in creating a world that pops off the pages. Sasha Arrington is to attend her successful brother’s weeding in Ireland. But Sasha unlike her brother is unlucky in the love department or is she? Her best friend, James Sullivan wants to take her to the wedding and maybe convince her that he wants to be more than just friends. Will Sasha say yes? And will James be able to convice Sasha to be his forever? Or will they always be left at just being friends? Something borrowed is the best realistic and beleiveable story that I have read in a long time. A sweet and sexy story that readers will conitnue to fal in love with.

Overall, I rate the enitre novel a five out of five stars for all of the amazing stories written by the talented professionals. Get Lucky is one novel readers all over will want to pick up and begin reading.

New Project Idea?

Calling all authors!

- Have you ever wanted to write a good short story?

- But it didn’t fit in anywhere?

- Or need a new writing challenge?

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Well now, is your chance! If you have answered yes, to all or one of the above questions then now is the time to sign up for group writing projects. These group writing projects will be in the following categories:

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You decide which category you would like to write for and we will assign 5 other writers to your group. Each writer will need to write a story that goes under the genre that are signed up to write in. That puts you and the other writers in control of what to write about as long as it’s following the genre that was chosen. Once each writer has submitted their stories in to us, we will then send the stories to each one of the other writers to read and critique. Once they finish writing their critiques, we will then send the story along with its critique to the original writer. The original writer will then go over the critique and add/ change/ fix whatever they need to. Then all writers are to submit their final copies in to us to edit and comb through. Once the editing has been done, we will then design a cover that will work for the volume containing all 6 stories. Then once approved by all the writer’s of the group the eBook will then be published.

The cost of the writing program will be a one time fee of $5.00 USD. This is an excellent opportunity for the following reasons:

- to work with other writers within your genre

- to gain feedback

- to have professional editing

- eBook cover design & being published

To sign up fill out the form below.

New Novel Coming Out Soon!

My latest novel, Shadow Lane will be released soon for all to read.


My latest novel that I am writing. It’s called, Shadow Lane. A paranormal suspense story featuring three high schoolers. Two are best friends and one is the enemy. The two friends are heading on their way to the school’s biggest game of the year, when their number one enemy throws herself in front of their car. What turns out to be a one time horrific night for them both, actually ends up being more than just one time. Little do they know, that their enemy plans on getting revenge from the Shadow Realm. In the real world, the place is known as Shadow Lane. Neither of the friends knew that when Angela threw herself right into their path that they did exactly what she wanted them to do. She plans to destroy them both as a shadow constantly haunting them both. But will one of them be able to stop Angela before she gets stronger and does much worse than haunt them? Find out in my new novel!

I will post when the release date is going to be!

Shadow Lane Cover

Story Ideas

Here are two story ideas that I recently came up with: 

1.  Ashley felt like someone was watching her. But, she kept shaking the feeling off thinking it was just the cool air and being all alone. Opening the door, Ashely stepped into the old plantation home. everything was dark, cold and dusty.
Great, just what I needed. More cleaning to do. Why was this place left to me? And by whom?
Waling up to the fire place Ashley saw photos. One photo in particular had her in it. How the hell…
Before, she could even finish the thought they was a loud thump, thump, thump. Rushing up the stairs to see what was going on… sees a man carrying a lifeles body further down the hall into another room. This wasn’t just any ordinary man either and neither was the body. They were both ghosts. But how? And who are they ghosts? And why can Ashley see them? How was her recieving this old house connected with what she just experienced? What does Ashley do next?
2. It was St. Patricks Day and Nora was excited. Nothing like a little a bit of luck and charm, to help her succeed in her conquest. She wants to gain Lord Kyle MacKinnion’s attention. He is bachelor of the ton. And every lady wants her chance to snatch this lucky Irish Lord who was just as hot as he was smart. And nothing will stop Lady Nora at the St. Patrick’s Day Ball.  Unlike the other Ladies, Nora had two Irish parents. That should be enough to give her double the luck the other Ladies don’t have. And on this day of all days, her heritage and luck can’t fail her. Or could it? Does Nora end up in a scandalous sistuation far worse than she ever believed to be in? And what does Lord Kyle MacKinnion think of this smart, beautiful, and tough lass? Is she the woman lucky enough to be his bride?

Published Yet?

Have you ever written a book or a novel and wanted to publish it but haven’t? Or have a collection of poetry that you would like to share with the world? Then come visit us at: We publish books, novels, articles and more! We offer low affordable pricing for all of your writing needs in order to help you gain the publicity and global attention you need. Email us your query to: We believe in you and will work closely with you to get you where you want to be.

Book Review: Kingdoms and Empires by Daniel J. Darcey

Kingdoms & Empires: Volumes 1-3

Kingdoms & Empires is a fabulous and amazing series to read. Daniel J. Darcey has written a masterpiece unlike others in its genre. The stories in the volume tell of two kingdoms each ruled by a sister born from one of the original kingdoms. Each sister’s kingdom, goes to battle against the other. But unlike most stories, these sister’s are opposites with their own powerful magic and stunning skills that will leave readers breathless. Soon a third high power comes to step in between the two kingdoms. How will the two sister gets rid of the third power? And how will their kingdoms survive the punishment by this new power taking over?


Free eBook

Anyone interested in reviewing this novel for free, please email me at: I will send you a free complimentary copy of this amazing novel for free for an honest review of the novel. Once you posted the review on Amazon you will then sed me a copy of the link to your review. Thank you!

Book Review: A Cowboy Delight by Cheryl Brooks

A Cowboy Delight is a very hot and sexy novel that will leavve readers melting form the heat that comes off the pages. Cheryl Brooks knows how to create an amazing story that will gain not only her readers attention but also gain their hearts. Lauren is on her way to visit her parents. But, her car breaks down on the way their. A hot and mouth-watering cowboy name Steve comes to her aid. He owns a cattle and horse ranch with his father. Fate has a way of playing with both Lauren and Steve. But what Steve doesn’t know is that Lauren is already engaged. And will Lauren want to tell her fiance no and continue with what she has started and felt with Steve? Or will Lauren break Steve’s heart? And what if Steve finds out about her being engaged? Where will that will them? Time will only tell.

I loved reading this fabulous and incredible story. The romance is one that readers won’t forget. Steve is not only hot, but a hardworking cowboy who falls for the woman in need. But will fate allow them to be together for ever or just to toy with them? The suspense of knowing Lauren is falling in love with Steve but is already engaged is absolutely riveting. I could not put the book down. Cheryl Brooks’s characters are out of this world. Readers everywhere will fall in love reading her novels. I highly recommend reading A Cowboy Delight. It is definitely a delight to read! Overall, I rate this heated novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review; A Killer Collection by Ellery Adams

Ellery Adams has created a world so intriguing readers can’t miss out on reading! Attractive reporter, Molly Appleby, has an appetite for antiques but what she doesn’t is that she will also find a dead body. But who would kill the very wealthy and ruthless collector? How one of the many suspects be the killer? And can the police figure it out before it’s too late or will Molly step up to the plate and use her journalist nose to dig out the truth? And what happens when another dead appears? Who is the killer? And why?

I found A Killer Collection by Ellery Adams to be the best mystery I have read. The entire story was amazing from the start to the end. Can you guess who the right killer is before the ending? The intrigue will leave readers constantly guessing. The suspense is absolutely thrilling and Molly Appleby is by far the greatest journalist ever. Her personality and likes for antiques makes this a perfect novel. The story is compelling. Very believable characters and a well written plot, A Killer Collection is highly recommended for every readers priority list. Readers must read all the other novels by Ellery Adams. Overall, I rate this fantastic novel a five out of five stars.

Coming Soon!

Kingdoms & Empires by Daniel J. Darcey is available on Amazon. It will be released on Nook and iTunes soon!

The March Issue will be released on March First. We have amazing interviews yo share along with book reviews writing prompts and book giveaways. Publishing information and literary agents seeking submissions will all be in the issue as well. This issue we will have two specially featured guests. Many interesting articles on blogging, promoting, and the art of writing. I am excited to share this upcoming issue with you all when it’s ready.

Currently, we have an author working on her debut novel. This novel is a hot sexy romance that has enough suspense and intrigue that will leave you both breathless and guessing.

Universal Creativity Inc. is looking for submissions in all genres. We want to expand our publishing to all areas. Fiction and nonfiction are both accepted. We have recently published a science fiction fantasy novel. And have 6 more noels in that genre that will be released. We have romance novel in the works. If you have written a novel of any length and would like to see it published, please email us a query to:

Kingdoms & Empires Now Released!


A universe where magic and technology exist, there are three great powers battling for control. Were there are normally two sides to any conflict, in this universe there are three. The light of the Utopian Kingdom lead by the Beautiful and Intelligent Princess Asora, the Darkness controlled by the Darkcon Empire who is lead by the Sexy and Powerful Queen Laxur, and the Grey Commanded by the Federation commanded by the Battle Hardened and Honorable Praetor D’var. But do now be fooled by who is what, for things are not what they seem.

Two Fairy Tale like kingdoms, the Utopian Kingdom and the Darkcon Empire wage a long war for dominance. An alien superpower the Federation seeks to quell this war by striking both sides and bring them to subjugation.

Even as these three great powers clash, an ancient evil seeks to destroy them and take dominion over all. Can these three forces band together to stop this great evil, or will it consume them all?

A clash of Fairy Tales and Science Fiction awaits.

Link to buy the book on Amazon is:

Book Reviewer: Intelligence & Circumstance by Jaylen Ross

Product Details

A story told unlike any other of its kind. A historical novel that brings about an important historical event to life.  Intelligence & Circumstance is a dashing novel with danger and suspense lurking in every page. Janessa O’Carroll has a way about her that entices the attention of Chas Sinclair. But he has his own issues. He must stay away from drinking, and women..But with Janessa it’s hard not to be interested in her. Everything about her screams out come hither to him. Chas soon ends up loosing his inheritance and is now a broke man. He comes back to see Janessa only to see that she has moved on with a husband and child of her own. Chas doesn’t like that at all and plans to take her away from it all. Before Janessa knows it, she is taken away from her life and brought to Chas’s family. There she learns many secrets including the railroad for slaves to run away to freedom. But not all is what it seems. Soon Janessa is in more trouble than before and her life is now hanging within the air. Will Janessa make it to freedom before her killer comes after her? And who are her enemies and why? And why did Chas have her taken to his parents?

An unforgettable story, Intelligence & Circumstance is a must read novel. Jaylen Ross has created a beautifully told world that uncovers some civil war history. Romance, history, and suspense all rolled into one incredible read. I loved reading this story. I highly recommend tis to readers every where. The fascinating story is hard to put down until one has read every single page! The anticipation of a woman’s new journey waiting at your fingertips to enjoy. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Absolute Motion by Rupesh Sharma


This highly educational yet brilliantly well written book features, Absolute Motion. The power that relies within a physical object. Rupesh has done a magnificent job of putting together everything readers need to know that will answer all of their questions on this particular subject. Everything that will satisfy every reader’s curiosity. The informative book also talks about Inertia and the Matrix just to name a couple. I loved the layout and how detailed yet interesting this book was. So many things to learn and to discover. And there are topics that you may think you know very well until you read further on within this book.  Absolute Motion is indeed a number one book that should be in every readers hand. Motion plays an important role within our lives. Every force and reaction is so critical. I suggest reading this book to find out more about Absolute Motion by Rupesh Sharma. Overall, I give this book a five out of five stars.

Book Review: The Amber Crow by L.C Mcgee

The Amber Crow: A Pacific Northwest Mystery

The Amber Crow is an excellent murder mystery to read. Readers everywhere will fall in love with this amazing novel. The scenes come to life with L.C. Mcgee’s talented writing. Leaving readers wondering what will happen next.  The story is about murders that happen in strange places leaving the police puzzled as to how the dead bodies ended up where they did. Also a couple bought a farmhouse but they soon find out that it was more than they ever wanted. People have gone missing and with dead bodies popping up there are only two who know what is happening. Both Willie and his raven Edgar know more than the others. But, will they finally share the information in time to catch the murderer? Or will more dead bodies keep coming?

I highly recommend this suspenseful novel to all readers. It’s a hard novel to put down. Addictive and stunning from te very beginning. A novel unlike any other. The Amber Crow is a must read story. L.C. Mcgee knows how to lure his reades into a world so unique, refresing, and highly enterianing. Readers will keep guessing as to who commited the crimes.  I look forward to reading more novels by L.C. Mcgee. This ws one alluring novel indeed. Overall, I rate the story a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Tour De Trace by Sharon Dean


Tour de Trace is indeed one tour in which  the 11th cyclist will never come back from. There was a piece of paper written as a note from the 11th cyclist saying she would be back. But when she never came back, the others went searching for her. What they did not expect was to see her stretched out in a crucifixion style.  Who wanted her dead? And why? As the old Susan Warner continues her slow bicycling, she ponders these questions. Was one of the other cyclists the killer? An ex? Or another stranger? And as Susan goes further on her journey, she treads into new territory especially with a killer loose on the trail. Sharon L. Dean definitely knows how to write a well written story. A story full of mystery and intrigue.  Who is the murderer? And what was their motive? Every page leaves the readers going crazy trying to figure it all out before the amazing story ends. I loved reading this incredible novel by Sharon L. Dean.  She brought to life a story so realistic and believable with an older woman who likes to sleuth. For readers who enjoy Miss Marple or Jessica Fletcher than this is the novel for you! A must read. A captivating and interesting read as Susan goes about solving the case of the 11th cyclist’s death.  Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Still the One by Jill Shalvis

Still the One is indeed still the one romance novel readers everywhere should read! Jill Shalvis has done it again. She has written another incredibly hot,sexy, and irresistible story. Her characters are oh my gosh so good, I couldn’t put the book down until after I have finished reading the whole thing.  Darcy Stone wasn’t expecting her former lover AJ Colten to come to her for help. But for Darcy, it is hard to resist temptation in the form of a hot and sexy Navy Vet and therapist. AJ is offering to help pay Darcy for her help with his fundraiser and that means she can earn enough to help place her dogs with emotionally wounded soldiers. Both AJ and Darcy are wounded from their past attempt at love. Can this new project bring them closer? How will pretending to be a couple blur when their old emotions and attraction hits them full on? Will they take their relationship past being just pretending? Or will they end up drifting farther apart?

Jill Shalvis novel is a must read. It is a realistic story telling how to characters come closer together by spending time together on a project. Every reader can associate themselves with each one of the characters. And the story will hook, lure and bait readers in by the ton. A story of rekindled love told in a refreshing way. I enjoyed reading this beautifully told story will leave readers wanting more to read. Still the One is a five out of five stars. It’s still the one novel you should definitely read!

Reminder: Nonfiction Contest

Nonfiction contest deadline is February 28th at 11:55 pm Central Time.

Remember that your nonfiction submission has to follow these guidelines:

- Time New Roman

- 12 Size Font

- Written in English

- Title, Genre, & Word Count

- Must be emailed to us at:

There is a $2.00 USD fee per submission which can be sent to me via PayPal at:

There are the following categories for nonfiction submissions:

- Memoir

- Opinion piece

- Biography

- Self-help

- Creative Nonfiction

- Educational

- Essays

- Religious Books

- Children’s nonfiction books

You may enter into each category, but you must follow the guidelines and pay an additional $2.00 USD fee per submission.

New Service Coming Soon!

What new service will we be offering soon?

I am happy to announce that Universal Creativity Inc. will be offering eBook publishing services. We can can edit, design and publish your novel(s) or book(s) for you. We have one author who has agreed to sign on with us using our new services!

What will our publishing service include?

- Designing book covers

- Formatting your manuscript into an eBook

- Editing your manuscript

- Promoting your novel(s) or book(s)

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What makes us different from other publishing houses?

- We will be working closely with the authors we publish.

- We will work with the authors that sign on with us in designing their eBook covers.

- We will work with the authors during the whole editing & revision process.

- Authors will be more in charge of the marketing of their work.

- Authors will make more money be signing on with us. Because, we work on every task that other publishing houses do, but we give the author more say so by allowing them to say what they want for covers, marketing and  etc. We put authors in control of their work.

- We do the majority of the work, but we work closer with the author to establish a better, easier, and less frustrating way.

- We charge a one time low fee to our authors in doing all the heavy work that they publish with us. This allows the authors to keep all royalties and to increase their profits.

- If your manuscript needs work or is missing a lot, we will work closely with the authors to help them polish their work to be published.

- No author is left behind. We will be accepting all genres in fiction and nonfiction to be published by our company. We will be accepting short novels, novels, and series.

Writing Prompt

Your character is a suspect in a crime.  She is interviewed by the detective in charge of the case and immediately feels deeply attracted to him.  After an hour in the interview room, the detective releases her with an apology.  On an impulse, she invites him out to dinner that night, and he accepts.  But, leaving the police station, she begins to feel nervous about their dinner date.  Is it a mistake to go out with the detective — when in fact she’s guilty of the crime he’s investigating?

Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law

          What is constitutional law? How does this affect U.S. citizens? Maybe the Marbury v. Madison case found in chapter two of our legal business environment books may refresh your memory. In this case, the Supreme Court seized the power of judicial review. What is judicial review? Judicial review is the power to declare a law to be unconstitutional and the power to interpret the constitution. Right now, the judicial branch has this power. Would I prefer that the Congress or the President to have the power to declare prayer in schools unconstitutional or burning the American flag to be protected expression rather than the court? Would I change the authority to one or the other branches of government?

Constitutional law, according to Cornell University Law School, is how the constitution is interpreted and implemented. It solely focuses on the foundations of our society in the U.S. and it relies heavily upon the Supreme Court’s rulings. The Supreme Court is the judicial branch. The one major branch out of the three. Why is it considered major? It is considered to be a major branch because it is the ruling of the Supreme Court’s decision that makes a law definite or not definite. A way of looking at the Supreme Court is think as your Mom or Dad. As a little kid, your Mom and Dad have the absolute say so on everything you do. You can’t misbehave without your parents coming to punish you for your behavior. The Supreme Court’s decision acts in the same way. Except the decision is more powerful than your parents’ permission and rules. Without the Supreme Court having the power it does, our society wouldn’t be where it is today. As citizens of the United States, we have to follow the rules of what the Supreme Court decides is lawful and unlawful.

Remember the Marbury v. Madison case? Well, as a U.S citizen you should very well know the popular case that has also been taught to students every year they take a government course. It should be grounded into your brains by now. But, if not then the Marbury versus Madison case involved the Supreme Court seizing the power of judicial review. Which then is the power to interpret and declare a law to be unconstitutional. So, what did the Supreme Court declare unconstitutional in this specific case that affected us all? According to Alex McBride’s article, Chief Justice John Marshall made a step in law that made the Supreme Court be an equal part of the other two branches. The Justice ruled that Marbury did have a writ and should be rewarded a remedy by the court. The Supreme Court is to uphold the supreme law of the land. And even if the decision isn’t what the President (executive branch) and Congress (legislative branch) doesn’t agree with, that it is still the duty of the Supreme Court to declare what is constitutional right or wrong. In the end Marbury lost his case against Madison to show why he couldn’t receive is commission, but it lead to the Supreme Court stepping up as the third branch and defining its powers to uphold the law.

I would not want Congress or the President to have the power to declare what is or isn’t constitutional. Congress is made up powerful politicians who care nothing but power and money. They are dirty and scandalous. The President isn’t any different.So, since Obama is President, I wouldn’t want my constitutional rights to placed his or Congress’s hands. Right now, the President Obama can override Congress’s decision. So, therefore someone like Obama handling my country’s constitutional rights is just not going to work. I rather keep the constitutional law and judicial review power within the Supreme Court. Because, no matter what issues our country faces, I can always rely on the Supreme Court to uphold the Constitution of the United States. President Obama according to the Daily Caller, has made 10 constitutional violations. I don’t want a single man that violates the constitution to have the power that the Supreme Court has. Therefore, I would keep the judicial review power within just the Supreme Court.

Book Review: Betrayed by Your Kiss by Laura London

Betrayed by Your Kiss is a sensational romantic read that will have readers falling in love with Lady Olivia Sheridan. Lady Olivia learns of a huge price put on her lover’s head. And the only thing to help save er love would be to do the one thing her lover will never forgive her for. And so after time has gone by her lover Lord Damien comes back. But this time it’s to get revenge for the betrayal that he think Lady Olivia did. Will Lord Damien be able to carry out is revenge when seeing his love after all these years that went by? Or will he fall in love with her again, but fall much deeper than before? And wat will Lord Damien do once he finds out why Lady Olivia did what she did so many years ago to him? Or will he never find out the truth? Can these two who love each other so much be able to final claim each other will someone stand in their way once more?

Laura London has created a suspenseful yet intriguing historical romance novel. Her characters are strong and passionate. They both go to no end just for the other. But will their old love begin once more or will it be the destruction of them both? Betrayed by Your Kiss is a deep and enticing read that all readers will never want to stop reading. A world that captivates its readers and hooks them straight into the heart of the plot. A well written novel and a must read for all. Overall, I give Betrayed by Your Kiss a five out of five stars.

Book Review: Need You for Keeps by Marina Adair

Shay Michaels is a pet groomer and a pet rescuer. But to Deputy Jonah Baudoin, Shay is nothing but hot trouble for him. Will he risk is life and career to help keep Shay Michaels and her business from getting into all kinds of continuous trouble? Ever since she first came, her and Deputy Jonah have been avoiding the instant desire and sparks they feel every time they are near each other. Will Deputy Jonah finally get to kiss Shay just like he’s been dying to ever since the beginning or will someone or something keep him from doing so? This wonderful novel is definitely a need for keeps.

Marina Adair has created a beautiful romance story that will hook every reader into her amazing plot. A well written story that will leave readers waiting for the next book by this incredible writer! Her characters make for a hot and interesting pair and their troubles are easy to connect with. following both Shay and DeputyJonah and they cute animals as the plot unfolds will be as addictive as honey is to a bee. I highly recommend tis romance to all readers. A very hot read indeed. Overall, I rate Need You for Keeps a five out of five stars.